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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 72
July 2006


In a letter dated 31 May the Investigator for the Local Government Ombudsman informed the A57 Action Group that he was discontinuing his investigation of their complaint for these reasons: "First, because it is by no means certain that central government approval for the current, more expensive scheme will be forthcoming. If such approval is not forthcoming, I do not see that any maladministration by the Council will have caused you any injustice ...
"Second, even if it is forthcoming it seems to me extremely likely that you will get an opportunity to present your detailed objections and arguments to an inspector at a public inquiry. Frankly such an inspector will be much better qualified to consider all of your detailed arguments and statistics than the Ombudsman ...
"If approval is forthcoming but you do not get the opportunity to present your arguments to a public inquiry, feel free to re-complain and the Ombudsman will re-consider your complaint... ."
This is felt to be the most satisfactory outcome that could have been hoped for and future events are anxiously awaited. The Parish Council endorsed the Group's appreciation of the facilities afforded to them for their meetings by the Manager of The Red Lion.

PARISH COUNCIL AWARDS 2006 - The number of entries for this first experimental year of the Awards was disappointing, but those received were of a high standard and the Council decided to make awards to the runners-up in the various categories as well as the winners. The results are:

Best Garden

1. 79 The Meadows - Brian and Christine Mullins

£50 + Certificate

2. 68/70 The Meadows - Roy and Pauline Bowell

£30 + Certificate

3. 3 Osborne Road - Harry Beat

£20 + Certificate

Best-kept Allotment

1. No. 18 - K. Mathieson

£50 + Certificate

2. No. 29 - D. Beeden

£30 + Certificate

3. No. 26B - J. Tompkin

£20 + Certificate

Young Sportsperson of the Year

1. Danny Crowther, 12 Rectory Gardens (Field hockey - Goalkeeper) Represented North West of England U13's in UK Divisional Championships in June 2005, etc.

£50 + Certificate

2. Adam Newton, 13 Mill Fields. Reached the Final of the All English Schools Cross Country Race.

£30 + Certificate

These were the only nominations in this category.

Young Volunteer of the Year

Unfortunately there were no nominations for this!

The presentation of these awards will take place at sometime on Fun Day, Sunday 16 July. Provision has been made for awards to children at Todwick School, to be selected by the Head Teacher and Staff. These will take the form of tokens to the value of £10 and £5 (7 of each) to be awarded for diligence, and the presentation will be made to the successful children at a Special Assembly on 13 July.

THE PARISH COUNCIL - As this Council enters its last year of existence Clive Pantry was re-elected as Chairman. The office of Vice-Chairman is to be filled at the July meeting. The full Council is therefore: Clive Pantry, 85 The Meadows (771024), Chairman; Jack Cloke, 9 Mill Close (772822); Mary Gregory, 13 Manor Way (770703); Phil Kettell, 5 Furnival Close (771161); Paul Langford, 23 Mortains (772345); John Palmer, 78 The Meadows (771257); Lesley Wolf (was Varah), 11 Goosecarr Lane (0114 287 6693); Brenda Waller and Leslie Waller, 13 The Pastures (770819). The Clerk to the Council is Rod Walker, 10 High Street, South Anston S25 5AY (566639).

Council meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, but due to the closure of the Village Hall for refurbishment, there will be some variations in the usual pattern. Meetings will then be in the Church Hall and will commence at 7.00 pm because of restrictions on use of that Hall after 9.30 pm. The Open Session will still commence at 8.30 pm. Dates of forthcoming meetings are 25 July, in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm as usual, but assuming work on the Village Hall has commenced, subsequent meetings will be in the Church Hall on 26 September, 24 October (the Hall is not available on 31), 28 November and 19 December 2006.

A new Council will be elected in May 2007 to serve for 4 years. If you have an interest in the well-being of the Village and think you would be interested in standing for election why not attend the meetings of the present Council as an observer to get some idea of the powers of Parish Councils, how they work and what they do?

