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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 78
June 2008


The Village Hall continues to grow in popularity. There are currently a number of pastimes and activities that take place each week. A full timetable is on the village hall notice board inside the main entrance, also on the new Parish Council notice board in the window of the Post Office and can also be viewed on the Todwick web site - An insert giving details of the very latest activities is included with the Informer.

Kay Pearson is the new caretaker and booking officer and can be contacted on the village hall telephone number - 774353.


The Todwick branch of the WI has celebrated 50 years in existence with a buffet and social evening at the village hall. It was nice to see four founder members, several past presidents and members of the South Yorks Federation who all attended. The Wells Singers entertained throughout the evening and the Worksop Guardian who were present printed a half page article including photographs in a recent edition. It was truly a memorable evening.

We are always looking to recruit new members and a warm welcome awaits any ladies in the area who would like to meet new friends, enjoy social evenings, outings and interesting speakers. We meet on the 1st Thursday each month in the village hall and our diary for the rest of 2008 includes the following:

3rd July

The collecting and history of button hooks

10th July

Strawberry Tea in a local garden - tickets available at £3.50

4th Sept

"Don't Point Your Feet" - a talk by Pat Flinders

2nd Oct

Social Evening

16th Oct

Theatre Visit

6th Nov

Research your family history with local expert Alan Turner

4th Dec

Christmas Party with magical entertainment by Brian Vardy

Please give us a try. You can come to 3 meetings before deciding whether or not to join us but we think you will like us enough to become a member. We look forward to seeing you. Please ring Eileen on 770050 for more information.


On Thursday 22nd May 2008, Class 1 children from Todwick Junior & Infants School planted flowers and small shrubs in a new bed beside the new railings on the west side of the Swing Park on Lindleys Croft. The plants are growing well and obviously the children did a very good job.

Money was given to Todwick Parish Council for the new railings by the Rural Target Fund and arrangements for this were made by Yorkshire Rural Communities Council.

THE PLANTATION (Bluebell Wood)

In the previous Informer (No. 77 - March 08) we had mention about a National Lottery application for funding through the BBC Going Places scheme. We are delighted to announce that earlier this month we were informed that our application had been successful and we have been granted a sum of £6,150. This is excellent news and thanks go to Cllrs Leah, Palmer and Hill who made the original application. We are now in a much stronger position to continue our objective of gaining safe public access to the wood.


A disgraceful incident has recently taken place at the allotments. It was brought to our attention that on or around the night of Tuesday 17th June some vandals broke into all the sheds on the allotments stole a number of items and caused general mayhem. However, that was not enough so they set fire to one of them! The police have been informed. Anyone who witnessed anything or has any information please contact the police on 0114 2202020 or Ken Mathieson on 01909 515023.


As most of you know we are in the middle of the growing season. This includes of course trees and weeds. As you walk around the village overgrown trees and unsightly weeds are in evidence. If you are the owner of trees or bushes that are growing over a public footpath then you actually have a responsibility to cut or prune them back to your boundary. Also, if there are weeds growing on the footpath or the road in front of your property then perhaps you might find ten minutes of your time to remove them. Every little helps.

Some of you may have spotted the removal of a large eucalyptus tree recently which was adjacent to a BT pole in front of the Cypress Garden Takeaway on The Pastures. This was undertaken by Rotherham Borough Council as a result of some complaints by local residents and pressure by Todwick Parish Council. It is not our intention to remove or destroy trees from within the village but unfortunately this particular tree was causing concerns and was a potential danger to the general public.

TODWICK ARTS, GARDENS and HISTORIC TRAIL - Sunday 27 July 2008 11.00 - 16.00

Something different and free of charge. Todwick's history goes back a long way, so learn something about it on this day. There will be a display of arts ad some other items in the Village Hall. An appeal here for all ages to take part - e.g. If you have painted pictures, taken a wonderful photograph, created a carving or a piece of pottery, produced a lovely tapestry then this is the day to show it off! Children's efforts especially welcome.

