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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the 20th Meeting of the TRGC held at Todwick Village Hall,
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday the 22nd March 2011


David Gregory

Chairman and TPC Councillor

Paul Chapman

Todwick Juniors

Kay Pierce

Chairman Juntos Youthie

Fiona Bilton

Treasurer     "         "

Eileen Northall

Secretary and TPC Councillor

20/01 Welcome

The Chairman opened the Meeting.

20/02 Apologies for absence

Apologies received from Andy Wood (Todwick Villa)

Liz Wainwright (Todwick Cricket Club)

20/03 Minutes

The Minutes of the last meeting were adopted.

20/04 Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the Minutes.


DG confirmed that the youth club (Juntos Youthie) would be using the pavilion from May 2011.

It was intended to install a hot water heater at the sink area and hot water and hand dryers in the toilet areas. Oil filled radiators are also to be supplied to facilitate use by Juntos Youthie in the Winter months.

Possible floodlighting of the pavilion is to be looked into.

KP requested that a door be installed in the left hand toilet area to separate the toilets from the area outside, but no decision was taken on this.

Juntos Youthie will also be taking some space in the container.

Harthill Cricket Team will be another new user this year and DG asked that as the pavilion is a multiuse facility, all users should respect each other's needs and comfort and leave the pavilion as clean and tidy as possible. Users should also post their fixtures on the Notice Board. KP asked if Juntos Youthie could have their own Notice Board and PC said he had one that the youth club could have, and this will be installed in due course.


No reports were received from Todwick Cricket Club, Todwick Bowling Club or Todwick Villa.


Todwick Juniors and Seniors Football

PC said that the football was growing in strength and it is expected that there will be four teams next year. Training takes place on TRG on Saturday between 9.30 and 12.00 and matches are on Sundays. DG said that he is trying to find space for another pitch on TRG. PC agreed that every consideration should be given to other users of the pavilion and said that when the football season finished he and some volunteers will clean the floor and re-paint it ready for the summer. The last football match will be on or around the 10th April - cricket will be begin on 23rd April.

Old Container

The old container in the top right hand corner of the ground is to be removed in the next day or so, along with any rubbish that has been left in it.

Youth Club (Juntos Youthie)

It is proposed that the YC should meet each Monday evening but it is hoped that further sessions will take place if it is successful.

KP and FB brought up the matter of a Zip Wire being installed in the top right hand corner once the container has been removed. There is no objection to this but some question of responsibility arose and KP and FB will look further into this. KP expressed concern about security at the pavilion and being able to lock the door if it became necessary during sessions. It was suggested that an internal bolt on the door would do the trick and DG will see to this.

Mops, buckets and a rubbish bin will be provided.

KP said that some curtains had been donated by Carol Aston Interiors and DG did not see any problem in these being put up.

Seating is also an issue but nothing was decided about this.

There are some lockable cupboards in the pavilion which the youth club can use for things they want to leave at the pavilion, but it was suggested that anything of value should be removed after each session.

DG suggested that all users should put information about their group on the website and in The Informer. This will publicise the RG and people will see how extensively it is being used.

The Meeting was concluded at 8.30 p.m.