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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 30th September 2014


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Greer-Waring – To 8.55 p.m.
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer


An apology for non attendance had been received from Councillors Gregory and Jeffrey.


Ordinary Meeting 29th July 2014

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.


  1. Greer-Waring was Vice-chairman of the Village Hall Committee

  2. Hill had a business connection with Hobson Nurseries

Neither councillor would take part in any voting where they had declared an interest.


  1. There were no urgent items to be considered.


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and had sent out a “Welcome to the village letter”.


Clerk reported:

  1. The external audit had been satisfactorily completed. The Auditor had commented that the 2013/14 grant monies received from RMBC together with the precept monies should have been included in Box 3 (Other Receipts) rather than in Box 2 ( Precept).
  2. £20,000 had been transferred between accounts to cover cheques.
  3. In order to avoid delay he had paid the fee of £97.00 for the Approval of Details Reserved by Condition application from his own funds and had added this to his expenses claim for September.


Monies received

1. British Gas – PV Feed-in Tariff


2. Barclays Bank – Interest


3. RMBC – Half-year Precept & Grant


4. Miss P A Turner – Contribution to Installation of Seat


Payments made since last meeting

1. BDO LLP – Audit Fee


2. J R Walker – Salary/Expenses


3. HMRC – August Tax/NI


4. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


5. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance


6. David Gregory – Councillor Expenses


7. RMBC – Grounds Maintenance


8. Todwick Parish Recreation Ground – Grounds Maintenance


9. Harlequin Building & Landscaping – Building Work


10. RMBC – Play Camps


Un-presented cheques

1. Stapleton’s Lock & Safe


2. Stapleton’s Lock & Safe


Payments to be made

1. Mark Archer – Village Maintenance Works


2. HMRC – Tax/NI


3. RMBC – August Grounds Maintenance


4. Todwick Parish Recreation Ground – August Grounds Maintenance


5. J R Walker – Salary, Expenses and Planning Fee


6. Yorkshire Water – Allotment Bill


7. Meynell-Mix Ltd – Foundation Concrete


8. Bryan Ferris – Councillor Expenses


9. Brian White – Councillor Expenses


10. Hills – Relocation of Container


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and passed to Members:

  1. Anonymous – Todwick Village

  2. British Gas – PV Feed-in Tariff Cheque

  3. BDO – 2013/14 Annual Audit

  4. Rural Action Yorkshire – AGM/Safer, Healthier Communities Event

  5. RMBC – Members Community Leadership Fund

  6. RMBC – Local Plan Consultation

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Alan Turner – TPC Meeting

  2. YLCA and Councillor Hill – The Protection of Registered Village Green

  3. RoSPA – Half Day Training in Routine Playground Inspection

  4. RMBC – Todwick 20 mph Speed Limit

  5. Councillor Hill – John Jeffrey’s Contact Details

  6. Councillors White and Ferris – CCTV Installation

  7. Marie Dabell and Various Councillors – Anonymous Letter

  8. Various Councillors – Donation of Bench (Kiveton Lane/Junction A57)

  9. Norman Anderson – July Parish Council Meeting Times

  10. Various Councillors – July Council Minutes

  11. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Various E-mail Bulletins

  12. RMBC – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  13. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Call to Rotherham Community Group

  14. Norman Anderson – July Council Meeting Invoice

  15. Councillor Leah – Revised Emergency Plan

  16. Various Councillors – Provision of Memorial Seat

  17. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  18. Councillor Northall – Lights Out Campaign

