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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 27th September 2016


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Gregory – In the Chair
  • Councillor Newbold
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Becs Arden
  • Christopher Lightfoot


Councillors Hill and Jeffrey had sent an apology for non-attendance.


There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a correct record.


There were no matters arising which would not be covered under an agenda item.


Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and also owns a property on Rayls Rise.

Hill had a business association with Hobson Nurseries.


  1. Hedge at Staniforth Crescent

  2. Hedge at Goosecarr Lane

  3. Bus on Manor Way/Church View

  4. Parking Problems

  5. Damaged Footway at Horbiry End


Clerk had undertaken all his duties since the last meeting.


Clerk reported that the external audit had been satisfactorily completed.

Resolved to approve and accept the Annual Return for 2015/16.

Notification had been received that the payment of the second half-year precept was about to be paid by RMBC but this had not yet appeared in the bank account.



Monies received

1. Barclays – Bank Interest


2. RMBC – Second Half-year Precept


Payments made since last meeting

1. Aviva – Clerk’s Pension: August & September


2. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


3. RMBC – July Grounds Maintenance


4. J R Walker – August Salary/Expenses


5. HMRC – August Tax/NI


6. Brian White – Sand/Cement


7. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance


8. Haywards Horticulture – Hedging Works etc.


9. BDO LLP – Audit Fee


10. Cream Creative – “Informer” Printing


11. Elliott – Pedestrian Barrier Hire


Un-presented cheques

1. Go Karts Party – Deposit for Go Karts


Payments to be made

1. HMRC – September Tax/NI


2. J R Walker – September Salary/Expenses


3. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance


4. RMBC – Grounds Maintenance


5. Bryan Ferris – Replica Cup and Engraving


6. David Gregory – Postage and Paint


Bank statement balances prior to the meeting

Business Saver Account

Community Account

(Cheque Feeder)





Written correspondence received.

  1. Todwick Village Hall – Risk Assessments

Correspondence had been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  2. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Various Email Bulletins

  4. RMBC – Various Weekly Planning Lists

  5. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  6. YLCA – Various White Rose Updates

  7. RMBC – Dementia Awareness

  8. Various Councillors – Speed Awareness

  9. Councillors Gregory and White – Devolved Budget

  10. YLCA – Training Seminars

  11. Councillor White – Fawkes Period

  12. Councillors Ferris and White – Tree

  13. Councillor White – Goosecarr Lane

  14. YLCA – South Yorkshire Police Road Safety

  15. RMBC – Invitation to Electoral Wards Review

  16. RMBC – Electoral Role Copy Authorisation

  17. YLCA – Neighbourhood Planning Inspection

  18. Councillor Newbold – Horbiry End Pavement

  19. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter

  20. Councillor White and Northern Power – Sub-station on Kiveton Lane

  21. Councillor Gregory and RMBC – Hedge at 111 Kiveton Lane

  22. Councillors Ferris, Gregory and Newbold – Abandoned Vehicle

  23. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Rents

  24. YLCA – Training/Developing Young People

  25. YLCA – Annual Conference

  26. Northern Gas – Stakeholder Report

  27. Councillor Ferris – Dangerous Sign

  28. Borough Councillor Beck – Road Maintenance

  29. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Community Achievement Awards

  30. RMBC – Invitation to Waverley Stakeholder Meeting

  31. SYPTE – Contact Details

  32. RMBC – Briefing Session on the Boundary Commission’s Review of Electoral Wards

  33. Councillor Carter – Fracking

  34. STPTE – Network Rail Works

  35. RMBC – Introduction to Planning Session

  36. RMBC – Community Assets

  37. Northern Gas Networks – Community Promises Fund

  38. RMBC – Parish Council Network Conference

  39. Councillor White – Goosecarr Lane

  40. RMBC – Networking Event

  41. Norman Anderson – Latest Crime Figures

  42. Zurich Insurance – Insurance Tax

  43. RMBC – Old A57

  44. SYPTE – Megatravel Passes

  45. RMBC – Planning Application at 20 Manor Way

  46. Councillor Ferris – Mark Archer Monthly Report

  47. Councillor White – Village Hall Risk Assessments

  48. SYPTE – Rapid Transit Scheme

  49. Rural Action Yorkshire – Community-led Housing

  50. Rural Action Yorkshire – AGM

  51. Councillor White – Buses

  52. SYPTE – Budget Cuts

  53. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Receipts and Risk Assessments

