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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 66
July 2004


Late in 2003 and again in April 2004 Rotherham Councillor and Chair of Highways, Gerald Smith, held meetings in our Village Hall to TELL Todwick residents how Rotherham Council intended to IMPROVE the A57 between the M1 Aston roundabout and the Red Lion. No one disputes that the A57 in its present form needs better traffic management and realignment BUT the proposal, we were told, would mean NO ACCESS from the A57 to Todwick down Goosecarr Lane.

So, 2000 more vehicles per day via Kiveton Lane past our school? No pedestrian access for Hardwick or The Grange residents across the A57? No emergency services via Goosecarr Lane? Great loss of farm land and wild life? No economic impact report? No environmental impact report? A group of residents thought this plan was BAD. We got together, did some research and had our own public meeting ..... Thank you Todwick for your support.

The Parish Council objects to the plan, 230 plus residents wrote letters of objection to Rotherham Planning, local businesses helped with window space, letter collection, information centre duties - a Big Thank you to Brenda and John in the Post Office - the Village Hall lent us a room for meetings and so did the Red Lion. Petitions have been signed in their hundreds, Peter Green has spoken for the Group on Radio Sheffield and to The Star and to Yorkshire Television. Moreover, Jack Cloke, Todwick's very own Traffic Management Professional, has produced a better alternative plan that allays most of our concerns.

It seems that the Group is supported by and includes all the Village now. It will need continued support because this opposition to Rotherham's plan may have to steel itself to appeal all the way to No. 10 Downing Street. We await the date of the Planning Board meeting and have our speakers arranged. Thank you ALL again. For any more information contact John Castledine (0114-287-4091).

THE PARISH COUNCIL fully supports the Action Group and appreciates all that it has done on behalf of the residents of Todwick. The one major factor which has influenced Rotherham in drawing up the scheme appears to have been COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS. Unfortunately all the BENEFIT will be to traffic using the A57, while the COST will all fall on the residents of Todwick. It would seem unlikely that Rotherham Planning Board will refuse a planning application from its own Engineers, so it may well prove necessary for us to take the fight to a higher level. In the meantime may we remind two of our recently elected Borough Councillors that their election manifesto included "Getting the A57 alterations right for the residents of Todwick and the whole area".

A FULL PARISH COUNCIL AT LAST! Following pleas for people to put their names forward for co-option to the Council to fill vacancies (3 in all as Barrie Marsh resigned last November) three new members have been appointed. Sharron Castledine was the first to show an interest and she was co-opted at the April meeting of the Council. Then at the June meeting it was decided to co-opt John Palmer and Lesley Varah who will be attending their first meeting in July. The complete list of Councillors is therefore now:

Clive Pantry (Chairman)

85 The Meadows


John Mosley (Vice-Chairman)

95 The Meadows


Sharron Castledine

19 Goosecarr Lane

(0114 287 4091)

Mary Gregory

13 Manor Way


Paul Langford

23 Mortains


John Palmer

78 The Meadows


Lesley Varah

11 Goosecarr Lane

(0114 287 6693)

Brenda Waller

13 The Pastures


Leslie Waller

13 The Pastures


The Clerk to the Council remains Rod Walker, 10 High Street, South Anston S25 5AY (tel: 566639) to whom all official correspondence should be addressed. You are of course welcome to approach any Councillor on any matter you may wish - but if you want to see him/her it is advisable to telephone first to arrange a mutually convenient time.

COUNCIL MEETINGS - Are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month except August commencing at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. There is always an Open Session at 8.30 pm at which any resident may ask questions or comment on any matter of concern. Forthcoming meetings are on 27 July, 28 September and 26 October.

DEATH OF A PREVIOUS COUNCIL CHAIRMAN - Harry Flowers, who was a member of Todwick Parish Council from 1983 to 1999 (when he left the village) died at the beginning of this month. He was Chairman from 1989 to 1993, having been Vice-Chairman the previous year. Harry had served on the Council at other times in the past, and during this latter period had also been either Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Following a private funeral a Memorial Service was held at Wingerworth on 14 July.

STILL A VACANCY - for a Secretary to the Village Hall Committee. It is essential that this position is filled very soon, so if you feel you could offer your services please contact David Bliss on 770283.

TWO MORE VACANCIES - This time for nothing demanding! Todwick Care Lunch Club has a vacancy for two senior citizens on Tuesday each week. A traditional home cooked meal (2 choices of lunch, a sweet and a pot of tea) served at 12 noon - just £2.00 person. For further information ring the Home at 160 Kiveton Lane on 770248.

AND AN URGENT PLEA FOR HELP! Todwick Brownies are looking for a new Guider to join them. This is a very urgent request as training needs to be given before a warrant can be issued. Audrey Radford has only a short time to go before she has to retire from the position of Brownie Guider-in-Charge, and if no-one is warranted by that time our Brownie Pack will have to close. This would be very sad as it has been so successful for so long, usually with a waiting-list. We are sure there must be someone in the village who would fit the position perfectly. Please think about this urgently and if it could be you, contact Audrey on 771391 - she'd love to hear from you!

THE VILLAGE PLAN - WHAT NEXT? Nothing dramatic has happened in the way of progress, but there have been some developments - two of which were already in the pipeline.

