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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 27th January 2015


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris,
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Jeffrey
  • Councillor Leah. – From 8.35 p.m.
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White

J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer

Members of the Public


There were no apologies for non-attendance.


Ordinary Meeting 16th December 2014

The following amendments were made and then the minutes signed as a correct record:



Gregory thanked Councillors Leah, Ferris, Northall and White for undertaking a variety of duties whilst he was out of the country.


The Police and the Neighbourhood watch Group were closely monitoring the person reported as the “nuisance neighbour”.

Budget Meeting 6th January 2015

The following amendments were made and then the minutes signed as a correct record:


Greer-Waring comments were removed and replaced by:

Greer-Waring advised members that due to a variety of circumstances, prompted by the absence of the caretaker, additional keys for the village hall were required for re-allocation and it seemed prudent to request the return of keys from people who do not use them. To her knowledge, it had not previously been customary for Parish Councillors to have keys to the village hall solely in their role as parish councillors.


Jeffrey comments were revised to read:

Jeffrey drew Member’s attention to the revised planning application now submitted in respect of this property. In addition to the removal of one first floor window the fourth bedroom had been re designated as a store room. Near-by residents had contacted the Borough Council Planning Case Officer who had informed that any objection made against the initial application would be considered when the decision was taken whether or not to approve this application.


Ordinary Meeting 16th December 2014


White would speak with the Head-teacher at Wales High School.

Budget Meeting 6th January 2015


Resolved that clarification be sought on the roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee in respect of their roles as custodian and management trustees of the village hall.


  1. Greer-Waring is Vice-chairman of the Village Hall Committee

  2. Hill has a business connection with Hobson Nurseries

  3. Carter has an interest in land recommended for development potential by RMBC and owned a property on Osborne Road.

  4. Leah owns a property which could be directly affected by possible future housing development off Kiveton Lane.

The councillors would not take part in any debate or voting on matters where they had declared an interest.


  1. Sitwell Rotary

  2. Village Planting

  3. Summer Play Camps

  4. Telephone Box


Clerk had

  • Undertaken all his duties and written one welcome to the village letter.

  • Sent an enquiry to the YLCA concerning the latest pension legislation both in regard to the Council’s responsibility and any effect on his existing gratuity.


Clerk reported having written to Barclays Bank on the 2nd January in order to arrange the transfer of monies between accounts. The letter had been countersigned by the Chairman and Councillor White in accordance with the agreement with the Bank. This had been done to ensure sufficient funds were in the Community Account to cover payment of cheques. The transfers had not been made. He had written objecting to this and seeking further information, including up to date statements for each of the accounts. He had subsequently received a letter stating that the transfers had now been made but had not received the statements nor the other information requested. Bank charges amounting to £133.89 were to be levied in February. He had written a letter of objection to this and would inform members of the outcome. It was regretted that for some reason Barclays Bank had not initially agreed to transfer monies between accounts whilst at the same time allowing the withdrawal of monies by cheques signed by the same members and him. The decision by the Bank to levy charges to the Council because of its own inability to carry out the transfer requests was absolutely unacceptable. Members would be aware that this was a further example of Barclay’s poor performance. He would keep Members informed when a response was received to his last letter and any further developments.

Resolved that no further action be taken until Barclays Bank had responded fully to the Clerk’s letters.



Monies received

1. Sport England – Grant


Payments made since last meeting

1. Havenkaye Solar Energy Ltd. – Solar Panel Deposit


2. TR Skips Ltd – Skip at Pavilion


3. Havenkaye Solar Energy Ltd. – Solar Panels


4. Travis Perkins – Pavilion Building Materials


5. AR Pumpcrete – Concrete


6. AIRE Concrete – Concrete


Un-presented cheques

1. Havenkaye Solar Energy Ltd. – Solar Panels


2. Travis Perkins – Pavilion Building Materials


3. AR Pumpcrete – Concrete


4. AIRE Concrete – Concrete


Payments to be made

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rent


2. HMRC – January Tax/NI


3. Yorkshire Water – Allotment Bill


4. J R Walker – January Salary and Expenses


5. BEC – CCTV Repairs


6. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance Works


7. Sitwell Rotary Club – Donation


Bank statement balances following transfers

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and copied to Members:

  1. Yorkshire Water – Transfer of Private Sewage Pumping Stations to Yorkshire Water

  2. RMBC – All Parish Council Liaison Meeting

  3. Todwick Parish Bowling Club – Water Leak

    Gregory Would speak with the Bowling Club Members and request that they arrange repair of the leak.