  19. Community Defibrillation Trainer – Defib. News

  20. Councillor Gregory – Lights Out Photographs

  21. RMBC – Various Weekly Planning Lists

  22. Stapleton’s Locks – CCTV Meeting

  23. RMBC – Area Assembly poster

  24. YLCA – White Rose Update

  25. YLCA – Job Description and Person Specification for a Litter Picker

  26. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E Newsletter Number 68

  27. YLCA – Govt. Response to a Transparency Code for Local Councils/Parish Meetings

  28. Councillor Jeffrey – New Contact Details

  29. Marie Dabell and Various Councillors – Transport and Trade in Todwick

  30. Councillor Leah – Pavilion Documents

  31. Jenny Shimwell (Show Secretary) – Harthill & District Garden Association 3 Day Show

  32. Councillor Greer-Waring – Property Guttering

  33. RMBC – Free Session on Legislation Changes and Updates

  34. John Richardson – TPBC Toilet facilities

  35. Norman Anderson – Antisocial Behaviour Figures

  36. RMBC – Closure Notice August 2014

  37. YLCA – Training Sessions

  38. YLCA – Recording of Meetings and Decisions Taken by Officers under Delegation

  39. RMBC and Ray Sykes – Missing Section of Pedestrian Footpath on B6463

  40. Councillors Hill. Greer-Waring, Northall and Carter – A57

  41. RMBC – CAP Questionnaire

  42. SYPTE and Marie Dabell – August and September 2014 Bus Service Changes

  43. YLCA – Training Events for September

  44. Councillor White – Pavilion Project

  45. David Stapleton – CCTV (x 5)

  46. Various Councillors– CCTV

  47. Various Councillors – Broken Speed Sign

  48. Councillor Hill – Unlit Street Lamp

  49. RMBC – Individual Electoral Registration

  50. RMBC – Vehicle Activated Sign

  51. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting

  52. RMBC – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  53. Alan Turner – Todwick Bus Users Issues

  54. Councillor Greer-Waring – A57 Feedback

  55. YLCA – Openness of Local Government Bodies Regs. 2014 – Recording of Meetings

  56. Councillor White – Several re Pavilion Project

  57. Councillor White – Pavilion Project and Bench Job

  58. Sheila Pantry – Concerns About the New A57 Road Around Todwick Area

  59. Councillor s Carter, Greer-Waring, Northall and Hill – Additional September Agenda Item

  60. Various Councillors – September Informer

  61. Councillor White – Cheques

  62. Councillor Greer-Waring and RMBC – CAP Celebration

  63. Councillor Gregory and RMBC – Parking

  64. YLCA – Andrew Towlerton, Local Councils Officer

  65. Councillor Greer-Waring – Improving Your Community Grants

  66. Councillors Greer-Waring and White – Village Hall Maintenance Spread-sheet

  67. YLCA – Service Level Agreement – Bowling Greens

  68. Alan Goy – Improving Your Community Grants

  69. PC Howard Saul – Parking

  70. Councillor White – Installation of Seat

  71. YLCA – White Rose Update Newsletter

  72. RMBC – CAP Event

  73. Councillor Northall – Play Camps in Todwick

  74. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E Newsletter Number 69

  75. Councillor Leah – Various re Pavilion Project H&S + Zero Tax

  76. Councillor Greer-Waring – Fly-tipping

  77. Councillor Carter – Pony Rides Receipt

  78. Councillor White – New Bench

  79. RMBC – Small Environmental Improvement Grants

  80. YLCA – South Yorkshire Branch Meeting

  81. RMBC – Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Condition

  82. Councillor White – Bank Transfer

  83. SYPTE – Energy/cost Saving Initiative – Installation of Timer Switches on Bus Shelters

  84. RMBC – Half-year Precept/Grant

  85. Hi-Tec Print and Councillor Greer-Waring – Todwick Informer Oct 2014

  86. RMBC – Receipt re Planning Application RB2014/1267

  87. Councillor Ferris – Todwick Allotment Trees

  88. Ray Sykes – Todwick Road Footpath

  89. RMBC – Bonfire Night

  90. Councillor Greer-Waring – Buses, Informer and Cats

  91. Councillors Greer-Waring and Northall – Borough Councillor Watson

  92. Councillor Hill – CCTV

  93. RMBC – Bonfire and Displays

  94. Alan Turner – Pavilion Work Accounting

  95. RMBC – Places left on a FREE evening Maths course at Wickersley

  96. Marie Dabell – Todwick Bus Users Issues as Discussed

  97. SYPTE and Marie Dabell – First ‘Have Your Say’ campaign

  98. Councillors Leah and White – Pavilion Issues

  99. Councillor Northall – Recreation Ground

  100. RMBC – Installation of Seat



Non-material amendment to application RB2007/1888 to replace living room with garage, relocate 3 No. Velux windows and add 3 No. Velux at 51A Kiveton Lane for Mr Shaw, 29 Long Lane, Worrall, Sheffield

Resolved to offer no objection.


