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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 30th June 2015


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory – Chairman
  • Councillor Newbold
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer

Gregory welcomed Councillor Newbold to the Council. He should feel free to join in, and his comments and suggestions were most welcome.


An apology had been received from Councillor Jeffrey.


Ordinary Meeting 27th May 2015

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a correct record.


There were no matters arising.


Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and also owns a property on Rayls Rise.

Greer-Waring is Vice-chairman of the Village Hall management Committee.


  1. Grass Verges

  2. Local Plan

  3. War Memorial

  4. School Dinners

  5. Deserted Ponies


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting


Clerk reported that

  1. The requisite documentation had been submitted to the External Auditor by the due date of 9th June.



Monies received

1. Barclays Bank – Interest


2. Sport England – Grant


3. Lee Dennis – Scrap


4. David Gregory – Paint Returned to B&Q


5. Funday Team – Profit from Events


Un-presented cheques

1. Todwick Church Hall – Hire of Meeting Room


2. YLCA – Playground Inspection Fee


3. David Gregory – Cleaning Materials


Payments made since last meeting

1. Empire Fire and Safety Ltd – Fire Extinguishers/Blanket


2. Todwick Church Hall – Hire of Meeting Room


3. Harlequin Bld./Landscaping – Building Work


4. RMBC – Temporary License for Funday


5. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


6. Rural Action Yorkshire – Membership Renewal


7. HMRC – June Tax/NI


8. David Gregory – Pavilion Materials


9. ZAP Garage Doors – Doors and Shutters


10. Brian White – Pavilion Materials


11. Harlequin Bld./Landscaping – Building Work


12. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – Grounds Maintenance


13. Rotherham MBC – Grounds Maintenance


14. David Gregory – Pavilion Materials


15. Eileen Northall – Pavilion Materials


16. Hi-Tec Print – “Informer” Printing


17. Mr. Stephen Coomer – Bouncy Castle


18. Hayward’s Horticulture – Grounds Maintenance


19. YLCA – Playground Inspection Fee Course


20. David Gregory – Cleaning Materials


Payments to be made

1. Brian White – Pavilion Expenses


2. J R Walker – June Salary/Expenses


3. Brian White – Gutter Brackets


4. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)






Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)







Written correspondence received and passed to Members:

  1. Barclays Bank – Cheque Signing Mandate

  2. Groundwork Cresswell, Ashfield and Mansfield – Work Enquiry

  3. RMBC Ward Councillors – Partnership Working

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Various Councillors – Meeting Minutes