Please contact Sheila Pantry Tel: 01909 771024 or email:

The Trail will include older buildings, e.g. the 1068 church, Robin Hood's Trysting Tree, the ancient wall and some of the attractive private gardens and views in our lovely village that will be open to visitors.

A number of people have already offered to show their gardens.

This is a free of charge event.


It would be good to have more gardens to display. It is fine if you would prefer for people to stand and appreciate your front garden without wandering all over your property - please contact Sheila Pantry 01909 771024 email:

A trail map is being produced for the day showing all the stopping points, including refreshment stops at the Church Hall and also the re-built/refurbished Village Hall.

A programme of extensive publicity is continuing through the Informer, Todwick News, Todwick web site - local press, posters, flyers and by world of mouth... so we are hoping for a good turnout. Please book the dates in your Diary!


Village Neighbourhood Watch scheme is now 2 years old. During that period of time it has helped villagers with a multitude of questions and queries, and not just about crime and its prevention. To join in, all you need to do is contact Norman Anderson and that is all that is needed. It costs nothing to join. There are no monthly meetings, all information comes to you through newsletters. Over 53% of Todwick households already benefit from belonging to the scheme. So to join in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme all you need to do is contact Norman.


The walking group normally meets on the second Sunday each month at 10.00 am. Stout footwear is the order of the day. Walks are led by Jim Tompkin - 01909 770700.


On 18th April Bill Wearing, a local resident, passed away aged 88. Bill was born in Killamarsh but lived all of his working life in Kiveton before moving to Todwick in 1980 to retire. He was a working miner for 47 years having started work at Kiveton Pit aged 13. His son told me of the day he lost half his finger whilst working underground, he put it in his lunch box and took it to the hospital. Unfortunately it was too late to save it but "such is life". Bill was soon back at work. I think he deserved his retirement. He was dedicated to his family, a keen fisherman and gardener. He was a "lovely man" who gave his time to help others and will be sadly missed.


John, as many of you know, suddenly passed away in August 2005. He served on the parish council for some 23 years and was an active member of the community. He was very much an unsung hero spending many hours of his own time organising village events, doing general repairs, gardening etc all for the benefit of the local residents of Todwick. His wife, Sandra, recently approached the parish council with regard to donating a wooden bench to the village as a memorial to John. The offer was gratefully accepted but further it was agreed to have a small ceremony as recognition of the good work performed by John but also as an acceptance of the wooden bench donation. This took place on Saturday 21st June outside the village hall and some 50 people attended a short service conducted by Reverend David Bliss. It was a fitting occasion acknowledging everything John had done for the village. Many thanks go to Sandra Mosley, David Bliss and everyone who helped on the day. The bench has a small inscription and is positioned near to the front corner of the village hall.


Formal Parish Council meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7pm. The open session which allows anyone to attend and ask questions commences at 8pm.

The Parish Council is made up of the following members:

Mr Paul Langford (Chairman)

20 Mortains, Todwick

01909 772345

Mr David Gregory

49 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771307

Mr Stephen Hill

4 Mill Close, Todwick

01909 772001

Mr Philip Kettell

5 Furnival Close, Todwick

01909 771161

Mrs Jean Leah

91 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771082

Mr Ken Mathieson

26 The Pastures, Todwick

01909 515023

Mr John Palmer

78 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771257

Mr Clive Pantry

85 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771024

Mr Brian White

18 Mill Fields, Todwick

01909 770817


Mr Rod Walker (Clerk)

10 High Street, South Anston

01909 566639


The website which has been in existence for a number of years is constantly updated with Information on Local news, Modern Todwick, History of Todwick, The Church, Parish Council, The Informer, Organisations and Groups, Village Hall, Shops and Businesses, Local Services and Diary of Events. If you have any items of news that can be shared with others please contact Sheila Pantry on 01909 771024 or email:

The Informer is published four times per year by Todwick Parish Council. It is funded by the parish council, we don't use sponsors or offer advertising space and as a result we publish news and only news. If you have any items of particular interest you wish to have published contact Phil Kettell on 01909 771161 or e-mail to