Demolition of Existing Bungalow and Erection of one new Dwelling-house at 131 Kiveton Lane for Mr. and Mrs. Turner.

Resolved to offer no objection.


Application to remove Condition 03 (windows) imposed by RB2014/0243 at 139 Kiveton Lane

Todwick for Mr Gabriel Tang, 89 Norton Lees Crescent, Sheffield.

Resolved to offer no objection.


First floor rear extension at Cotswold House, 68 Kiveton Lane for Mr. R Memmory.

Resolved to offer no objection.


Single storey side and rear extension at 9 Osborne Road for Mr. and Mrs. I Hodgkin.

Resolved to offer no objection.


Extensions to front and rear at 82 Kiveton Lane for Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Resolved to offer no objection.


Conversion of ancillary living accommodation and office to form one new detached dwelling-house and formation of new means of access at Side Farm Sheffield Road for Mr. A Sales.

Resolved to offer no objection.

Members expressed concern over the dumping of rubbish in the area close to Side Farm, following the completion of the A57 Improvement Scheme and the changes to the road layout. They also discussed the possibility of travellers occupying some of the land here and at the western side of Goosecarr Lane close to the junction with the A57.

Resolved that the Clerk write to RMBC expressing the Parish Council’s concerns.



Ferris reported that:

  1. The Pest Control Officer had visited the site but found little rodent activity.

  2. The works to prune the trees had now been satisfactorily completed.

  3. Hedging works were to commence on the 14 October.

Chairman commented that Myxomatosis had returned and affected rabbits may appear at the site.

Village Hall


  1. Reported that the AGM was to be held on the 1st October.

  2. Reported that the annual accounts had been audited and all was satisfactory.

  3. Reported that the Christmas Fayre was to be held on the 29th November.

  4. Requested a donation from the Council towards a raffle prize to be given at the Fayre.

    Resolved not to make a donation.

    Individual Councillors contribute towards the raffle and/or tombola.


Northall reported that:

  1. The contract with e-on had been renewed on the same basis as the previous year.

  2. It was intended that the Aston Junior Cricket Team play its games on the ground next season but this would be subject to satisfactory inspection of the playing surface by representatives of the league in which the team was to play. RMBC was scarifying the cricket square that week in order to assist.

  3. She had reported instances of Bowling Club Members driving their private vehicles across the ground rather than east of the sports pavilion as they should. On at least one occasion, this had resulted in a vehicle being driven past a group of youngsters playing football and this was clearly wholly unacceptable. The Club had undertaken to ensure that this did not re-occur.

The meeting was suspended at 7.50 p.m.


  1. Marie Dabell gave a resume of the bus services meeting on the 2nd September. Alan Turner had discussed with Kevin Barron MP the dissatisfaction with the inadequacy of those to be provided through Todwick. Every effort was continuing to be made to achieve improvements, despite the attitude adopted by First mainline and the SYPTE.

    Chairman suggested that an approach be made to the Traffic Commissioner in Leeds.

Open Session closed and the meeting was reconvened at 8.20 p.m.


White believed it important to prepare a strategic plan based on the wishes of parishioners.


  1. Greer-Waring had attended the bus meeting in Rotherham with Alan Turner, Marie Dabell, Brenda Waller and Gordon Watson on 2 September. She had also attended a meeting with local MPs Kevin Barron and John Healey at Voluntary Action Rotherham on 15 September. From this meeting it was apparent that there were a lot of groups operating around Rotherham which may be of interest to people in Todwick, both as beneficiaries and volunteers. She would consider what can be done to help raise awareness of the groups and encourage more interaction between VAR and Todwick.

  2. Carter had represented the Parish Council at the photo-shoot by the Sheffield Star attended by those protesting about the reduction in bus services through the village.

