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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the Annual Assembly held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.
on Tuesday 27th April 2004


  • Councillor Mosley - Vice Chairman - in the Chair
  • Councillor Castledine
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Langford
  • Councillor B Waller

Clerk & Financial Officer - J R Walker


Apologies had been received from the Chairman, Councillor L Waller and the South Yorkshire Police.


There were no amendments.

The minutes of the 2003 Annual Assembly were signed as a correct record.


There were no matters arising.


  1. A57 Road Improvement Scheme


The Chairman was unable to attend the meeting but had prepared a written statement and this was read out by the Clerk:

In common with other local Parish Councils we have experienced difficulty in filling all the seats on the Council and whilst turnover in representation of Residents is healthy, additional burdens fall on the remaining Councillors. Interest is being shown by some people but there are three vacancies, and all interest is welcome.

One of the success stories of the year relates to the Allotments, all of which are now taken with the exception of one half plot. Congratulations to Councillor Les Waller and others involved.

A communication from the Charity Commissioners alerted the Council to the fact that the Village did not own the Sports Field as was our belief. Enquiries established the correct legal position, which is that the Council are Trustees of the property on behalf of the Residents. This arrangement does not alter current practices for the letting of the facilities.

The highlight of the year has been the successful completion of the Village Plan, which in a variety of guises has been under consideration for about three years. As is often the case the magic ingredient which triggered off an intense period of work for a large group of Residents was money, in the form of a large grant which came to us via Yorkshire Rural Communities Council. A steering group, led by Councillors, capitalised on work done in previous years and devised and distributed a Questionnaire, with assistance of Consultants, to which there was a very high response. The report is now complete and it is hoped that there is the same level of enthusiasm in carrying out the recommendations of the Plan as was put into the earlier work.

Councillors have spent more time attending local liaison meetings and training courses than in previous years to ensure that new regulations and legislation are understood and taken into consideration in discussions and when making decisions. Local meetings with representatives of other Councils present an opportunity for information gathering and collaboration, and most importantly to ensure that the voice of Todwick is heard.

Nationally each City, Borough and Town are required by Government to make plans to respond to emergencies and disasters and in turn to ensure that all local communities are aware of the requirements and able to play a part according to their facilities. This may sound alarming but Council members attended a briefing session presented by Rotherham MBC and were reassured to find that a comprehensive system is in place in Rotherham to manage exceptional situations and surrounding communities will be involved in detailed planning in the near future.

In August last year Rotherham MBC made a presentation at a public meeting in the Village Hall on subject of the proposed upgrade of the A 57. Several suggestions made by residents were taken away for consideration. Another meeting has just been announced and will take place just a few days before this report is published, and doubtless Rotherham MBC will once again have the benefit of the practical and well thought views of the residents of Todwick.

All Councillors are to be thanked, and especially for their additional efforts in the past year and special mention is due to Councillor John Mosley who has provided invaluable support. The Informer, produced quarterly by Editor Mary Gregory, is of an enviably high standard and special thanks are due. The Clerk to the Council, Rod Walker, brings to his work skills and knowledge which are the envy of other Councils, and having completed 20 years in the post I offer congratulations on behalf of the Council and our hopes that we will benefit from his services for many years to come.

Please note that copies of the Informer and the Council Minutes are available on the Todwick website at the same time as the print versions.


Clerk reported on the work carried out over the previous year. It had been his 20th as Clerk and he hoped to continue his service for many years to come. He thanked all members for their assistance.


Clerk had prepared copies of the Receipts and Payments Account for the last financial year. He gave a detailed explanation and answered questions.

Resolved to approve the Receipts and Payments Account and Statement of Assurance for Financial Year 2003/4.



Gregory reported on the work undertaken. Although no longer able herself to walk the footpaths as she had done in the past, she had extensive knowledge of the network and had continued to liaise with RMBC and Pat Wilson who led the monthly walks.


B Waller was delighted to report the 95% cultivation of plots. The site was looking the best it had for many years. The high proportion of cultivation would reduce the expenditure necessary to maintain uncultivated plots. The Village Maintenance Contractor had been a great help.


Mosley was delighted to report heavy usage of the facilities available. Football had just finished for the season but cricket and bowling were underway.

Village Hall

Mosley was the Council representative and Vice Chairman. Six meetings were held per year. The preparation of the Village Plan had assisted in applying for grants to undertake the proposed extension and improvement of the building.


  1. A57 Road Improvement Scheme

    There were a number of parishioners in attendance. Mr Green, Mr Castledine, Mr Smith and Mr Hartley all expressed their objection to the scheme presently approved by the Highways Agency. There would be many problems which would have a detrimental effect on road safety. Their objections included unsatisfactory access into and from Goosecarr Lane, restricted access for emergency vehicles and pedestrian access across the new carriageway, adverse effect on bus services, increased traffic flows throughout Kiveton Lane. They favoured revisions which included the provision of a roundabout at the Goosecarr Lane junction.

    Clerk explained details of the letter sent to Kevin Barron MP.

    Mosley confirmed the Council's objection to the approved scheme and gave details of the action taken by the Council to date.

The Assembly closed at 9.20 p.m.