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various Email Bulletins

  2. RMBC – Various Planning Lists

  3. Rural Action Yorkshire – Latest News

  4. Norman Anderson – TPC Meeting Times 16th December 2014

  5. RMBC Streetpride – Mud on the Highway at Osborne Road

  6. RMBC – Christmas 2014 and New Year 2014/2015 Office Opening

  7. John Hewitt – Green Belt Field LDF0545

  8. YLCA – Harrogate District Parish Council Workshop

  9. RMBC – Events Information

  10. John Hewitt – Daily Mail Article 16/12/14

  11. Councillor White – Parish Network Meeting

  12. Councillor Greer-Waring – Community Matters December Newsletter

  13. RMBC Officer – Mud on the Highway at Osborne Road

  14. Various Councillors – December Minutes

  15. Norman Anderson – December Village Hall Invoice

  16. SYPTE – Stakeholder E-Newsletter – December 2014

  17. Councillor White – Various re Further Expenditure on Pavilion Project

  18. Borough Councillor Jepson – Consultation re Rotherham Growth Plan

  19. YLCA – Local Government Act 1972, Section 137 Limit in Financial Year 2015/2016

  20. Ray Sykes – Further Information re Proposed Loss of Greenbelt Land

  21. RMBC – Revised Planning Application RB2014/1296

  22. Borough Councillor Beck – Waste Collection Update

  23. Councillor Greer-Waring – Information for Budget Meeting

  24. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E Newsletter Number 73

  25. Councillor Greer-Waring – Future Meeting Dates

  26. Jim Tompkin – Todwick Road Pedestrian Provision

  27. Village Hall Management Committee – Letter from Trustees re Hall Keys

  28. Councillor Hill – Apology for Non-attendance at Budget Meeting

  29. Various Councillors and RMBC – Winter Maintenance

  30. RMBC – Parking Problems

  31. Councillors Carter and Greer-Waring – Room Booking at the Village Hall

  32. Various Councillors – Budget Meeting Minutes

  33. Councillors Ferris and White – Strategic Plan

  34. Councillor Ferris – Robbery at Harthill

  35. Various Councillors – Village Hall

  36. RMBC – Speed Sign and Site Meeting

  37. Zurich Insurance – Temporary Cover for PV Panels on New Pavilion Roof

  38. South Yorkshire Police – Events 2015

  39. YLCA – Government Consultation/Referendum Requirements

  40. Councillor Leah – 2013017461 Inspired Facilities Payment Claim for Sports Pavilion

  41. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Water Meter Reading

  42. YLCA – Affordable Rural Housing – A Practical Guide for Parish Councils

  43. Sheila Pantry – Events 2015

  44. Councillor Hill – E-mails

  45. Councillor White – Pavilion Project Cheques

  46. Rural Action Yorkshire – Petition to Help Working for Rural Yorkshire

  47. Councillor Northall – Copy of Council Headed Paper

  48. YLCA – Right to Use Electronic Communication Summons for Council Meetings

  49. Ray Sykes – Comments for Rotherham Growth Plan 2015 to 2025,

  50. Councillor Ferris – BEC Invoice

  51. Councillor Northall – Neighbouring Parish Council Contacts

  52. RMBC – Parish Tax Base and Grants for 2015/16 x 2

  53. Councillor White – Sport England Grant Remittance Advice

  54. Councillor Carter Events 2015

  55. YLCA – Streetscape Flyer

  56. YLCA – Plain English Guide to the Planning System

  57. Ray Sykes – Latest Phase in RMBC Growth Plan 2015 – 2025

  58. Carol Grice & Councillor Carter – Questions re RMBC Todwick North Proposal

  59. Councillor Ferris – All Parish Council Liaison Meeting

  60. Norman Anderson & Councillor Carter – Village Hall Room Occupancy

  61. Councillor White – Village Hall PV Panels/ Quarterly FIT meter reading

  62. Marie Dabell – 25th Jan Bus Changes

  63. RMBC and Councillor Northall – DREAM Project

  64. Various Councillors – Pavilion Project

  65. Councillor Carter – Correspondence

  66. Councillor White – Cheques

  67. Councillor Hill – Attendance at Bank

  68. Councillors Carter, Greer-Waring and Hill – Green Belt Land

  69. Councillor Gregory – Advice and Information

  70. Elaine Tame – Planning App: RB2014/1296 – 20 Manor Way

    Jeffrey reported that local residents were to express their reasons for objecting to the application at the RMBC Planning Board on the 29th January.

  71. Elaine Tame – Planning Report


  1. RB2015/0081

    Single storey front extension at 21 The Meadows for Mr. and Mrs. Gardner