THE VILLAGE HALL - Plans for the refurbished Hall are at present with Rotherham Planning Board, and as soon as permission is given the work will be put out to tender, with the hope that demolition will commence in September. How long that and the rebuilding will take is unknown, but it is probable that the Hall will be out of commission until some time in 2007. All regular users will be kept fully informed, and in the meanwhile have been free to make their own alternative arrangements. The Over 60's, the Women's Institute and the Craft Group are moving to the Church Hall for the duration as is the Mothers & Toddlers Tuesday morning session.
Responsibility for overseeing the work on the Village Hall is in the hands of a Joint Committee of the Village Hall: David Bliss (770283), Jean Leah (771082) and Margaret Grayson (770646) and the Parish Council: Clive Pantry (771024), John Palmer (771257) and Rod Walker (566639).

ADVICE CENTRE - Kiveton Park Independent Advice Centre continues to go from strength to strength and has now attained the Community Legal Service Quality Mark and in 2005 was overall winner of the award of Rotherham Partnerships for excellence in Community Achievement. Unfortunately there is a lack of custom for sessions in Todwick, but residents do make good use of the Kiveton Centre, either by telephone or personal visits, although they are more likely to be seeking information than assistance with their problems. The Centre at Kiveton Community Library is open on Mondays from 7.30 to 8.30 pm when free legal advice is available if needed, and on Wednesdays from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. (Telephone number is 773966). Home visits can be made to the sick, elderly and housebound.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Many residents have said they would like more information on how to help themselves to reduce crime in our area. A new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has therefore been introduced into Todwick, and it is now important to get the whole village covered. Norman Anderson has come forward to co-ordinate the project. He is asking for volunteers in the village who would like more information on Neighbourhood Watch or are willing to be a focal point for their own immediate area to contact him on the above telephone number. Unfortunately by the time you receive this issue of The Informer the date for the meeting in the Village Hall (Tuesday 18 July at 7.30 pm) will almost certainly have passed.

TODWICK GARDENS/HISTORIC TRAIL - Saturday 30 July, 11.00 am to 4.00 pm
Something different - Todwick's history goes back a long way, so learn something about it on this special day!
There will be an exhibition of memorabilia and photographs by Philip Robins in the Village Hall - probably one of the last events before it is closed for refurbishment - and the plans for the new Hall will be on show.
The Trail will include older buildings, e.g. the 1086 Church which will have special flower displays for the occasion, Robin Hood's Trysting Tree, the Moat around the Manor House, and the ancient wall which marked the boundary of Kiveton Hall. And there will be some of the attractive private gardens and views in our lovely village that will be open to visitors.
A Trail Map is being produced for the day showing all the stopping points, including Refreshment Stops at the new Church Hall and the Village Hall.
If you want any further information contact Sheila Pantry on 771024, or if you want to be on the list of gardens open for viewing - or for people just to stand and appreciate without wandering over your property which would be equally good - telephone or email her at
All that is needed for a successful day is lovely warm sunshine and for you to come and support this FREE event, so book this date in your diary now!

FORTHCOMING ROAD WORKS - We have been informed by Streetpride that surface dressings will be carried out on these roads before 1 September this year: Church View, Lindleys Croft, Manor Way, Osborne Road, Osborne Drive, and The Meadows. Also it is hoped that the footways on Mortains will be resurfaced in this financial year (i.e. before 31 March 2007).

NEW POWERS FOR PARISH COUNCILS - Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, from April this year all Parish Councils will be able to take action against people who deposit litter, daub graffiti and illegally flypost. They will also be able to use a new system of dog control orders to better manage dogs in public places and to take action against those who flout the law by issuing fixed penalty notices and if necessary pursuing offenders through Magistrates Courts. One of the range of dog control orders relates to NOT CLEANING UP and persons SUSPECTED of the offence can be dealt with! DIRTY DOG OWNERS - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

TODWICK PARISH RAMBLES GROUP - Continues to meet for regular walks on the second Sunday of the month at approximately 10.00 am. All are welcome to join the group, together with their children and dogs (if well-behaved), but remember that even in summer stout footwear is necessary. The walks are led by Jim Tompkin (tel: 770700) from whom further information can be sought. And remember to check the notice board outside the Village Hall for details each month as times may sometimes vary.

