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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 61
November 2002

YOUTH SHELTER - Following complaints from many residents about the activities of groups of young people in the village the Parish Council called two meetings in May and June 2001 under the heading Your Village - Your Problems. At the second of these on 19 June the Police and Youth Service were in attendance as well as approximately 40 residents. The Police gave a presentation on Youth Shelters which in their experience had proved helpful in other areas of Rotherham in providing a solution to youth nuisance, and gave as a local example of this the Kick-About area at the back of the Library in Kiveton which had been opened that April. They were supported in their view by the Youth Service, and a wide-ranging discussion followed, with the meeting being generally felt to have been helpful and constructive.

As a result of this the Parish Council decided to include in the Budget for 2002-3 an amount for the construction of such a shelter, and by the time you read this you may already have seen it on the Recreation Ground on Goosecarr Lane - at the time of writing it is nearing completion. Not all residents have been happy to see this, but the Parish Council agreed that the professional advice received could not be ignored. Should the Youth Shelter cause more problems than it has solved, then obviously the matter will have to be reviewed, but it is hoped that this will not be necessary and that its provision will prove successful and to the general advantage of the residents of Todwick.

DOG WASTE BINS - An even longer running complaint than Youth Nuisance in the village has been Dog Fouling. Rotherham Borough Council has now increased the Fixed Penalty for this from £25 to £50, but it is not known whether any have been issued in Todwick. The Parish Council has now undertaken the provision of Dog Waste Bins at various locations in the village. So far one has been installed at the bottom of Manor Drive, adjacent to the Church Car Park and the Children's Playground, and another on Kiveton Lane just past the last house on the right-hand side going towards Kiveton. A third is to be installed either at the end of the Pastures near the Recreation Ground or on the opposite side of the road at the beginning of Goosecarr Lane. A further one or two may be installed at a later date, but one problem facing the Council is that while so many people complain about dog fouling they are usually reluctant to have a bin near their property! IF YOU HAVE A DOG WHICH IS GUILTY OF FOULING PLEASE MAKE USE OF THE BINS! And if you would be prepared for a bin to be installed on a grass verge adjacent to your property the Parish Council would be pleased to know!

VILLAGE APPRAISAL - Unfortunately pressure of other commitments has prevented any progress with the Appraisal. It is hoped that a meeting of the group involved can be arranged before Christmas, and that the Questionnaire can be circulated early in 2003. If you are interested in joining the group carrying out the Appraisal the Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Clive Pantry, would be pleased to hear from you. (Tel: 771024).

TRAFFIC CALMING - The promised modification of the speed humps on Kiveton Lane and and The Pastures was duly completed during the summer and certainly seems to have cured the noise problem, but the speed of traffic through the Village has increased again, proving that there is no ideal solution to the problem. Complaints have been received that the humps on The Meadows have not been modified, but it is understood that this has been deliberate in the hope that motorists would be deterred from using this road to avoid Kiveton Lane.

ANOTHER PEDESTRIAN CROSSING? When the pedestrian crossing opposite the School was installed the Borough Council was informed that this location was of no value to the majority of the elderly residents who wished to get to the shops on the Pastures from the opposite side of Kiveton Lane. Now a second crossing is planned to the south (Kiveton side) of Manor Way - again not an ideal situation as people who emerge from that road will have to walk away from The Pastures to reach it - but at least it will help all those who come from further down Kiveton Lane and roads off it, and also be of help to people crossing to the Church and to the Children's Playground at the bottom of Manor Drive.

A57 IMPROVEMENTS - A presentation was made to a recent meeting of the Area Assembly on the proposed improvements to the A57, and a copy of the outline plan has been sent to the Parish Council. These will involve making the stretch from the Motorway dual carriageway to the Red Lion crossroads, where a roundabout will replace the existing traffic lights. The new alignment of the A57 will cut out the notorious 'bends' on Todwick Common, but it appears that the residents of Goosecarr Lane will be disadvantaged because it will no longer possible to turn right from the A57 into it - similarly it will only be possible to turn left in or out of Todwick Grange and Grange Gardens.

At present Rotherham's Engineering Service is carrying out detailed design for consultation, further environmental surveys, etc. and will be applying for Planning Permission in the very near future. However, if you expect to see construction works in the 'very near future' they are not expected to commence until 2005 - and will take approximately a year to complete!

COMMUNITY SKIPS - The next dates for Skips to be provided in Todwick are Sundays 19 January and 29 March 2003. As in the case of the most recent one they will be sited at the ALLOTMENTS and not the Recreation Ground as in the past. This is because it could not be guaranteed that there would be no damage to the new road at the Recreation Ground. If you do not already know where the Allotments are they are situated on the opposite side of Goosecarr Lane to the Recreation Ground between there and the right-hand bend.

NO VILLAGE BONFIRE AND FIREWORKS THIS YEAR - The Parish Council regretted that after providing these every year from 1983 to 2001 it was not possible to continue in 2002. This was because of the high cost of insurance and the very strict requirements with regard to safety, stewarding, etc. which now apply.

AND FIREWORKS AT OTHER TIMES OF THE YEAR - Fireworks have now become a regular part of many private celebrations or functions throughout the year. While they provide enjoyment to the participants they do cause problems to the many pet owners in the village when they occur without warning, so that they cannot give their dogs and cats tranquilisers and/or keep them indoors - on occasion this year residents' cats disappeared for several hours. If you plan to have a firework display at some time in the future please show consideration for your neighbours and warn them in advance - a note through the letter-box would suffice and be appreciated!

