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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Church Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 26th January 2016


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Gregory – Chairman
  • Councillor Greer-Waring (7.00 p.m. to 7.27 p.m. and 8.10 p.m. to 8.45 p.m.)
  • Councillor Jeffrey
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Borough Councillor Watson (to 7.15 p.m.)
  • Community Police Officer Alam (to 7.32 p.m.)

Greer-Waring was on standby as the emergency responder and would have to leave the meeting immediately should she receive a call.

Gregory reported that Vicky Camber had hoped to attend to discuss proposals for a village social event on the Church grounds but unfortunately her other commitments had prevented her doing so. He had information on this and would be sharing it with Members later in the meeting.

Borough Councillor Watson gave information on a number of Borough Council issues including:

  • Balanced budget
  • New CEO from 1st February
  • Service cuts
  • Re-configured loans
  • Pension review for ex employees
  • Council tax increase
  • Effect of the proposed 2% increase in the national minimum wage

Community Police Officer Niala Alam gave details of the latest police staffing. There are currently only 3 officers covering the southern area of the Borough. The PCSO covering Todwick and the immediate area is Aimee Whalley.

PCSO Alam covers Kiveton, Wales, Harthill, Turner Wood and Woodall Services on the M1.

Officers did their best to provide as much on-street presence as possible but this was becoming increasingly difficult.

Crimes could be tracked on the web site and on “Twitter”.

Discussion took place concerning the break-in to a van on Kiveton Lane.


An apology had been received from Councillors Hill and Newbold.


Ordinary Meeting 15th December 2015

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.

Budget Meeting 6th January 2016

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.


There were no matters arising.


Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and also owns a property on Rayls Rise.

Greer-Waring is Vice-chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee.


  1. Recreation Ground Lighting
  2. Defibrillator Cabinet
  3. Informer


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting.




Monies received

1. British Gas – Village Hall Feed in Tariff


Payments made since last meeting

1. Aviva – Clerk’s Pension January


2. Bryan Ferris – Water Pipe Fittings


3. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – Dec. Grounds Maintenance


4. Rotherham MBC – Dec. Grounds Maintenance


5. Yorkshire Water – Water Supply at Allotments


Un-presented cheques

1. Mrs. H Greer-Waring – Car Parking


2. Rotherham MBC – Grounds Maintenance


Payments to be made

1. J R Walker – Salary/Expenses


2. HMRC – January Tax/NI


3. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance


4. Bryan Ferris – Padlock and Keys


Bank statement balances

Business Saver Account

(Cheque Feeder)

Community Account




Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver Account

(Cheque Feeder)

Community Account





Written correspondence received.

  1. Wales High School – Funding of links with Students in Zanzibar

  2. RMBC Mayor – Request for Easter Egg Donation

Correspondence had been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  2. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Various Email Bulletins

  4. RMBC – Various Weekly Planning Lists

  5. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  6. RMBC (Various) – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  7. YLCA – White Rose Update

  8. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  9. SYPTE – Bus Service Changes from the end of January 2016

  10. Maltby Town Council – Clerk’s Meeting

  11. Councillors Gregory and Ferris – Advertising Banner at The Pastures

  12. Councillor Ferris – Found at Todwick Allotments

  13. RMBC – Christmas Closure Notice

  14. Councillor Gregory – January Budget Meeting (various)

  15. Councillor White – RG FIT Meter Reading

  16. Councillor White – Church Hall Room Hire

  17. RMBC – Parish and Town Councils Joint Working Group Minutes

  18. YLCA – Changes to the External Audit Regime

  19. YLCA – Membership Subscription Fees 2016/2017

  20. Councillor Gregory – Christmas Wishes

  21. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter Number 86

  22. Roger Hall and Norman Anderson – Unofficial Footpath Use and Trespass

  23. YLCA – South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter

  24. YLCA – Clerks Vacancy at Anston Parish Council

  25. RMBC – Caretaker Training

  26. Councillor Carter – Apology for Non-attendance at January Budget Meeting

  27. RMBC – Electric Bikes

  28. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Water Bill

  29. Various Councillors – Budget Meeting

  30. Norman Anderson – South Yorkshire Police

  31. RMBC and Various Councillors – Tax Base Precept and Grant for 2016/17

  32. RMBC – Rother Valley South Area Assembly Meeting

  33. Councillor Gregory – Dog Waste Bin

  34. RMBC and Various Councillors – Highway Related Issues

  35. Yorkshire Water – Meter Reading/Water Bill

  36. RMBC – Proposal to Make Prescribed Alterations to Flanderwell Resource Unit

  37. YLCA – Opportunities Bulletin

  38. YLCA – Servicing of Private Water Supply

  39. Councillors Ferris and Greer-Waring – Banners at Todwick Village Hall

  40. Councillor Gregory – Precept Discussion with Maltby Town Council

  41. RMBC and Various Councillors – Use of Car Park at Recreation Ground

    Gregory advised that a skip will be sited on the Recreation Ground on March 18th.

