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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 30th July 2013


  • Councillor Hill – Chairman
  • Councillor Carter
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Greer-Waring
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker – Clerk & Financial Officer

Borough Councillor Gordon Watson was in attendance, gave information and answered questions on:

  • His objection to the proposed housing development off Goosecarr Lane/to the rear of – Barber Close.
  • His objection to the proposed traveller site at Kiveton Park
  • Borough Council budgetary difficulties


There were no apologies.

13/41 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – 25 June 2013

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record


There were no matters arising.


Ferris, Greer-Waring, Leah and White were members of the village hall committee, declared an interest and would not participate in any relevant vote at the meeting.


  1. Web Site
  2. Village Improvements
  3. Local Free Newspaper
  4. Highway Weeds
  5. Hanging Baskets
  6. Fencing at Children’s Playground


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting




Un-presented cheques

1. RMBC – Grounds Maintenance


2. Todwick Primary School – Diligence Awards


3. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall – Rents


2. Yorkshire Water – Allotment Bill


3. Alan Hardy – Best Front Garden


4. Robert Ireton – Second Best Garden


5. Frank & Christine Blades – Third Best Front Garden


6. Peter Sliwinski – Best Allotment (Paid to Bluebell Wood Charity)


7. Terry Calladine – Second Best Allotment


8. Mrs. Dawn Brookman – Third Best Allotment


9. Sheila Pantry (re Rachel Beckett) – Scarecrow Competition Winner


Payments to be made

1. RMBC – June Grounds Maintenance


2. Todwick Parish Recreation Ground – June Grounds Maintenance


3. HMRC – July Tax/NI


4. J R Walker – July & August Salary & Expenses


5. W A Rusling – Materials for John Mosley Memorial Seat


6. Bryan Ferris – Engraving and Purchas e of Replica Cup


7. Mr. M Evison – Supply and Fitting of Energy Control Mgt. System


Bank statement balances

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)







Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver


Business Saver

(Cheque Feeder)

Business Saver

(Sports Pavilion)








Written correspondence received and passed to Members.

  1. RMBC – Joint Working Group

  2. YLCA – AGM, “Country Air” and Minutes of Meetings

  3. RMBC – Acknowledgement of Planning Application

  4. Zurich Insurance – LCAS Membership Renewal

  5. mmplanning – Submission of Representations re RMBC Draft Sites and Policies Document

Correspondence had also been received via E-mail and forwarded by the Clerk to Members on their receipt. The Clerk had replied where appropriate.

