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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the 15th Meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at
7.00 p.m. on Tuesday the 16th March 2010


David Gregory

Chairman and TPC Councillor

Place of Alan Tizard

Bowling Club

Paul Chapman

Todwick Juniors

Liz Wainwright

Todwick Cricket Club

Eileen Northall

Secretary and TPC Councillor

15/01 Welcome

DG opened the Meeting.

15/02 Apologies for absence

Apologies received from Andy Swift, Todwick Villa

15/03 Minutes

The Minutes of the last meeting were adopted. All confirmed that they had received their copy of the last Minutes. PC asked if he could have a copy of the Minutes in future.

15/04 Matters Arising

Storage Container

DG said that he had been looking into the matter and it appeared that once ordered, the storage container would be delivered in one week. He hoped that it would be delivered by the end of the week. It would be sited just beyond but close to the pavilion, and the doors would open on to the pitch. The size of the container will be 20 ft by 8 ft. The old container, which is full of cricket items, will not be moved until the better weather. The football does not store so much stuff.

DG had spoken to RBC about the work taking place on the playground. He had been told that the work would now be stepped up in an effort to get it completed.


DG told the meeting that it was the aim of the PC to give a first class facility for all users, and that all users of the RG are important. It is imperative that young people be encouraged to come along and enjoy cricket, as well as football. LW said that cricket had always lacked the same facilities that other clubs in the area offered. DG suggested using The Informer to generate interest; PC suggested contacting the school and using the various noticeboards in the village. More interest from youngsters would help in the application for grants.

AT said that the bowling Club have open sessions on Saturdays, and needed to know the times of football training. The BC would like to get a junior team going but the only juniors they have at the moment do not live in Todwick. PC suggested promoting the BC to the parents of the football juniors.

DG is to contact Ian Hellewell to come and have a look at the Cricket Pitch. The first at home match is on the 1st May. The pitch needs a month to recover, and the last match on the football pitch was thought to be 21st March, but DG would try to get this confirmed.

DG asked that all parties be prepared to work together for the good of the RG.


DG handed out plans of the pavilion as it is at the moment, and plans showing suggested alterations for its improvement. PC commented that he felt there should be an entrance at the back of the pavilion for football as he felt that Villa would simply walk through the front doors and mess it up, and that there should be a 'no stud' area which would help keep the front of the building tidy. DG said that the PC would allow some money for improvements but we do not yet know the costs of any alterations. Three quotes should be obtained for the work. It is important that the pavilion be made fit for purpose and anyone willing to give a hand to help in this respect would be very welcome.

Windows would need to be fitted with security shutters.

There are still various items where the old cricket pavilion was which need to be got rid of.


Bowling Club

DG said that the PC were amenable that the area where the old cricket pavilion had been could be earmarked for another bowling green. The issue of the trees at the bowling club had now been resolved.


There will be no increase in rents his year. Invoices were handed out.


DG said that the issues around parking at the ground seem to have been addressed by the football teams, and thanked all concerned for the efforts made. A quotation for a gate had been obtained, but there are other priorities at the moment. Parking bays are to be marked out as soon as possible.

Todwick Villa fixtures need to be confirmed. DG asked that lists of fixtures be given for next year.

PC said he would contact Dermot to find out. KM pointed out that the costs could be deferred until next year.

12/05 Cricket Pavilion

At this point of the meeting EN read out an e-mail received from Liz Wainwright relating to the Cricket Pavilion and its proposed demolition:

  1. LW was pleased that the railings round the CP had been put to good use. The CC had paid for the railings.
  2. The container had also been purchased by the CC, and it contains the large equipment used by the CC.
  3. Could the shutters on the CP be utilised somewhere else, perhaps on the FP? They had been very expensive and it was a shame for them not to be used.
  4. Storage approximately the size of the container is urgently needed. The screens are 18 ft folding to approx. 4 ft, and there are other large items such as a full sized roller and mowers. There are also some tables, chairs and benches, which need to be stored
  5. LW was still of the opinion that the Football Pavilion was unsuitable for the preparation and serving of cricket teas. She thanked Julian for the help he has given in making the kitchen easier to use but there is no space to work and prepare food.
  6. LW had stated that the wooden shutters on the Football Pavilion were difficult to open and had in fact not been opened for a long time.
  7. LW asked if a refund of rent might be appropriate but KM said he did not think so as the CC had the use of a kitchen and were still able to use the pitch.

At this point KM told the meeting that the demolition of the CP had taken place that day, and the rubbish would be cleared on the 16th. He said he would contact Ian Halliwell of RBC with a view to the ground being levelled.

KM acknowledged that the container was the property of the CC. Whilst the PC had agreed at an earlier meeting to repair the container roof before re-locating, a subsequent inspection of the container concluded that the overall condition was so poor that re-location was not an option and that the container should be scrapped. Further options are being considered including the possibility of brick built storage adjacent to the football pavilion. When costs of the various options are to hand, the matter will be discussed in detail at the PC Meeting.


DO'F had asked for a key to the kitchen in the FP and KM handed a key to PC.


The mini soccer pitch has been marked out.

AT said there may be a case for an additional bowling green. He said he would look into the possibility of an all weather pitch, which would cost less to maintain than a conventional green. Costs are to be obtained for some fencing at the back of the BP. KM asked if tennis court type fencing might be a consideration.


KM told the meeting that a petition had been received to provide a skate boarding park. This will be considered once a contact for the petition had been established.


KM showed the meeting the proposed plan of the changes to the playground. He said that tenders were being obtained and if accepted work would start on the 26th October and be completed by 30th November.


Julian had already started the painting of the roofs and had already done the shelter.


AT told the meeting that when the floodlit bowling had started last week there was some footballing taking place and the way to the BP had been blocked by cars. He asked if space could be marked out for the BC. AT said he had volunteers who would be happy to do this if the PC would approve it. KM said that he was of the opinion that the BC should go ahead and do this. PC agreed on behalf of the TJFC that this should be done and he would bring it to the attention of their members. It was agreed that access should not be blocked as in cases of an emergency it would be dangerous.