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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council Newsletter
No. 83
September 2009


The Todwick Parish Council (TPC) is working closely with Rotherham MBC to ensure that the recent flooding at Goosecarr Lane / The Pastures / Storth Lane area will not be repeated. Clearing out of debris from the grill of the culvert that runs under the road has been done and this job has been added to the RMBC cleansing schedule and will henceforth be cleansed quarterly.


The TPC resolved to adopt the latest shield/coat of arms submitted by the Todwick Historical Society and are considering at what locations and in what way this might now be displayed. Compiled by Richard Rattenbury, the Coat of Arms was officially launched on 29 July 2009 at the Todwick Art, Gardens, Historical and Scarecrow Trail Day. It is very attractive and colourful and can be seen, with a description, on Todwick web site



All plots are currently taken but if you wish to join the waiting list in the event of any plots becoming available please contact Ken Mathieson on 01909 515023

Cricket Pavilion

TPC has decided to demolish the cricket pavilion - but currently the timetable has not been determined. Meanwhile the cricketers are using the football pavilion.

Grounds Maintenance

The existing RMBC Grounds Maintenance arrangements are soon to end - RMBC has decided to take the service back 'in-house' with effect from 1st January 2010, integrating it with Street Cleansing within the Community Delivery Unit. This is a complex project management process for which the plan is almost finalised. Part of that plan is in the Autumn to consult directly with stakeholders, e.g. Parish Councils.

Recreation Ground Play Area

Plans are being made to improve the play area at the Goosecarr Recreation Ground as part of the Play Pathfinder Programme being funded by the Government's Department for Children, School and Families. Discussions between TPC and RMBC are ongoing and it is anticipated that the final lay out will be agreed by the end of August to allow quotations to be obtained for the work and a timescale for the improvements to be carried out made available.

TPC Meetings

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7 pm. The open session, where parishioners can attend and raise local issues or ask questions, commences at 8 pm.

Results of the Monthly Meetings including the Financial Statements are published as Minutes a few days after the meeting and are available on Todwick web site If you do not have access to a computer and Internet, do not be without the information - go down to the Village Hall on a Monday morning to the Computer Club and use the computers there. First contact John Gabbitas 01909 773863 who will be able to help you.

Phil Kettell has resigned as Councillor and also Editor of the Informer. On behalf of Todwick residents - Phil is thanked very much for his work.

As a result there is a vacancy - anyone interested in becoming a councillor should contact Rod Walker, Clerk to the TPC Tel. 01909 566639.

Todwick Parish Councillors

Stephen Hill (Chairman)

4 Mill Close, Todwick

Tel. 01909 772001

David Gregory

49 The Meadows, Todwick

Tel. 01909 771307

Jean Leah

91 The Meadows, Todwick

Tel. 01909 771082

Ken Mathieson

26 The Pastures, Todwick

Tel. 01909 515023

Eileen Northall

30 The Pastures, Todwick

Tel. 01909 770050

John Palmer

78 The Meadows, Todwick

Tel. 01909 771257

Clive Pantry

85 The Meadows, Todwick

Tel. 01909 771024

Brian White

18 Mill Fields, Todwick

Tel. 01909 770817


Rod Walker (Clerk)

10 High Street, South Anston

Tel. 01909 566 639


Todwick Village Hall has activities running each week and whether you would like to keep fit, learn some new skills or just simply take time out to meet new people then the Village Hall is the place for you. Details of current activities can be found on the Village Hall and Parish Council notice boards. Details of each activity can also be found on the Village Hall's own website -

For example, an informal computer club is run each Monday morning between 9.30 am and 11.30 am where access to the Internet is also available. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user and would like to attend to simply use the facilities or seek some guidance on how to develop your skills, help is on hand to assist you work at your own speed during the computer club meetings. Each session is only £2.00 and refreshments are available whilst you are there so please come and join us.

Also, Active Always is a keep-fit class that runs each Tuesday morning between 10 am and 11 am where an instructor leads a gentle exercise class for the over 50s designed for both men and women. Each session is only £2.50. As well as running weekly activities the Village Hall is also available for private hire. Further details on how to book the Hall can be made via the bookings officer on 01909 774353 or alternatively by looking on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Todwick Village Hall website:


We are getting reports of unwanted telephone calls to residents of Todwick. The calls have been about a variety of issues including repairing flat roofs, refund of bank charges, and kitchen and bedroom promotions. You can help yourself to minimise these direct sales calls by registering with the Telephone Preference Service, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SS, Registration line - 0845 070 0707.

We are also receiving complaints about unacceptable behaviour from cold callers at the door. Whilst we cannot legally stop cold calling, we can advise on what to do if it happens. The Police are keeping a close watch on the Recreation Ground during the holiday period to try and stop underage drinking which seems to be one of the prime causes of some current problems.

