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Todwick Village

Todwick People

Information about distinguished residents of Todwick.

Councillor Clive Pantry, 1931–2013: An appreciation

Clive had a very strong community interest and knowledge. A loyal and dedicated member of Todwick Parish Council (TPC) since 27th October 1987, Clive was TPC Chairman between 9th May 1995 and 21st May 2007 and he remained a member of TPC until his death on 16th December 2013.

Clive and his wife Sheila moved into Todwick in August 1970, being one of the first residents to design their own bungalow and having it built on The Meadows.

Whilst a Councillor, Clive worked tirelessly over the years on the whole spectrum of Parish Council activities representing Todwick by attending endless meetings with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Area Assemblies, Parish Forums, Transport Committee.

It was Clive’s initiative in 1996 encouraging the TPC to save £5,000 per year towards Village Hall improvements. After some years the TPC were able to apply for and were successful in obtaining enough funding to enable the project to be started. Clive was one of a team of eight on the Building Works Committee that oversaw the renovation and re-building of Todwick Village Hall during the period 2006–2007 at a total cost of almost £330,000.

Clive was always there to fully support the many initiatives that Sheila runs on behalf of the village, whether it was assisting with Fun Day; Music by Moonlight; Jazz Nights; or the Art, Craft, Gardens, Allotments, Miniature Gardens and Scarecrow Trail Competition.

Outside of his village interests/commitments, Clive was a keen golfer and regularly with his many golfing friends had many enjoyable times at Worksop Golf Club for over 45 years.

Clive was well known for his very amusing one liners of wit which would be uttered at the most unexpected moment. His love of classical music, jazz, theatre and art galleries held a special place in his heart. He was an avid reader all his life. He and Sheila were enthusiastic world travellers for many decades. They lived and worked in Africa (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe) for three years where he was Chemist/Metallurgist/Trainer at the Rhodesian Iron and Steel Company. Whilst in Africa travelled and explored many countries surrounding Rhodesia.

Clive continued his career with a number of well known engineering and steel companies – e.g. Babcock International, Bramah Engineering including the famous Bramah Locksmiths, Brown Firth, Jenkins of Retford, Steel Peech and Tozer undertaking various roles – Personnel Manager, Human Resource Manager, Health and Safety Manager and Training Manager. Consequently had many years experience in industrial relations and health and safety management on very large worksites e.g. Drax Power station, Isle of Grain Power Station, in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Wales – skills he was able to put to excellent use for the benefit of the village. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development Clive was a very active member in the Sheffield Branch of the CIPD for many years. Clive was also a UK trainer for those wishing to qualify in personnel management. He was also an active member of the Round Table Movement, and enjoyed singing in various choirs. He was also a Director of his wife’s health, safety and fire information company.

Clive was deeply committed to training and education. As part of this he spent many years as an active School Governor at Firth Park Academy in Sheffield and also at Todwick Primary School. He was also for many years a regular career adviser at Wales High School.

Clive and Sheila’s very extensive family both in the UK and overseas were a constant delight to him – he would always been relied upon to give wise advice and guidance whatever the subject.

Clive’s dedication, commitment and love of Todwick Village for almost half a century is immeasurable. His wise counsel was respected by all who knew him and he will be sadly missed... but not forgotten. A gentleman has passed this way.

Councillor John Palmer, 1945–2012: An appreciation

Born in Sleaford, Lincolnshire John worked for many years for BT, first in Lincolnshire and then transferring to BT Sheffield in accounts and then as Store Manager. The opportunity came for John and his wife Brenda to take over the Todwick News agency and Post Office, which they ran for many years from 1992 to 2004, not only undertaking their respective roles but always very supportive of Todwick people – lending a willing ear and helping people in their daily lives. In recent years John worked for Tesco, Dinnington.

John Palmer became a Todwick Parish Councillor on 30 June 2004 and had given notice that he was to retire from Todwick Parish Council (TPC) on 27 November 2012. John was an enthusiastic, willing and hard-working Councillor on behalf Todwick village with special interests in local transport and Todwick Village Hall matters.

John attended his first Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) meeting on Tuesday, 6 September 2005 as the TPC representative. John was elected to take over the position of Vice Chair on 6 December 2005 following the untimely death of John Mosley earlier that year.

Following a successful grant application, John was one of a team of eight on the Building Works Committee who oversaw the renovation and re-build of Todwick Village Hall during the period 2006–2007 at a total cost of almost £330,000.

John continued as Vice Chair, stepping down from that position on 12 October 2009 for health reasons, work and family commitments. However, from then until his death, John continued to be the TPC representative, attending and participating in Management Committee meetings and events at the Village Hall and being a constant extra resource to the current elected Trustees.

Throughout, John has played a major role in the affairs, maintenance and day-to-day running of the Village Hall, taking on tasks, being heavily involved in the computer club, family history club, Todwick E-Vend, the preparations for the Hall’s annual Christmas Fayres and other social events held, giving raffle gifts/donations with his wife, Brenda to the Village Hall to name just a little of his involvement.

John was a Committee Member of the Todwick Environment Action Group (TEAG) for a number of years. Always interested in music, and particularly keen on 1960s music, John enjoyed other hobbies – photography, train spotting and tracing family history.