  2. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Various Email Bulletins

  4. Councillor White – Building Regulations Check

  5. YLCA – Revised template Rules for the Recording of Council/Parish Meetings

  6. Harthill and District Garden Association – 70th Birthday Party

  7. RMBC – Raising Aspirations Project – Women’s Front DVD launch

  8. Eileen Northall – Cones for Pavilion Opening

  9. Councillor Gregory – New Councillors

  10. Rural Action Yorkshire – Membership Renewal

  11. Councillor Carter – Insurance for “Funday”

  12. SYPTE – Travel Information Centres Closing

  13. RMBC – Rotherham Learning Clubs Grant

  14. Todwick Village Hall – Rent

  15. Borough Councillor Beck – Response re Local Plan – Potential Development Sites

  16. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E Newsletter Number 79

  17. Sheila Pantry – Meeting Minutes and Agenda

  18. Councillor White – Cheques for Pavilion Works

  19. RMBC and Councillor Carter – Meeting with the Commissioners at RMBC

  20. Councillor Gregory – New Councillors

  21. RoSPA – Basic Half Day ‘Routine Playground Inspection Course for Volunteers’

  22. Stephen Hill and Councillor Gregory – Bank Mandate (various)

  23. Richard Edley – Land off Kiveton Lane

  24. Various Councillors – Farewell Do at the Todwick Vintage Tea Rooms

  25. RMBC and Councillor Gregory – Area Assembly Meeting

  26. Councillor Gregory – Manor Way Planning

  27. RMBC – Register of Members Interests Form Reminder

  28. Jenny Foulds and Councillor Gregory – Letter from Todwick Village Hall Trustees

  29. Various Councillors – RMBC Commissioners

  30. Councillor Gregory – New Councillors

  31. RMBC – Keeping Vulnerable People Safe

  32. YLCA – Training Events in June/July

  33. Various Councillors – Funday

  34. Eileen Northall – Pavilion Opening and Traffic Cones

  35. Various Councillors – Purchase of Floor Mats for Sports Pavilion

  36. Borough Councillor Jepson – Commissioner Kenny’s Meeting: 08.06.15

  37. Anston Parish Council – Rotherham Development Plan: Todwick North Development

  38. Councillor Gregory – Car Parking Bay Lining at Recreation Ground

  39. Councillor Carter – Fun Day Briefing

  40. Councillors Gregory and White – Pavilion Project Cheques

  41. Councillor Carter – Bouncy Castle Information

  42. YLCA – The Great British High Street Competition 2015

  43. Councillor Gregory – B&Q Receipt

  44. Various Councillors – Brenda Palmer

  45. Councillor Carter – Cheque

  46. YLCA – White Rose Update June Edition

  47. YLCA – South Yorkshire Annual Branch Meeting

  48. Jean Leah/Councillors Gregory and White – Pavilion Total Project Costs

  49. Councillor Gregory – Cash

  50. Various Councillors – Cheque Update

  51. Councillor White – Solar

  52. YLCA and Councillor Gregory – Routine Playground Inspection Course for Volunteers

  53. Yorkshire Local Councils Associations Joint Annual Meeting 2015 – Invitation to Attend

  54. Councillor Jeffrey – Apology for Non Attendance

  55. RMBC – Local Plan Drop-in Session 16 July

  56. Community Achievement Awards opens for Nominations


  1. RB2015/0713

    Application to prune an oak tree protected by RMBC Tree Preservation Order No. 3 1971 at 8 Paddock View for Mr J Rowland, 5 Whirlow Court Road, Sheffield.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2015/0326

    Application to prune an ash tree protected by RMBC Tree Preservation Order No. 3 1971 at 5 Horbiry End for Mr D Simpson

    Resolved to offer no objection.



Ferris reported:

The Pest Control Officer had visited the site but found only a small amount of rodent activity.

Grass cutting and other maintenance work had been carried out by Hayward’s Horticulture.

Cutting of the boundary hedges was planned for September and this would include that at the eastern boundary which had been left for some time.

Brenda Waller had kindly offered to judge the Best Kept Allotment Competition and he would accompany her on her inspection.


Carter reported on the very successful funday giving details of the attractions and finance.

£74.75 profit from the Pimms Tent was to be paid into the council account together with £135 from the pony rides. Profit from the raffle had been paid into the Recreation Ground Charity account as previously.

Gregory was delighted at the comments he had received on the event although he was aware that lessons were being learnt and this would enable beneficial changes to be incorporated in future.

White had attended the Woodsetts Village Fete and was aware that maypole dancing had proved to be an attractive attraction. A £1 entrance fee was charged at Woodsetts. He had helped with the erection of tents for the Todwick funday and suggested that when funds allowed new high quality tents were gradually purchased.

Ferris suggested that in future raffle tickets rather than cloakroom tickets were used for the raffle. These would be a little more expensive but be far more efficient and help those selling them. There were still some unclaimed raffle prizes which he would advertise and retain for the time being.

Greer-Waring would be sending a letter of thanks to those who had donated raffle prizes.

Village Hall Management

Gregory had attended the June meeting. He asked members to make a diary note that the Christmas Fayre would be held on the 19th December.


Gregory reported that as a serving police officer Lynn Robins had been prevented from joining the Council and two vacancies remained.

Greer-Waring and Ferris had received expressions of interest and were hopeful that the individuals concerned would put their names forward to join the Council.


There were no aspects to discuss.

Gregory would arrange a date when members could meet to review future plans.


  1. Greer-Waring had experienced some difficulty in preparing the last edition of “The Informer” and would appreciate some assistance with preparing this in the future. Bearing in mind that there were presently less Council Members the allocation and distribution of the newsletter was also problematic.

    White would be pleased to help with editing future issues.

  2. Gregory had attended the Area Assembly Meeting on the 22 June at Woodsetts. Borough Councillor Wysall was now the Chairperson and had expressed her intention to utilise a variety of meeting venues, retain the traffic group and help parish councils to deal with issues specific to their area but without interfering in any way. She had expressed concern that constituents were not presently engaging with local councils as she would wish and her intention was to try to improve this. He would be intending future meetings.

  3. Newbold had received a request that waiting restrictions be extended to include the junction of Kiveton Lane and Mortains.

    Gregory informed that the Parish Council had made strenuous efforts to persuade RMBC to extend the restrictions and had met on site with Andrew Lee. The Borough Council was not supportive of extending the restrictions at present but the Parish Council would continue to express residents concerns.

  4. Gregory had attended the Neighbourhood Watch AGM and also taken Brenda Palmer to see the works undertaken at the sports pavilion and the plaque erected in memory of her husband John. He was pleased to say that she was pleased with the works carried out to the building and very impressed with the plaque.

  5. Ferris reported that afternoon teas continued to be provided at the Church Hall by Rotherham Age UK and he was hopeful these would continue in the long term. Rotherham Age UK would visit an individual’s home and give advice on a wide range of subjects including the filling in of forms and applications for benefits as appropriate.

  6. Ferris reported that the artwork for the Todwick Circular Ramble leaflets had been completed but both the RMBC Designer and the Public Rights of Way Officer were presently on leave and so production of the draft copy had been delayed. The route was some 9.5 miles in length but had various sections which could be walked separately as preferred.

