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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 24th June 2014


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter – To 8.30 p.m.
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Mr. J Swann-Wood


An apology for non attendance had been received from Councillors Leah and Northall.


Ordinary Meeting 27th May 2014

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.


  1. Gregory requested the Clerk to report the Japanese Knotweed present in the highway verge at Goosecarr Lane.

    Resolved that the Clerk report this to RMBC.

  2. Gregory asked that the Clerk inform First Mainline that the response to Council’s request for one bus/hour to be diverted through Todwick.

    Resolved that the Clerk send a further letter to First Mainline.

  3. Gregory asked for Councillors views on the report that Todwick would in future have one guaranteed road sweep as opposed to the current potential of two sweeps but not certainty of any.

    Members were of the opinion that the certainty of one treatment was preferable to not knowing if or when this might be given.


  1. Greer-Waring was Vice-chairman of the Village hall Committee

  2. Hill had a business connection with Hobson Nurseries

Neither councillor would take part in any voting where they had declared an interest.


  1. Trees near the Red Lion.


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and had sent out a “Welcome to the village letter”.


Clerk had sent the relevant documents to the External Auditor as required.



Monies received

1. Barclays Bank – Interest


2. Todwick Parish Council – Receipts from Funday


Un-presented cheques



Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


2. Norman Anderson – Materials for Notice Board


3. HMRC – June Tax/NI


4. Graphic Engineering – Plaque


5. Stapleton’s Lock and Safe – CCTV Camera


Payments to be made

1. J R Walker – Salary & Expenses


2. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Membership Subscription


3. R D Property Maintenance – Installation of Tree Tube


4. Brian White – Councillor Expenses


5. Rodeo Bull UK – Attendance at Event


6. Hannah Esberger-Shepherd – Pony Rides


7. Paul Williamson – Electrical repairs at Bowling Clubhouse


8. Hills – Registration of Land Fees


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and passed to Members:

  1. Norman Anderson – Notice Board Refurbishment

  2. Land Registry – B237 Change of Address Notice

  3. First Group – Local Bus Services

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Marie Dabell – July 2014 Bus Service Changes