THE LUNCHEON CLUB - This was started in the Church Hall at the end of March, and such was the waiting list that it was divided into two sections to meet on alternate fortnights. "Cooks" are a group of students from RCAT with their Tutor doing a Life Skills course and as they are not available during the summer vacation alternative arrangements have been made. On Thursday 27 July a Fish & Chips lunch will be served at 12 noon, price £3.50 open to all Todwick residents. Similar arrangements are being made for 24 August. To book your place telephone Myra on 770603 or Liz on 515245.

CHRISTIAN AID - This year's house-to-house collection in Todwick was again a record - £1453.09, a 4% increase on 2005. And 45% of the envelopes returned were Gift-Aided, so with the reclaimed tax added to the main collection the overall total should be £1637.61. Thanks are due to all the generous people of Todwick for their contributions.

VANDALISM continues to be a problem in the Village, including at the Cricket Pavilion and in the garden of a house on The Meadows - and no doubt elsewhere, but which has not been reported to the Parish Council. Damage to a stained glass window in the Church was caused when a break-in by a door proved impossible.

YOUR MONEY IN 2005/6 - No Todwick resident came to the Annual Parish Assembly in April to find out how their money was spent in the year ending 31 March. In fact Receipts totalled £22398.18 and Payments amounted to £18686.88. These latter included £13229.01 on General Administration and £3664.63 on Village Maintenance. £514.86 was spent on Allotments (Receipts £116.00), £714.25 on the Recreation Ground and nothing on the Children's Playground. Receipts from the Recreation Ground (mainly rent from sports organisations) was £1748.25. This left a healthy balance at the Bank of £66553.75 at the year end, but it has to be remembered that £50000 of this has been set aside over a 10-year period towards the Village Hall refurbishment which is now taking place. The balance at the end of 2006/7 will obviously be very much less, but it is anticipated that with the addition of this year's precept there will be sufficient funds to carry out the projects included in the year's Budget.

SOME GRANTS IN 2006 - It was agreed to donate £700 from Parish Council funds towards the Village Fun Day in the event that the application for Grant Aid through the Yorkshire Councils Association proved unsuccessful. And in May it was agreed to donate £500 to Todwick Early Years Computer Club (whose members can by no means be described as Early Years residents!) towards the cost of providing the facility in Todwick. The usual time for considering grants is the October meeting, so if your organisation wishes to apply for financial assistance please submit your request in time for it to be put to the Council on 24 October.

PLANNING MATTERS - Details of Planning Applications to Rotherham MBC which relate to property in Todwick are regularly provided to the Parish Council for their consideration and comments. Objections are rarely made to straightforward domestic proposals for extensions, conservatories, etc., although plans are sometimes requested before any decisions on objections are made. However when the Parish Council was consulted on the extension of opening hours of the hot food takeaway at 14 The Pastures to 9.00am to midnight on Sundays to Thursdays and 9.00am to 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays it was decided to object because of increased public nuisance, including and noise and other disturbances at night. RMBC have now informed us that the application has been REFUSED.

DOORSTEP WALKS - The leaflet in this series published by Rotherham MBC which relates to Todwick is expected to be published this month - possibly even before this issue of The Informer. We understand that the walks described are to be credited to Jim Tompkin who leads our Ramblers Group.

STREETPRIDE - If you want to report any problems with potholes in the road, condition of the footway, fly tipping, graffiti, signposts facing the wrong way, overgrown footpaths, unlit street lights, etc. the number to ring is 01709 336003.

TODWICK WEBSITE - continues to provide a wide range of information about the village, its history and its present-day activities. If you have any items of news about your organisation send them to Sheila Pantry at 85 The Meadows or And don't forget this is one way to make sure you don't miss any news about coming events - or find out about any you have missed!

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY. The next issue will appear in November 2006.