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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Brian Yeoman a member of the Lions gave details of “In Case of Emergency” Packs
at 6.30 p.m. and Members thanked him for giving such useful information.

Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 24th February 2015


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris – Chairman of the meeting
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Jeffrey
  • Councillor Leah.
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White

J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer

Borough Councillor Gordon Watson

Members of the Public

Members resolved that Councillor Ferris Chair the meeting in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Apologies for non-attendance had been received from Councillors Gregory and Hill.


Ordinary Meeting 27th January 2105

The following amendment was made and then the minutes signed as a correct record:

14/135 Councillor Carter owned a property on Rayls Rise and not Osborne Road.

Borough Councillor Watson advised that significant changes were to be made to the local police policy and he suggested the Parish Council invite the local police inspector to explain these. He advised that the names of the commissioners to be sent to Rotherham by the Government had not yet been announced but the information had to be advised before 3 March. An article had appeared in a local newspaper stating that he had been one of a number of people attending a demonstration outside the Rotherham offices of the UKIP political party. This was wholly untrue and he had subsequently received apologies from those who had made the allegations.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.


  1. Greer-Waring is Vice-chairman of the Village Hall Committee

  2. Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and also owns a property on Rayls Rise.

  3. Leah owns a property which could be directly affected by possible future housing development off Kiveton Lane.

The councillors would not take part in any debate or voting on matters where they had declared an interest.


  1. Container

  2. Kiveton Medical Practice

  3. Speed Limit on Goosecarr Lane

  4. Area Assembly Meeting


Clerk had sent an enquiry to the YLCA concerning the latest pension legislation


Clerk reported:



Monies received

1. British Gas – PV Panels


Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


2. HMRC – February Tax/NI


3. Todwick Parish Rec. Ground – December Grounds Maintenance


4. RMBC – December Grounds Maintenance


5. Word for Word Digital Ltd – Christmas Boards


6. Hi-Tec Print – Informer Printing


7. ZAP Garage Doors – Pavilion Entrance Door


8. ZAP Garage Doors – Pavilion Entrance Door


9. Travis Perkins – Pavilion Building Materials


10. ICON – Sponsor Plaques


11. Harlequin Bldg & Landscaping – Building Work


Un-presented cheques

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


2. ZAP Garage Doors – Pavilion Entrance Door


3. BEC – CCTV Repairs


4. Travis Perkins – Pavilion Building Materials


5. ZAP Garage Doors – Pavilion Entrance Door


6. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


7. HMRC – February Tax/NI


8. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – December Grounds Maintenance


9. RMBC – December Grounds Maintenance


10. Word for Word Digital Ltd – Christmas Boards


11. Hi-Tec Print – Informer Printing


12. Harlequin Bldg & Landscaping – Building Work


Payments to be made

1. J R Walker – February Salary and Expenses


2. Information Commissioner – Registration Renewal


3. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance Works


4. Brian White – Flexible Floor and Wall Sealer


5. David Gregory – Various Building and Decorating Materials


6. Eileen Northall – Supply and Engraving of Plate for Picture


Bank statement balances following transfers

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and copied to Members:

  1. Barclays Bank – Transfers between Accounts

  2. Todwick Parish Bowling Club – Erection of Shelter

  3. RMBC Mayor’s Charity Committee – Request for Donation of Easter Egg

  4. RMBC – Sandbags

  5. RMBC – Alteration to Electoral Role

  6. Rotherham Holiday Aid – Request for Donation

  7. Rotherham Hospice – Publicity for Forthcoming Events

  8. Rotary Club of Rotherham Sitwell – Thank You for Donation

  9. Stephen and Emma Oxley – Mobile Catering Unit

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  2. RMBC – Various Planning Lists