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 -This Act imposes certain duties on Parish Councils. A model scheme defines information that a local Council holds which must be accessible to members of the public, and which must be in a format readily available to pass on to or for members of the public to see.

There are certain 'core' classes of information covering functions carried out by all local councils and the scheme lists types of information that they will be obliged to publish. These 'core' classes cover Council Internal Practice and Procedure - i.e. Minutes, Procedural Standing Orders and Annual Report to Parish Meeting; Code of Conduct; Periodic Electoral Review; Employment Practice and Procedure; Planning Documents (responses to planning applications); Audit and Accounts.

Councils have been given a relatively short period of time to put policies into place, and schemes must be submitted to the Information Commissioner for approval by 31 December 2002. A section must be included which describes the formats in which information will be made available and how charges will be applied. Todwick Parish Council will be adopting the model scheme and submitting it for approval with the required information and documentation before the deadline, and when it has been approved (which must be done by 28 February 2003) will be publicising the scheme The chosen way of doing this will be in the March issue of The Informer although it is possible that it may also be included on Todwick website.

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY - The vacancy advertised in the July issue of The Informer was filled at the September meeting of the Council by the co-option of Paul Langford of 20 Mortains (tel: 772345) who has previously served on the Council for some years. He will serve until May 2003 when the present Council comes to the end of its 4 year life and there will be an election for a new one. It is hoped that there will be an election next year with more candidates than the number of places (nine). The only time that has happened in recent(?) times was in 1983 when there were 10 candidates.

THE VILLAGE HALL - At the Annual General Meeting in October David Bliss was re-elected Chairman and Margaret Grayson Treasurer. John Mosley was elected Vice-Chairman (an office he has held previously) and Kay Pearson of 49 The Pastures was appointed the new Secretary. All correspondence should be addressed to her.

Progress with the Lottery application to finance the refurbishment remains slow - there are continual requests for further information, the most recent for a Business Plan.

THE OLD SCHOOL GARDEN - This is the official title of the piece of land immediately adjacent to the Village Hall on the Pastures, and you may have noticed a 'FOR SALE' board there recently. In 1925 this land was conveyed to the Church with a covenant making it clear that it was intended to be used for religious, educational, social and recreational purposes for the benefit of parishioners and the congregation of the parish and parish church of Todwick. Until fairly recently it has been used over the years by various parishioners as an allotment. Now the Trustees (the Rector and Churchwardens of Todwick) have put the land up for sale and the proceeds will go towards the building of the new Church Hall, which they have been advised meets the legal requirements of the covenant in the original conveyance.

FOOTPATH WALKS - Led by Mr Pat Wilson (tel: 771319) these take place on the second Sunday of each month, leaving the Village Hall at 10.00 am. Suitable footwear is essential during the winter months - and dogs are welcome!

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS - Except in December (for obvious reasons) the Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month, except August. Meetings are held in the Village Hall and commence at 7.30 pm. There is always an Open Session at 8.30 pm when residents may raise any matter of interest - otherwise they may attend but not speak. The last meeting in 2002 will be on 17 December, and subsequent meetings will be held on 28 January, 25 February and 25 March 2003.

All correspondence for the Council should be addressed to the Clerk, Mr J. R. Walker, at 10 High Street, South Anston S25 5AY. His telephone no. is 01909-566639.

CONGRATULATIONS - First of all to the village of Thorpe Salvin on winning the Entente Florale Trophy in this year's European Towns and Villages in Bloom competition. Anyone who went on their Garden Trail in August or has driven through the village during the summer will know how well-deserved it was.

And secondly, on a rather less exalted level, to Carol Aston Carpets of The Pastures on being second in the Small Shops and Commercial Premises category of Rotherham Chamber of Trade's annual Rotherham in Bloom Awards.

Thanks largely to the efforts of Todwick Environmental Action Group the appearance of the village is improving year by year, and thanks also to all who supported them in their autumn bulb planting programme - but we still have a long way to go!

TODWICK NURSING HOME - continue to issue an occasional Newsletter. The September issue announced that Mrs Sue Harrington is now the Matron/Manager. The Home welcomes volunteers to act as chaperones to residents on local trips - if you can help please inform them.

POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS - Emergency - 999; To report an incident/prompt attention - Central Switchboard: 0114 220 20 20; Crimestoppers: 0800 555111. PC's Tina Jones and Howard Saul are our local community officers. They may be contacted at Kiveton Police Station (01709 832681) but do not leave a message if your call is urgent - ring the Central Switchboard!

TODWICK WEB SITE - Remember you can keep up-to-date on village affairs on our web site


The Village Hall Christmas Fayre - Saturday 30 November, 2.00-4.00 pm. Father Christmas will open the Fayre and then be in his grotto to welcome the children, and there will be the usual mixture of stalls manned by members of the various organisations which use the Hall. And of course the Grand Raffle - tickets available on the day but already being sold around the village. Please support this - the only fund-raising event of the year in support of the Hall.

LIGHTS - Again, thanks to TEAG, there will be Christmas lights around the Village Hall and at the corner of Kiveton Lane and The Meadows.

CAROLS - Members of Todwick Church will be singing carols outside the Post Office from 10,00 am on SATURDAY 21 DECEMBER. Coffee and mince-pies will be available.

Come and join in - as well as enjoying the singing and refreshments why not buy some HOLLY which Brenda Palmer will be selling in aid of the Macmillan Fund that week-end?

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY. The next issue will appear in March 2003.