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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 75
August 2007


Todwick was one of four Yorkshire Villages selected to go forward to the UK Village of the Year 2007 competition - a national event which only happens every 3 years. A number of presentations were given in the Village Hall to the Judges who visited us on 21 July 2007 to hear and also take a tour of the Village. Whilst the Judges were very impressed, the overall Yorkshire winner was one of our neighbours, Woodsetts, and we congratulate them on their success.

Thanks to everyone who turned out on the day on behalf of our village.


The official opening of the new/refurbished village hall took place on Saturday 23rd June 2007. On a sunny day people packed into the main hall to hear the speeches and to see and hear our guests of honour - Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopilova. There were some presentations particularly to those on the Village Hall Committee who had worked wonders to ensure this day actually happened and a plaque was revealed by Darren and Lilia recording the day's events. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves as they toured the building and welcomed the complimentary food and drinks. A special thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their free time before and on the day. We would also like to thank people for their generous donations raising a total of £900, which has now been divided and forwarded to Bluebell Wood and Rotherham Hospices.

Incidentally the new wrought iron fencing has since been erected and painted green to match the same as the school.

We now have a Village Hall with 4 rooms to choose from, all at reasonable prices, available for private functions, parties, wedding receptions, commercial hire, local user groups etc. For hire rates and bookings please contact Anne Rusling on 01909 770081.


On Saturday 18th August 2007, commencing at 10am, The British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) Junior Individual Merit will be held at Todwick Parish Bowling Club. The competition will have representatives from counties across England, Wales & the Isle of Man. It is the showcase of Junior (Under18) crown green bowlers. Come and see some top class bowling. Admission is £2.00. Refreshments will be available. The event only comes to South Yorkshire every 15 years. DON'T MISS IT!


On Sunday 15 July 2007 it rained and rained and rained. However despite the weather many people turned out for both events. At the Funday the only things that did not happen were the opportunity to use the Bouncy Castles and run in the races. However all the other scheduled events took place - Todwick Toddlers Play group, Guides offered Bran Tub and other games, Five-aside football games took place, Face painting, a Striker game, Save the Children Fund lucky dip, Neighbourhood Watch got 5 more members, Weight Watchers gave advice, Bowls club was open, Todwick Crafts Group put on a show, WI and Mothers Union served free refreshments that were enjoyed by all. Thanks to Lloyd Jones who provided the PA system and the music. Sponsorship came from a number of organisations.

Music by Moonlight free evening was transferred to the Village Hall due to the inclement weather. This gave many people the chance to see the wonderful rebuild and refurbishment that has taken place as well as having a great musical evening of traditional jazz played by the Jazz Preservation Society Band. It was well attended but not as many people as in 2006!


This took place on Sunday, 29 July 2007. We were fortunately blessed with lovely sunshine and consequently it was very well attended. There were two starting points - the Church Hall and the Village Hall. There was an exhibition in the Village Hall including an extensive display produced by Philip Robbins of memorabilia, photos, maps, albums of weddings that had taken place in Todwick; Jim Tompkin presented the Ramblers Group; Norman and Virginia Anderson the Neighbourhood Watch Group who enrolled 5 more members and 3 street organisers; WI had an exhibition; there was also a DVD and display of "How to make a well dressing picture" - hopefully this will inspire people to make such a picture for Todwick another year? There were free refreshments on offer and in both Halls there were baskets of flowers for a raffle that raised a sum of £31.20 for each of our local Hospices. As well as walking around the village seeing the Todwick Moat, Wall (c1700), ancient Church (1086 - and mentioned in the Doomsday Book), Robin Hood's Trysting Tree, people were able to see inside the gardens of Harry Beat, Brian and Christine Mullins, Mabel and William Hextall and see the wonderful panoramic views from Clive and Sheila Pantry's garden. A beautiful Trail map was sponsored by Todwick Early Years School who also offered to demonstrate the very extensive Todwick web site We would welcome more gardens as exhibits for next year please!

Sheila Pantry who organised the Funday, Music by Moonlight, Gardens/Historic Trail and the Village of the Year entry would like to thank all the sponsors, all the groups involved and everyone who took part in the events.


In July 2007, Todwick Neighbourhood Watch celebrated its first birthday. The first year has seen 47% of village households sign up to the scheme and the figure is still rising. Our village Parish Council has kindly given us an initial start with funding which has meant that we have been able to ensure that any household that joins the scheme does not have to pay the £1 joining fee. Although the initial funding from this source has now been completed, we propose that the concept of free membership for all village households should continue.

If you have not yet joined the scheme, then please give me a call. All that is required is for you to complete a short form with your name and address and your telephone number (that is if you wish to disclose it) together with your signature. Then you can start to enjoy the benefits of being part of the fastest growing group in the village. So far, nearly half the village has signed up and is enjoying belonging to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why delay? If you belong to another village organisation and would like a short FREE presentation at one of your own meetings about the work of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, please let me know.

Norman Anderson


On 18 July 2007 Brian White on behalf of the Parish Council presented the Diligence awards at the school. Book tokens were presented to 2 pupils in each year group - 14 in total. The winners of the awards were chosen because of the hard work and endeavour they had demonstrated throughout the school year.