  42. YLCA – South Yorkshire Branch Meeting

  43. Ian Newbold – Report an Illuminated Faulty Streetlight, Bollard or Road Sign

  44. YLCA – Maintenance of Grassed Areas

  45. RMBC – Parish Councils Enforcement Littering/Dog Fouling etc.

  46. Councillor Gregory – Play Equipment Inspection Report and Estimate

  47. Councillors Gregory and White – Expenses at Sports Pavilion

  48. Councillor White – Village Hall FIT

  49. YLCA – Understanding the Role of Combined Authorities

  50. Councillors Hill and Newbold – Apology for Non Attendance at Council Meeting

  51. Councillor Gregory – Clerk’s Pension

  52. YLCA – Granting of an Easement Across a Village Green for a Water Supply

  53. YLCA – Chesterfield Canal Trust E-Newsletter Number 87


  1. RB2016/0019

    Two storey side extension at 1 Tortmayns Todwick for Mr & Mrs Newell

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. RB2016/10

    Erection of dwelling (amendment to RB2015/0661) on Land adjacent 1 Paddock View for Mr. T Higson.

    Resolved to offer no objection but to reiterate the need for caution when developing this land because of the risk of exacerbating the flooding risk due to the addition of further hardened surfacings.



Ferris reported low rodent activity. The Pest Control Officer would be attending site again during the coming week. All plots were taken but there was no longer a waiting list and he would request an appropriate article in the next edition of the “Informer” newsletter. He had replaced the padlock to the access gate and obtained further keys.
The water had been turned off temporarily because of a leak and he would replace a damaged plastic fitting shortly

Village Hall Management

Ferris reported that, following a visit by the RMBC Enforcement Officer, the banners for the village hall had been taken down. It was possible to apply for retrospective planning permission to erect a banner but this was unlikely to be approved.

Discussion took place on the number of banners displayed elsewhere in the village and where no action had been taken. This issue has been passed onto Borough Councillor Watson.


Gregory advised that no date had yet been fixed for the fun-day and this should be done soon.

Carter and Greer-Waring would meet and finalize.

Resolved to form a Bonfire Sub-Committee with Councillor White as Chairman.

Ferris reported that the “Grey Matters” Club was growing with some 12 to 18 people attending the meetings. Various interesting activities were undertaken and a social event including lunch was to be arranged in the future.

He was acting as assistant treasurer.


No further enquiries had been received and the vacancy would continue to be advertised.


White had been discussing this with Jean Leah. They suggested that the Council give serious consideration to developing the area at the north-west corner of the recreation ground. Jean would assist with any application for grant aid towards any initiative such as constructing a multi-purpose play area.


  1. Gregory had met with Vicky Camber, Mary Beck and Barry Northall. It was proposed to hold a village event on Sunday 3rd July following the Annual Church Fete on the 2nd July. Children would not be charged for attendance but adults would be charged £10 for the day or £7.50 if paid in advance.

    Gazebos would be in place from the previous day and the Steel City Concert band and Singers would be performing. Those attending would be encouraged to bring a picnic and some may wish to wear fancy dress in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

    Vicky was anxious that the event be regarded as a village event, and not a Church activity

    There were various opportunities to participate in the organising including:

    Marketing, first aid, car parking, managing the entrance gate, tidying up on completion, etc.

    Jeffrey commented that in previous years barbeques had gone well.

  2. Gregory and his wife Etta had litter picked the grass verge on Goosecarr Lane.

  3. Gregory had accompanied an inspection of play equipment by Wicksteed Leisure. The total cost of necessary repairs would be £677.37.

    Resolved that repairs to play equipment be carried out at a cost of £677.37.

  4. Gregory had contacted another grounds maintenance contractor and was awaiting the quotation. Another contractor had also expressed a willingness to tender for the work.

  5. Gregory was to purchase the new rubber mats for the sports pavilion as agreed at the budget meeting.

  6. Gregory had received a contract for the play camps and it would be very helpful if young volunteers could be found to assist. This would also reduce the cost.


Ferris gave a précis of the report prepared by the maintenance contractor Mark Archer.

It had been six weeks since the last report during which time he had completed five litter picks at The Pastures, Church View, Kiveton Lane, Goosecarr Lane the Recreation Ground.

He had been able to spend more time on Goosecarr Lane and Kiveton Lane recently and thanked David Gregory for litter picking the road side of Goosecarr Lane during the previous week.

Some two weeks ago the bin men had left a terrible mess on The Pastures whilst emptying the dustbins. There was household rubbish including soiled nappies left all over the pathways and road. He had consequently spent about an hour clearing it all away. Having litter picked that area the previous day he had been quite annoyed.

The War memorial was a lot easier to maintain since the Astro-turf had been fitted and not many weeds were growing at this time of year. He had given the marble monument a full wash down with soapy water.

White was monitoring young Luke Robin’s community activities in his pursuit of the Duke of Edinburgh Award who would shortly be recommencing litter picking for one hour/week.


There was nothing new to report.


No report had been received.


  1. Recreation Ground Lighting

    White suggested the Council seek an updated quotation to provide lighting to the roadway at the recreation ground and then try to obtain a grant towards this work.

    Clerk passed some information from the previous quotation to Councillor Gregory, who would seek an updated quotation.

  2. Defibrillator Cabinet

    Greer-Waring had observed a further malfunction in the cabinet at the village hall. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service had attended to this on three previous occasions.

    White had expressed his concern about the condition of the cabinet when originally installed and at that time a new one was requested and was provided.

    Bearing in mind the current recurring problems, White suggested that a new cabinet should be insisted upon rather than the existing one being repaired yet again.

  3. Informer

    Greer-Waring would be preparing the latest edition over the next few days and asked Members for any articles they wished to be included. Councillor Newbold would be the next councillor to be spotlighted.

    Gregory asked that a schedule of publication dates be prepared for the year to assist distributors to plan in advance.

    White asked that an article requesting ideas for the development of the recreation area site be included.

The Meeting Closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 23rd February 2016.