    Newbold was aware of problems being experienced by residents of Sandwith Road as a consequence of people walking around the perimeter of the adjacent field. There was concern that this may be a means of assessing whether the buildings were occupied and consequently a there was a potential for incursion and intruders. It was possible the route could be claimed as a public footpath unless the use was interrupted.

    White reported that the Parish Council had advised the residents of the situation. Essentially it was a matter for the landowner.

  7. Greer-Waring had attended the Kiveton Medical Centre Patient Participation Group meeting. Patients were being encouraged to register for the on-line surgery so that they could then book appointments and order prescriptions by that means. In order to register, patients should take in photo ID (passport or driving licence) and they would be given an access code. The group will be working with the practice to assist in enhancing the medical services provided to patients

  8. Newbold had received a request for the provision of a dog waste bin on Rayls Rise at the entrance to the public footpath to South Anston.

    Clerk would make the request to the Borough Council.

  9. White reported the satisfactory completion of the new sports pavilion. There were several additions he would like to see when funds permitted including CCTV and storage for the tables. Unfortunately he had to report the first act of vandalism namely the breaking of three gutter clips at the entrance door. He had replaced these and obtained several others in case the need for replacement arose again.

    Newbold suggested the gutter be treated with anti-vandal paint at this location.

  10. White had been given the engraved plaque, previously sited at the millennium garden, by Stephen Hill.

    Gregory would pass this to Sheila Pantry who, together with Clive and others, had obtained the funding to provide the garden and the steel gates to the recreation ground.

  11. White would be submitting the first feed-in-tariff claim from the PV panels sited on the sports pavilion roof. He anticipated this would be some £220. He estimated that the cost of installing these would be recovered in approximately six years and income would then continue for the remainder of the 20 year agreement.

    Gregory advised that the Solar Booster would divert unused power into water heaters. Therefore in summer all hot water would in effect be produced free.

  12. Carter had placed the steel container from the recreation ground on E-bay shortly before the meeting and suggested that a bid exceeding £800 might be anticipated. The advertisement would appear for 10 days and any buyer would be responsible for arranging its removal.

  13. Carter had attended a meeting with the Government Commissioners brought in at the Borough Council. The Commissioners intended seeing in excess of a thousand people over the summer and had arranged some twenty-two separate sessions one of which would be in Todwick. She had enquired as to how this information was to be communicated to parishioners but had not received an answer. A wide variety of partner organisations would be represented at the sessions but would be different on each occasion.


Ferris reported on Mark Archer’s activities during the month which had included work in connection with the funday. Mark had experienced some problems with traffic when litter picking on the west side of Goosecarr Lane and had also suggested that RMBC be asked to provide a waste bin close to the wayside seat on Kiveton lane opposite the Red Lion.


There were no aspects to discuss.


No report had been received from the Neighbourhood Watch and the Clerk was instructed to request this from Norman Anderson.

Ferris was aware that there had been a burglary at Guildway and jewellery with sentimental value stolen.


Grass Verges

Greer-Waring had been informed that the footway at the top of Goosecarr lane had been damaged by the grass cutting machine.

Clerk would report to RMBC.

Greer-Waring had received a copy of a letter sent by Mr and Mrs Chambers to RMBC complaining that the Borough Council was cutting wayside verges too frequently and thereby destroying important habitat. A copy of the letter was also sent to the Clerk but had not been received at the time of the meeting.

Local Plan

Greer-Waring advised that Ian Rotherham from Sheffield University had offered to conduct guided walks around areas of ancient woodland in the area known as bluebell wood off Kiveton Lane in order to clarify the area is indeed ‘Ancient Woodland’ and can inform the Local Plan process.

Gregory advised caution as the area was privately owned and access may be refused or problematic.

Greer-Waring advised that the local plan stipulated no new developments within 200 metres of ancient woodland but the present proposals of site LDF0730 would be within 200 m.

Ferris, Gregory Greer-Waring would all be attending the RMBC drop in sessions. Carter would try to attend if other commitments permitted.

Carter confirmed that the Rotherham Growth Plan had been formally approved.

War Memorial

Ferris asked whether there ought to be a time limit on poppies being placed at the memorial. Over a period of time poppies deteriorated and eventually became unsightly.

Members agreed with Councillor White’s suggestion that they be removed six weeks after Remembrance Day.

School Dinners

White had received complaints that the portion size of school dinners was too small. Some parents had moved their children onto sandwiches in order to ensure they had sufficient to eat and concentrate on their studies. He had discussed this with Borough Councillor Watson.

Members agreed to wait until Councillor Watson had responded before considering any further action.

Deserted Ponies

White had received complaints that two ponies had been deserted and left to fend for themselves on land off Storth Lane. This had been reported to the RSPCA but no action had been taken. Local residents had rallied and provided water and feed and the animals had now been removed presumably by the owners who were as yet unknown.

The Meeting Closed at 9.10 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th July 2015.