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Latest News

  4. John Hewitt – Rotherham Growth Plan 2015-2025

  5. John Hewitt – Rotherham Growth Plan 2015-2025 Drawing

  6. John Hewitt – January Agenda

  7. RMBC – Rotherham Growth Plan

  8. YLCA – Clerks’ Training Day

  9. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter Number 74

  10. Councillor Greer-Waring – Facebook Weekly Page Update

  11. Elaine Tame – RMBC Planning Meeting

  12. Councillor Greer-Waring – Rotherham Development Plan

  13. Various Councillors – January Minutes and February Agenda

  14. YLCA – South Yorkshire Branch Meeting

  15. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Rent

  16. Councillor Carter – RMBC Letter

  17. John Hewitt and Various Councillors – LDF0545, Land to Rear of Rayls Rise

  18. Rother Valley South Area Assembly – Litter Pickers

  19. RMBC – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  20. Councillor White – Havenkaye VAT No.

  21. Anston Parish Council – Rotherham Growth Plan

  22. RMBC – Parish Council Meeting Presentation

  23. RMBC – Supporting Rotherham Learning Clubs Application Form

  24. SYPTE – Travel Survey Support

  25. Anston Parish Councillor Stuart Thornton – Proposed Industrial Site A57

  26. G. Capper. Save our Green Belt Dinnington & Anston – Latest Report on RMBC by Louise Casey

  27. Councillors Hill and Gregory – Standing Orders

  28. YLCA – Free Event – Inspiring Yorkshire

  29. Sheila Pantry – Todwick PC Minutes and Agenda for Website

  30. Councillor Gregory – Welcome to the Village Letter and Enclosures

  31. Councillor Carter – Latest Report on RMBC by Louise Casey

  32. Councillor White – Reply from RMBC Legal

  33. Councillor Hill – Standing Orders

  34. Councillors Gregory and White (various) – Cheques

  35. Clive Jepson – Proposed Todwick North Site

  36. RMBC – Site Visit re RB2014/1296

  37. RMBC Electoral Services – Advice on the Electoral Roll

    Resolved that the Clerk no longer send welcome to the village letters

  38. RMBC – Community Clear-up Day – 21st March

  39. Brinsworth Parish Council – Information re Village Fete

  40. Councillor Hill – Standing Orders

  41. YLCA – Glass Recycling

  42. Councillor Northall – John Palmer

  43. Councillor Ferris – BEC CCTV Cheque

  44. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  45. YLCA – Clerk’s Pension/Gratuity

  46. RMBC – Parish Council Elections Pre-Nominations Information Letter

    Resolved that the Clerk request that nine sets of nomination papers be sent to him for distribution to Members.

  47. G. Capper and Various Councillors – Latest Report on RMBC by Louise Casey/Reported Attendance of Borough Councillor Watson at a UKIP Demonstration

    Mr. Capper had now offered his apologies to Members and Borough Councillor Watson for his allegation that Councillor Watson attended a demonstration against the UKIP Party.

  48. Information Commissioner – Data Protection Registration

  49. Sheila Pantry – Prizes for Best Gardens and Scarecrow 2015

    Resolved that the prizes be awarded as the previous year.

  50. Councillor Gregory – Mark Archer Payment

  51. Elaine Tame – Planning Application 2014/1296

  52. RMBC – Public Notice – Abbey School

  53. YLCA – Cemeteries Survey

  54. Councillor Ferris – Meeting Arrangements


  1. RB2015/0086

    Application to fell various trees protected by RMBC Tree Preservation Order No. 1 1972 at West Side Farm Goosecarr Lane for Mr. L Dennis, 57 Storth Lane, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 5QS

    Resolved to offer no objection.



Ferris was consulting with plot holders to find out what type of completion to run for the Waller Cup. There had been some rodent activity but the RMBC Pest Control Officer had attended and the matter was under control. Rob Smith one of the plot holders had recently won an allotment competition run by BBC 2 Television and Members offered their congratulation. Mr. Smith would be giving a talk n his experiences in the village hall.

Village Hall

Greer-Waring reported that the modem/router had been re-sited and Wi-Fi reception was now possible in the main hall.


Leah had prepared a draft strategic plan risk register and circulated copies to members. She explained the method of assessing risk and stated that the next step would be for Members, as a group, to work through the strategic register firstly scoring the risk as presented now and then re-scoring the risk with the control measures, as recommended, in place. She asked that Members consider the draft and forward any amendments/additional risks/projects to be included prior to scoring taking place.

