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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 29th October 2013


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Seven Parishioners


An apology had been received from Councillor Pantry.

Borough Councillor Watson had informed that he would be unable to attend.

13/73 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – 24 September 2013

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record


There were no matters arising.


Greer-Waring was the chairman of the village hall committee, declared an interest and would not participate in any relevant vote at the meeting.


No urgent items were suggested.


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting.




Monies received

1. RMBC – Second Half-Year Precept


Un-presented cheques

1. Todwick Village Hall


2. Mr. Brian White




Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


Payments to be made

1. Todwick Parish Recreation Ground – Grounds Maintenance


2. RMBC – Grounds Maintenance


3. HMRC – October Tax/NI


4. J R Walker – Salary/Expenses


5. Mr. Brian White – Seat refurbishment materials and Councillor Expenses


6. Mr. David Gregory – Training and Conference Expenses


7. Wales High School – Prize


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and passed to Members.

  1. RMBC – Parish Network Meeting

  2. RMBC – Winter Maintenance

  3. Valuation Officer – Non Domestic Rating List

  4. SYPTE – Rotherham Bus Partnership Consultation

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. RMBC – Flooding and Pothole Fronting the Todwick News Agency

  2. SY Police/Sheila Pantry – Parish Council Newsletter for Todwick and Police Information

  3. Sheila Pantry – Flooding and Pothole Fronting the Todwick News Agency

  4. Sheila Pantry – Highway Maintenance Action by RMBC

  5. Various Councillors – Highway Maintenance in Todwick Parish

  6. Redcare BT – Todwick CCTV

  7. RMBC Chief Executive – Highway Maintenance

  8. Councillors Greer-Waring and White – Defibrillator Information

  9. Councillor Pantry – September Minutes Amendments and October 2014 Agenda Items

  10. Councillors Greer-Waring, Northall and White – Purchase of Defibrillator

  11. Various Councillors – September Minutes and October Agenda

  12. YLCA – Information Note for w.e. 27 September 2013

  13. YLCA – Guidance on Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests

  14. Norman Anderson – Village Hall Invoice

  15. Councillor Gregory – Traffic Issues

  16. RMBC – Highway Maintenance in Todwick

  17. RMBC – Area Assembly Meeting Minutes

  18. Various Councillors – Sept ember Minutes Amendments and October 2013 Agenda Items

  19. Sheila Pantry – Sept Minutes Amendments and October 2013 Agenda Items

  20. RMBC – 2014/2015 Proposed Highway Maintenance Works Programme – Consultation

  21. YLCA – Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Training Partnership Conference

  22. YLCA – Participatory Budgeting

  23. YLCA – August Edition of White Rose Update

  24. Various Councillors – 2014/2015 Proposed Highway Maintenance Works Programme

  25. Councillor Hill – Corner Site for War Memorial

  26. Sheila Pantry – Corner Site for War Memorial

  27. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 4th October 2013

  28. RMBC – Community Infrastructure Levy Training: Note of Q&A’s

  29. RMBC – Highway Maintenance Reply to Complaints

  30. Councillor Greer-Waring and Various Councillors – Defibrillator and External Cabinet

  31. Councillor Hill – Further Information re Corner Site for War Memorial

  32. Sheila Pantry – Defibrillator and External Cabinet

  33. YLCA – Finance & Budgeting Seminar – 17 Oct

  34. Councillor Hill – Village Hall Agenda Item

  35. YLCA – Training Programme, November 2013 to January 2014

  36. Inside Government – The Planning Inspectorate Explain Planning for Sustainable Growth

  37. Councillor White – War Memorial

  38. RMBC – Healthwatch and Parish Newsletters

  39. RMBC – Planned LED Replacement Programme

  40. RMBC – Improvements to Streetpride Service Communications

  41. Councillor Gregory – Planned LED Replacement Programme

  42. Councillor Northall – War Memorial

  43. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 28 of 11th October 2013

  44. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter Number 55

  45. RMBC – Receipt for Payment of Discharge of Planning Conditions for RB2013/1376

  46. RMBC – Acknowledgement Letter re Discharge of Planning Conditions for RB2013/1376

  47. Councillors Hill and Northall – Corner Site at Village Hall

  48. Councillor Gregory – Planning Issues: New Building at Recreation Ground

  49. SYPTE – October 2013 Bus Service Changes

  50. Sheila Pantry – 5 Burglaries in Todwick Over 2 Days

  51. RMBC – New Building at Recreation Ground re RB2012/1654

  52. Councillor Greer-Waring – VAT Invoice

  53. YLCA – Standing for Election in the UK: Consultation Paper

  54. YLCA – NALC 2012-2013 Annual Report

  55. RMBC – Transport Issues

    Resolved that the Clerk report defective speed humps on The Meadows and weeds in the carriageway channels on Goosecarr Lane to RMBC.