  3. White confirmed that the memorial seat donated by Mrs. Turner had now been installed at the junction of Kiveton Lane and the A57. Mrs. Turner had now also donated £200 towards the cost of installing the seat. She had also provided oil to treat the timber which he had applied. Total installation costs had been estimated to amount to £740 but, since slightly less concrete than planned had been used, he had proposed a small reduction to RMBC which was being considered.

    Resolved to thank Mrs. Turner for her donation and contribution to the siting of the seat.

  4. White confirmed that works had commenced to improve and extend the sports pavilion. Foundations had been dug and the concrete had been poured that day. Councillors Leah and himself, together with Barry Northall had cleaned out the pavilion, depositing furniture etc in the storage container in advance of the contractor taking occupancy of the site.

    The container was considered to be in a disgraceful state, full of seemingly unused items from the clubs. These would need to be drastically sorted before transferring to the new pavilion when complete.

    White also thanked the Chairman for arranging and helping to re-site the container.

    Resolved to thank all who had assisted in clearing the site and in particular to Barry Northall for the considerable help he had given.

  5. Leah circulated copies of a financial report into the pavilion project. She and Councillor White were to submit a grant application to the Foyle Foundation to assist with further funding.

  6. Northall/White and other members discussed the condition of the area around the war memorial.

    Resolved to purchase a new wreath, consider the laying of artificial turf to replace the grass and to add the area to the list of tasks to be regularly performed by Mr. Archer, the village maintenance contractor.

  7. The latest edition of “The Informer” had again included a “Spotlight On” article.

    White stated that, whilst he was happy to contribute articles for the Informer relating to group projects, he was not so happy to write about personal life/business achievements. He would much prefer that the achievements of the Council as a whole be highlighted rather than those of individuals.

  8. Carter (on behalf of Greer-Waring who had left the meeting) reported on the concerns of RMBC Councillor Gordon Watson, who had expressed concern on the effects on Todwick as about to be notified via the Development Plan which would be presented to the public on the 13th October. A meeting had been arranged in Dinnington to present the Plan but he was of the opinion that a further meeting in Todwick would be desirable.

    Resolved to support a meeting in the village to consider the Plan and the detailed implications for the village.

    White suggested that, depending on the content of the Development Plan, the matter might be of such importance as to justify the delivery of a flyer to every property in the village, informing them of the content in the Plan and encouraging them to make their comments known to RMBC as appropriate.

  9. Carter (on behalf of Greer-Waring who had left the meeting) reported the poisoning of cats in the Osborne Road area. The Police had a suspect but no arrest had yet been made.

  10. Carter (on behalf of Greer-Waring who had left the meeting) and Northall reported that a remembrance service for all those who had given their lives in the service of their country was to be held in the Church at 9.45 a.m. on the 9th November. This would be followed by a short service at the war memorial and refreshments in the village hall to be provided by the Church. There may also be a small exhibition in the hall.

    Northall would purchase the new wreath and lay this on behalf of the Council.

  11. Northall gave information about the play camps. The number of children attending had increased as they became more aware that these were taking place and consequently more monies had been received towards their cost.

    Resolved to continue to support the camps and to fund as necessary.

  12. Northall had researched the possibility of moving the old telephone box presently sited on Goosecarr Lane since it was very little used in its capacity as a book exchange. There would be numerous difficulties in doing this including possible disintegration of the cast iron frame known to be subject to this when lifted. The electricity supply would have to be disconnected, the existing base removed and the area made good. There would also need to be a suitable position for the box to be sited and various costs in doing this.

    Resolved not to move the telephone box at the present time.


Ferris reported that Mark Archer had undertaken all his duties really well and this had included removing litter fronting the shops and along the whole length of Goosecarr Lane and on Kiveton Lane as far at Kiveton. RMBC were pleased the Parish council was now undertaking this work and had agreed to provide a significant number of plastic bags to help with the disposal.


There were no matters to discuss


A report had been received from Norman Anderson recently and there were no matters to discuss.


There were no matters to discuss

The Meeting Closed at 9.35 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th October 2014.