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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 77
March 2008


The Village Hall Management Committee over the last few months has, amongst other things, considered what activities to offer at the Village Hall. It was agreed to run a survey and directly ask the people of the village themselves. This took place throughout February and a survey form was delivered to 693 households. There were 72 returns and the most popular requested activities are listed as follows:

Keep fit








Digital photography


Gardening & allotment club




Table tennis


Tai Chi


Spanish language class


Todwick Historical society


Indoor bowls


Adult dancing lessons


Creative writing


Whist club


Luncheon club






Badminton club


Over 60s


Chinese painting


Floral decoration


Bridge club


Some people have already volunteered to organise and help get some of these activities underway:

A first class of 10 people for the Computer Club has been arranged and takes place on Tuesday 25th March between 9.30am and 11.30am. Another 17 people are waiting for other classes to be organised. The tutor is Paul Bradford of Early Learning Years and the course is grant funded and is consequently free to those attending. John Palmer (01909 771257) is the main contact.

Active Always, a one hour per week gentle exercise session for the 50+ group, starts on Tuesday 8th April at 10.00am. The first 6 sessions are being sponsored by RMBC but we need around 20 people per session for it to be a success. John Palmer (01909 771257) is the main contact.

Liz Wainwright (01909 772972) has started a Todwick Historical Society which already has 20 members. The chairman is Philip Robins and meetings take place at 7.30pm on 2nd Tuesday each month excluding August. There is an annual membership fee of £5 and members pay £1 per meeting, non-members £2. If you are interested in the history of Todwick or have any relevant information or photographs or anything you would like to share with others we would love you to come along and tell us. Also, if you could write down your story and bring it along we will add it to our compilation of the history.

Ken Mathieson (01909 515023) is collating names of interested parties who wish to form a Gardening/Allotment Club.

Phil Kettell (01909 771161) has agreed to run a Table Tennis Club. The plan is to have a weekly session lasting 2 hours one evening. We have one table available at present and looking to initially borrow a second. If anyone knows of or can loan us a second table it would be most appreciated. When the club becomes more established we would be looking to buy new tables/equipment etc.

Alan Turner (01909 770726) is willing to run a family History/Genealogy class.

A point to note is that Anne Rusling who has been our caretaker/bookings officer for a number of years is stepping down with effect from Sunday 30th March. The Parish Council on behalf of everyone in the village would like to say thanks to Anne for her sheer hard work and dedication to the Village Hall and the local community. An advert is currently on display around the village seeking a new caretaker and from 30th March bookings can be made by calling 01909 774353.

John Palmer (01909 771257) is the main contact for anyone interested in village hall activities. Details of all current activities taking place are also listed on the Todwick website -

THE PLANTATION (Bluebell Wood)

The following is an update from previous information published in December 2007 edition of the Informer. The Plantation is located adjacent to the empty care home property on Kiveton Lane. We, the Parish Council, are trying to gain public access to this part of our village because we feel that everyone should benefit from the flora, fauna and wildlife therein. It is also the site of the Trysting Tree which has historical associations with the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest (see Todwick website - We would also like to take responsibility for the welfare and general management of the wood.

An article appeared, with photographs of Cllrs Palmer and Hill, in the 22nd February edition of Dinnington and Maltby Guardian. This mentioned our involvement and interest in the project. It also mentioned that legal negotiations are currently taking place with the owners of the Plantation namely Hague Farming Co Ltd. Also, Cllrs Palmer and Leah with assistance from Cllr Hill have put together an application and sent it through the BBC Going Places scheme to the National Lottery to apply to be considered for a support grant of approx. £6.5k. The application has been acknowledged but the results will not be known until the end of June this year. In the meantime a committee of local people (volunteers) will meet regularly to progress the acquisition of the wood on a leased basis. Consideration is being given as to how the community can be more regularly updated on the progress of this project and what better way than through the Informer. Some local radio interest has been taken by Rother FM (FM 96.1) and it is hoped that this will be maintained as we progress.


It is worthy to mention that all our allotments have been allocated for the forthcoming year which is no mean feat and thanks to Cllr Mathieson for his hard work and dedication to the cause. You may have noticed that some new sheds have also appeared which suggests that the new allotment holders are serious about their future cultivations.

We welcome any interest in the proposed Gardening/Allotment club. Contact Ken Mathieson on 01909 515023.

