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The Informer

Todwick Parish Council Newsletter
No. 81
March 2009


The Parish Council have recently received notification of a planning application (RB2009/0260) for "Re-alignment and dual carriageway improvements to the A57 at Sheffield Road, Todwick". Many of you will be aware that there is an Action Group which has previously campaigned on behalf of local people. For your information the Action Group is still in place and closely monitoring these latest developments. The application can be viewed in person at the Civic Building in Rotherham (Walker Place) or online at - choose Planning / Find Planning Applications / Planning Reference Search / Enter Ref No.


A planning application (RB2008/1653) has been submitted from a company wishing to recycle/burn old timber which will generate heat and ultimately generate electricity which will be fed back into the national grid. The site chosen is at The Old Kiveton Quarry, Dog Kennels Lane - this is land up the private road to the rear of The Station Public House. The parish council have studied the application and have no major issues other than the transportation of the old timber. It is recommended in the application that the timber lorries coming from the direction of the M1 will go to site via the A57 to South Anston and then up West Street, Crowgate and Dog Kennels Lane. Our concern is that, in time, some of this traffic will find its way to site via Todwick. We do, of course, sympathise with our neighbours in South Anston but are aware that they are in the process of submitting their own objections. If you wish to view the application you can do so as per the previous article.


Over the past few weeks, we have become aware that burglaries in Todwick and its surrounding area have increased. Crimes involving the theft of house and car keys leading to the loss of motor vehicles, and other valuables continue to rise. Simple precautions can help reduce the risk of this happening to you and your neighbours.

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch is part of a network of organisations which is focussed on trying to reduce crime levels and make our village a safer place to live. However, to achieve this aim we need more village households signed onto the scheme. It is free of charge.

There are no monthly meetings to attend. All we need is your name; address and signature to say you wish to join. Your details are data protected and remain secure. Please contact Norman Anderson for further details. Together we can make a difference in helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Todwick. If you are not a member, why not ring now? It is free of charge to join.


The Trust, consisting entirely of parish councillors, was set up last year to better manage the recreation facilities within the village.

The last meeting took place at the village hall on 24th February. The key issues were discussed and the following actions were agreed:

  • Cricket pavilion - Improvements are being planned following a survey by the TPC Chairman with a Building Control Officer from RMBC
  • Football teams to be asked to pay a pre-season bond to cover possible damage to the football pavilion
  • Damaged hedge adjacent to the recreation ground to be surveyed


A contract has been agreed with local garden centre, Greenscene, for the supply of all plants and maintenance of beds, borders and hanging baskets. We are also seeking sponsorship of flowerbeds/gardens from anyone who would care to do so but particularly from local businesses within the village.


Despite the adverse weather conditions experienced over the winter period the club has continued to provide its fortnightly programme of rambles which have been well attended throughout. A combined ramble and pub lunch outing in February proved very popular and we look forward to this formula being repeated in the near future.

The Club continues to advertise its rambles and associated events using traditional local poster displays. This information is now going further a-field via the Todwick Web Site. In addition club members with internet facilities can communicate with one another via e-mail.


TODWICK MUSIC BY MOONLIGHT - 19.00 to 22.00 on SATURDAY 13 June 2009 at Recreation Ground

The Jazz Preservation Society Band will entertain you...

Free of charge

Hoping for a blazing June night ... note the earlier start time!

Make up a party group - bring your own chairs, tables, umbrellas, candelabras, food and drink and have a night of fun and dancing If wet it will be held in the Village Hall.

TODWICK FUNDAY - 13.30 to 16.00 on SUNDAY 14 June 2009 at Recreation Ground

Programme of Events to suit all ages... lots of things to do and see throughout the afternoon

All free of charge, including refreshments...

Except for Save the Children Fund Stall and the Ice Cream Seller

ART, HISTORIC, GARDEN TRAIL AND SCARECROW EXHIBITION - 12.00 - 16.00 on Sunday 26 JULY 2009 (note slightly later starting time)

There will be Art, Historic and other displays in the Village Hall.

