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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the 21st Meeting of the TRGC held at The Pavilion, Todwick Recreation Ground
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday the 19th July 2011


David Gregory

Chairman and TPC Councillor

Paul Chapman

Todwick Juniors

Liz Wainwright

Todwick Cricket Club

Peter Cooper

        "         "         "

Andy Wood

Todwick Villa

Chris Cocking

      "         "

Alan Tizzard

Todwick Bowling Club

Eileen Northall

Secretary and TPC Councillor

21/01 Welcome

The Chairman opened the Meeting.

21/02 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies.

21/03 Minutes

The Minutes of the last meeting were adopted.

21/04 Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the Minutes.



PC reported that the season was going well and that people were enjoying coming to the ground. The club are not too happy with the storage Facilities and would like more room. PC and LW asked if it would be possible for the Cricket Club to buy their own container and have it sited next to the current one. DG said there would be no problem with this. They said the old tables were causing storage problems and asked that these be taken away as soon as possible. DG promised to speak to Stephen Hill of TPC who had expressed an interest in the tables.

PC also mentioned that footballing, youngsters playing wth golf clubs and riding scooters on the cricket pitch were causing some problems, and also cars were coming on to the outfield in the evening and parking there and leaving litter. The toilet facilities were sometimes blocked.

Bowling Club

AT reported that there was a broken window which needed replacing. He also stated that the bowling green was not in a very good state because of the dry weather and that the club were unable to irrigate it properly. Sprinklers cannot be left on overnight as it is feared they would be stolen. Ideally a proper irrigation system is needed then they would be able to fertilise the green and properly water it in. As things are at present the club will need to close down in September and not carry on with floodlit games. An irrigation system would cost in the region of £10,000 and the club cannot apply for a grant because they do not own the land.

Paul Chapman suggested putting an enclosure round the green. DG said that discussions were happening in an attempt to mitigate the current ASB around the ground and that security cameras may be a possibility.

Junior Football

PC said that the season starts on the 3rd September 2011 and they now have 240 kids on the books. He said that the facilities provided were excellent and thanked TRGG for all that had been done. An extra lock had been put on the pavilion the previous week for which no one had a key and no one seemed to know who was responsible.

DG suggested that a report on the activities of junior football be included in The Informer and put on the Todwick Website.

LW stated that there was still some confusion as to when the football season starts and she mentioned that football spectators encroach on the cricket pitch. Paul Chapman thought that usually the cricket pitch is roped off but LW said that this was not always the case. She also said that various items were left in the changing room which made it very difficult for visiting cricket teams. She asked Junior Football to be aware that time is needed from the end of the football season to be beginning of the cricket season for the pitch to recover.


AW and CC said that their football league started on 4 September 2011.

Both stated they were happy with the facilities and had no problems at the moment.


DG told the meeting that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, who had always been responsible for the maintenance of the Recreation Ground, would be withdrawing their services at the end of March 2012. RMBC had provided us with a list of the maintenance works carried out along with the costs involved. He gave each user group a copy of the list and asked them to identify the works that they thought had actually been carried out by RMBC on a regular basis, which they considered were essential works, and also their views on the costs quoted. It can then be discussed at the next meeting and shared costs decided upon.


DG asked each group to try and be aware of the needs of other user groups and do their best to keep the pavilion clean and tidy after each use. We are providing a multi-purpose facility and all users must work together.

DG asked if the cricket club could offer informal games of cricket to the youngsters who play football on a Saturday morning, in order to try and boost the cricket activities. AT said that the bowling club had had school children playing bowls and they loved it. Peter C said he would come down to the field and have a word with the kids and the parents.

LW asked about the possibility of Aston Hall cricket team using the Todwick RG next year. They had been accepted into the league provided they could confirm the use of a ground which was fit for purpose. DG was happy for this to go ahead.

Peter C asked DG if there might be a possibility of TPC loaning the cricket team the money to purchase their own container upon agreed terms. DG is to put this to the next PC meeting. AW said he would get a price for a container from his place of work.

The Meeting was concluded at 8.15 p.m