  54. Councillors Carter and Ferris – Mark Archer

  55. Councillor White – Fencing Hire Cheque

  56. Councillors Ferris and White – Theft at Allotments

  57. Councillor White – Bonfire Night

  58. Councillor White – Fly Tipping

  59. Councillor Newbold – Dog Waste Bin at Rayls Rise

  60. Councillor Carter – Potential New Councillor

  61. RMBC and Councillor White – Hedge at Goosecarr Lane

  62. YLCA – South Yorkshire Branch Meeting

  63. Councillor Gregory – Bluebell Wood

  64. SYPTE – The Future of Supertram

  65. Helen Greer-Waring and Councillor White – Local Plan

  66. YLCA – Request for Gym Equipment Information

  67. YLCA – VAT and Procurement Training

  68. YLCA – Clock Mechanism at Pickering

  69. YLCA – Contracts Finder Website

  70. RMBC – RMBC/Parish Councils Working Group

  71. RMBC – Planning Permission at 20 Manor Way

  72. SYPTE – Supertram Consultation

  73. YLCA – Chapel Haddlesley PC Clerk Vacancy

  74. YLCA – Wetherby Town Council Admin. Assistant Vacancy

  75. YLCA – Ilkley Deputy Clerk Vacancy

  76. SYPTE – Bus Service Changes

  77. SYPTE – Website Update

  78. RMBC – Planning Training

  79. YLCA – Patrick Brompton Parish Council Vacancy for Clerk

  80. YLCA – Revised Programme for NALC Annual Conference

  81. Councillors Carter and White – Cheque 101124

  82. Councillors Carter and Gregory – Potential New Members

  83. RMBC – Basic Health and Safety Training

  84. RMBC – Rotherham Together Partnership Meeting

  85. Rural Action Yorkshire – AGM

  86. Councillor Hill – Apology for Non Attendance at Council Meeting


  1. RB2016/0976

    Demolition of porch and canopy and erection of single storey front and side extension at 16 Wastneys Road for Mrs. A Hembros.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2016/1082

    Application to vary condition 02 (Approved Plans) imposed by RB2013/0955 at 42 Kiveton Lane for Ms. H Hancock.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  3. RB2016/1107

    Erection of dwelling house at 1 Paddock View for Mr. T Higson.

    Resolved not to support the application as there was a history of flooding in this area.

    Clerk was instructed to inform RMBC that the erection of this property could further exacerbate the flooding problems in the area. He was also to remind RMBC that the land was believed to be clay and that any soak-away should be designed with this in mind.

  4. Sites and Policies Examination 2016

    Gregory circulated copies of his submissions on behalf of the Council related to sites LDF 0730 and Todwick North.



Gregory reported:

  1. The cricket season was now over it is full time football, with all its attendant parking issues, for the next eight months.

  2. He hoped to be able to paint the sports pavilion floor in the near future.

  3. There had been some deliberate damage to two swings in the Mary Gregory Play Park. These would now been replaced at a cost of £450. Wicksteed would also provide the paint to enable the climbing frame to be re-painted and he had already painted the three benches there.

Gregory asked that someone step up to take over the role of Recreation Chairman because combining this role with that of Chairman of the Council was too much for one person.


Ferris reported:

  1. Some allotments required clearing. He would undertake strimming but would need help.

    White would assist.

  2. Allotments 1 and 1A were now vacant to allow an extension of the car park.

  3. The RMBC Pest Control Officer had visited the site and found no unusual rodent activity. The officer would next visit in six weeks’ time.

  4. The police had been informed of a series of thefts from the allotments and the offender identified from viewing of CCTV. Charges may be pressed if the stolen items were not returned.

Grey Matters

Ferris reported:

  1. Meetings continued to be well supported and future events were being planned.

    Becs Arden had some experience of attracting grant aid and would give contact details to councillor Ferris.

Church Yard

Gregory reported:

  1. The maintenance group would meet at 10.00 a.m. on the 1st October. Refreshments were provided and all were welcome to assist. The group had transformed this previously unkempt and unattractive area.

Village Hall

Ferris reported:

  1. He would attend the AGM at 7.00 p.m. on 12 October.

  2. Tony Rusling was not to seek re-election as Chairman.

  3. The Christmas Fayre would be held on 26 November.

Gregory reported that the Rev. Vicky Camber planned to hold a carol service beneath the Christmas tree to be sited outside the hall but the date had not yet been decided.


White reported that he and the Chairman had visited the tennis court at Woodsetts which had cost some £58,400 offset by a grant of £50,000. He had arranged to meet with Paul Sheard, the Regional Tennis Participation Manager from the Lawn Tennis Association on the 10 October and would then recommend whether the provision of one or two multi-sports areas might be best. Having regard to the existing condition of the land and other factors, he estimated that a single area would likely cost some £65,000 and a double area some £110,000.

A grant would be necessary to make either of these plans necessary.


  1. Gregory advised that RMBC was prepared to support the provision of one picnic bench to be sited at the Mary Gregory play area and hoped to be able to provide a further one adjacent to the sports pavilion at the recreation ground. The benches would be constructed from recycled materials. RMBC would not support the requests for CCTV provision at the sports pavilion, the purchase of gazebos and the provision of a new climbing frame.

