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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 69
July 2005

THE A57 - Another update from the Action Group

The most recent action of the Group was the Stage 3 Complaint Procedure against the A57 improvements, stating that we were "unhappy with the service provided by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council" (RMBC) because our view was that "the consultation process was carried out contrary to Government and Council policies and guidelines". This was heard on 3rd May 2005 by the panel selected by RMBC comprising of COUNCILLORS GOSLING, LARKIN and SENIOR. "THE panel unanimously decided not to uphold our complaint on the grounds that the statutory requirements had been met in respect of the planning application in that press notices, site notices and letters to nearby residents had been provided. The receipt of hundreds of letters of objection and comment confirmed that the process followed was reasonable." It was further noted by the panel that "it is accepted that there may always be contrary views to the details of any scheme" but that does not mean that RMBC will listen and take on board these views!

So that leaves the Action Group with the right to appeal to the Ombudsman in York. This right will be reserved until the appropriate time because:

  1. Until the consultation process is exhausted there is no time limit for such an appeal.
  2. There are legal processes including possible Compulsory Purchase Orders and Side Road Orders to be followed.
  3. These will lead to the need to submit a revised Annex E application.
  4. Whilst this is the completion of the Council formal complaints procedure, your continued involvement in local issues would be welcomed.

The Panel also noted "the importance of involving everyone in the development of local communities that are safe and secure in their local environment" - Perhaps an official response from Todwick School would help here?

The A57 Action group urges all residents who are still unhappy with this decision to lobby the Parish Council and ask them to express local feelings officially to RMBC. We also recommend that those who wish to effect a change of the plan to route 2000 more cars per day down the top of Kiveton Lane, from the Red Lion past the School, instead of accessing Todwick via a right hand turning facility at Goosecarr Lane become involved in traditional lobbying tactics:

  1. Write again to RMBC.
  2. Write to our local MP, Kevin Barron.
  3. Write to the bus company "First".
  4. Take notice of the Local Development Framework that RMBC is pursuing and comment on it.
  5. Attend Parish Council meetings and be heard.

Of course there are other options, including doing nothing. As an RMBC Councillor said,

It's your world.

For further details and any information please contact the A57 Action Group via John Castledine (tel: 0114 287 4091). The Parish Council continues to support the Action Group and is indebted to John Castledine for this update.

YOUR PARISH COUNCIL - At the May meeting Clive Pantry and John Mosley were re-elected as Chairman and Vice-Chairman for another year. Membership of the Council is unchanged as follows:

Clive Pantry (Chairman)

85 The Meadows (771024)

John Mosley (Vice-Chairman)

95 The Meadows (771384)

Sharron Castledine

93 The Meadows (771914)

Mary Gregory

13 Manor Way (770703)

Paul Langford

23 Mortains (772345)

John Palmer

78 The Meadows (771257)

Lesley Varah

11 Goosecarr Lane (0114 287 6693)

Brenda Waller

13 The Pastures (770819)

Leslie Waller

13 The Pastures (770819)

The Clerk to the Council remains Rod Walker, 10 High Street, South Anston S25 5AY (tel: 566639) to whom all official correspondence should be addressed. You are of course welcome to approach any Councillor on any matter you may wish - but if you want to see him/her it is advisable to telephone first to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time.

COUNCIL MEETINGS - Are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month except August, commencing at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. There is always an Open Session at 8.30 pm at which any resident may ask questions or comment on any matter of concern. Forthcoming meetings are on 26 July, 27 September and 25 October.

FOOTPATH WALKS - For many years the regular monthly footpath walks have been led by Mr Pat Wilson who is no longer able to do this on a regular basis. He has therefore handed the leadership over to Mr Jim Tompkin of 13 Furnival Road, who is a very experienced walker, and who is presently working with Rotherham Rights of Way Officer on the production of one of their "Doorstep Walks" leaflets for the Todwick area which is expected to be published later this year. The Parish Council has expressed their thanks to Mr Wilson for the notable contribution he has made to the life of the Village and wishes his successor, Mr Tompkin well. The Walks continue to leave the Village Hall at 10.00 am on the second Sunday of each month. Remember that suitable footwear is needed even in summer, and dogs (well-behaved) are welcome. Mr Tompkin can be contacted on 770700.

MEDICAL SERVICES IN TODWICK - The Village Survey carried out as part of the Parish Plan in late 2003 showed that while most respondents considered medical services to be good or excellent approximately half would like to see either a local practice or better access to existing practices. The Parish Council therefore recently contacted Rotherham Primary Health Care Trust expressing concerns about a lack of medical services in Todwick parish.

As a result a meeting is to be held with representatives of the Trust immediately prior to the July Parish Council meeting at which our concerns will be discussed. Some residents may remember that when Todwick expanded in the 1960's a clinic was built on Staniforth Crescent, but it was never used and in due course was altered to become a bungalow. Now Todwick has a much larger population than in the 1960's and there are correspondingly many more non-car owners, in particular the elderly and mothers with young children, who find it difficult and time-consuming to access local surgeries. It is hoped that the discussion may lead to some proposals for improvement in services.