TODWICK MUSIC BY MOONLIGHT EVENING - Saturday 14 June 2008 19.30 - 22.30 at Todwick Recreation Ground

There will be a Music by Moonlight event featuring the Jazz Preservation Society Band who will make a memorable evening for Todwick Village Residents, their families and friends.

Make up a party - bring your supper and refreshments, tables, chairs, rugs, umbrellas, candelabras to make this into a special event. Get dressed up! Enjoy a night of music and dancing, join in the fun and community spirit celebrating Summer. Last year's event, held in the Village Hall, was absolutely memorable - a great evening despite the weather!

This is a free of charge event.

TODWICK FUN DAY - Sunday, 15 June 2008 (Fathers' Day) 13.30 - 16.30 at Todwick Recreation Ground

The programme of events will offer free of charge entertainment for all ages with a particular emphasis on entertainment for children, e.g. fun games, football, bouncy castles, mini octopus style rides for 2-11 year olds, face painting, learn how to bowl, bran tubs. The various groups in the village will also be showing what they do. Save the Children will also have a display. Free refreshments will be served by the WI and Mothers' Union. Music and PA system presented by Lloyd Jones.

So come and enjoy your special Todwick Funday.

This is a free of charge event.

TODWICK ARTS, GARDENS and HISTORIC TRAIL - Sunday 27 July 2008 11.00 - 16.00

Something different again and also free of charge. Todwick's history goes back a long way, so learn something about it on this day. There will be a display of arts and some other items in the Village Hall. An appeal here for all ages to take part - e.g. If you have painted pictures, taken a wonderful photograph, created a carving or a piece of pottery, produced a lovely tapestry then this is the day to show it off! Children's efforts especially welcome.

Please contact Sheila Pantry Tel: 01909 771024 or email:

The Trail will include older buildings, e.g. the 1068 church, Robin Hood's Trysting Tree, the ancient wall and some of the attractive private gardens and views in our lovely village that will be open to visitors.

A number of people have already offered to show their gardens.

This is a free of charge event.


It would be good to have more gardens to display. It is fine if you would prefer for people to stand and appreciate your front garden without wandering all over your property - please contact Sheila Pantry 01909 771024 email:

A trail map is being produced for the day showing all the stopping points, including refreshment stops at the Church Hall and also the re-built/refurbished Village Hall.

A programme of extensive publicity is continuing through the Informer, Todwick News, Todwick web site - local press, posters, flyers and by world of mouth... so we are hoping for a good turnout. Please book the dates in your Diary!


We are pleased to see that the number of crime incidents in Todwick seems to be dropping. However, we should all remain diligent as neighbouring villages are not quite so fortunate. Kiveton, North Anston and Harthill have all recently been affected with daylight burglaries.

The group news? Todwick Neighbourhood Watch has received an award for The Outstanding Village Neighbourhood Watch Group in South Yorkshire 2008. If you are not already signed on to your scheme, please contact Norman Anderson for further details. See all news and newsletters on


The walking group normally meets on the second Sunday each month at 10.00 am. Stout footwear is the order of the day. Walks are led by Jim Tompkin - 01909 770700.


We are pleased to announce that David Gregory has recently been co-opted onto the parish council. He lives in the village and is keen to make valid contribution.

Formal Parish Council meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7pm. The open session which allows anyone to attend and ask questions commences at 8pm.

The Parish Council is made up of the following members:

Mr Paul Langford (Chairman)

20 Mortains, Todwick

01909 772345

Mr David Gregory

49 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771307

Mr Stephen Hill

4 Mill Close, Todwick

01909 772001

Mr Philip Kettell

5 Furnival Close, Todwick

01909 771161

Mrs Jean Leah

91 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771082

Mr Ken Mathieson

26 The Pastures, Todwick

01909 515023

Mr John Palmer

78 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771257

Mr Clive Pantry

85 The Meadows, Todwick

01909 771024

Mr Brian White

18 Mill Fields, Todwick

01909 770817


Mr Rod Walker (Clerk)

10 High Street, South Anston

01909 566639


The website which is constantly being updated continues to provide a wide range of information about the village, its history and its present day activities. If you have any items of news about your organisation please send them to Sheila Pantry at 85 The Meadows or Remember, this is the one way to make sure you don't miss any news or forthcoming events or find out what you have missed.

The Informer is published three times per year by Todwick Parish Council. If you have any news or items of particular interest you wish to have published contact Phil Kettell on 01909 771161 or e-mail to