The Church and Church Hall will also be open. If you have visitors take them to see our lovely 1068 Church - not many villages have a near 1000 year old church to show!

Already some Gardeners have agreed to open their gardens - but if anyone wishes to volunteer to open their garden then that would add to the enjoyment. It is great fun meeting people in your own garden - why just keep it to yourself when you have made such great efforts?

Show it!

If you wish people to just look at your front garden - then that would be most welcome.

Also for the first time there will be a Scarecrow competition - for any age group... start to think of ideas now... and let Sheila Pantry know if you are entering the competition.

For all the above events contact: Sheila Pantry, Tel: 01909 771024 or Email:


We would like to take the opportunity to pay our respects and at the same time write a few words about Les, a former Parish Councillor, who sadly passed away last December.

Les was born in a little cottage up Hardwick Lane, one of eleven children. The family moved to The Pastures in 1929 when Les was 8 years old. At that time the village school (now the village hall) had a total of 12 pupils. Later, of course, the children outgrew the school and consequently moved to the new school that exists today. In 1943 he married and continued to live on The Pastures where his 2 children were born. Soon after, Les quickly involved himself in village life, social functions and other events. For example when Father Christmas arrived in Todwick it was noted that Les Waller disappeared. He started a whist drive with his first wife Mary and Marjorie Gurney. On another evening he ran Bingo with Danny Reece who was the school caretaker at the time. His next venture, by demand, was the Garden Association he organised with his friends Vick Sliwinsky, George Noble and Vinor Thomas not forgetting Bill Gurney who was the auditor. This was followed between 1962 and 1979 by Todwick Show, a huge and memorable event for the village which kept him very busy. Another milestone took place in 1985 when Les was approached by a gentleman named Mr Ashton who asked about the possibility of the village having a bowling green. Les immediately accepted the project and along with Sos Bradley and 14 others spent the next 3 years wheeling and dealing but eventually delivering the wonderful bowling green you see today. This is just a sample of the things Les did in his life in addition to working full time as a miner. We need no reminding about the difficulties attached to that occupation. In fact he had to take early retirement in the 80's as a consequence of a serious pit accident. He then dedicated more of his time to his garden, his allotment and working for Sanfords, a local farmer. In his last years he worked tirelessly as a Parish Councillor despite suffering from major breathing problems. Our condolences to his wife, Brenda, and the family.

Someone asked recently, "What did Les do in his spare time?"


Many of you may, from time to time, have seen a man in a yellow high visibility jacket collecting litter, gardening, locking gates etc around the village. His name is Julian Marples and he's our village handyman. He's an approachable chap so don't be afraid to stop and have a chat with him. If he can be of help he will, otherwise, he will refer you to a member of the PC for guidance. We all appreciate the good work he does and look forward to his retention for at least a further 3 years.

For those who are not aware, a parish councillor receives no remuneration whatsoever for performing his/her duties. They are allowed to claim back expenses for costs incurred. The only paid member of the parish council is the clerk who is a part time employee. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7 pm. The open session, where parishioners can attend and raise local issues or ask questions, commences at 8 pm.


Mr Stephen Hill (Chairman)

4 Mill Close, Todwick

01909 772001

Mr David Gregory

49 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771307

Mr Phil Kettell

5 Furnival Close, Todwick

01909 771161

Mrs Jean Leah

91 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771082

Mr Ken Mathieson

26 The Pastures, Todwick

01909 515023

Mrs Eileen Northall

30 The Pastures, Todwick

01909 770050

Mr John Palmer

78 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771257

Mr Clive Pantry

85 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771024

Mr Brian White

18 Mill Fields, Todwick

01909 770817


Mr Rod Walker (Clerk)

10 High Street, South Anston

01909 566639


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