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Todwick Village

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch

In July 2006, the Neighbourhood Watch scheme restarted in Todwick village. Under the old scheme, which had not operated for about 10 years, every household was automatically covered. But national changes mean that now each household has to register to belong to the new scheme. To register we need to know your name and address and have your signature on the application form. As many people are ex directory, it is optional to give your telephone number. It is as easy as that! All the personal information is kept within our scheme and is not passed to any third party.

101 - The police non-emergency number

Most schemes make a nominal charge for members but your scheme is still free of charge. By being a signed up member of Todwick Neighbourhood Watch scheme, many insurance companies make a nominal discount on the premium for your household insurance. You will receive regular newsletters and information on security and safety equipment, either at no cost or a substantial discount on normal shop prices. We also provide you with a starter pack containing useful information and a free UV marker pen to post code your valuables.

What do we ask in return? A very good question! All we ask is that you be a good neighbour. There are no monthly meetings to attend. If you have a problem that you think we may be able to help with, give us a call.

Neighbourhood Watch is not only about crime, the threat of crime and its prevention, but about community spirit.

57% of Todwick households have realised the advantages of belonging to Todwick Neighbourhood Watch scheme. In early 2008 we were nominated and awarded the "Outstanding Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme" award in South Yorkshire. This means we must be getting it right.

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