THE ADVICE CENTRE - Kiveton Park Independent Advice Centre held a session in Todwick Village Hall in April which they felt had been successful despite the fact that it had not been possible to give much publicity to it. As a result four more sessions were arranged in May and June - again the timing did not allow any publicity for these in The Informer - and it is hoped that the Centre may continue to hold regular sessions, either monthly or fortnightly, which will obviate the need for Todwick residents to visit the Centre at Kiveton Community Library (unless of course they prefer to).

The Advice Centre is a registered charity, relying on grants and donations from various sources. The Parish Council has therefore paid the rent of the Village Hall for these sessions and will continue to do so for future sessions. Those held in Todwick so far have been on Tuesdays from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. The Centre in Kiveton is open on Mondays from 7.30 to 8.30 pm, when free legal advice is available if needed, and on Wednesdays from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. (Tel. no. for the Library and Centre: 771823).

KIVETON PARK COLLIERY SITE - You should have received a consultation document from Kiveton Park and Wales Community Development Trust seeking your views on the future of the old colliery site. After many false starts and disappointments the reclamation work on the site will be complete by the spring of 2006, and the Trust wants to know what local people consider is an appropriate enabling development for the canal side, and what is suitable and acceptable, as well as what will bring maximum benefits to the locality and the communities that live around the site. We hope you completed and returned your questionnaire as many of the suggestions could provide some of the facilities that Todwick residents asked for in our Village Survey, and within walking or cycling distance for the active and energetic. It was described as Your Chance to Shape the Future!

THE STORY OF TODWICK as told by Villagers old and new - This first ever history of Todwick has been compiled by Philip Robins with the help of Ray Sickler. It contains 50 previously unpublished photographs and postcards as well as stories and opinions reflecting the various contributors' views of life in the last century, and looks back to a very different way of life when Todwick was a very small rural community. Copies, £8.50 each, are available from Philip Robins at 8 Manor Way.

CHRISTIAN AID - The house-to-house collection around the village this year once again raised a record sum - £1387.79. Thanks to the generous people of Todwick, many of whom signed for Gift Aid, bringing the total to over £1600. The 2004 total: £1291.45, excluding Gift Aid.

TEAG - R.I.P? The Parish Council has been informed by Sheila Pantry, Co-ordinator of Todwick Environment Action Group, that the Group's activities will cease in the forseeable future mainly due to three factors: she will be able to do less and less heavy gardening with advancing years; funds have not been available in recent years to purchase plants; she has less time to grow seeds/plants that are required for the summer season. In her experience over 17 years help can be counted on one hand, and cannot be relied on.
TEAG have provided the planters at each of the 3 entrances to the village; 4 planters and seats and 3 beds on the verge near Carol Aston Carpets; the Millennium Garden and Gates at the Recreation Ground; and many flower beds around the village. In addition bulbs have been planted on the verges continually over the years making the spring scene in Todwick beautiful.
Suggested options for the future:

  1. For the Parish Council to budget for a professional gardener to take over the work from 2006: probable cost £2700.00 year to cover labour, plants, bulbs, fertilisers and compost;
  2. To stop all planting and grass over all the beds which RMBC could cut in their schedule.
  3. To get other volunteers involved, but in Mrs Pantry's experience help can be counted on one hand and is never constant and cannot be relied upon.

The Council - perhaps rather optimistically - chose to start with Option 3, and Councillors John Mosley and John Palmer volunteered to organise and lead a new team of volunteers if sufficient residents would come forward, hopefully with Sheila Pantry acting as consultant/supervisor! Are you prepared to volunteer? Could you adopt a flower bed near your home? Do you care for Todwick sufficiently to maintain the improvements which have been carried out by TEAG? Todwick may not be another Thorpe Salvin, but the appearance of the village has certainly been transformed by the work of TEAG - and in particular Mrs Pantry - it would be a tragedy to let everything go backwards now. If you can help please get in touch with either John Mosley or John Palmer within the next few weeks (their addresses and telephone numbers are on page 2).

STREETPRIDE - The Parish Council has asked Streetpride to carry out four improvements in Todwick from its Devolved Budget:

  1. to provide pedestrian dropped road crossings at all road junctions;
  2. to provide lighting on the public rights of way connecting Guildway to Horbiry End, Guildway to Millfields, and Tortmayns to Kiveton Lane;
  3. to provide additional bollards fronting the shops at The Pastures;
  4. to renew the post supporting the "No Through Road" sign on Manor Drive.

And remember that if you want to report any problems with potholes, street lights, graffiti, overgrowing vegetation, fly-tipping, etc. you should ring STREETPRIDE on 01709 336003.

NEW CHURCH HALL - Is to be officially opened by the Bishop of Sheffield on 1st September. During the following ten days there will be a programme of events to which all Todwick residents will be invited. Look out for publicity nearer the time.

POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS - Emergencies - 999. To report an incident/for prompt attention, ring the Central Switchboard 0114 220 20 20. Crimestoppers number is 0800 555111. Our local Community Police Officers, Howard Saul and Tina Jones, can be contacted at Kiveton Police Station (01709 832681) but do not leave a message if your call is urgent - ring the Central Switchboard.

TODWICK WEBSITE - for a wide range of news/information about the village.

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY. The next issue will appear in November 2005.