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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 29th April 2014


  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory – In the Chair
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer

Borough Councillor Watson was in attendance at the beginning of the meeting and expressed the pleasure he and his family had experienced when opening the War Memorial and attending the exhibition of memorabilia.

Councillor Hill the Chairman was not in attendance. The Vice-chairman Councillor Gregory was in the Chair.


Apologies had been received from Councillors Ferris, Hill and Leah.



Greer-Waring was the Vice Chairman and not the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.

The amendment was made and the minutes signed as a true record.


  1. 13/183(1)

    Greer-Waring had received further support for the proposal to introduce tennis courts at the recreation ground.

  2. 13/174

    White had assisted with the preparation of detailed plans necessary to obtain Building Regulations permission and had displayed them on side tables for the information of/comments by members. One amendment already made was the enlargement of an access doorway to allow storage of the cricket roller etc. Once all was completed he would forward the drawings and application forms to the Clerk for formal submission to RMBC.

    Members thanked Councillor White for his attention to this.

  3. 13/177(4)

    White was arranging completion of the outstanding works at the war memorial site. These included:

    Straightening and painting a bent bar in the fencing to the village hall

    Cutting and painting protruding bolts used to re-hang the fencing panels

    Cutting the small grassed area was proving problematic and it may be that artificial grass might be more appropriate in the long term.

    Following Councillor Northall’s concerns that this would cause difficulties for those wishing to place crosses in the ground it was decided to monitor the area for some time before deciding on any change.

  4. 13/177(2)

    Gregory had liaised with Hobson Nurseries and discussed the area at the recreation ground to be planted in memory of Clive Pantry. Works would include power washing of the paved area, re-planting, retention of existing bulbs and the provision of a brick on edge edging to protect from over-running by vehicles. Costs would be some £820 + VAT and the area would be regularly maintained thereafter. It was hoped that the dedication ceremony could take place on the day of the Fun Day on the 8 June. He had prepared some words for consideration as being suitable to have on the memorial plaque.


    1. The proposed works be undertaken at the earliest possibility

    2. The wording for the plaque be agreed with Sheila Pantry before placing the order.

The meeting was suspended at 7.30 p.m. and re-convened at 8.00 p.m. on completion of the Annual Assembly


Greer-Waring was Vice Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee.


  1. Japanese Knotweed

  2. Walking Bus

  3. Notice Board at Recreation Ground

  4. The Informer

    Gregory wished this to be discussed earlier in the meeting rather than at the end.


    1. That all Members accept that editorial input into The Informer is accepted without question

    2. That the Editor have at least one Councillor proof read each edition before dispatching to the printers.

    3. That Members accept that whilst every effort is to be made to produce an error free issue there may on occasion be minor errors present

    4. That in future editions consideration be given to adding articles of general interest even if not directly associated with the work of the Council.


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and had sent welcome letters to new residents and signed the RMBC Pest Control Contract.


Clerk reported:

He had submitted the claim for repayment of VAT but this had not yet been received.

The End of Year Accounts had been approved by the Internal Auditor.

The half-year precept monies and reclaimed VAT had not been received when cheques had been written since the last meeting and £1,000 had therefore been transferred from a Business Saver Account to the Community Account to cover those payments.

The half-year and precept monies had now been received at the bank.

Resolved to thank the Internal Auditor Margaret Clark for her work in assisting the Council and to invite her to attend the Summer Fun Day as a guest of the Council.