    Resolved to purchase a CCTV system at the sports pavilion at the recreation ground.

    White would obtain at least three competitive quotations.

  2. Gregory had attended a pilot enforcement project meeting with representatives from the other adjacent parish councils. The meeting discussed the possibility of the councils joining forces to fund a person to enforce issues such as littering, dog fouling and vehicle parking. The group would meet again on 8 November when each council would report back on the views of each component council. It may also be prudent to consider working groups and joint cost centres e.g. More attractive rates for say hanging baskets might be obtained if provided as part of a larger group.

    Clerk was instructed to include an item on the October agenda.

  3. Gregory, White and Norman Anderson had undertaken a one hour speed watch on Kiveton Lane and despite being obvious to passing traffic had recorded 18 vehicles exceeding the speed limit. Warnings had been issued by the Police. This would be repeated in the future and summons sent to offenders.

  4. White reported that, following his report, RMBC had now installed bollards to restrict access the old A57 and now redundant land off Kiveton Lane. However a pallet and two gas bottles had subsequently been dumped fronting the bollards and these had been removed by RMBC the following day.

    Newbold had observed a car parked for some time immediately opposite the bollards. The car had flat tyres, leaked oil and water and looked abandoned.

    Ferris understood that the police were aware but that since the car was taxed and insured no action was planned at present.

  5. White had given John Carr approval to take out the summer pants and replace with winter ones at the war memorial. This should take place before the memorial service in November.

    Members agreed that the area had never looked better and Mr. Carr was to be congratulated.

  6. Ferris reported that Jim Tompkin had passed some of the circular walk and doorstep walk leaflets to RMBC for distribution.


  1. Mark Archer had reported:

    It had been four weeks since his last report.

    He had also discovered the two large propane gas cylinders just off the top of Goosecarr Lane a few weeks ago. These were potentially dangerous and so he had reported them straight away. They had now been moved.

    A couple of weeks ago he found a small bag of cannabis on the Church View playground as well as a vodka bottle.

    He had also found a £5 note on the Recreation Ground.

    He had carried out the following usual picks last month:

    • Recreation Ground – four rounds
    • Goosecarr Lane – four rounds
    • The Pastures – four rounds
    • Church View – four rounds
    • Kiveton Lane – four rounds / twice up to the Red Lion

    He had swept and cleaned the war memorial three times in the past month.

  2. Gregory reported that the domain name had been applied for. This would be funded by RMBC and it was hoped would be available shortly. John Kelly at RMBC would be the person adding items to the site.


No feedback had been received from RMBC following the meeting with Andrew Lee and Stuart Savage from RMBC plus Mr. Sykes, Mr. Wragg, Mr. Barrowclough and Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

Clerk would request an early response.


Norman Anderson had reported the statistics for Todwick:

Monthly Categories 2016 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Totals 6 5 7 12 5 4             39
Burglary   2 2 3                 7
Criminal damage/arson 1   1 1 1               4
Other theft       1   1             2
Vehicle crime 4     2   1             7
Public order       1                 1
Violence & sexual   1 1 2 2               6
Antisocial behaviour 1 2 3 2 2 2             12


Members would continue to seek applications from those interested in giving their time for the benefit of the village/parishioners.

16/77 FUN DAY

Carter would prepare a spread sheet before January considering the 2016 event and giving recommendations for 2017. It was important to keep trying new things. She would discuss the contribution to be given to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance with Helen Greer-Waring.


White reported:

  1. He had submitted all the necessary paperwork to RMBC.

  2. The St. John’s Ambulance would be sending two first aiders and this would cost a minimum of £69. An invoice would be sent after the event.

  3. The Police would attend if resources permitted.

  4. The Fire Brigade required notification two weeks prior to the event.

  5. He had prepared a list of stewards required and he would be coordinating them.

  6. An admission charge of £1/person would be made regardless of age.

  7. The catering had not yet been arranged but this would be done, shortly.


  1. Hedge at Staniforth Crescent

    Ferris reported a hedge overgrowing the footway adjacent to 5 Staniforth Crescent.

    Clerk would report to RMBC.

  2. Hedge at Goosecarr Lane

    Gregory reported an overgrown hedge on the west side of Goosecarr Lane immediately north of the recreation ground.

    Clerk would report to RMBC.

  3. Bus on Manor Way

    White reported the receipt of complaints about a double decker bus causing problems for road users and residents on Manor Way/Church View.

    Clerk would report to SYPTE.

  4. Parking Problems

    Gregory outlined various problems associated with indiscriminate parking of vehicles. An article would be placed in “The Informer”.

  5. Damaged Footway at Horbiry End

    Newbold reported severe damage to the footway fronting a new property on Horbiry End.

    Clerk would report to RMBC.

The Meeting Closed at 9.00 p.m.

The next Council Meeting would be held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 25th October 2016.