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Todwick Parish Council Newsletter
No. 92
December 2011

Welcome to the Winter 2011 edition of your Todwick Informer

Todwick Parish Council wishes a Very Merry Christmas to all readers and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year

Once again I have pleasure in writing a brief message to all the Residents of Todwick at what should be for us all a festive time and with a New Year to look forward to.

This year the Council's time has been taken up with several major issues. The Parish Plan which I mentioned last year is all but complete and we have had a good response to the Questionnaire. An immense amount of work has been put in by several Councillors to whom I must say a big Thank You from all of us. The A57 Bypass issue went to a Public Enquiry in October and I, along with several Councillors attended for the 4 days it lasted along with representatives of the Village Action Committee which has been active for many years. We were allowed to put our case in the face of supposed Experts and a leading Barrister employed by the Borough Council to put their case. Whether the Inspector agrees with us, remains to be seen. Recently a new problem has confronted us. We are faced with considerable spending cuts by the Borough Council which affect us directly. The main one is Village maintenance viz the withdrawal of services of Groundcare, Grass cutting etc. This seriously affects the Todwick Recreation Ground and its many users. We have Councillors working hard to obtain quotations to carry out this work hopefully at considerably less than the Borough Council say it costs.

This Christmas message is sent with the hope that it will be for everyone, still a happy and joyous time despite the New Year looking somewhat bleaker than before. Rest assured that we shall continue to do our very best for Todwick with the hope that we can continue to improve its facilities and the pleasure of living here for all. On behalf of the Parish Council and its willing helpers I wish everyone A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.

Stephen R Hill, Chairman, Todwick Parish Council.

Parish Council Matters Briefly

Todwick Parish Plan Questionnaire Update

As you may recall, earlier in the year the Todwick Parish Council (TPC) distributed a questionnaire to every household seeking views/opinions on issues relating to the village. Since that time a huge amount of work has been undertaken in collating all the feedback and preparing a Parish Plan Report and Action Plan. You will be pleased to know that the Parish Plan Report which includes the Action Plan is now in the final stages of being drafted and shortly will be sent to the printers. Once the Report is printed it is intended that a master copy will be put onto the village website -

At the same time as working on the actual Report, TPC Councillors have also started to action some of the items on the Action Plan and have already issued Bulletin No. 1 October 2011 available on - you will have received a copy also through your door. The Parish Plan Action Plan will, for the foreseeable future, now be a standing item on the Parish Council monthly agenda and minuted accordingly - minutes can be viewed by logging onto the village website -

If you wish to volunteer to become involved with any of the projects being undertaken, please get in touch with any Todwick Parish Councillor - details below and on the website - TPC will be pleased to hear from you.

Todwick Budget 2011/12 and 2012/13

The TPC has considered available funding, existing and future commitments and priority allocation of monies for the remainder of 2011/12. A stand-still budget for 2012/13 was the preferred option but the withdrawal of grounds maintenance by the Borough Council from 31 March 2012 prevented this. (See details below). TPC has approved the Budget for 2012/13 see:

Recreation Ground

Rotherham Borough Council has advised the Todwick Parish Council (TPC) that with effect from April 2012 the service provided of maintenance of the recreation grounds, and children's playgrounds would no longer be provided. The reasoning behind this decision is that budget cuts imposed on the Borough Council mean that this service and many others, must be paid for by residents via an increased Precept. This decision impacts on every parish in the borough. TPC is in the process of sourcing suppliers for this service and evaluating their quotations and capabilities.

Our recreation ground is home to junior and senior football, cricket and bowling clubs and play areas for young children. It is also a venue for the dedicated runners and walkers seeking a peaceful spot and for Todwick's annual Fun Day and Music by Moonlight events.

Your Parish Council is dedicated to the continued supply and standard of these facilities that are provided for everyone to use. At this point we would ask that it should not be used to exercise dogs, for obvious health reasons.

Bus News

At a resident's suggestion the Bus Companies involved have been asked to look at the possibility of re routing the 49 service via Rayls Road to the top near Mortains and back onto Kiveton Lane, thereby avoiding congestion around Manor Way and Church View and further away from the Playground area near Todwick Church. Unfortunately this has not been favoured by the Bus Companies involved but they are to pursue this matter further.

Calling All Book Worms

The Goosecarr Lane Phone Box is now open for business. Books available range from popular novels to classics; biographies to general interest; and books for children. Just go along to the box and look at what is on offer - we hope we can tempt you. We would like more books on general interest, cookery, crafts etc and also children's books. If you have books to donate please contact Eileen on 770050. HAPPY READING!
Editor - Many Thanks to Eileen Northall for all her hard work.

2011-2012 Todwick Parish Councillors

  • Bryan Ferris, 5 Guildway, Todwick, Tel. 01909 773853
  • Stephen Hill (Chairman) 4 Mill Close, Todwick, Tel. 01909 772001
  • David Gregory (Vice Chairman), 49 The Meadows, Todwick, Tel. 01909 771307
  • Jean Leah, 91 The Meadows, Todwick, Tel. 01909 771082
  • Eileen Northall, 30 The Pastures, Todwick, Tel. 01909 770050
  • John Palmer, 78 The Meadows, Todwick, Tel. 01909 771257
  • Clive Pantry, 85 The Meadows, Todwick, Tel. 01909 771024
  • Brian White, 18 Mill Fields, Todwick, Tel. 01909 770817
  • Clerk to the Council is Rod Walker, 10 High Street, South Anston, Tel. 01909 566 639

TPC Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7 pm. The open session, where Todwick residents can attend and raise local issues or ask questions, commences at 8 pm. Minutes of meetings appear a few days after the meetings on website.

