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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 17th December 2013


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Housley (open session)

Members and the Clerk observed a minutes silence in memory of Councillor Clive Pantry who had so regrettably died the previous day.


Apologies had been received from Councillor Ferris and Borough Councillor Watson


26th November 2013

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record


  1. 13/83 Defibrillator Cabinet

    White reported that the defective cabinet had been replaced. The new one was lockable and sound but still had faults.

  2. 13/102 Allotments

    White had spoken with the contractor for the A57 Improvement Scheme who had very generously offered to deliver free of charge a 20 tonne load of road planings to the allotment site that Thursday.

    Gregory asked that any surplus be retained for use at the recreation ground.

  3. 13/102 Recreation Ground

    White reported that he had completed the drawings and documentation for the planning application relating to the extension and refurbishment of the pavilion and which the Clerk had posted earlier that day.

  4. 13/103 Youth Council

    White had attended the awards ceremony at Wales High School. He had been unable to speak with Mr. McKee on the night but anticipated contacting him shortly.

    Northall related her experiences in the recent past when she had spoken with teachers at the School but had not pursued further because of the non-availability of the village hall for youth events and advice given by youth workers at Kiveton Youth Club.

  5. 13/106 Public Seats

    White had re-built, painted and re-fixed the memorial plaque to the bench from the corner of The Pastures and Kiveton Lane. He would be re-siting it once the war memorial area was complete.

  6. 13/83 Emergency Plan

    Leah had circulated a draft of the revised plan and asked members to inform her of any necessary additions/amendments. Once completed the Clerk would submit to RMBC.

  7. Councillor Pantry

    Leah informed on support given on the morning of the very sad death of Councillor Pantry.

    Members and the Clerk related the tremendous contribution he had made to the Parish Council and village affairs generally.

    Resolved that a tribute be placed on the Todwick Village Web Site.


Greer-Waring and Northall were members of the village hall committee.


  1. Power Cuts


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and sent welcome letters to new residents.




Monies received


1. Barclays Bank – Interest


Un-presented cheques


1. Mr. Brian White – Councillor Expenses


Payments made since last meeting


1. Jewson – Hardwood Seat Slats


2. Hi-Tec Print – “Informer” Printing


3. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


Payments to be made


1. HMRC – December Tax/NI


2. RMBC – Nov. Grounds Maintenance


3. Todwick Parish Rec. Grd. – Nov. Grounds Maintenance


4. J R Walker – December Salary & Expenses


5. RMBC – Planning Fee


6. David Gregory – Litter Pick Expenses


7. Brian White – Councillor Expenses


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and passed to Members.

  1. Rotherham Holiday Aid – AGM and Request for Support

  2. Vanessa Evans – Request for Information

    White had been through the church parish records but had been unable to find any reference to the family referred to. He would have another check and inform the Clerk should he discover something.

    Clerk would inform Vanessa Evans.

  3. Highways Agency – M1 Smart Motorways

    Resolved that a suitable item be placed on the Todwick Web Site.

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Various Councillors – Bus Services

  2. Councillor Gregory – RB2012/1654

  3. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter Number 58

  4. Marie Dabell – Bus Changes

  5. Councillor White – Article in “The Star” Newspaper

  6. Alan Turner – Todwick Buses

  7. RMBC – On-Street Parking – Kiveton Lane, Todwick

  8. RMBC – Copy of Electoral Roll

  9. Councillor Leah – Copy of Electoral Roll

  10. Councillor Leah – Notes from Open Session

  11. RMBC – A57 between J31 of the M1 and Anston

  12. RMBC – Bagged Rock Salt

  13. Norman Anderson – Rents Invoice

  14. Mr. Malia – Bus Services

  15. Sheila Pantry – A57 between Junction 31 of the M1 and Anston

  16. Various Councillors – “The Informer” and Flyers

  17. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin No. 35: 29th November 2013

