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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 55
November 2000


WREN PLAY THE GAME! The children of Todwick will be able to play in safety thanks to a grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN) to re-equip the two playgrounds in the village. The total figure agreed for this project is £32,380 of which the Parish Council will only have to contribute 10% (£3238). Existing unsafe equipment will be removed and replaced with new swings, climbers, slides and roundabout in the Children's Playground (the small swings will be refurbished and the igloo/climbing frame will remain for the time being) and all will be surrounded with safety surfacing. On the Recreation Ground, where the equipment is not nearly as old, only the pipe will be removed and existing items refurbished, and a roundabout is to be installed - again safety surfacing will be put in place. It is hoped that work may start on the project before Christmas, but if that is not possible early in the new year.

The money has been made available through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme which allows waste operators - in this case Waste Recycling Group plc - to contribute 20% of their Landfill Tax bill to community, environmental and education projects. Norfolk based WREN is an Environmental Body that has distributed over £10 million in the past two years to community organisations across Yorkshire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and East Anglia, `The Landfill Tax Credit Scheme is geared towards projects such as this and we are very pleased to be able to help the children of Todwick play safely in their own community' says Victoria Mager, Yorkshire Project Manager for WREN. More details about WREN can be found at and projects looking for funding can discover if they are eligible by telephoning WREN House on 01953 717165.

This is by far the largest grant Todwick has ever received and the Parish Council is very appreciative, so much time and energy has been put in by Councillors to ensure that the money is spent to the best possible advantage on new equipment and surfacing.

AND NOT ONLY WREN! The British Basketball Association is currently working to popularise the sport and donating baskets to approved sites. In Todwick sites have been agreed on both playgrounds and the Parish Council has undertaken to provide the required surfacing and install the baskets, which is likely to cost in excess of £3000. This should be of benefit to the young people of the village who have outgrown other playground equipment.

The year 2001 should see Todwick, with its re-equipped Playgrounds and facilities for Basketball in addition to the Bowling Green and Cricket and Football pitches, giving greater opportunities for recreation and sport to residents of all ages than has ever been possible before.

THE RECREATION GROUND ROADWAY - The condition of this is giving rise to some concern, particularly as it presents hazards to anyone who is disabled and using a motorised scooter or wheelchair. Some minor repairs have been made filling in the potholes, etc) and the Council is seeking a grant towards making a proper tarmac roadway from the gate to the bowling green - according to enquiries already made the cost is likely to be well in excess of the Council's income for the year!

THE TODWICK ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION GROUP - The planter area at the side of Cyprus Gardens (the pizza shop) has been rebuilt and replanted. A grant of £250 has been awarded to the Todwick Environment Action Group from the South Rotherham Community Chest towards this.

The Parish Council has granted £100 for the purchase of bulbs and plants for the village flower beds and verges, and the Group would like to see residents who have a grass verge outside their property doing some planting themselves to improve the look of the village.

The Group will be providing Christmas lights outside the Village Hall and it is hoped that the shopkeepers will provide some outside their premises.

The Millennium Garden and Gates have been much admired during the year, not only by the residents, but by many people who have visited or passed through the village. THE BAD NEWS is that some mindless vandals celebrated Halloween (and other subsequent nights) by pulling up all the paving stones in the Garden and throwing them around the Recreation Field - as the stones are no light weight the culprits must have been older children, and even though it was Halloween, ghosts or evil spirits are unlikely to have been responsible. Also rockery stones placed in the small swing park near the Church were stolen - if anyone near you has suddenly acquired a new rockery the Todwick Environment Action Group, or the Police, to whom the incidents has been reported would be very interested to know! And if you can help in any way to identify the vandals that would be appreciated as well.

Chairman of the Group is Sheila Pantry, tel: 01909 771024 - otherwise contact Brenda Palmer in the Post Office - if you would like further information. And if you would like to help their work - either financially or practically - any offers will be welcomed!

THE GOOD NEWS - The Group would also like to thank the anonymous donor of some shrubs placed in the Millennium Garden and the flower bed near the Village Hall.