Useful Numbers - Police information - Emergencies - DIAL 999

For prompt attention phone Central Switchboard dial 101 to report an incident.

From 4th November 2011 the 01142.202020 number for the Police changed to 101.

Crimestoppers number is 0800 555111.

Our local Community Police Officer Howard Saul can be contacted at Dinnington Police Station 01709 832667 but do NOT leave a message. If your call is urgent ring the Central Switchboard 101

DO report in any incidents or nuisance behaviour that you see to the above numbers.

A57 Public Inquiry

This was held on Tuesday, 4 October 2011. A number of people including Jack Cloke, Chairman Todwick Resident Group spoke at the public inquiry on your behalf in addition to other interested parties. A signature petition was presented to the Inspector and his team. Remember that Todwick residents are not asking for something new - merely to retain a facility which has been afforded to Todwick people for 160 years - that of the right turn from the A57 into Goosecarr Lane. The Inspector's decision is awaited! Contact Jack Cloke, Chairman Todwick Resident Group, Tel: 01909 772822 or 07966 288185.

Around the Village

What is going on? Forthcoming events in Todwick

Todwick Jazz events at the Village Hall

Already we have had two great nights of Traditional Jazz this Autumn and look forward to:

  • Saturday, 3 December 2011 - Christmas Party Night Frank Brooker and the Happy Chappies Jazz Band offer a wonderful entertaining traditional jazz band.
  • Saturday, 21 January 2012 - Wil Robinson and the Southside Band always give a great night of entertainment.

NOTE STARTING TIMES 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm at the Todwick Village Hall, Todwick

... Bring your own supper and drinks. Make up a party table... Entry £9.00 - all profits after expenses to the Todwick Village Hall Maintenance. Easy parking.

Contact Sheila Pantry for tickets. Tel: 01909 771024, Email:

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch

As Christmas approaches we all need to be extra vigilant with the security of our property. Be aware of people around you if you use a cash vending machine. When out shopping please keep a firm hold on your purse or handbag - it takes only a fraction of a second to be snatched. Keep purchases in the boot of the car and not on display on a seat. If you pay by credit or debit card, try to ensure that the card is always under your control and keep the PIN number secure. If you buy on the Internet make sure it is a secure site. Remember "Watch out, there's a thief about"? Advice as good today as when it was first launched. Have a Happy Christmas and don't forget to switch off the tree lights when you go out or go to bed. Norman Anderson.

Junior Football in Todwick

New children are always welcome to join in training sessions especially the younger children who can join the academy. If your child is interested in football either come along on a Saturday morning and speak to one of the coaches (preferably between 09.00 am and 09.30 am) or contact Paul Chapman, Junior team coordinator on 0777058149

Todwick Bowling Club

Beginners' FREE bowls coaching sessions are held every Saturday Morning 10.00 am - 12.00 noon. The Todwick Parish Bowling Club is at the top end of the Recreation Ground - all ages welcome! Contact Alan Tizard, Tel: 01909 771438

Todwick Village Hall activities and functions

The annual Christmas Fayre will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 26 November 2011 between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm when Father Christmas will be waiting to see you in his Grotto and there will be a variety of stalls to help you get your Christmas preparations off to a good start. The Management Committee is grateful to all local companies and individuals for their kind donations of prizes and to all those who have purchased raffle tickets so far. Many seasonal prizes will be there for the taking so if you've still not purchased yours there is still time as raffle tickets will be on sale right up to, during the Fayre and until just before 4.00 pm on the day when the draw takes place. We hope to see you there.

Another opportunity to get ready for Christmas is to join in the Xmas Paint a Pot sessions in the Village Hall on Saturday mornings of the 19 November, 3 December and 10 December. If you wish to know more contact Sarah Moss on 0114 287 6865.

November sees the Village Hall saying a goodbye and an hello - our thanks and best wishes go to Kay Pearson who for the last 3 ½ years has been the caretaker and booking officer - and our hello goes to Tracey Evison who takes over the role. Next time you telephone or are at the Village Hall please introduce yourself and give Tracey a warm welcome - she is contactable via the usual Village Hall telephone number 01909 773435.

As usual, full details of all activities running in the Village Hall can be found on village notice boards or by visiting the Village Hall website - - and just a reminder for those attending Weight Watchers - it has now moved its meeting day from Monday to Thursday at the earlier time of 4.45 pm. Events and new activities are being arranged all year round so please watch out for advertisements on the village notice boards, Village Hall & Todwick Village websites.

The Trustees and Management Committee particularly wish to express sincere thanks to those who volunteer and freely give their time to raise and contribute funds to the upkeep of the Hall. Similarly our appreciation is extended to all of you who use and support events throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2012! Season's Greetings to one and all!

Todwick WI

New members are always welcomed - meetings are held on the first Thursday in the month in the Village Hall at 7 pm and include some very interesting speakers covering numerous topics, Go along to the meetings with this very friendly group. Contact Janet Cocking, President, Tel: 01909 771344 - see also

Todwick Church Christmas Dates

  • Saturday, 3 December 2011, 10.30 am - 11.30 am Carol Singing at Greenscene
  • Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 10.00 am - 12 noon Christmas Coffee Morning - Church Hall
  • Sunday, 11 December 2011, 3.00 pm - Christingle Service
  • Saturday, 24 December 2011, 11.00 pm - Christmas Eve Communion

For full list of forthcoming Church events see

The Informer is funded and published four times a year by Todwick Parish Council (TPC) who does not use sponsors or offer advertising space. TPC policy is to inform people about news and events that are of local interest. Editor is Sheila Pantry OBE.