  1. Rotherham Highways Engineers have sent the Parish Council the plan for a second pedestrian crossing on Kiveton Lane, between Manor Way and Lindley's Croft - which is where the Council always told them one was necessary. We now await its construction.
  2. NEW PRE-SCHOOL FACILITIES - The new unit is under construction in the grounds of Todwick School and is due to open in September, run by a non-profit making company, Todwick Early Years Limited, and be OFSTED inspected. It will start the day with a breakfast club at 7.45 am, then an early education section between 9.00 am and 11.30 am, followed by a lunch club between 11.10 am and 1.00 pm. Afternoons will include a session for 2 to 5 year-olds and an after-school club from 3.15 pm to 5.45 pm for 5 to 11 year-olds. The existing Play Group established over 30 years ago in Todwick Village Hall will close. For further information contact Tracey Outram (one of the 5 directors of the new company) on 560566.
  3. A small working party has been established to look at the possibilities of providing more information about walks in and around Todwick. For further information contact Councillor Mary Gregory on 770703.

Funding is still being sought for the refurbishment of the Village Hall, but unfortunately Todwick is usually considered to be too prosperous (or not sufficiently deprived) an area to meet the criteria of the various grant-making bodies. Strenuous continue to be made to find a source of funds.

A meeting was held in Harthill in April convened by the Chesterfield Canal Partnership with the support of the Rother Valley South Area Assembly. To consider a) The means by which a community based plan for the sympathetic development of the canal and the surrounding "canal landscape" can be brought about; b) How the concerns and interests of all the communities which border the canal can be represented and addressed; c) How the canal project can build on the ongoing parish plan process and the Rother Valley South Community Plan; d) How restoration can then be progressed.

This may not sound particularly interesting or relevant to Todwick - NOT SO! Several items on the 'wants list' of the Parish Plan are unlikely to be achievable by Todwick on our own, but possible under this development scheme are a number of the recreational facilities desired in the village, such as a swimming pool and provision for squash and badminton - and all within walking distance. The intention is to arrange an exhibition to show the various types of regeneration which have been implemented in other areas and give local residents the opportunity to express their preferences. The Harthill meeting was attended by Councillor Mary Gregory who has stressed the importance of Todwick being represented at all future meetings, and of the proposed exhibition being shown in all villages in the area - not just one central point.

CONGRATULATIONS - to Jack Mackay of Harthill who was awarded an MBE in the recent Honours List for his work for Neighbourhood Watch. He has offered to assist us in our re-institution of Neighbourhood Watch in Todwick - a project for after the summer break.
ALSO to Todwick Care Home for gaining an Investors in People Award in recognition of commitment to training its employees.

AND THANKS to the people of Todwick who contributed £1291.45 to this year's Christian Aid collection - a record for the village.

VARIOUS PARISH COUNCIL ACTIVITIES - These have included repairs to the Cricket and Football Pavilions and the laying of turf in front of the Youth Shelter on the Recreation Ground; the provision of new Notice Boards (with no spelling mistakes this time) on the Recreation Ground and Children's Playground. All carried out by the Village Handyman (i.e. Councillor John Mosley). Councillor Brenda Waller accompanied one of Rotherham's Environmental Wardens on a walk round the village, when various items attention were pin-pointed. The three School Warning Signs which seemed to have disappeared at some time unknown are being replaced - if they have not already been. According to Rotherham's Streetpride Area Manager main roads such as Kiveton Lane in the Todwick area are cleansed by the Council's Gully Flusher Vehicle twice a year. Estate road gullies are cleansed at least once every year. With regard to the frequency of road sweeping and footway cleansing "frequencies are determined on the basis of the perceived needs of a particular area in relation to the potential for litter generation and usage of streets and roads in that area" - so now you know!
The Borough Council has also been asked to investigate tipping which has taken place off Storth Lane, and this is being investigated by the Minerals Officer in their Planning Section.

VANDALISM - continues to be a problem. Recently the telephone box, village hall windows and the millennium seat on the Recreation Ground have all suffered.

KIVETON INDEPENDENT ADVICE CENTRE - Situated at Kiveton Community Library, this is open on Mondays from 7.30 to 8.30 pm when free legal advice is available if needed and on Wednesdays from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. No appointment is needed. There are also several Drop In Centres in other villages, including one in Harthill Village Hall from 10.00 am to noon on Fridays. There are no sessions in Todwick as Todwick people seem to prefer to go to Kiveton to preserve their anonymity! The Centre's Annual Report for 2003/4 showed that inquiries relating to disability issues once again dominated their workload. We understand that the Centre is well used by Todwick residents, but mostly for information rather than advice. The telephone no. of both the Library and the Advice Centre is 773966.

FOOTPATH WALKS - Leave the Village Hall at 10.00 am on the second Tuesday of each month under the leadership of Mr Pat Wilson (telephone 771319 for further information). Suitable footwear is essential even in summer, and dogs are welcome - especially if they are well-behaved!

TODWICK POST OFFICE & NEWSAGENCY - The long-delayed retirement of Brenda and John Palmer eventually took place on 16 July. Our good wishes to them both, and to Lisa Southall, who has taken over the business.

STREETPRIDE - If you want to report any problems with unlit street lights, potholes, graffiti, illegal tipping, etc. etc. the number to ring is 01709-336003.

POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS - Emergencies - 999. To report an incident/for prompt attention ring the Central Switchboard 0114 220 20 20. Crimestoppers number is 0800 555111. Our local Community Police Officers, Tina Jones and Howard Saul, can be contacted at Kiveton Police Station (01709 832681) but do not leave a message if your call is urgent - ring the Central Switchboard.

TODWICK WEBSITE - continues to provide information of all kinds about the village. Send your news to Sheila Pantry at 85 The Meadows or

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY. The next issue will appear in November 2004.