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch is part of a network of organisations focussed on trying to make villages and towns safer and nicer places to live. However, to achieve this aim we need more village households signed onto the scheme. All we need is your name, address and signature to say you wish to join. Please contact Norman Anderson for further details. Together we can make a difference in helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Todwick. If you are not a member, why not ring now? It is free to join.


Lots of interest in Todwick's Art, Gardens, Historical and Scarecrow Trail and Exhibitions held on the Sunday, 29 July 2009, which was well attended. This year's innovation was the introduction of the Scarecrow competition that was won by Abigail Mosley, 93 The Meadows with her interactive girl scarecrow called Trumps. Other very interesting and amusing scarecrows to be seen around the Village: 2 Paddock View - Rachel Beckett's family Scarecrow Humpty Dumpty, 8 Manor Way - Jacky and Philip Robbins' fun Scarecrow, onto the Meadows at No. 87 to see the two old fellows scarecrows on the form under the umbrella at the gate of Rosemary and Brian Chambers' garden, at No. 85 - Sheila and Clive Pantry's plant pot scarecrow lounging in the tree and the girl gardener waving at you, at No. 81 Helen, Gary and William Greer-Waring two scarecrows sat enjoying a drink on the roof of the garage and at No. 6 De Houton Close was Norman and Virginia Anderson's fun Man at Work Scarecrow (asleep in a deck chair!) Allotment Plot No. 17 Dawn Brookman and Daphne Stewart also had a Scarecrow to show. Look forward to seeing next year's efforts!

Many thanks to those who opened their gardens - Brian and Christine Mullins, Harry Beat, Brenda Waller, Sheila and Clive Pantry and to the Allotment Holders. It is good fun having visitors to see the results of your gardening efforts, so hope to see more people taking part next year.

Prizes for the best gardens and allotments were awarded by Todwick Parish Council (TPC) and presented by TPC Chairman Stephen Hill to:

Best Allotments

  • 1st Prize Diane Brookman and Daphne Stewart
  • 2nd Prize Rachel Bennett
  • 3rd Prize Jim Tompkin

Best Front Gardens

  • 1st Prize Harry Beat
  • 2nd Prize Graham Truman
  • 3rd Prize Brenda Waller

Village Hall Exhibitions during the day... there were art displays, exhibitions and free refreshments available. Todwick Historical Society showed an ever-increasing amount of information that has been collected, and took the opportunity to launch Todwick's new coat of arms - see Todwick web site.

Brian Chambers who guessed 11 out of the 12 correct pictures won a knowledge photo quiz presented by the Ramblers Group. The Ramblers Group welcomes any new members and had lots of interesting maps and details of walks on show. Save the Children Fund had a lovely display and made around a hundred pounds for the Fund.

And for those who had not seen Todwick's web site - there were computers available for people to explore the information about our Village. On show were some lovely paintings by Jack Marples, beautiful tapestry pictures by Christine Mullins and a wonderful art collection from all the classes at Todwick Junior and Infants School included an almost lifesize fearsome pirate, some bright African scenes, paintings in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, seaside paintings, sunflower paintings in the style of Van Gogh, some pictures were embroidered and some portraits that were made from materials, buttons as well as painted. Some of the schools' paintings had fun frames made of pasta! Real credit to the children, their teachers for these efforts and to Sandy Davison, the School's Art Coordinator. Todwick's lovely old Church and the Church Hall were also open for visitors and refreshments - thanks to all the helpers.

Todwick Parish Council and others generously supported the three Todwick Village Summer events - the 29 July event, The Funday and Music by Moonlight. Many thanks from the organiser Sheila Pantry to all those who helped in whatever way.

AUTUMN EVENT - Jazz in the Todwick Village Hall with the Old Marina Jazz Men on Saturday, 19th September 2009, 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm

If you enjoyed the Music by Moonlight evening in the Recreation Ground in June - then you may be interested in the Jazz event to be held in the Todwick Village Hall on Saturday, 19th September 2009 to raise funds for the Village Hall.

The long established Old Marina Jazz Men will entertain and play easy listening/well known tunes in New Orleans style... you can dance if you wish!

Make up a party of family and friends and book your table. Bring your own wine/drinks and your own supper. You can also make a telephone order from the Pizza Shop across from the Village Hall.

Bookings on a first come, first served basis. 70 seats available... So don't delay! Cost £9.00 per person... support your Village Hall.

All proceeds after expenses will go towards the maintenance of the Village Hall.

Contact organiser: Sheila Pantry, email: or 01909 771024.

The Informer is funded and published four times a year by Todwick Parish Council. We do not use sponsors or offer advertising space. Our policy is to inform people about news and events that are of local interest. Editor is Sheila Pantry.