Resolved that Members meet in advance of the next council meeting to review and amend the document.

Leah would suggest appropriate dates for the meeting.


  1. Members were greatly concerned about those sites in the Parish recommended for development by the Borough Council and the impact there would be on the village. The Chairman together with Gregory and White were to meet with the Head of Planning at the Borough Council, when in addition to the sites already put forward either by the Borough Council or private landowners, discussion would take place on the development options for the village.

  2. Ferris had met with representatives from the Church to discuss the possible setting up of a scheme called, “Serving the elderly in Todwick. The next meeting to be held on 24th March when a member from Rotherham Age Concern would be in attendance.

    Leah reminded Members of the Parish Plan action and work that had been previously commenced by John Palmer relating to a Good Neighbour Scheme. She handed over to Councillor Ferris details of those who had previously responded who were in need of help together with those who had indicated their willingness to help.

    Greer-Waring gave details of the 2011 Census figure numbers which may also assist the project.

  3. Northall had together with Councillors Gregory, Leah and White been finalizing arrangements for the opening of the new sports pavilion.

  4. Northall had contacted Hobsons to arrange the coming years planting.

  5. Northall had arranged a plate for the picture kindly donated by Betty Williamson and hung this over the fireplace in the main hall of the village hall.

  6. Greer-Waring and Carter had discussed arrangements for the fun day and decided to hold this on the 21st June.

  7. White gave details of the income received from the solar panels at the village all for the previous year and since they were installed. He estimated that the initial cost of installation would be recovered in another 2.7 years after which any income received over the subsequent 19/20 years will be pure profit. The solar panels just installed on the new Todwick Sports Pavilion would not give quite such a good return since the Feed-In-Tariff has been reduced and an 8 year payback period was anticipated on these.

  8. White reported on progress with the building of the new sports pavilion:

    The shell was completed

    The internal walls were built

    He, Councillor Gregory and Barry Northall were undertaking the decorating in advance of the plumber undertaking his work. The front shutters to the windows and front door should be installed the following day after which the ceiling would be boarded and the electrician could commence his work.

  9. White had made enquiries into providing the defibrillator in memory of the late John Palmer. Total costs including storage cabinet were estimated to be £1545 + VAT but he was submitting a grant application to “Start a Heart” and was hopeful of obtaining 50% contribution towards the cost of the cabinet, approximately £400.

    Resolved that Councillor White arrange to purchase the defibrillator and cabinet and submit the application to “Start a Heart”

    Greer-Waring suggested that any profit from the raffle at the sports day could be donated to offset the cost.

  10. Leah gave details of the latest expenditure/costs associated with the Sports Pavilion project stating that she would be submitting the second claim to Sport England seeking reimbursement within the next few days.

  11. Ferris reported that Jim Tompkin in consultation with the RMBC Public Rights of Way Officer had prepared information to allow the preparation of a circular walk around the village with various drop off points.

    Resolved that RMBC be asked to prepare the artwork at a cost of £264 and to seek further estimates for printing costs.

The meeting was suspended at 8.00 p.m.


  1. John Laycock asked whether the Parish Council was yet prepared to release the Foys Solicitors letter written concerning land of Rayls Rise.

    Members advised that Councillor Hill was leading on this and that his liaison with solicitors at RMBC was not believed to be completed.

    Ferris would speak with Councillor Hill, obtain the latest information and report back to Mr. Laycock.

  2. John Hewitt referred to Council Minute 14/143 and enquired whether the Parish Council had requested a meeting with RMBC concerning the land off Rayls Rise.

    Ferris confirmed that the request had been made but nothing had so far been received from the Borough Council.

    Carter explained that he land was not included in the development proposals covered by the consultation process into the Local Plan and that the Parish Council was aware of the ongoing legal dispute over access to the land.

  3. Ian Newbold had spoken to RMBC Highway Engineers inspecting the area fronting the land at the end of Rayls Rise to assess its suitability for development.

  4. John Hewitt asked for further information concerning Minute 14/148

    Clerk explained that land left open following the A57 improvement scheme had given concern about possible occupation by travellers.