  • 1st Prize £50 + Certificate to Plot No. 18 - K.Mathieson
  • 2nd Prize £30 + Certificate to Plot No. 29 - D.Beedon
  • 3rd Prize £20 + Certificate to Plot No. 26B - J.Tompkin

As Judged by the Parish Council


As this edition of the Informer goes to print we expect the new fence at the playground (adjacent to the Church) will have been installed. The new fencing, in addition to repairs to the perimeter wall, should ensure the playground remains in tact and a safe place for the children of our village.


Most people prefer to live in a clean, tidy and orderly place. That's why we tend to spend some considerable time cleaning our homes, our cars, our clothes, our windows, cutting our lawns, weeding our flowerbeds etc etc. Anyone who regularly walks around our village with their eyes open will spot a certain degree of untidiness on the roads and footways. The Parish Council (and consequently the village) does, in fact, employ a handyman who helps to keep our village in tact, clean and tidy. One of his endless tasks is collecting litter particularly on Goosecarr and Kiveton Lane. The Parish Council and some villagers have the view that everyone who lives and works in our village has a responsibility to maintain and clean it. If you agree with this philosophy then maybe you could pick up a piece of paper in the street and deposit it in a waste bin or pull out a weed growing in the footpath or road adjacent to your property. If every able bodied person in the village spent a few minutes each month doing just that it would make a world of difference and improve the appearance of our village virtually overnight. We need of course to always consider those who are less able and cannot even take a step outside their front doors. On a similar note could everyone ensure their garden hedges and trees are trimmed back properly to allow people to safely walk along the footpaths.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are concerned about picking up what appears to be a dodgy item e.g. drug related/needle/syringe etc you can contact John Palmer on 771257 who will be able to arrange for its safe removal. Incidentally, the Parish Council does liaise with Rotherham Borough Council regarding these issues.


We are considering introducing, with your support, a volunteer group of people to help with dog walking, emergency odd jobs for our senior/handicapped citizens, shopping, transporting less mobile people to attend local functions/post office or similar. The plan is to initially compile a list of willing volunteers who are available on different days/times during the week. If we feel that we have enough people interested we will organise a meeting in the Village Hall to discuss and develop what appears to be a very good and worthwhile idea. We are already in consultation with Rotherham Borough Council to ensure what we are suggesting is legal, safe and above board. For example, volunteers need to be aware that under certain circumstances it may be necessary to be 'security screened'. Once again John Palmer is the contact for this project and is available on 771257.


Continues to meet for regular walks on the second Sunday of the month at approximately 10.00 am. All are welcome to join the group, together with their children and dogs (if well-behaved), but remember that even in summer stout footwear is necessary. The walks are usually led by Jim Tompkin (tel: 770700) or Terry Calladine from whom further information can be sought. We are always looking for new members to swell our ranks. The more members means more walks. Remember to check the notice board outside the Village Hall for details each month as times may sometimes vary.


Members of Todwick Parish Council in common with all councils representing their community must conduct their business and act in an open and entirely appropriate way within a legal framework established over many years. The Council has resolved to adopt the Standards Board's Model Code of Conduct for Parish and Town Councils 2007 issued under the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 (SI 2007 No. 1159).


In November 2003 the Parish Council sent out questionnaires to around 700 residents in an effort to canvas opinion and subsequently formulate a village plan.

After studying and collating the feedback from the questionnaires some general conclusions were produced and a plan was put together. The main points were as follows:

  • Todwick needs to develop a "heart" - psychological and physical - no obvious village centre
  • Some people feel isolated, less well provided for and less well served - perhaps through age and/or disability
  • Traffic problems - require a 20mph zone, speed cameras, car sharing, "walking bus", further crossing points, parking control
  • Footpath survey - written guides, maps, signs, way markers
  • Further re-cycling schemes
  • Wider range of activities in village hall
  • Help the very old/isolated/infirm
  • Meeting with bus operators
  • Engage better with the younger people of the village
  • Improve liaison between police and the community
  • Co-ordinate with RMBS/other villages etc.
  • Liaise with school governors re school facilities
  • Involve the church in the various action groups
  • Bring more services into the village for older people (chiropody, physiotherapy, prescription delivery.)

The Parish Council has a responsibility to respond to these issues and will, over the coming months, focus very strongly on them. It is not our intention to produce another plan at this stage. If anyone has issues or problems not on the list then feel free to contact any of the parish councillors at any time or attend and voice your concerns at one of our monthly meetings. Our next meeting is on Tuesday 25 September in the Village Hall.


Continues to provide a wide range of information about the village, its history and its present-day activities. If you have any items of news about your organisation send them to Sheila Pantry at 85 The Meadows or And don't forget this is one way to make sure you don't miss any news about coming events - or find out about any you have missed!


Paul Langford (Chairman)


Clive Pantry


Lesley Wolf

0114 2876693

Stephen Hill


Rod Walker (Clerk)


John Palmer (Vice Chairman)


Phil Kettell


Ken Mathieson


Brian White


Please Note - We are currently in the process of co-opting a new parish councillor in order to fill a vacancy.

The Informer is published three times per year by Todwick Parish Council. If you have any news or items of interest you wish to have published please contact Phil Kettell on 771161 or e-mail to The next issue will appear in November 2007.