  18. YLCA – Local Government Act 1972 Section 137 Expenditure Limit 2014/2015

  19. Councillor Greer-Waring – Parish Council Inclusion on “Facebook”

  20. Councillor White – Objection to Parish Council Inclusion on “Facebook”

  21. Councillor Greer-Waring – Informer & Urgent Flyer and other things

  22. Sheila Pantry – Buses and Kevin Barron MP

  23. Various Councillors – Objections/Comments re Proposed Bus Service Changes

  24. Councillor Pantry – Buses Additional Point

  25. Councillor White – British Gas Feed-In-Tariff Meter Reading

  26. Various Councillors – Minutes and Agenda

  27. Councillor Leah – Contracts

  28. Various Councillors & RMBC Councillor Watson – Proposed Bus Service Changes

  29. Sheila Pantry – Objections/Comments re Proposed Bus Service Changes

  30. Councillor Gregory – VAT

  31. RMBC – Parking on Kiveton Lane

  32. RMBC – Closure Notice

  33. RMBC – Declaration of Interests Update

  34. SYPTE – Rotherham Bus Partnership Consultation

  35. Sheila Pantry – Buses

  36. Councillors Greer-Waring & White – Defibrillator

  37. Bramley Parish Council – Council Tax Benefit Support Grant

  38. Brinsworth Parish Council – Council Tax Benefit Support Grant

  39. Councillor Greer-Waring – Council Tax Benefit Support Grant

  40. Councillor Greer-Waring – Objections/Comments re Proposed Bus Service Changes

  41. RMBC Councillor Beck – Objections/Comments re Proposed Bus Service Changes

  42. Sheila Pantry – Bus Services Petition

  43. SYPTE – Rotherham Bus Partnership Consultation

  44. Councillors Ferris, Hill & Northall – John Topham Memorial Seat

  45. Councillor White – Planning Permission for New Pavilion

  46. Councillor White – Memorial Site and Christmas Tree

  47. Sheila Pantry – Minutes & Agenda on Web Site

  48. Councillor Leah – Pavilion Grant : Documents Required

  49. Councillor Hill – Parking on Kiveton Lane

  50. Councillor Hill – Fencing to Mary Gregory Children’s Play Park

  51. Mr. Ray Sykes – Problem Parking at Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane

  52. YLCA – Future of Local Audit : Draft Regulations Consultation

  53. RMBC – Council Tax Support Grant Allocations 2014/15

  54. YLCA – White Rose Update December Edition

  55. Thurcroft Parish Council – Council Tax Benefit Support Grant

  56. Councillor Carter – Supply of Christmas Tree

  57. Various Councillors – Supply of Christmas Tree

  58. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 36: 6th December 2013

  59. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Provision for Christmas Support

  60. Councillors Greer-Waring, Pantry & White – Council Tax Support Grant Allocations

  61. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Cracks

  62. Councillors Hill, Leah & White – Village Hall Cracks

  63. Councillors Northall & White – Fencing to Mary Gregory Children’s Play Park

  64. Councillor Leah – Letter re Grant Application

  65. Clerk to Laughton Parish Council – Change of Clerk’s Details

  66. Sheila Pantry – Bus Proposals: Letter from SYPTE via Kevin Barron MP

  67. RMBC – Parish Meeting

  68. Councillor Hill – MGG Children’s Play Park Boundaries

  69. Councillor White – Council Tax Benefit Support Grant

  70. Councillor White – Village Hall Cracks

  71. Sheila Pantry – Buses

  72. Alan Turner – Buses

  73. Councillor White – Parish Meeting

  74. Councillor White – Christmas Tree & Lights

  75. Crime Reduction Project Officer – Stolen Quad Bike

  76. Chris and John Rodley – New Email Address

  77. Councillor White – Mary Gregory Park Fencing

  78. RMBC – Problem Parking at the Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane.

  79. Mr. Ray Sykes – Problem Parking at the Junction of Mortains and Kiveton Lane.

  80. Councillors Gregory, Greer-Waring, Northall and White – Planning Application

  81. Sheila Pantry – South Rotherham Rural Transport Users Group

  82. Councillor Hill – Parking Problems at Mortains/Kiveton Lane

  83. Councillor Northall – Walking Bus Scheme

  84. Councillor Ferris/Richard Moyse – Dangerous Tree

  85. YLCA – Outdoor Gym Equipment

  86. Councillor Hill – MGG Children’s Play Park Boundaries

  87. Councillor Leah – South Rotherham Rural Transport Users Group

  88. RMBC – Planning Fees

  89. Colin Savage – Footpath 22

  90. Councillors Northall and White – Further re Planning Application

  91. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 37: 13th December 2013

  92. Councillor Hill – MGG Children’s Play Park Boundaries

  93. Colin Savage – Christmas Wishes

  94. Sheila Pantry – South Rotherham Rural Transport Users Group

  95. Councillor Leah – South Rotherham Rural Transport Users Group

  96. Councillor White – British Gas Feed-In-Tariff Meter Reading

  97. Borough Councillor Watson – Apologies for Non-attendance at Meeting

  98. RMBC – Dangerous Tree

  99. RMBC – Storth Lane

  100. RMBC – Parish Meeting Minutes

  101. Councillor Ferris – Apologies for Non –attendance at Meeting + Allotments Information

  102. Councillors Greer-Waring & Northall – Councillor Pantry

  103. Councillor White – Road Planings

  104. RMBC – Notice of Casual Vacancy


  1. RB2013/1598

    Erection of dwelling at land adjacent to 39 Goosecarr Lane for Mr. N Loukes.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. Greer-Waring/Northall gave details of a property under construction to the rear of the carpet shop at The Pastures which appeared to be to a design not complying with the approved planning application. A resident had complained the RMBC about this but had received no reply.

