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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the 14th Meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at
7.00 p.m. on Tuesday the 16th February 2010


David Gregory

Chairman and TPC Councillor

Tony Rustling attending in Place of Alan Tizard

Bowling Club

Dermot O'Farrell and Paul Chapman

Todwick Juniors

Eileen Northall

Secretary and TPC Councillor

Liz Wainwright

Cricket Club

14/01 Welcome

DG introduced himself as new Chairman.

14/02 Apologies for absence

Apologies received from Andy Wood, Todwick Villa

14/03 Minutes

The Minutes of the last meeting were adopted. LW and AT said they had not received their copy of the Minutes which had been sent by e-mail. Eileen will make sure they get their copy of the last Minutes.

13/04 Matters Arising

Storage Container

The PC have agreed to provide a multi-use storage container for the use of all users of the Recreation Ground. LW asked if it could be placed nearer to the football pavilion for ease of access when getting out cricket items stored in the old container. TR commented that planning permission would need to be obtained. DG said that all matters relating to the container would hopefully be resolved at the next PC Meeting. DG suggested that a site meeting of all users of the Recreation Ground be arranged as soon as possible.


Concern was expressed by LW and TR about parking beyond the football pavilion which had taken place on Sunday the 14th February. There had been aproximately 40 cars parked which had churned up the cricket outfield, and some youngsters in studded boots had also been playing football on there. Photographs of the incident were passed round. LW expressed deep concern about the state of the outfield believing it may not have recovered in time for the start of the cricket seaon. PC commented that the "No Parking" sign had been vandalised and ripped from the pavilion wall some weeks ago and had not been replaced.

TR commented that in his view the third football pitch which had recently been set down was the cause of so much overparking but D O'F and PC strongly disagreed with this. They stated that the third pitch was extremely important to facilitate league games. They pointed out that because of the bad weather at the beginning of the year, football matches had been postponed resulting in more matches now having to be played to fit in with league rules. They agreed to do all they could to make sure that playing did not take place on the cricket outfield. It was agreed that a new "No Parking" sign should be displayed and also a barrier of some kind installed to prevent any parking beyond the pavilion. PC asked if one or two spaces for disabled parking could be provided just beyond the pavilion. DG asked for everyones patience and co-operation until the matter of parking and other concerns could be resolved. He stressed that all users of the recreation ground are important and their concerns will be heeded.

14/5 Strategy for the recreation ground

It is intend that a multi-use pavilion will be provided to replace the old pavilion. Money was being ring-fenced by the PC for this purpose. Discussions will take place with all users of the recreation ground so that the PC can ensure as far as possible that all needs are catered for.

14/6 Any other business

As the cricket starts on the 24th April and there are league football games which have to be played on the 4th and 18th April, there will be a crossover of cricket and football games. LW thought that the time between the last football games and the first cricket games wasn't enough to allow the cricket pitch to revive. She said she would ask Ian Hellewell to have a look at the strip to see if he thought it would be recoverable. D O'F stressed again that it was the bad weather that had caused the late games.

Paul suggested the the cricket pitch be clearly roped off to avoid any straying on to it by the footballers.

DG asked if both cricket and football could let us have a list of their fixtures for this year so that there is a chance to identify the dates when difficulties might arise relating to parking etc.

The last cricket game will be the 11th September, and football will start the week before that. PC asked if the first cricket game could be put back one week, but LW said that this was not possible. LW told the meeting that the CC have 20 members and no junior team. She said this was because players preferred to go to Aston and South Anston where there were better facilities. DG said he hoped that the pavilion would be cleaned up and renovations made in time for the start of the cricket season.


LW asked if the CC could pay a reduced rent because of the current lack of facilities. This can be discussed at a later date.

Recreation Ground

PC said that he was often dismayed when he got to the football pitch as he had to clear away alcohol bottles, cans etc., before he could let the children on to play. DG said that complaints have to be made to the local police by everyone who has a concern about the recreation ground so that the incidents could be logged.

Bowling Club

TR said that at the November meeting last year Alan Tizard had asked if the PC would be willing to make a contribution to reducing the height of the conifers at the edge of bowling green, but so far nothing had been confirmed. Ian Hellewell had looked at the hedge but he did not have the necessary equipment. He does have a contact with the correct equipment and the cost would be about 600 pounds. The BC have cut the trees as much as they can but something needs to be done without delay.

This will be put to the PC.