Monies received

1. Allotment Holders – Rents


2. British Gas – PV Panels


3. RMBC – Half-year Precept


Un-presented cheques

1. YLCA – Subscription Renewal


2. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


3. Brian White – Drinks for War Memorial Exhibition


4. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


5. Land Registry – Village Hall Registration Fee


6. Land Registry – Recreation Ground Registration Fee


7. Haywards Horticulture – Works at Allotments


Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


2. Brian White – Drinks for War Memorial Exhibition


3. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


4. Land Registry – Village Hall Registration Fee


5. Land Registry – Recreation Ground Registration Fee


Payments to be made

1. HMRC – April Tax/NI


2. J R Walker – April Salary & Expenses


3. RD Property Maintenance – Picnic Table/Seats Instillation


4. Zurich Insurance – Renewal Premium


5. David Gregory –Paints for Sports Pavilion and Parking Bay Markings


6. RMBC – Temporary Drinks Licence


7. Rodeo Bull – Deposit


8. Rebecca Carter – Food a War Memorial Exhibition


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Correspondence Received by Post:

  1. RMBC – Pest Control Contract

  2. RMBC – Parish Network Meeting

  3. David Cameron MP – Tax Cuts for Businesses

  4. Gloria Sherburn – Loan of Display Boards

    Resolved to loan the Council’s display boards to Brampton Bierlow Church.

Correspondence Received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt: The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Norman Anderson – Active Otago