  56. YLCA – New Publication: Local Councils Explained

  57. YLCA – Information Note for Week Ending 18 October 2013

  58. Rotherham Bus Partnership – Drop in Events

  59. RMBC – Scrutiny Review – Information for Carers

  60. YLCA – Direct Election to the NALC Larger Councils’ Committee Nov 2013 – Nov 2015

  61. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 18th October 2013

  62. Councillor Gregory – Transport Issues

  63. YLCA – Training Event

  64. RMBC – Parish Network Meeting 24 October at 5 p.m.

  65. Inside Government – Department of Health to Examine Strategies to Reduce Reoffending

  66. YLCA – Revised Model Standing Orders

  67. Councillor White – War Memorial

  68. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Newsletter Number 56: HS2 special

  69. YLCA – Council Tax Support Funding Survey

  70. YLCA – Update on an Order to Legitimise Electronic Payments

  71. YLCA – Parish Precepts: Grant from Central Government

  72. Valuation Officer – Proposed Non Domestic Rating List Site Meeting

  73. Councillor Northall – War Memorial: Planning Conditions Approval

  74. Councillors Gregory and Northall – Non Domestic Rating List Site Meeting

  75. Voluntary Action Rotherham – HR Adviser Vacancy

  76. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 30 of 25th October 2013

  77. RMBC – War Memorial: Approval of Planning Conditions

  78. Councillor s Greer-Waring and Northall – War Memorial

  79. Borough Councillor Watson – RMBC Councillor Surgery

  80. YLCA – Information Note for Week Ending 1 November

  81. YLCA – Training Event

  82. RMBC – Decision Notice – RB2013/1376

  83. Councillor s Northall and White – Decision Notice – RB2013/1376


  1. RB2013/1316

    Single storey side and rear extension at 11 Furnival Road for Mrs. D Gregory

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. RB2013/1366

    Non-material amendment to application RB2007/1888 to include reduction in width of garage to 2 bays at Ashtree House, 51 Kiveton Lane for Mr. A Ward

    Resolved to offer no objection



Ferris reported that the RMBC Pest Control Officer had made a further visit and found only a small amount of rodent activity.

There had been some changes to the allocation of allotments. The vacant plots had been let to existing holders who had demonstrated their ability to satisfactorily cultivate their existing plots.

Richard Waller had so far been unable to trim the hedges and so alternative contractors were to be asked to quote for necessary works.

Village Hall

Greer-Waring was elected Chair at the recent Village Hall AGM and Norman Anderson was re-elected as Treasurer. This leaves three vacant trustee positions as Ferris, Leah and White had stood down. Furthermore, as Greer-Waring was now Chair, she could no longer also be the Parish Council Representative and so sought a nominee from the Parish Council to take over this role. The next meeting of the Committee would be an EGM on 1st November. An extra-ordinary meeting was to be held at 6.30 p.m. on Friday 1 November.

The caretaker had given notice and to date one application had been received as a potential replacement.

Resolved that Councillor Northall be appointed as the Parish Council representative on the Village Hall Management Committee.

Recreation Ground

Gregory reported that the damaged entrance gate to the recreation ground was still able to be locked but only with some difficulty. The damaged sign at the Lindley’s Croft children’s play area required substantial repair.

Chairman would inspect the damage and arrange necessary repairs. These may be expensive as the recreation ground gate may have to be removed and taken away.

Gregory, Leah and White had done a considerable amount of work in drawing up various plans for the re-development of the recreation ground pavilion and in getting quotes. They were now in the process of preparing a grant submission to Sport England for the sports building at the recreation ground. Applications would also be made to a variety of small funding agencies.

Gregory had been promised the supply of a litter bin for the children’s playground by RMBC but despite several reminders this had still not been received. The Parish Council would be responsible for emptying it.

The meeting was suspended at 8.00 p.m.


