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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 60
July 2002

YOUR PARISH COUNCIL - At the May meeting of the Council the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council were re-elected for the coming year, so the Council membership is now Councillors Clive Pantry (85 The Meadows, tel: 771024) Chairman; John Mosley (95 The Meadows, tel: 771384) Vice-Chairman; Mary Gregory (13 Manor Way, tel: 770703); Darryl Lythell, 37 Rectory Gardens (tel: 773387); Barrie Marsh (9 Barber Close, tel: 773235); Tony Rusling (4 Furnival Close, tel: 770081); Brenda Waller and Leslie Waller (13 The Pastures, tel: 770819). There is one new name this year as Darryl Lythell has been co-opted to take the place of Bill Senior who resigned on leaving the village.
The Clerk to the Council is still Rod Walker to whom all correspondence should be addressed at 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY (tel: 566639).

ANOTHER COUNCIL VACANCY! Ian Pennock, who was co-opted to the Council in 2001 to fill another vacancy is no longer a member as a result of ill-health which prevented his attendance at meetings for many months. There is therefore another vacancy which can be filled by co-option for a Councillor to serve until May 2003 when the present Council comes to the end of its life. If you would like to be considered - without too long a commitment - please write to the Clerk (as above) or discuss the matter with one of the existing members in time for consideration at the September meeting.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS - These are held in the Village Hall on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, commencing at 7.30 pm. There is an Open Session at.8.30 pm when members of the public may ask questions or comment on any matter of concern, but otherwise they may not speak although they are welcome to be present. Dates of forthcoming meetings are: 30 July, 24 September, 29 October and 26 November.

CODE OF CONDUCT - As reported in the March issue of The Informer the Parish Council has adopted a Code of Conduct as required under the Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001. A copy is available for inspection at the Help Desk on the Ground Floor of the Civic Building, Walker Place, Rotherham, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays, or locally by arrangement with the Parish Clerk (details as above) at Todwick Village Hall.

OUR BOROUGH COUNCILLORS - Do you know who our Councillors on Rotherham Borough Council are? If you read the latest issue of Rotherham Council Matters and you looked at the "rogues gallery" on page 10, and if you knew that we are in Ward 13, Kiveton Park, you will have seen their pictures and telephone numbers: Audrey Gilbert (515155), Ann Britton (773617), and Karl Barton (774148). With the exception of Councillor Gilbert they appear to take little interest in Todwick, but you are entitled to seek their support in any matter relating to the work of Rotherham Council as it affects you, the village and its residents.

TRAFFIC CALMING - Todwick residents received a letter from Rotherham Borough Council's Engineering Service in May giving the results of the surveys carried out, including the response to the consultation with residents, and indicating alterations which they proposed to undertake. Work has already started on the modification of the road humps by increasing the ramp lengths - the first to be done was that just above Mortains on Kiveton Lane, and the reaction so far has been favourable.

The Parish Council pressed for one hump to be done as an experiment before continuing with with the rest, but this was not accepted although the Engineers agreed that work would be carried out on one hump at a time working through the village until all on Kiveton Lane and The Pastures had been treated - unless it became evident that this was not solving the problems in which case work would cease and the options be reconsidered. Quite what the subtle difference is between these two views is not clear, but if the result of the modifications is to solve the noise and other problems that difference is immaterial!

THE GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS - The Community Event on the Recreation Ground on 16 June was hailed as a resounding success - many people felt it had been the best event to be held in Todwick for many years. No count was kept of those who attended, but it was estimated to have run into 100's with people of all ages present enjoying the various kinds of entertainment. One of the most popular was face painting with a long queue of children until long after the official finishing time. The Jubilee Hat competition attracted 7 children and was won by Rachel Cash, but in the adult section there was only one entry - oh ladies, where was your sense of fun?

Thanks are due especially to the very hard-working committee who organised the day, John Mosley, Sheila Pantry, Audrey Radford, James Armstrong and Lisa Beardsmore, but also to all the organisations which took part by providing refreshments and running various attractions. The musical evening with the Jazz Preservation Society Band was equally successful and Much enjoyed, and like the afternoon was blessed with good weather.

Thanks to grants from the South Rotherham Community Chest and the Parish Council and the generosity of Sponsors the event actually made a profit! Total income (including receipts from the two raffles) was £1758.10, and outgoings amounted to £1257.88. When the committee met after the event it was decided to give £50 to each of the groups involved - the PTA, Mothers Union, Women's Institute, Bowling Club, Cricket Club, the Brownies and the Guides. TEAG, in addition to £50, was granted the remaining £100 to rebuild the planter near the Carpet Shop. The wonderful support and enthusiasm of the many groups in Todwick who contributed to the success of the event has been rightly described as COMMUNITY SPIRIT AT ITS BEST!

THE RECREATION GROUND ROADWAY - The Parish Council had originally agreed a high quality specification for this road which was in very poor condition, but failure to obtain a grant towards the cost caused the Council to lower its sights and pay for a lower quality specification out of its own resources. The work was completed just in time for the Jubilee event at a cost of £14,666 which was allowed for in this year's budget.

DIRTY DOGS! - The Council last year considered the provision of dog waste bins, and felt it would be more economical to purchase and install them ourselves than to accept the quotation of the Borough Council. £1500 has been included in this year's Budget which should allow 5 bins to be provided instead of 4 by Rotherham. It is expected they will be installed in the reasonably near future - when that happens, dog owners PLEASE USE THEM!