  2. Councillor White – War Memorial

  3. Councillor White – Litter Posters

  4. Councillor White – Major Incident at Street Lighting Cabling Works

  5. RMBC – Dog Chipping Events

  6. Councillor White – Dog Chipping Events

  7. Councillor Greer-Waring – Dog Chipping Events

  8. Norman Anderson – Burglaries

  9. Councillor Ferris – Burglaries

  10. Sheila Pantry – Burglaries

  11. Councillor White – March Minutes

  12. Councillor Gregory – March Minutes

  13. Councillor Northall – March Minutes

  14. Councillor Carter – March Minutes

  15. Councillor Leah – Police Issues

  16. Councillor Leah – March Minutes

  17. Councillor Carter – Police Issues

  18. Councillor Ferris – March Minutes

  19. Rural Action Yorkshire – New-look Rural Action Yorkshire E Bulletin

  20. Councillor Northall – Asbestos

  21. Norman Anderson – Todwick War Memorial

  22. Councillor Gregory – Receipts

  23. Councillor Northall – Asbestos

  24. RMBC – Reports to Streetpride Connect

  25. RMBC – Dog Fouling on the Highway

  26. RMBC – Dog Fouling on the Highway

  27. NALC – Policy Review Survey 2014

  28. Councillor Gregory – Receipts

  29. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Rent

  30. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists

  31. Councillor Northall – Storth Lane

  32. RMBC – Parish Councillor Confirmation

  33. Councillor Hill – Storth Lane

  34. Councillor Hill – Invoices

  35. RMBC – Dog Fouling

  36. Councillor Ferris – Youths/Drugs, Fly Tipping

  37. Councillor Northall – Youths/Drugs, Fly Tipping

  38. Dinnington St John’s Town Council – Town Clerk Vacancy

  39. Zurich Insurance – Additional Cover

  40. Councillor Northall – Worksop Guardian Article

  41. Councillor Northall – April Meeting

  42. Councillor Northall – April Meeting

  43. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 01 – 4th April 2014

  44. Elaine Tame – War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony and Exhibition

  45. Councillor Gregory – Invoice Details

  46. Councillor Ferris – Pest Control Contract

  47. Ray Sykes – Problem Parking at Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane

  48. Councillor White – War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony and Exhibition

  49. Councillor Ferris – Pest Control Contract

  50. Councillor White – War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony and Exhibition

  51. Councillor Northall – War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony and Exhibition

  52. Borough Councillor Watson – Problem Parking at Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane

  53. Councillor Northall – War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony and Exhibition

  54. NALC – Booking Making Localism Work Conferences

  55. Chesterfield Canal Trust – E: Newsletter Number 63

  56. Councillor White – Village Sign

  57. Councillor Carter – Problem Parking at Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane

  58. Councillor Ferris – Internal Audit

  59. YLCA – National Fracking Conference

  60. Councillor White – Problem Parking at Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane

  61. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists

  62. YLCA – Service Changes to Bus Services in South Yorkshire

  63. YLCA – Proposed Legislative Reform Order to Make it Easier to Create a Local Council

  64. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Rents

  65. Councillor Hill – Land Registry

  66. Councillor Ferris – Work at Allotments

  67. Councillor Ferris – Accounts

  68. RMBC – Parish Network Meeting 15 April

  69. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 02: 11th April 2014

  70. Councillor White – “Informer” Article

  71. Councillor Gregory – Sport England Grant

  72. Councillor Greer-Waring – Sport England Grant

  73. Councillor Northall – Sport England Grant

  74. Councillor Carter – Sport England Grant

  75. Councillor Carter – Worksop Guardian

  76. Councillor Hill – Worksop Guardian

  77. Councillor Hill – Sport England Grant

  78. RMBC – Local Government and European Parliamentary Elections on 22 May 2014

  79. Councillor Hill – Bank Transfer

  80. Councillor Hill – Worksop Guardian

  81. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Hedge

  82. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Hedge

  83. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Hedge

  84. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Hedge

  85. Councillor White – Photographs for Worksop Guardian Article

  86. Councillor Gregory – Copy Bank Statements

  87. YLCA – SY Branch Chairman/Vice-Chairman/Representatives to Joint Committee

  88. Councillor Gregory – Worksop Guardian Article

  89. Councillor Ferris – Safety Risk Major Tree at Todwick Allotment Plots 18 and 19

  90. YLCA – White Rose Update

  91. Councillor Hill – Plaque

  92. Councillor Hill – Tribute to Clive Pantry

  93. Councillor Gregory – Tribute to Clive Pantry

  94. Councillor White – Builders

  95. Councillor Northall – Tribute to Clive Pantry

  96. Councillor Hill – Land Registry

  97. Councillor Hill – Tribute to Clive Pantry

  98. Councillor White – British Gas Feed-In-Tariff Reading

  99. Councillor Gregory – Invoice for Recreation Bench Installs

  100. Councillor White – May Informer

  101. Councillor Northall – May Informer

  102. Councillor White – May Informer

  103. Councillor Carter – May Informer

  104. Councillor Ferris – May Informer

  105. Norman Anderson – Email from Todwick Village Hall

  106. Councillor White – Recreation Ground Benches

  107. Councillor Leah – May Informer

  108. Councillor Hill – May Informer

  109. Councillor White – May Informer

  110. Councillor Northall – May Informer

  111. Councillor Northall – May Informer

  112. Councillor White – May Informer

  113. Councillor Greer-Waring – May Informer

  114. Councillor Northall – May Informer

  115. Councillor White – May Informer

  116. Councillor Northall – May Informer

  117. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists – 14/04/14:18/04/14

  118. Councillor Northall – Best Wishes to Clerk

  119. RMBC – Closure Notice – May Day Bank Holiday

  120. Councillor White – Cheques

  121. Councillor White – Building Regulations

  122. Councillor Hill – Apologies & May Informer

  123. Councillor Ferris – Apologies

  124. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 3: 17th April 2014

  125. NALC – Government Minister Brandon Lewis MP to Headline at Harrogate Conference

  126. Councillor Hill – Rake Back Grill at Drain on Goosecarr Lane

  127. Councillor Leah – Apologies

  128. Councillor Hill – Clive’s Garden

  129. Councillor Hill – Cheques

  130. RMBC – Councillor Leah

  131. YLCA – White Rose Update

  132. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Census Results and Immigration Trends for Rotherham

  133. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 4: 25th April 2014

  134. Councillor Hill – Clive’s Garden

  135. RMBC – Weekly Planning Lists

  136. Councillor White – Cheques

  137. RMBC – Coalfields Regeneration Trust Grants Information

  138. Understanding ModernGov – A Guide to Public Sector Tendering & Procurement

  139. RMBC – Precept 2014/15

  140. Councillor Greer-Waring – Meeting Notes



Two storey rear extension and removal of chimney stack at 39 Goosecarr Lane for Mr S Cocking.

Resolved to offer no objection.



