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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the 2nd meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 pm on
Tuesday 24th February 2009

Present: Councillor Mathieson (chairman), Councillor Kettell (minutes), Councillor Palmer, Councillor White, Councillor Pantry, Councillor Hill & Councillor Gregory

1. Chairman opened the meeting, announced that this was the second meeting of the trustees and that Councillor Kettell had agreed to be the secretary.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were discussed.

Councillor White objected to the word dangerous with regard to his description of the cricket pavilion. He said that he had actually used words to the effect that the cricket pavilion failed to fulfill safety requirements. Chairman commented that Mrs Wainwright was not in a position to apply for a grant to improve the cricket pavilion but was actually prepared for the cricketers to use the football pavilion on a temporary basis. Councillor Hill said that a spec was required for the cricket pavilion improvements and that he would ask a local building control officer to conduct a survey.

Chairman informed us that the new Recreation Charity bank account had been confirmed and that Councillors White, Hill and Mathieson were the nominated signatories.

3. Renewal of rental agreements with the football teams were then discussed.

Chairman said that there were issues particularly with the state of the football pavilion after games. Neither of the teams currently using the pavilion (Todwick Villa and Todwick Juniors) had admitted to leaving it in a dirty and unacceptable condition. He said that he would prefer that only one team was offered the opportunity to use the football facilities in the future. However, not everyone agreed, and after some debate the idea of introducing a pre-season bond for both teams was suggested. Councillor Gregory proposed that we introduce a £200 pre-season bond for both teams. Proposal was carried. Chairman to circulate copies of the current agreement to all. All to recommend appropriate changes. Chairman to re-circulate after making the changes. Councillor Kettell suggested that Julian checked the football pavilion each Monday morning following a game. Councillor Palmer agreed to ask Julian.

4. Other business. Councillor Pantry highlighted the fact that the damaged hedge to the front of the recreation ground was still a problem. Councillor Palmer agreed to ask Julian to check it out.

Next meeting - 7 pm, Tuesday 26th May 2009 in the village hall.

Please note - all actions are highlighted in bold