Sheila Pantry was one of the attending parishioners and of the opinion that there were far more pressing needs for the Parish Council to resolve than erecting a war memorial. She had received a number of responses to “Have your say” a recent item in “The Informer” newsletter supporting this. She was concerned that the decision to erect the memorial and undertake the associated works had been without adequate consultation with parishioners and read out a letter objecting to this she had received from Sandra Barker and Graham Truman. She gave specific instances where she considered the Parish Council would better be focusing its energies including the shabby state of the public roads and footpaths, the pressing need for a paid for company or handyman to pick up the litter on a regular basis and not rely on the generosity of people to give time to litter pick, the urgent need for an upgraded sports pavilion, increased maintenance of existing flowers beds including at the Millennium garden and Mary Gregory Children’s Park and repairs to the damaged entrance gates at the recreation ground. So far as the war memorial was concerned she was not convinced that decisions had been made in an appropriate way and no adequate communication of the decision to parishioners. In her opinion the survey undertaken by Councillor Gregory was not sufficient to give a true indication of the parishioner’s views. She asked whether details of the survey could be given.

Philip Kettell commended the war memorial but due to RMBC’s financial position believed that monies could be expended better elsewhere.

Robert Ireton was very concerned about the state of the local roads and footpaths as was Norman Anderson.

Norman Anderson also wished to report a defective wayside seat on Kiveton Lane close to the pedestrian access to the Church.

Jim Tompkin was concerned about the detritus and weed growth in the carriageway gutter on Goosecarr Lane and believed that the Parish Council’s monies would be better spent on a new Pavilion.

Mrs. Tompkin asked for more litter bins to be made available in the village.

Chairman fully explained the Council’s decision to erect the war memorial, following the further consultation process subsequent to the feedback from the village plan but he did accept that the relevant minutes/resolution could have been more succinct.

With regard to concerns of shabby roads/footpaths in the village, he stated that the Parish Council was continually referring issues to RMBC and read out the latest e-mail recently sent by the Clerk to RMBC’s Chief Executive expressing dissatisfaction with the standard of highway maintenance within the village and the subsequent reply.

In relation to the other issues raised, the Chairman said that discussion had already taken place earlier in the meeting relating to ongoing work on the sports pavilion grant, millennium gates and litter bins. Additionally, that a date for a separate TPC budget meeting had also been set when the suggestions of employing an external company/handyperson and additional gardening services would be considered.

The Open Session closed at 9.00 p.m. and the meeting resumed.


There were no matters to discuss further to those under Minute 13/84.


1. Leah was still working on revising the emergency plan and would pass information on to the Clerk to enable him to respond to RMBC.

2. Greer-Waring had obtained the defibrillator and advised that the storage cabinet had been delivered that day and would be fitted shortly.


Clerk had submitted the application for approval of details reserved by condition form to RMBC required by planning approval RB2013/0823 and this had now been approved.

White informed that site works were to commence the following Monday at no cost to the Council. He now formally proposed that the Council place the order for the purchase of the marble memorial at a cost of some £3,702 + VAT. This would be the only cost to be borne by the Parish Council.

Gregory seconded the proposal which was approved with seven votes in favour and one abstention by the Chairman.

Resolved to purchase the memorial at a cost of £3,702 + VAT and that this be erected as soon as possible following the completion of the preliminary works.

Northall would discuss possible sponsorship with the parishioner who had previously given an indication that he was prepared to do so.

Northall hoped to be able to arrange for an appropriate article and photograph to appear in the Worksop Guardian.

Resolved to thank Councillor Northall for her considerable efforts over a long period of time to bring the concept of a memorial to fruition. Further to give consideration as to how best to recognize the contribution being made by Messrs Ringway.


White said that he had made a start on refurbishment of those benches in the village needing attention. He had removed the two benches from the shop forecourt at The Pastures, which were now in the process of repair and repainting. The Church had been asked whether they would like the five benches in the church graveyard to be re-varnished and a reply was awaited.


Gregory referred to the further public consultation by RMBC following amendments to the initial waiting restrictions. There would be a further delay before the lines were marked. The Clerk had enquired further about the 20 mph speed limit proposed by the Parish Council but no answer had yet been received.


Chairman had completed his assessment and advised that the matter now be referred to the village hall insurers.


There were no further matters to discuss.

The Meeting Closed at 9.15 p.m.

A budget meeting will be held in Todwick Village Hall at 6.30 p.m. on 19th November 2013.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 26th November 2013.