Ferris was not in attendance but had sent a report to the Clerk:

  1. All rents had now been received and paid into the Bank.

  2. Two allotments were presently vacant he was to let them to those on the waiting list.

  3. The hedge had been cut and the front area tidied up. He had received a complaint regarding the cutting of the hedge during the nesting season (1st March – 31 August) but had been able to confirm that cutting was permitted providing checking is carried out prior to cutting and that are no birds nests found. He would always ensure this action was taken in the future.

  4. No reply had been received from Charles Mullins at RMBC regarding the TPO on the unsafe tree and the Clerk had written seek an urgent response.

Resolved that the prizes for best kept allotment be increased to £50 1st prize, £30 second prize and £20 for third prize.

Village Hall

Greer-Waring reported that it was possible to provide an additional two CCTV cameras at the village hall to cover the war memorial and the Kiveton Lane access to the hall.

Resolved to purchase two additional CCTV cameras at a cost of some £628.28 + VAT

Recreation Ground

Gregory reported

  1. The access gates had been painted as had the parking bay markings with the assistance of Mr. Greer-Waring.

  2. Sport England had approved the grant application in the sum of £50,000

  3. The two picnic benches had been installed and were being well used

  4. New basketball nets had been provided at the recreation ground and also the children’s playground

  5. The sports pavilion had been cleaned with the assistance of Mrs. Gregory and Mr. Northall

  6. The user groups had been informed of the grant approval and were very supportive of the Council’s initiative. Various options to increase funding were being considered.

  7. There had been instances of near collision of vehicles on the roadway at the entrance from Goosecarr Lane. He circulated details of speed humps which he recommended be installed.

  8. Electrical inspection had identified the need to replace the consumer unit at the bowling club pavilion and he sought approval to instruct the necessary work.


  1. That the Clerk seek advice from RMBC on the provision of speed humps.

  2. To instruct the installation of a new consumer unit at the bowling pavilion without delay.


Gregory referred to the many recent achievements by the Council many of which were in direct response to the consultation process and information contained in the Plan. He reiterated Councillor Leah’s previous proposal that it was now time to consider future strategic planning in the interests of the community.


  1. Carter had spoken with the owner of the land to the south-west of Goosecarr Lane i.e. north-east of the recreation ground. The owner was not presently prepared to sell the land to the Council but undertook to give the Council the opportunity to purchase should he wish to do so in the future.

  2. White gave details of the proposed extension to the sports pavilion and the proposed submission of plans for Building Regulations approval.


  1. Gregory had prepared person specification etc and time informed that Wales Parish Council was unable to provide assistance but he had spoken with the Head of Streetpride at RMBC who was prepared to help in finding an appropriate person to undertake the required duties.

  2. White reported that Todwick Property Services had carried out the repairs to the brick planters fronting the shops at the Pastures and Ken Kipling the owner had carried out the work free of charge.

    Resolved to thank all at Todwick Property Services for their generosity.


Clerk would ascertain from RMBC when the 20 mph speed limit might be introduced.


Greer-Waring reported that recent posts had been viewed by up to 617 people. The number of “likes” for the Parish Council’s Facebook Page was rising slowly but steadily. No comments had been received on any of the posts.


Carter and Greer-Waring reported on progress being made in organizing the additional activities for the Fun Day. A professional Company has been hired to provide and run the ‘beer tent’.

Resolved to pay £21 for a temporary drinks license and £100 deposit for the rodeo bull.


No report had been received.


No expressions of interest had yet been received.

The vacancy was to be advertised in the next edition of “The Informer”.


  1. Japanese Knotweed

    White had received a report of the presence of this invasive plant on the Goosecarr lane grass verges from Christine White.

    Clerk would report to RMBC.

  2. Walking Bus

    White had liaised with the Sue Oakes the Head-teacher at the school who was an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative. She had contacted RMBC and Ellie Coot would give every assistance such as providing appropriate safety clothing. An answer on the viability of providing a route to/from Goosecarr Lane and another to/from the Church Car Park was anticipated shortly.

  3. Recreation Ground Notice Board

    Northall suggested a notice board be erected at the recreation ground.

Meeting Closed at 9.55 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 27th May 2014.