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Todwick Village

Todwick Recreation Ground Charity Trust


Minutes of the first meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at
7.00 pm on Tuesday 25th November 2008

Present: Councillor Mathieson, Councillor Kettell (Minutes), Councillor Palmer, Councillor White, Councillor Leah, Councillor Pantry, Councillor Hill & Councillor Gregory

1. Councillor Mathieson opened the meeting.

2. It was agreed that the minutes from the last meeting were deemed to be a true record and there were no matters arising.

3. A new chairman had to be elected due to the resignation of the previous chairman, Councillor Langford. Councillor Mathieson was nominated and then formally elected as new chairman for the foreseeable future.

4. Financials:

  • Utility bills will in future be paid by the Recreation Ground Committee.
  • Bank balance currently stands at £1,547.92. There will be no further incomings until April 09
  • It was agreed that the budget would be a common theme throughout the meeting.
  • Councillor White said that there was some damage to the lower panels surrounding the bowling pavilion that needed attention. He had surveyed the outside of the structure with Alan Tizzard who suggested installing new wooden fascia panels around the perimeter at ground level. Alan Tizzard proposed that the Recreation Ground Committee pay for the materials and the bowling club would provide the labour. A description and quotation (£176.10) for the materials was submitted to the meeting and it was agreed that the Parish Council would pay for these in this year's budget.
  • Councillor White said that the cricket pavilion was in a dangerous state. He had completed risk assessments in the past and had highlighted numerous problems. As a consequence, the inside of the pavilion had been improved but he still had major issues with the floor and the general external state. He went on to say that Mrs Wainwright, Todwick Cricket Club, was in the process of applying for a grant to enable us to make the necessary repairs.
  • The issue of cars parking on the grass adjacent to the cricket field was raised. A discussion then took place regarding vehicle access to the bowling club particularly for people who had difficulty with walking or were disabled. After some debate it was agreed that a decent tarmacadam footpath running from the football pavilion to the bowling club may be the answer. Some costs of around £5,000 were discussed. It was agreed that the bowling club be approached with this proposal.
  • Councillor Mathieson said that in the light of Councillor Langford's resignation it might be appropriate if Councillor Hill became the third signatory on the Recreation Ground bank account - agreed.

5. Security - Mrs Brenda Waller had complained that young people had started congregating again around the village shops and were consequently causing a general nuisance. She claimed that this had come about because the youngsters no longer had access to the recreation ground in the evenings. It was agreed, therefore, to lock the recreation ground main gate an hour later at 8 pm instead of the current 7 pm. Councillor Palmer to brief the village handyman.

6. No other club mattes were discussed.

7. Health & Safety

  • Officials representing the various groups and clubs that use the recreation ground have been asked to do individual risk assessments.
  • Mrs Wainwright to get detailed quotes for making good the cricket pavilion and then to apply for an appropriate grant.

9. Next meeting - 7 pm, Tuesday 24th February 2009 in the village hall.

Please note - all actions are highlighted in bold