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. Rotherham Growth Plan

    Resolved to object to the proposal to develop the area of land at the north-east corner of the junction of the A57 and Todwick Road, referred to as Site TN20 in the Rotherham Growth Plan:

    To create a large employment site at this location would encroach into the “green-belt” and destroy the character of a small rural village and its environs (historically agricultural in nature). It would destroy wildlife habitat of a wide variety of creatures and be wholly unacceptable, particularly having regard to the catastrophic effect on species such as the Great Crested Newt and Golden Plover.

    There are numerous unoccupied and/or previously developed sites designated for industrial or other employment use nearby which are far more appropriate (e.g. Dinnington West) and where requisite infrastructure and services already exist. All available “brown-field” sites should be fully developed/occupied before consideration is given to developing “green-belt” land.

    Any additional travel to access the motorway/trunk road network from the Dinnington sites would be inconsequential when compared to the negative effect that would inevitably be associated with developing TN20 as suggested.

    Resolved that in addition to communicating the objection to the Borough Council he refer to the very strong opposition to many of the proposals contained in the Growth Plan and ask that the Borough Council urgently arranges a public meeting in the village to allow parishioners and the Parish Council the opportunity to express their objections to the proposals and, further, to develop a more sensible/appropriate development strategy for the area.

The meeting was suspended at 8.10 p.m.


  1. John Hewitt had sent an e-mail to the Clerk and explained in detail the objections he had expressed to the Borough Council concerning the Local Growth Plan and in particular the proposal to develop the green field site at the North-east corner of the A57/Todwick Road Junction.

    Ray Sykes, Carl Kato, Shaun Howe and Ian Rosedale expressed similar objections.

    Chairman explained the Parish Council’s position and referred to the resolution passed earlier in the meeting giving the reasons why the Council would be objecting to the proposals for Site TN20. The Parish Council was also asking that the Borough Council arrange a public meeting where objections from parishioners could be expressed.

    Clerk confirmed that he would submit the objection before the 30th January deadline.

  2. Peter Beevers referred to the poor quality acoustics in the hall. Council Members sitting in a square seating arrangement did not help.

    Those members with their backs to the seated members of the public moved to form a horseshoe arrangement with all members looking at the public.

  3. John Hewitt referred to his previous request to receive a copy of a letter from Foy Solicitors and e-mails between councillors concerning the area of land off Osborne Road.

    Chairman had consulted with the Borough Council’s Senior Solicitor who had now referred this to the officer who dealt with freedom of information requests. Nothing further had been received and documents would only be released if this was the advice given.

Open Session Closed at 8.45 p.m.



White explained progress to date on the building of the new sports pavilion. The floors had been concreted and future works would now focus on the inside of the building – with the exception of the laying of the new drainage – which would be less dependent on the weather.

He was pleased with the quality of the workmanship.

Leah gave details of the finance in respect of the works. £30,390 of the £50,000 grant from Sport England had been received and a total of £40,000 including VAT had been spent to date. In accordance with the grant approval it was necessary for sponsorship plaques to be purchased from Sport England and this would be done shortly. She anticipated the second application for release of grant monies to be made before the February Council Meeting.

Northall was actively pursuing suggestions for those who might be appropriate to formally open the new pavilion at a ceremony to be held at 2.30 p.m. on the 28th March. She gave details of possible arrangements for the day including sporting activities being carried out by young people.

