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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Church Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 29th March 2016


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Gregory – Chairman
  • Councillor Jeffrey (at 7.40 p.m.)
  • Councillor Newbold
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Borough Councillor Beck
  • Borough Councillor Watson

Councillor Beck

  1. Confirmed that he was hoping to be able to arrange for the siting of further skips although his may have to be on a bi-monthly basis.

    Carter suggested it would be helpful for some if times were extended to allow filling after they had finished work.

    Newbold suggested Saturday morning too although Gregory explained that in that case another venue would have to be chosen such as the Church car park.

  2. Reported on the changes made to rationalise the dog waste bins and litter signs and confirmed that one of the waste bins at the junction of Goosecarr Lane and The Pastures would be re-sited. The RMBC Dog Warden had been made aware of a dog owner whose dog habitually fouled pavements and was reviewing what action may be taken.

Borough Councillor Watson confirmed that the precept to be paid by RMBC was as requested by the Clerk

Discussion took place on the grant mechanism introduced by central government which made it appear that parish councils were increasing their precept requests when this was not correct.


Councillors Greer-Waring and Hill were not in attendance.


Ordinary Meeting 23rd February 2016

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.


There were no matters arising.


Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and also owns a property on Rayls Rise.


  1. Informer

  2. Project X


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and sent an e-mail to Borough Councillor Watson asking for confirmation that the Parish Council’s request for the 2016/17 precept had been received and was being auctioned by RMBC.

Papers had been received from the external auditor. The annual return and supporting information had to be with BDO LLP by 6th June.




Monies received

1. Allotment Holders – Rent


Payments made since last meeting

1. Aviva – March Clerk’s Pension


2. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


3. Todwick Parish Rec. Ground – Contribution to Water Bill


4. Rotherham MBC – Design Studio Charge for PROW Leaflet


5. YLCA – Membership Renewal


6. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – Feb. Grounds Maintenance


7. Rotherham MBC – Feb. Grounds Maintenance


8. Safety Buyer (UK) Ltd – Protective Floor Mats


Un-presented cheques

1. Mrs. H Greer-Waring – Car Parking


Payments to be made

1. J R Walker – March Salary/Expenses


2. Rotherham MBC – Feb. Grounds Maintenance


3. Rotherham MBC – Grds. Mtce. VAT from 2013


4. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance Works


5. HMRC – Tax/NI


6. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – March Grounds Maintenance


7. Rotherham MBC – March Grounds Maintenance


8. David Gregory – Repairs at Children’s Playground


9. Banner Jones – Solicitor Fees


10. David Gregory – Repairs at Children’s Playground


11. Bryan Ferris – Postage re Allotment Rents


12. Brian White – Coach Bolts re Seat Repairs


13. Hayward’s Horticulture – Hedging Works etc at Allotments


14. P Makinson – Animal Display Deposit


Bank statement balances

Business Saver Account

(Cheque Feeder)

Community Account




Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver Account

(Cheque Feeder)

Community Account





Written correspondence received.

  1. Zurich – Renewal

  2. The Tower Mint – HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Commemorative Medal for Schools and Councils

  3. Barclays Bank – Changes to Business Saver Account

  4. RMBC – Carriageway Resurfacing on Mortains

  5. Highways England – Opening of the M1 Junction 28 to 31 Smart Motorway

  6. RMBC – Amended Plans: Planning Application RB2015/1421 Increase in height to form two storey dwelling house including single storey side and rear extensions at 20 Manor Way.

    Clerk had objected to the application as instructed

  7. RMBC – Request to Speak at Planning Board Meeting: Planning Application RB2015/1421 Increase in height to form two storey dwelling house including single storey side and rear extensions at 20 Manor Way.

  8. RMBC – Accrual of VAT from Grounds Maintenance Invoices from 2012/13 to date.

    Clerk had paid the invoice as instructed.

  9. South Yorkshire Knotweed Control – Offer of Services

Correspondence had been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  2. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Various Email Bulletins

  4. RMBC – Various Weekly Planning Lists

  5. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  6. RMBC (Various) – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  7. YLCA – White Rose Update

  8. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  9. Councillor Newbold and Borough Councillor Watson – Dog Waste Bins and Litter Signage

  10. YLCA – Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter: February 2016

  11. Various Councillors – School Crossing Patrol Information

  12. RMBC – Support to promote the role of Public Governor

  13. John Carr and Various Councillors – Highway Verge and Flower Beds between 140 and 146 Kiveton Lane

  14. Councillor Greer-Waring – SYP Community Safety Event

  15. Councillor Gregory – Recreation Ground Finance

  16. Macmillan Cancer Support –Barbershop Chorus to Hit Right Notes for Charity

  17. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E Newsletter Number 88

  18. Various Councillors – Recreation Ground Finance

  19. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Roof and February Meeting Invoice