  2. SYPTE – Local Bus Services

  3. Councillor Gregory – Local Bus Services

  4. First Group – Local Bus Services

  5. Alan Turner – Bus Service Changes x 2

  6. YLCA – Christmas Tree Information

  7. RMBC – Notice of Result for the 22 May 2014 Local Government Election

  8. Councillor Leah – Pavilion Finances

  9. Councillor Greer – Waring – CCTV Cameras

  10. Councillor Gregory – Road Sweeping

  11. RMBC – Culvert at Goosecarr Lane Rakeable Trash Screen x 3

  12. Councillor Gregory – School Crossing Patrol

  13. Councillor Greer – Waring – Flooding Photographs x 3

  14. Councillor Leah – Community Emergency Plan x 2

  15. Jenny Shimwell – Harthill Garden Trail 28.6.14

  16. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Invoice

  17. Councillor Greer – Waring Code for External AED Cabinet in Todwick

  18. Councillor Greer – Waring – Flooding x 2

  19. Councillor Greer – Waring – May Minutes and June Agenda

  20. YLCA – Database: Contact Details for Council Chairmen

  21. Voluntary Action Rotherham – E mail Bulletin 9: 30 May 2014

  22. Alan Turner – Local Bus Services

  23. Various Councillors – May Minutes x 2

  24. Various Councillors – Road Sweeper x 5

  25. Various Councillors – Coffee Morning x 3

  26. Councillor White – Pavilion Project

  27. Rural Action Yorkshire – Latest e-Bulletin

  28. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists

  29. Various Councillors – Funday Start Time + Tents x 8

  30. Councillor Greer – Waring – Open Evening Red Lion

  31. Councillor Hill – Culvert at Goosecarr Lane – Rakeable Trash Screen x 3

  32. RMBC – Building Regulations Amendments Required for Todwick Sports Pavilion

  33. Alan Turner – Message from Kevin Barron MP/Ben Gilligan First Bus

  34. Councillor Northall – Refurbishment of Notice Board

  35. YLCA – Grass Cutting

  36. Jim Tompkin – Recent Improvement Works on Storth Lane

  37. Various Councillors – Seats x 6

  38. Various Councillors – Plaque for Clive x 7

  39. YLCA – Training Programme June 2014

  40. Councillor Greer – Waring – Email Problem

  41. Councillor White – Land Registry

  42. Councillor Hill – Notice Board Refurbishment

  43. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 10: 6th June 2014

  44. RMBC – Fire Officers Comments for Extension to Sports Pavilion

  45. Councillor Ferris – Pest Control Statement

  46. Sheila Pantry – Funday x 3

  47. Various Councillors – Funday x 6

  48. Lesley Hayes – Thorpe in Bloom

  49. Councillor Greer – Waring – Thorpe in Bloom

  50. Various Councillors – Flooding x 4

  51. Various Councillors – Open Evening Red Lion x 5

  52. RMBC – Weekly Planning List

  53. Councillor Northall – June Meeting

  54. Various Councillors – Christmas Tree Tube & Donated Bench x 9

  55. Terry Calladine – New Bus Service for Todwick x 2

  56. Alan Turner – New Bus Service for Todwick

  57. SYPTE – New Bus Service for Todwick

  58. Marie Dabell – New Bus Service for Todwick

  59. Alan Turner – ATM x 3

  60. Various Councillors – ATM

  61. Alan Turner – The Land Registry x 2

  62. Various Councillors – Allotment Prize Money x 3

  63. Colin Hayes – Thorpe in Bloom

  64. Alan Turner – Potential Council Calendar

  65. Various Councillors – Potential Council Calendar x 3

  66. YLCA – Training Events in June

  67. Various Councillors – Donation of Bench

  68. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 11: 13th June 2014

  69. Various Councillors – CCTV x 7

  70. RMBC Weekly Planning Lists – 09/06/14 to 13/06/14

  71. Various Councillors – Fire Officers Comments re Extension to Sports Pavilion x 7

  72. Councillors Carter and Ferris – Field Next to Allotments

  73. YLCA – Access to Local Council Bank Accounts

  74. Alan Turner – Swing Night September 20th

  75. Councillor Hill – Rakeable Trash Screen x 2

  76. RMBC – Rakeable Trash Screen

  77. Various Members – Chesterfield Canal Trust Membership Renewal x 6

  78. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 12: 20th June 2014

  79. YLCA – Training Sessions for July

  80. YLCA – What Councillors Need to Know Training

  81. RMBC – Provision of Bench x 2

  82. RMBC – Street Nameplate x 4

  83. RMBC – 2014 Additional Government Funding for “Pothole” Repairs

  84. Councillor Greer-Waring – Vehicles Speeding up to Bowling Club

  85. Councillor Hill – Funday Banner

  86. Councillor White – Christmas Tree Tube

  87. Councillor Leah – Apology for Non-attendance at Council Meeting

  88. Various Councillors – Dogs on Recreation Ground x 3

  89. S Y Police – Dogs on Recreation Ground

  90. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists

  91. Sheila Pantry – 2 Funday Pop-up Gazebos and 2 Banners

  92. Various Councillors – 2 Funday Pop-up Gazebos and 2 Banners x 6

  93. BDO LLP – External Audit

  94. Councillor Carter – Apology for Limited Attendance at Council Meeting


  1. RB2014/0738

    Single storey side extension with formation of rooms in roof-space at 46 Kiveton Lane for Mr. G Tang, 89 Norton Lees Crescent, Sheffield, S8 8SQ.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. RB2014/0739

    Listed Building Consent for internal & external alterations to include erection of single storey side extension with rooms in roof-space at 46 Kiveton Lane for Mr. G Tang, 89 Norton Lees Crescent, Sheffield, S8 8SQ.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  3. RB2014/0734

    Two storey rear extension and carport area to front elevation at 6 Kiveton Lane for Mr. R Herberts, 6 Kiveton Lane, Todwick.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  4. RB2014/0809

    Increase in roof height to form two storey dwelling-house including single storey rear extension and chimney to side at 20 Manor Way for Mr S Wilkinson

    Resolved to object to the application.

    The new building would be out of scale in comparison to surrounding properties, was an inappropriate alteration with visually unacceptable aspects and the car parking to be provided was insufficient for a five bedroomed property.

The meeting was suspended at 8.00 p.m.


  1. Mr. J Swann-Wood expressed his objection to the bus service changes to be introduced at the end of July and gave examples of how local bus users would be adversely affected. These included the lack of any direct route to Rotherham Hospital or Dinnington.

