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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 56
March 2001


PLAYGROUND RE-EQUIPMENT - When it was reported in the November 2000 issue that this was to be undertaken thanks to a large grant from WREN under the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme it was expected that some equipment would only be refurbished and that the Parish Council would have to pay for the required surfacing of the basket ball playing areas - possibly as much as £3000.

As a result of much hard work by the Chairman and that the Vice Chairman of the Council and the use of one firm for the supply of the equipment and another for the installation and surfacing it has proved possible to pay for everything out of the £332,380 grant from WREN towards the Council have had only to contribute 10% (i.e. £3238). Not only this but all equipment has been replaced - swings, roundabout and slide, and an extra item - a seesaw - is being installed in the Children's Playground and a seat as well as a roundabout on the play area on the Recreation Ground.

The re-equipped Playgrounds are to be officially opened on Wednesday, 11 April by the Mayor of Rotherham (Councillor Ian St. John) accompanied by the Mayoress, and it is hoped that Victoria Mager (WREN Project Manager for Yorkshire) will also be present. The opening will take place at 2.30 p.m. in the Children's Playground followed by a visit to the Recreation Ground, and it is hoped that plenty of children will be present to welcome them as show their appreciation of the new facilities and WREN - adults will be very welcome as well!

As reported previously this is by far the largest grant we have ever received in Todwick and we are grateful to WREN - as we are sure you will be when you see what has been provided. WREN is in Norfolk based Environmental body which has distributed millions to community organisations in recent years. You can find out more about them at

THE RECREATION GROUND ROADWAY - A specification has now been prepared to bring this up to a high standard (i.e. a proper tarmac surface) and tenders for the work entailed are being sought. When these are received applications will be made for grants towards the costs which will otherwise be beyond the resources of the Parish Council.

THE VILLAGE HALL - Another project which is making progress is the refurbishment of the Hall. Detailed plans have now being drawn up and planning permission received. Again the next stage will be to seek tenders and then to apply for grants.

Could the playground refurbishment features the first of many improvements in Todwick in 2001? We would like to think so!

TRAFFIC CALMING AT LAST! For at least 17 years the Parish Council has been pressing for some alleviation of the traffic problems in the village, supported by numerous petitions, etc. Now a scheme of traffic calming which had the overwhelming support of residents in the Rotherham Engineering Services consultation process, is being introduced. And we are getting a pedestrian crossing on Kiveton Lane which we tried for 14 years ago and were refused on the grounds that its use by vehicles and pedestrians did not meet the criteria to justify one. It is said that everything comes to those who wait, but it has been a long wait. In addition cat's eyes have been installed on the unlit section of Goosecarr Lane which will make life easier for motorists on the dark winters nights.

THE RURAL WHITE PAPER -White Papers are not everyone's favourite reading material, but this one issued in November by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions has much to interest Parish Councils - particularly Chapter 12 which is entitled Local Power for Country Towns and Villages, and sets out five key tasks for enabling parish and town councils to take on an enhanced role and acknowledges the fact that they are the tier of local government closest to the people they represent. Harthill Parish Council is arranging a meeting for Council members of all the Seven Parishes to discuss the White Paper and is inviting our local MP, Kevin Barron, and Ian Strong, Secretary of the Yorkshire Councils Associations, to attend.

THE SEVEN PARISHES COMMITTEE - This is a successor to the Seven Parishes Millennium Committee which was considered by members to be too valuable to disappear after the year 2000. It now meets every three months and February, apart from agreeing to the meeting on the Rural White Paper, several other matters of interest to all were discussed. Dog fouling is not a problem peculiar to Todwick, and all Parishes were urged to write to Rotherham Borough Council asking them to apply the Byelaw more rigorously, and on a less familiar subject, to write objecting to the proliferation of telecommunications masts throughout the area. Dinnington reported the refurbishment of the Lyric Hall and ask for support for future activities there - indoor bowling facilities are now available one evening a week.

There were many successful inter-parish activities in the Millennium Year and it is hoped that some may be repeated this year, including a Fishing Competition, the Quiz organised by Harthill, and the Churches Walk. Nothing has been agreed so far - neither has Todwick Bowling Club finalised any plans for this summer - last year's inter-parish event was highly praised and enjoyed by all who took part. Todwick continues to be represented on the Committee by Councillors Gregory and Mosley.

ROTHERHAM ENVIRONMENT FORUM - When established last year this included almost every organisation in its draft constitution except Parish Councils which are more closely involved and concerned with local environment than any other body - or at least should be! The Forum were informed of the errors of their ways on behalf of the Todwick Council and have now included all Parish Councils on their mailing list. Their draft programme for 2001 includes: March - local transport plans for Rotherham; June - Wildlife and Woodlands; September - Save Energy - Save the Planet; November - Environmental Issues and Rotherham's Community Strategy. Meetings are open to anyone interested in the environment but details of dates, times and venues are not available so far.

TEAG - We are happy to devote the page opposite to the activities of the Todwick Environment Action Group (TEAG). At the February Parish Council meeting it was agreed to grant them £500 to spend on various projects as they saw fit without having to refer back to the Council. There is now an opportunity for another attempt to secure rebuilding of the wall adjacent to the footpath from Todwick to South Anston under the Local Heritage Initiative and this has been referred by the Council to the Group who may be a more appropriate body to secure funding under the scheme. We have not forgotten our desire - or that of many residents to achieve this despite a frustrating lack of progress so far. If you do not know, it was originally part of the wall surrounding the park of Kiveton Hall.


The year 2000-2001 has been active year, with a number of milestones reached:

Planter Project
The funds to enable the planter near the Cyprus Gardens to be rebuilt, paving near waste bin, new soil and plants. Community Chest gave £250.00 towards this project. The matched funding was met by time spent on the planning, ordering materials, arranging for the work to be carried out, soil shifting and planting etc. by Sheila Pantry. Richard Barker built the planter and did the paving.