THE COMMUNITY CHEST - Earlier this year the Mother & Toddler Group which meets in the Village Hall on Tuesday mornings received a grant of £500 from the South Rotherham Community Chest which was spent on much-needed equipment. COULD YOUR GROUP MAKE USE OF A GRANT? If so application forms are available from Norman Foulds of the SRCC at Chantry Buildings, 6/20 Corporation Street, Rotherham S60 1MG (tel: 01709-837001) or, if you find it more convenient Sheila Pantry of 85 The Meadows (tel:771024) has some. Completed forms should be returned by the end of this month (July) for this round of grants.

THE VILLAGE HALL - The application for funding for the refurbishment of the Hall was submitted to the Lottery Commission several weeks ago and the outcome is awaited. Should it be successful the Parish Council has set aside £30,000 (the result of six years' collection of an additional £5,000 on the precept) towards the cost of the work involved.

CHRISTIAN AID - This year's envelope collection totalled the magnificent sum of £1183.17 - 6% more than in 2001 and a record for Todwick! Roy and Joan Hesketh who organised it wish to thank all who contributed so generously.

TODWICK BROWNIES - The Brownies are looking for a new Assistant Brownie Guider to help with the Pack in Todwick. You need to have an hour-and-a-half to spare on Wednesdays from 6.00 - 7.30 pm, plus a little extra time for planning a programme for them. If you are interested in working with girls between 7 and 10 years old please contact Audrey Radford on 771931. You will find they have lots of fun - and we understand there is a waiting list to join!

THE BOWLING CLUB - Unfortunately it proved impossible this year to organise the Inter-Parish Councils Bowls Competition which has been so enjoyable in the past 2 years. However the Todwick Junior School Competition held this month was once again a great success. For more information about the Club and its activities contact Alan Tizard on 771438.

FOOTPATH WALKS - These take place on the second Sunday of each month, leaving the Village Hall at 10.00 am. They are led by Mr Pat Wilson who may be contacted for further Information on 771319.

THE POLICE - Our Community Police Officers are Tina Jones and Howard Saul. However if you try to contact them at Kiveton Police Station (01709 832681) and only get the answering machine DO NOT leave a message if your call is urgent, but RING 0114 2 20 20 20 for a prompt and personal response. Todwick is a relatively crime-free area, but there have been a number of burglaries in recent months - mainly on or just off Kiveton Lane.

AUTUMN PLANTING - It may still be summer but TEAG (the Environment Action Group) members are already thinking ahead. If you have any bulbs, shrubs or plants surplus to your requirements they would be pleased to plant them around the village. Sheila Pantry is willing to collect them if you contact her on 771024 - otherwise leave a message with Brenda Palmer in the Post Office.

TODWICK NURSING HOME - Has recently published a Newsletter to let people in the Village know more about them. Weather permitting they hope to arrange some trips out this summer, but they have to be organised with one carer/companion per resident, on a voluntary basis. If you are willing and able to help please get in touch with Lyn, the activities co-ordinator, so she can contact you when in need of help. She would also appreciate ideas for places to visit. The Nursing Home telephone no. is 770248.


In several recent issues of The Informer you will have read of the Parish Council's desire to have an appraisal in Todwick, and at last things are moving. A small group of interested people - not all Parish Councillors but in most cases representing village organisations - have met to begin the necessary planning.

The purpose of an appraisal is to provide an opportunity for local people to express their views about where they live and to become involved in the future of their area, leading to new initiatives by the community for the community. The results can be used to inform decision makers and demonstrate local needs, as well as strengthening applications for funding. An appraisal can be used as the basis for a Parish Plan. These are part of the "Vital Villages" Scheme being run by the Countryside Agency, which offers a range of grants and advice to rural communities to help them take action on many issues.

The Plan should cover all the issues of concern to the community, such as local services, transport, housing, employment, community facilities, development and leisure opportunities. The group at its most recent meeting considered the information which would be required in each of these areas, and is to prepare a Questionnaire to go to every household in Todwick as a starting point for the detailed consultation process required to prepare a Plan.

Information given in completed questionnaires will not be identified by households - only by post codes - so it will be confidential as far as possible. It is likely that Questionnaires will be distributed in the early autumn (after the holiday season) but a great deal of work remains to be done beforehand.


TWENTY YEARS ON! This issue of The Informer marks 20 years of publication, which has helped to make Todwick one of the best-informed parishes about the activities of their Council. Looking back to the first issue in November 1982 we see that three of the Councillors at that time are still serving! In fact one of them has been responsible for every issue of The Informer. It is interesting to note that amongst the very basic information about the Parish Council in the first issue was a reference to complaints about dogs fouling footpaths, so perhaps times have not changed all that much! There was also a paragraph on Todwick Environment and Conservation Society, which at some later date folded up, and has now been succeeded by TEAG which we hope will have a much longer life.

TODWICK WEB SITE - Don't forget that these days you can keep up-to-date on the village, its organisations and their activities, including news of the Parish Council, on our own web site - something which was unheard of in 1982. Manager Sheila Pantry (tel: 771024) always welcomes news of activities in Todwick which she can include.

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY. The next issue will appear in November 2002.