    Clerk would report the matter to the Borough Council and request enforcement action be taken as necessary.


Village Hall

Greer-Waring The Christmas Fayre was held on 7th December and made a profit of around £1,800. The attendance to see Father Christmas was a very poor 13 children. Consideration was being given as to how to re-invigorate the fayre so that it appealed to a wider audience. The Raffle had been a big earner and she thanked everyone who had sold tickets and donated prizes.

The Committee was looking at planning the events for 2014 and had provisionally set Saturday 29th November as the date for next year’s Christmas event.

Northall suggested that in future an article be included in “The Informer” which might increase raffle ticket sales.

The Defibrillator training had been held on Thursday 12th December with an attendance of around 15 people. This was fewer than had been hoped for but everyone who did come along seemed genuinely interested and pleased that there was now a defibrillator in the village. More people had expressed an interest in the Heart Start Scheme so I she would be pursuing that further, in the New Year. She wished to place on record a big thank you to Warren Bostock of YAS for running the training.

Shoe-boxes had been donated for the Homeless via the Cathedral Archer Project. It had been a very good response considering that it had been quite a last minute thing and not widely advertised. It showed that people did read “The Informer”. She had taken a total of 26 boxes (8 of those were from the Church) to the Cathedral in Sheffield where they had been very much appreciated.

Recreation Ground

Gregory reported that the grant application to Sport England had been made and thanked Councillors Leah and White for their invaluable assistance. Draft letters had been prepared for submission to other granting bodies if required.

The sign had been replaced in the play park and he thanked Councillor Hill for arranging this.

A complaint had been received concerning the erection of a gazebo at the far end of the recreation ground and wheel tracks being found across the cricket field. Those thought to have been responsible had been spoken to and assurances given that it would not happen again.

He had observed lights on and the sports pavilion entrance door left open on the previous Saturday. He had already spoken with the Junior Football Club about this and would be referring to both events at the user group meeting to be held in January 2014.

Children’s Playground

Chairman had inspected the perimeter fencing. He would obtain the necessary forms and complete the necessary documentation to obtain the release of the land certificate now the 25 year restriction and mortgage in favour of the Church imposed at the time of sale had now expired.

The meeting was suspended at 8.05 p.m.


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Housley enquired as to whether anything further had been heard following the submission of the letter and petition concerning the proposed changes to bus services. Whilst travelling on the 17.14 hrs bus service from Pond Street they had noticed a SYPTE employee recording the number of passengers and their point of alighting or leaving the bus.

    Gregory/Clerk were able to confirm that nothing in addition to the confirmation of receipt of the Parish Council letter and enclosures had yet been received. Research would be continuing to record the accurate picture of usage etc.

The Open Session Closed at 8.15 p.m.


  1. Resolved to thank Councillors Ferris and White for erecting the Christmas tree outside the village hall, to Councillor Carter and her father for arranging delivery and to John and Roy Parker at Sunny Bank farm for supplying the tree free of charge.

  2. Leah raised the issue of the walking-bus scheme considered as part of the parish plan. If introduced and following the proposed introduction of waiting restrictions, it could potentially remove the on-street parking problems caused by those taking their children to/from the school.

    White would discuss this with the head-teacher at the school, once the waiting restrictions were in place, and ask her to promote this initiative.


  1. White had attended the RVS parishes meeting which was now to be re-launched with only committed parish councils taking part. The Clerk to Anston Parish Council was to chair and provide secretarial services for future meetings. He would continue to attend so long as the meetings continued to be of value and re-circulate the latest terms of reference.

  2. Leah had spoken with Sheila Pantry. A meeting between her and Members would be held in the New Year to discuss the potential of incorporating additional activities into the 2014 “Fun Day”.

    Carter suggested some discussion with parents who may be able to suggest the inclusion of some different activities.


Northall had made several unsuccessful attempts to contact J Rotherham and so was unable to say when the memorial might be completed/delivered.


Gregory had heard nothing yet from either Aston or Wales Parish Councils concerning the possible use of their services.


Gregory reported that the notification of the introduction of the waiting restrictions was underway.

Resolved that Mr. Sykes and PC Dimelow be informed of the situation.


Hill had consulted with structural engineers and obtained quotations for the carrying out of inspections to try and identify the causes of the defects now to be seen.

Resolved to fund the inspection and preparation of a structural report to the value of £350 + VAT.

Leah had consulted with the Rev. Bliss who was forwarding all the information he had retained concerning the extension and refurbishment of the hall.


There was nothing further to discuss.

Resolved that this be taken off future meeting agendas.


Resolved to defer discussion until the January 2014 meeting.


  1. Power Cuts

    Chairman had received a report concerning the frequency of power cuts in the village when compared to those nearby.

    Members were aware of the recent cut but did not believe Todwick suffered more than neighbouring villages.

Meeting Closed at 9.00 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th January 2014.