  5. John Hewitt asked about the parish council elections and was informed that these would be held on the 7 May together with Borough Council and National Government elections.

  6. Linda Shepherd reported that the application to extend a property at 20 Manor Way had been refused by the Borough Council and she thanked the Parish Council for submitting its objections which had been taken into account when the decision to refuse had been taken.

Open Session Closed at 8.30 p.m.


Clerk had received information from Councillor Gregory on the number of hours worked by Mark Archer in the month and had written a cheque accordingly.


Clerk had received a report from Councillor Gregory in advance of the meeting:

Councillor Gregory had reported that he had met with Andrew Lee from RMBC on the 6th of February and they were joined towards the end of that meeting by Mr. Barrowclough. This was suggested by Mr. Lee to enable him to address/respond to Mr. Barrowclough’s earlier letter of concern. The reports of the items discussed were as follows:

20 mph Report

The Local Transport Plan has been cut again the consequence of which is that there are no funds available here. It was hoped that some funding might be found through NHS sources, however there had been a change to the position of head of NHS locally which had put their funding in doubt. This impacted on other areas as well as Todwick. It is a plan which RMBC is keen on, as it offers a lot for little true cost in the great scheme.

Speed Sign

There were no details of the vehicle which caused the destruction, consequently there was no prospect of a claim, therefore the cost, circa £5k, falls to RMBC, but they do not have funds available to provide a suitable replacement. Tube surveys carried out by the A57 developers showed that average speeds were between 31-33 mph. This allows RMBC to state that there are no plans at the moment to replace the sign.

Additional surveys would be carried out and the situation reviewed accordingly.

A57 Speed Survey

This had indicated that there were a high percentage of vehicles travelling in the “high 50’s”. The average speed recorded during the survey was 55 mph.

Mobile Signs

Currently RMBC has no one available, after a retirement, to actually install these units. There is a plan to convert them to solar power, which would make siting a much easier process. However they still would need a person, and there was an element of uncertainty. They have four sites planned, and RMBC was reminded that Todwick should be added to that list. Particularly as Kiveton Lane is now exposed.

School Parking

Before attending the school at the appropriate time Mr. Lee made the comment that people do need space to park and that further restrictions are inappropriate as it simply pushes the problem elsewhere. He outlined the critical issues for Mr. Barrowclough’s benefit, these being: costs, accident figures, and time scales.

When outside the school Mr. Lee did appear shocked by what he saw, not just relating to the double yellows but the parking on Mortains. Two other residents happened to be outside their properties and both took advantage of the opportunity to have their say. At one point the traffic was at a total standstill, brought about by vehicles half on the pavement and the road opposite the double yellows. There is no doubt that vehicles parked in such a manner create an obstruction and a suggestion was made that Mr. Lee may wish to draw this to the attention of the police. The same applies to the vehicles parked on Mortains.


No report had been received from Norman Anderson.

Clerk was instructed to request regular reports as previously agreed.


White reported that Councillor Gregory had met with Brenda Palmer who strongly supported the provision of a defibrillator in memory of her late husband.


  1. Container

    White reported that the storage container adjacent to the sports pavilion could soon be removed once it had been cleared out.

    Carter would ascertain whether her father had the necessary machinery to remove it to storage until such time as it could be sold.

  2. Kiveton Medical Practice

    Northall had attended a meeting of the patient’s participation group which had been extremely useful. However she was not a patient of the practice and suggested it would be more appropriate if another member attended these.

    Greer-Waring would attend these meetings in future.

  3. Speed Limit on Goosecarr Lane

    Ferris had received complaints that vehicles continued to speed on Goosecarr Lane and that the 60 mph speed limit had not been reduced since the A57 improvement had been completed even though the main A57 dual carriageway was subject to a 50 mph limit.

    Resolved that the Clerk write to RMBC and seek a reduction of the speed limit.

  4. Area Assembly Meeting

    Ferris and Northall referred to an e-mail concerning the forthcoming Area Assembly Meeting and asking whether anyone would attend.

    Greer-Waring would attend the meeting to represent the Council.

The Meeting Closed at 9.00 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 31st March 2015.