COMMUNITY CHEST - This has been replenished and approximately £27,000 is available, for the five surrounding parishes, including Todwick, to make small grants to suitable local organisations. Does your group have any needs or new projects you would like to undertake? If you need advice or guidance contact Sheila Pantry (as above).

VILLAGE HALL - At the AGM in October 2000 the officers of the Committee were all re-elected as follows: Chairman - Revd. David Bliss; Secretary - Jill Wild; Vice-Chairman - Michelle Cybal; Treasurer- Margaret Grayson. All correspondence to the Secretary at 12 Manor Way ( Tel: 01909 771024) Hall bookings through the Caretaker, (Tel: 01909 770081 - before 9.00 pm)

CHRISTMAS FAYRE will be held on Saturday 2 December 2000 and will be opened by Father Christmas at 2.00pm. He will then be in his grotto to meet the children. The various village organisations will all be taking part and running stalls, etc. Admission is 30p with children under 12 free. Raffle tickets will be on sale on the day, but sellers are already going round the village - please support them and the Fayre as this is the only Village Hall fund-raising event of the year.

FOOTPATH WALKS - These continue throughout the winter on the second Sunday of each month, leaving the Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. They are led by Mr Pat Wilson (tel: 01909 771319) from whom further information can be obtained. Wellingtons or stout walking boots are certain to be required!

If you encounter any problems when walking footpaths on your own please inform either Pat Wilson or Councillor Mary Gregory (tel: 01909 770703) who will report the matter to Rotherham Rights of Way Officer (Bronwen Peace) - or you can contact her yourself on 01709-822931.

THE INTER-PARISH QUIZ - This was held at Harthill on 29th September and Todwick was represented by 2 teams (there could have been 3 if more people had shown interest). The Quiz was won by a team from Wales, although Todwick could only manage 10th and 11th places everyone felt it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It is hoped that is will become a regular event.

THE INTER-PARISH ANGLING COMPETITION - was held on 29 October - one of the worst days for weather conditions. This was won by Dinnington but the Todwick team did at least catch a fish which is more than some of the others managed to do - the size of fish is not known!


DONATIONS - The Parish Council considered requests at the October meeting and decided to give £100 each to Todwick over-60s and Rotherham Talking Newspaper for the Blind, and £50 to Todwick Youth Club this year.

OBSTRUCTIONS OF FOOTWAYS - a number of complaints have been received recently about footways in various parts of the Village being obstructed by piles of building blocks, etc, during relaying of drives and various other alterations to property, while problems have also been caused by skips on roadways. Under the Highways Act of 1980 all skips must show the name address and telephone of the owner, must be licensed, and during hours of darkness must be signed and lit. It is also illegal to block footway with building materials - these must be stored on the premises of the property concerned until used.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS - These are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month in the village Hall, commencing 7.30 pm with an open session at 8.30pm. Future dates are 28th November, 19 December 2000, 30th January and 27th February 2001.

ROTHERRIDE - offers door-to-door transport services to senior citizens and other with mobility problems. A leaflet is available in the Post Office or you can telephone 01709 516 092 for information. Services from Todwick to various destinations run from Tuesday to Friday weekly.


For matters requiring prompt attention dial 01142 20 20 20 and ask for Rotherham Control. For emergencies dial 999, and non-urgent matters leave a message for your community constables - PC 3271 Tina Jones and PC 581 Howard Saul at Kiveton Station, Hard Lane, Kiveton dial 01709 832681

Rotherham Borough Council
Street lighting faults - 01709 822960
Potholes and defects in the highway, overhanging trees/vegetation - 01709 822938
Obstruction of the highway - 01709 822888

Unwanted telephone calls
Are you plagued by so-called 'courtesy calls' from firms wanting to sell you double glazing, asking if you have made a will etc? BT provide a Telephone Preference Service (TPS) without charge which prevents these. Ring Freefone 0800 398 893 for more information.

You will find this on giving information of all kinds about the village, its organisations etc. Website manager is Sheila Pantry 01909 771024.

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston Sheffield. The next issue will appear in March 2001.