Millennium Garden Project
Problems with the paving area being vandalised. All the paving stones had been thrown about the Recreation Ground. The cost for repair was kindly met by the Todwick Parish Council.

2001 Projects and Funding
A number of new projects are being developed and funding sought. Any donations however small are always welcomed. TEAG's Treasurer - Brenda Palmer will be happy to receive these at the Post Office.

One of the projects is Todwick in Bloom 2001 - more planting for Summer and the Autumn including trees and shrubs in the various beds, planters and surrounding areas is planned. If you have any spare summer plants put them at your driveway entrance or along your front garden. It all contributes to a bright Todwick. And when your Spring bulbs are finished blooming and you have more than you know what to do with let Sheila Pantry know Tel: 01909 771024 and she will be happy to pick them up and plant them.

2000 - 2001 ACTIVITIES

Todwick Cleanup Day June 2000
A few people turned out to pick up litter at the end of Goosecarr Lane.

Other activities during 2000: A number of people helped in various ways - Anne and Paul Langford looked after the swing park near the Church, kept it tidy and collected rubbish. Brenda Palmer watered the bed at the corner of the The Meadows. Brian and Rosemary Chambers kept the Bluebell wood and also Kiveton lane clear of rubbish. Valerie Dickinson maintained a flowerbed on Kiveton Lane. Rosemary Chambers and Anne Warburton organised an environment poster competition for the Infant and Junior School pupils. Brenda and Les Waller planted and maintained the 3 beds on the verge on the Pastures near the Carpet Shop. John Mosley put up the Christmas lights near the village hall. The lights were immediately vandalised and cost TEAG £13.00 to replace the bulbs. Sheila Pantry continued to garden/plant the various beds and planters around the village, with Clive Pantry's help.

TEAG is extremely grateful to anyone who is helping to keep Todwick beautiful, even if their name is not mentioned here.

Donations which have been received during the year:
Some shrubs had been dug into a couple of plots - so we have a unspecified donor - so thanks to whoever. The note in the Informer re the theft of the rockery stones in the small swing park brought a gift of some rockery stones from two Todwick residents which were transported by Richard Barker. A donation of a bag of bluebell bulbs have been planted in the newly cleared area at the end of Goosecarr Lane. Sue McKiernan gave a young oak tree. Godfrey Gardens give a discount on all TEAG's purchases.

Publicity TEAG continues to publicise the work, in the Informer, Todwick News, Todwick website... and on notice boards.

Contact any of the following: Treasurer Brenda Palmer, Todwick Post Office; John Palmer, Todwick Newsagency Tel: 01909 770978; Anne Warburton, 158 Kiveton Lane, Tel: 01909 772133; Rosemary Chambers, 87 The Meadows, Tel: 01909 770816; Co-ordinator Sheila Pantry, 85 The Meadows, Todwick, Sheffield S26 1JG Tel: 01909 771024, Fax: 01909 772829, email:

THE PARISH PRECEPT 2001/2 - This is to remain at the same rate as in 2000/2001 - in fact it has not been increased since 1995/6, except that in 1996/7 it was decided to raise an extra £5000 a year towards the refurbishment of the Village Hall. The total this year will therefore be £18,650 - £13,650 for normal Parish Council expenditure and £5000 for the Hall. The money will be collected by Rotherham Borough Council with their Council Tax and passed on to the Parish in two instalments.

THE ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY - This will be held in Tuesday 24 April in the Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm. It is your opportunity to hear reports from the Chairman and the Clerk on the year's work of the Council as well as the financial report and accounts - i.e. to learn how you money has been spent. You will be able to comment on these and to raise any matters of concern.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS - The March meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 March in the Village commencing 7.30pm. In April the Council will meet at 7.00pm immediately prior to the Annual Assembly and will reconvene after that if necessary to complete the business. After April the Council will meet regularly on the last Tuesday of each month except August. At every meeting there is an Open Session at 8.30pm at which members of the public may ask questions or comment on matters of concern. Future dates are 29 May, 26 June and 31 July. A reminder of subsequent dates will be given in the July issue of The Informer.

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY - As a result of the resignation of Paul Langford from the Council there is a vacancy. No request was received by Rotherham Election Department for a ballot, so the Parish Council is empowered to co-opt someone to fill it for the remaining 2 years of this Council's existence. If you are interested - or know someone who is - please write to the Clerk, Mr. J R Walker, at 10 High Street, South Anston, S25 7AY, so that he receives your letter not later than 21 April. You are of course welcome to discuss your application - or interest in making one - with any member of the Council before committing yourself.

YOUR VILLAGE - YOUR PROBLEMS! - An Open Meetings has been arranged for Tuesday 15 May at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall to which all residents - of all ages - are invited so that they may voice any problems which they encountered in Todwick. Not all of them will be capable of resolution by the Parish Council but they can probably be directed to an authority which can help, and you may well find that other residents have similar problems and joint action can be useful.

FUN DAY 2001 - Do you want another Fun Day this year? After the success of last year's many people said they would like one in 2001 and the Parish Council agreed to fund one provided that a committee of residents was prepared to run it. If you want one this year please get together with some of your friends and neighbours or some of the village organisations and bring your proposals to the Council as soon as possible. Individual Councillors may well be prepared to help, but the Council will not organise it as it did in 2000 - so if you want it it's up to you!

ALLOTMENT RENTS - These will be collected on Sunday 25 March 2001 in the Village Hall between 11.00 am and noon, so by the time you read this they may already have been. The Council have decided that there will be no increase for the year 2002/3. Any enquiries about the allotments should be made to Councillor L. Waller, 13 The Pastures (Tel: 770819).