  20. Various Councillors – Fly tipping

  21. Various Councillors – Informer

  22. Norman Anderson – Business Rates

  23. YLCA – Annual Play Area Inspection

  24. YLCA – Streetscape March Newsletter

  25. YLCA – New Smaller Authorities Audit Regime

  26. YLCA – Clerk Vacancy

  27. YLCA – CCLA – Public Sector Deposit Fund and Local Authorities Property Fund

  28. RMBC – Minutes of the Councils’ Joint Working Group

  29. Councillor Gregory (to Grassington PC) – Playgrounds

  30. YLCA – Local Government Act 1972: Section 137 Expenditure Limit 2016/2017

  31. Norman Anderson and Various Councillors – Village Hall 2 Ridge Tiles

  32. Norman Anderson – Crime/ASB Figures (x 2)

  33. YLCA – New Clerks Training Event

  34. YLCA – Pocklington Town Clerks Vacancy

  35. SYPTE – Sheffield to Rotherham Tram Train Pilot

  36. Rother Valley South Area Assembly – Opportunity for Third Sector to Have a Free Stall at Over 60’s Events

  37. Modern Government – Successfully Apply for EU Structural Funds: Training Course

  38. RMBC – Submission for Examination of Rotherham’s Community Infrastructure Levy

  39. RMBC – Closure Notice – Easter 2016

  40. Councillors Greer-Waring and Various Councillors – “Informer”

  41. Councillor Gregory – Recreation Ground VAT Payment

  42. Councillors Gregory and Newbold – RB2015/1421

  43. YLCA – Planning Consultants

  44. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Rents

  45. RMBC – Easter Event Poster

  46. Councillors Greer-Waring and Gregory – Recreation Ground Finance and Trustee Indemnity Insurance

  47. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter and Papers re AGM

  48. Councillor Greer-Waring and Various Councillors – Resignation from Council

  49. Councillor Greer-Waring and Various Councillors – Solicitor’s Planning Advice Invoice

  50. Borough Councillor Beck – RMBC Cllrs. Response to the Early Help Consultation

  51. Councillor Ferris – Report by Mark Archer


  1. RB2016/0167

    Listed Building Consent to demolish outbuilding and rebuild using existing stone at 44 Kiveton Lane for Mrs. J Dawtry.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. RB2016/0172

    Demolish outbuilding and rebuild using existing stone at 44 Kiveton Lane for Mrs. J Dawtry.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  3. RB2016/0277

    Application to fell a silver birch tree protected by RMBC Tree Preservation Order No. 3 1971 at 134 Kiveton Lane

    Resolved to offer no objection

  4. RB2016/0304

    Non Material Amendment to application RB2007/1888 to include various alterations to size and appearance at The Barn 51A Kiveton Lane for Miss S Pilson.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  5. RB2016/0354

    Outbuilding to side of 1 Grange Gardens for Mr. A Perkins

    Resolved to offer no objection

  6. RB2016/0311

    Demolition of existing garage block and erection of dwelling house and garage on land at Todwick Grange for Mr. J Barnes.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  7. Resolved that the Parish Council apply for a licence to plant in the verge on Kiveton Lane and to allow Mr. Carr to maintain this on behalf of the Council.




  1. Thanked Councillor White for building a cupboard in the sports pavilion and for carrying out repairs to the picnic benches. He referred to Councillor Greer-Waring’s concerns about indemnity insurance and protection of individual councillors in the event of an incident at the ground.

    Resolved that existing insurance arrangements were satisfactory and no additional insurance was required.

  2. Had received a further quotation for grounds maintenance in the sum of £38,000. This was significantly more than that from RMBC and having already received other quotations which were also much greater than RMBC he had informed the Borough Council that they were to be awarded the contract from 2016 to 2019.

  3. Would be re-painting the floor in the sports pavilion in advance of the cricket season and before the protective mats were laid.


Ferris reported

  1. The Pest Control Officer had inspected the site and found no unusual activity.

  2. He had paid the rents so far received into the bank and awaited the receipt of the remainder.

  3. Three plots had been vacated but there were five people on the waiting list and he would be re-renting the plots soon.

  4. Hayward’s Horticulture had made an excellent job of the hedge cutting.

  5. A break-in had occurred that Monday night when the chain had been cut off the entrance gate. A preliminary inspection of sheds etc suggested that nothing had been stolen and it was thought that mechanical plant rather than hand tools were being targeted. Having received no reply by telephone he had reported the break-in to the police. A plot holder had managed to contact the police via the telephone and also reported it. He was going to place a notice on the notice board at the allotments.

Fun Day

Carter had begun to book attractions and received a quotation of £900 + VAT for the hire of a marquee some 15 metres by 9 metres in size.

Newbold would assist with planning the event and seek further quotations for marquee hire.

Ferris would manage the raffle.


White gave a detailed report on required funding and managing a bonfire and fireworks display. Total costs were estimated at some £3,500.