Gregory referred to the January Budget Meeting and the Council’s commitment to complete the new pavilion.


Ferris had received no complaints from plot holders but the RMBC Pest Control Officer was due to attend the site shortly.

He was to contact the plot holders and ascertain whether or not they were in favour of continuing the annual Best Kept Allotment Competition

14/142 PRECEPT 2015/16

Clerk had informed the Borough Council that the total of precept and grant monies required for 2015/16 was £44,400.


Discussion took place on the relative merits of possible housing development sites on the periphery of the village.


  1. Gregory had attended a recent meeting of the Parochial Church Council. It had been suggested that a letter from the vicar, Vicky Camber and a copy of the Parish Magazine might be included with the letter the Clerk sent welcoming new residents to the village. It had also been suggested that the Church and the Parish Council worked together to marry volunteers with those parishioners who were in need of help and support. Appropriate articles might be placed in copies of “The Informer” and “Todwick News”. He was willing to provide the necessary copies of the magazine to the Clerk.

    Resolved that the Clerk include a letter from the Church and a copy of Todwick News with the welcome to the village letter and that liaison take place with the Church to agree a mechanism of working together to provide support for those in the village who were in need.

  2. Chairman had been looking at the existing Standing Orders of the Council and recommended these be reviewed.

    Resolved that the Clerk forward information sent to him by the Chairman detailing the Standing Orders from another parish council.

  3. Ferris and Greer-Waring had attended the Parish Liaison Meeting on the 20th January. They drew Members’ attention to the stipulations concerning the parish elections scheduled for the 7th May. Unusually these would be held concurrently with Borough Council and National Government elections.

    Ferris referred to “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) Packs being particularly useful to those who lived alone. Participants would place a pack giving details of such things as next of kin, medication being taken etc. in the fridge. This would then be easily accessed by anyone attending in an emergency situation.

    Resolved that Brian Yeoman a member of the Lions be invited to speak to Members at 6.30 p.m. on the date of the February Council Meeting

    In future RMBC would hold only one liaison meeting with parish councils rather than the present three. These would be held quarterly.

    The Rural Transport Group had now been disbanded and replaced by the Rotherham Transport Liaison Committee. The next meeting would determine whether to allow parish council representation.

  4. Ferris had arranged repair of the village hall CCTV system in December and the invoice from BEC had now been received.


Gregory confirmed that Mark Archer had carried out some activities in the month and was due a payment of £32.96.


Gregory would meet with RMBC Officers. He suggested 2.30 p.m. on the 6th February as being suitable.

Clerk would make the necessary arrangements.


No report had been received from Norman Anderson.


There were no matters to discuss and the Clerk was instructed to remove this from future agendas.


Gregory had met with John’s widow Brenda who was willing to make a financial contribution to any suitable memorial.

Greer-Waring suggested the purchase of a defibrillator for the new sports pavilion with a suitable plaque.

Gregory would discuss this with Brenda.

Northall was disappointed that particularly considering John’s involvement it had not been possible to allow public access and undertake the works to the Bluebell Wood on Kiveton Lane.


  1. Sitwell Rotary

    Members referred to the Father Christmas Float provided before Christmas. This had been a huge success and well supported by parishioners.

    Resolved to thank Sitwell Rotary and make a donation of £100 to their funds.

  2. Village Planting

    Northall drew Members attention to the need to make arrangements in good time.

    Resolved that the Chairman and Northall make suitable arrangements with Hobson Nurseries.

    Northall would enquire whether planting tubs might be placed in front of the new pavilion for its opening.

  3. Summer Play Camps

    Northall reported that Megactive was no longer in being. She would make further enquiries to see whether there might be other sources for providing activities for young people during the summer vacation.

  4. Telephone Box

    Northall referred to problems being experienced at the telephone box on Goosecarr Lane.

    Resolved that the telephone box door be welded to prevent access and any other works carried out to prevent the ingress of water.

The Meeting Closed at 10.10 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 24th February 2015. Brian Yeoman would attend at 6.30 p.m. to speak to Members about the In Case of Emergency initiative.