    Chairman explained the action taken by the Council which fully supported local bus users in trying to prevent the loss of services to the village. The Clerk had expressed those views in the strongest possible terms to the Passenger Transport Executive and First Mainline. Earlier in the meeting it had been resolved to send a further letter to First Mainline.

    Gregory had taken note of the low number of passengers using the bus services through the village.

Open Session closed and the meeting was reconvened at 8.20 p.m.



Ferris reported that:

  1. The RMBC Pest Control Officer had visited the site and was able to report little rodent activity

  2. He had spoken with the farmer who owned the field adjacent to the allotments wherein stood the tree requiring substantial cutting back

  3. He had spoken further with plot holders concerning the prizes to be offered.

  4. Plot holders had expressed their thanks for the excellent hedging work carried out by Matthew Haywood.


  1. That Councillor Hill consult with suitable contractors on the action to be taken to cut back the offending tree.
  2. That the prizes previously agreed be not awarded and that instead awards consist of:
    1. The awarding of gold, silver, bronze and commendation certificates for best kept plots
    2. Presentation of the Les Waller Cup

Village Hall

Greer-Waring reported that the Christmas Fayre would be held on 29th November and asked that the tree be erected in time. The Parish Council would have a stall and there would be two games for children. She would be preparing the requisite risk assessments.


Gregory reported that:

  1. Three quotations had been received for the improvement and extension of the sports pavilion and discussions were underway with the preferred contractor.

  2. All was progressing satisfactorily with Sport England

  3. Councillor Leah was preparing an exemption from VAT submission.

  4. The recent play camp had been a success although this had clashed with a football training camp. The summer play camp would be held between 21st and 25th July and the summer football camp between 25th July and 1st August.

  5. Fire extinguishers had been checked and a new electrical consumer unit installed in the bowling clubhouse.

  6. He had challenged the owner of a dog on the Recreation Ground. It was obvious that the individual was not in the least bit concerned that he was contravening the prohibition of dogs on the ground. He had subsequently discussed this with an RMBC Environmental Officer and was advised that new legislation would be introduced in October. The Parish Council would then be able to designate the grounds as a dog free zone and prosecute violators.

White reported that further information had been provided to RMBC with regard to the new sports pavilion relating to safety standards in community buildings. These involved slight widening of the access ramps and inclusion of an emergency exit light in the disabled toilet.


There were no further aspects to discuss.


  1. White Had accompanied Ms Anne Turner to select a memorial seat in memory of the late John Topham. Subject to approval from RMBC this was to be sited in the highway verge near the Red Lion. The Parish Council was to pay for the concrete pad on which the bench would be installed and Ms. Turner would pay for purchase and installation of the bench.

  2. Hill had obtained Clive Pantry’s memorial plaque. He would arrange for it to be installed and meet with Sheila to make arrangements for the unveiling of the plaque and memorial garden.


Gregory reported that

  1. All was in place to allow the new village maintenance contractor to commence his duties on 1st July. The contractor would generally be working 3 hours/week on activities identified in advance. Councillor Gregory would be supervising the work and giving any instruction. Councillor Ferris would be undertaking these duties for the months of September, October and November.

  2. Five pallets of bricks had been fenced off and left on the frontage between the Meadows and Pastures Junction and the carpet shop. These were there without permission and needed to be moved. The Clerk was to try to find out who they belonged to and ask for their removal.

White expressed parishioners’ concerns about the quantity of grass cuttings left on highway verges following the recent cutting by RMBC.


Gregory reported that the position of school crossing control person had been applied for and hopefully would be appointed soon.

Greer-Waring had become aware that a school child had nearly been run over on Kiveton Lane. The parent had been told to contact the police because reports such as this were recorded and might prove beneficial in any future assessment of the need for a pedestrian crossing.


Gregory had received thanks from residents and congratulated all concerned with arranging and managing the recent Funday.

Greer-Waring gave feedback on the comments by stall holders and organisations present on the day.


No report had been received. The Clerk was instructed to request that monthly reports be submitted to the Council as previously promised.


There had been no expressions of interest.


  1. Trees near the Red Lion.

    White reported that trees were to be cut down by the farmer who owned the land on the west side of Kiveton lane opposite the Red Lion. These were at the back of the stone planter and near the village sign.

The Meeting Closed at 9.15 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 29th July 2014.