Resolved to proceed with making arrangements to hold a bonfire and fireworks display on 4th November 2016.

Grey Matters

Ferris reported that a grant of £50 had been received towards hiring a bus to take members out for the day. The group was going from strength to strength and there were now over 30 members.

Village Hall Management

Gregory reported that the Village Hall Management Committee had paid for repairs to the roof.


Helen Greer-Waring had resigned from the Council.

Resolved that the Clerk thanks Helen for the work she had undertaken on behalf of the village.

Clerk would inform RMBC of the further vacancy.

Gregory urged members to encourage interested people to apply to join the Council. The vacancy would continue to be advertised.


There was nothing further to report.


  1. Gregory had been discussing the provision of a Parish Council Web Site within the Borough Council Web Site as was common with many parishes in the Borough. At no cost to the Parish Council, RMBC would build, host and service the site. He would feed in information required to be placed. There would be a link to the Parish Council’s Facebook Account. It was intended that the site operate from June 2016.

  2. Gregory had held discussions with the RMBC Dog Warden.

  3. Gregory had been the only representative on the clean up day.

  4. Ferris had placed the order for the circular walks leaflet with RMBC before Christmas but this had not yet been printed. He had spoken with Steve Shaw and Richard Pett at RMBC and Richard was chasing this up.

  5. Jeffrey advised of a meeting of the Church Yard Clean Up Group at 10.00 a.m. on 2 April in the Church Hall. Future action would be discussed and those attending would follow the meeting by undertaking work in the grounds until 12.00 noon.

  6. White had completed the cupboard in the sports pavilion and repaired the picnic tables at the recreation ground. He had undertaken some clearance work in the Church yard and supervised Luke Robins in pursuit of his Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Ferris had forwarded a report received from Mark Archer the village maintenance contractor:

It had been five weeks since his last report.

Litter picking carried out consisted of:

  • The Pastures – Four rounds
  • Recreation Ground – Four rounds
  • Church View – Four rounds
  • Goosecarr Lane – Four rounds
  • Kiveton Lane – Four rounds

He had tidied up the flower beds on The Pastures including removing all the weeds on the two main beds at the two smaller beds next to the wall. He had dug the soil over and so they were prepared ready for planting. He had filled two large bags with weeds and left for collection.

He had continued to clean the marks off the marble war memorial and watered the flowers.

He had found a dead cat on the corner of the Pastures and Goosecarr Lane. On the day of the meeting which had subsequently been removed and taken to the vets by someone else.


There was nothing new to report.


Norman Anderson had reported:

  • The Pastures – One anti-social behaviour (ASB) and one criminal damage and arson.
  • Rayls Rise – One vehicle crime
  • Land off Goosecarr Lane – One vehicle crime apparently to be in the allotments area.
  • Red Lion / GreenBean area – Two vehicle crimes

He had also sent statistics showing the crime and antisocial behaviour in Todwick over 2015. This showed that antisocial behaviour was the highest issue in the village as it was Borough-wide.

On the 18th March he had attended a meeting with Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, Borough Commander of South Yorkshire Police. The Commander would shortly be moving to be the Assistant Chief Constable for South Yorkshire Police Norman understood that he would be replaced by Rob Odell.

The main purpose of the meeting was to try to improve dissemination of information to the level enjoyed in the past, but this was highly unlikely. The Police acknowledged that the current situation was not very satisfactory and blamed a lack of officers. The statistics were said to need to be “audited” before release, the implication being that they had been released unaudited. Some work is currently being undertaken to try to smarten them up and more on this was anticipated in due course.

The telephoned “Confirmer” system from the Police to Neighbourhood Watches raising awareness to local issues of the day was not popular as the quality of diction and sound quality were very poor. A new offering was awaited.

The opportunity was given for concerns to be raised and not surprisingly the list was varied. Norman’s comments had been on traffic speed and parking on pavements. His comments on parking causing private driveways to be blocked resonated with every one in the meeting.

He would continue to pass on relevant information that may be of interest to the Council.


  1. Informer

    White had a copy of the latest edition prepared by Helen Greer-Waring.


    1. Councillor White arrange for the Informer to be printed

    2. Future editions are published in June, September, December and March.

    Gregory asked members to consider whether they were prepared to give some time towards future preparation of the newsletter.

  2. Project X

    White gave a detailed presentation on the possibilities for developing the site at the top right-hand side of the recreation ground into some form of multi-functional sports area. At the headmistress’s request, he had visited Todwick Primary school and addressed 2 classes of pupils who had come up with lots of ideas for consideration. In addition, White had visited several surrounding villages to see similar developments and collate ideas.

    The next step was for Gregory, White and Jean Leah to visit Woodsetts and consult with the Vice Chair of their village hall who had led a similar project and who could advise on project costs, grants and funding etc.

The Meeting Closed at 9.20 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 26th April 2016. The Annual Parish Assembly will be held at 7.30 p.m.