John and Brenda have two children – Caroline and Richard.

John’s commitment to Todwick Village is immeasurable and we shall all miss his input, wise counsel, companionship and humour.

Brenda Palmer and Family wish to thank everyone for their wonderful support and kind donations amounting to £1020.00 in loving memory of John. This donation has been sent to Diabetes UK who are incredibly grateful and say that it will help in the key aspects of their work in making a huge difference to people living with diabetes.

Mary Gregory, 3 August 1920 – 20 December 2011: An appreciation

Todwick people will be very sad to learn that Mary Gregory died on Tuesday, 20 December 2011. Her full name was Mary Grace Gregory Gregory (her mother gave her the extra Gregory name thinking to retain the family name should Mary marry).

Mary lived in Todwick for nearly half a century before moving to a Rotherham Care Home in 2007.

She was educated in London and then the family moved to Bristol in 1931.

Professionally Mary was a qualified Librarian, firstly working in Bristol Public Libraries 1938 until 1943 when she became a wireless mechanic in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF). After this she worked in Northamptonshire Public Libraries before taking up a post in Sheffield City Libraries working in both the Central Library and in the branch libraries. Qualifying as a professional librarian, Mary gained her Associateship of the Library Association in 1943 and became a Fellow of the Library Association in 1949. Mary was also a part time lecturer specialising in Cataloguing Studies, she became Tutor Librarian at Richmond College — working there from January 1966 – August 1982 when she retired.

In 1973 Mary gained the University of London External Law degree – got it faster than any other external student. She served as a Sheffield Bench Justice of the Peace (JP) from 1972–1990, and reluctantly had to come off the Bench in 1990 when she was 70 years old.

Mary was a member of the National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO) and was a member of the National Executive Council from 1956–1965. She became President of the Sheffield Branch of NALGO from 1972–1974 – being the first woman President of the Branch.

Todwick village was a special place for Mary and she was a member of the Todwick Parish Council (TPC) from 1979–2007 having completed 28 years of loyal and devoted service to the village. She was TPC Chairman 1983–1986 and Vice Chairman 1991–1995.

In addition, Mary was the originator and Editor of The Informer from October 1982–2007 keeping Todwick people informed on council and other matters.

The installation of the Village Map at the Village Hall was due to Mary’s efforts just as she left Todwick.

Mary was invited to be the official opener in 2000 of the Millennium Gates and Garden at the entrance to the Todwick Recreation Ground.

It was Mary who instigated the purchase of the children’s playground near the Church in 1986.

She was a tireless worker for Todwick Church in many roles, including being a Member from 1973, Secretary of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) 1973–1981, she became the first woman to be a Todwick Church Warden 1981–1983, member of the Sheffield Deanery Synod from 1977, Secretary 1979–1987. Mary wrote the script for the lovely brochure published in 2003 about the Church entitled St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Todwick: An architectural gem.

Mary’s interest in people also extended to her being involved in the Rotherham General Hospital Radio Nightingale Classic Choices weekly programme from 1983–1998 as a presenter. She was a Member of the Radio Nightingale Executive Committee 1984–1989, acting also in various roles such as Station Master, Secretary and Chairman.

She enjoyed walking her dogs Brecke and Terry over a number of years around the village.

Other interests included travelling around the world with her long-time friend Doreen Noble visiting Russia, Norway, Finland, Canada, much of Europe and Britain.

John Barry Mosley

A seat in memory of Councillor John Mosley who died on 9 August 2005 was made on Saturday, 21 June 2008 at Todwick Village Hall at 2.00 p.m. The bench has a small inscription and is positioned near to the front corner of the Village Hall.

Revd. David Bliss, formerly Todwick Rector from 1993–2008, dedicated the seat that was given by John’s widow and family in memory of his interest and dedication towards the wellbeing of the residents of Todwick, and the contribution he made towards providing better facilities in the village for the benefit of the Community.

The following is from Todwick News, March 1988 and shows John’s interest in Todwick even at that time.

John Mosley is not only Chairman of the Parish Council but Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Vice Chairman of the Recreation Committee, a Member of the Youth Club Committee, a Member of the Todwick Parent Teachers’ Association and a Governor of Todwick School.

His family came to live in the Village in 1969, and John has always played a very active life in Village affairs. For the first five years he helped to run and played for Todwick Football Club. He use to help grand old Mr. Raymond Barber with his council duties repairing fences etc. He started attending Council Meetings in 1980, was elected to the Council in 1982 and elected Chairman in 1987.

Hard work has always been to the fore in John’s life, even having three jobs between the age of five and thirteen.

In 1964 John married his childhood sweetheart Sandra, the girl next door. They have two children, Gaynor who lives and works in London, and Fraser 19 who lives at home.

John served his apprenticeship as an electrical engineer in Sheffield and since the age of 21 has had his own business in Staniforth Road, Sheffield.

John hopes to spend the rest of his life in Todwick and his wish is that people in the Village should be involved as much as they are able in Village life, and so share the workload around.

We thank John for his service to our Community and extend to him and his family every good wish for the future.