  1. Norman Anderson – June Meeting Invoice

  2. Councillor Ferris – Allotment Hedge

  3. Various Councillors – Allotment Hedge and Recreation Ground Gate

  4. Councillor Hill – Objection to the RMBC Development Plan and Core Strategy

  5. YLCA – Scotton Parish Council Request for Suppliers

  6. Councillor White – Damage to the Highway by Travis Perkins Lorries

  7. RMBC – School Keep Clear Markings Traffic Regulation Order

  8. YLCA – Putting Communities First Conference

  9. YLCA – Information Note for 28 June 2013

  10. Councillor White – Allotment Hedge

  11. AGE UK Rotherham – Follow up to Visit to Parish Council Meeting

  12. Councillor Northall – Objection to the RMBC Local Development Plan

  13. RMBC – Area Housing Panel

  14. RMBC – Objection to the RMBC Local Development Plan

  15. Sheila Pantry – Follow up to meeting re Age UK Rotherham and the Less Lonely

  16. RMBC – Parish Meeting

  17. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 14 – 5th July 2013

  18. Chesterfield Canal Trust – Email Newsletter Number 51

  19. YLCA – Dog Fouling

  20. YLCA – Information Note for 8 July 2013

  21. RMBC – Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training

  22. YLCA – Planning Training

  23. Councillors Ferris Gregory and Hill – Allotment Competition

  24. RMBC – Dinnington Comprehensive School – Holiday Provision

  25. YLCA – Parish Polls Reform

  26. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 15 – 12th July 2013

  27. YLCA – Employing a Lengthsman

  28. YLCA – Invitation to the Annual Local Council Advisory Service Seminars

  29. Rural Action Yorkshire – Latest Parish and Town Council News

  30. YLCA – Information Note for 15 July 2013

  31. YLCA – Death of Mr Fred Wright Brinsworth Parish Council

  32. Sheila Pantry – Various Issues including War Memorial and Village Maintenance

  33. Councillor Northall – Recreation Ground Gates

  34. Sheila Pantry/Various Councillors – Reinstatement re Removal of Telephone Kiosk

  35. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Community Achievement Awards Opens For Nominations

  36. Various Councillors – Recreation Ground Gates

  37. Various Councillors – Issues including War Memorial and Village Maintenance

  38. YLCA – Good Councillor’s Guide

  39. YLCA – Putting Communities First Bristol

  40. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 16 – 19th July 2013

  41. YLCA – Information Note for 19 July 2013

  42. Sheila Pantry – Cheques for winners in the Todwick Art, Allotment, Garden Trail etc Sunday 28 July 2013

  43. Councillor Hill – Christmas Tree

  44. RMBC – Thunderstorms over the next few days

  45. Councillors Hill and White – Cheques for winners in the Todwick Art, Allotment, Garden Trail etc Sunday 28 July 2013

  46. Mr. Rusling – John Mosley Memorial Seat

  47. NALC – Local Councils Explained

  48. Voluntary Action Rotherham – Email Bulletin 17 – 26th July 2013

  49. Councillors Hill and White – Allotment First Prize Paid to the Bluebell Wood Charity at the Request of the Winner Peter Sliwinski

  50. YLCA – Revised Pay Scales Under National Agreement from 1 April 2013.

    Clerk’s salary was increased to £9284.04/annum payable from 1 April 2013.

  51. Various Councillors – John Mosley Memorial Seat

  52. Sheila Pantry – Cheques for Winners of the Scarecrow Competition

  53. Colin Savage – Footpath 22 Through the Quarry

  54. Councillor Leah – Apology for Possible Non Attendance


  1. RB2013/0850

    Demolition of existing nursing home and erection of 4 No. dwelling houses with associated access, parking and landscaping at former Todwick Grange Nursing Home 160 Kiveton Lane, for the Trustees of the LDS Estates Ltd SASS, C/O Rowanmoor Group PLC, Bellmont House, Deakin’s Business Park, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9RP.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2013/0857

    Replacement single storey side & rear extension, new dormer windows to front and rear and two storey front extension at 109 Kiveton Lane, for Mr N Cooper.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  3. RB2013/0952

    Replacement of existing garage at 62 The Meadows for Mr. M Bonner.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  4. RB2013/0955

    Demolition of existing barn and erection of 1 No. dwelling-house (amendment to RB2013/0226) at 42 Kiveton Lane for Ms. H Shepherd, 38 Kiveton Lane.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  5. RB2013/0985

    Non-material amendment to application RB2011/0628 to include an inclusion within the previously proposed central reserve of a right turn deceleration lane into Hardwick Lane, replace proposed verge on east and westbound carriageways with extension to proposed cycleway/footway and formation of pull-in bay at A57, Worksop Road / Sheffield Road, Todwick for Rotherham MBC

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  6. RB2013/0692

    Non-material amendment to application RB2011/0628 including revision to the line of the private means of access and reduction of tie-in works at A57, Worksop Road / Sheffield Road, Todwick for Rotherham MBC

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  7. RB2013/0971

    Erection of agricultural building to store fodder and implements at Sunny Bank Farm Todwick Road, Dinnington for Mr. Parker.

    Resolved to offer no objection.



Ferris reported that:

  • One of the two uncultivated allotments was being offered to another holder presently on the waiting list. The holder of the other had agreed to cultivate this to the required standard.

  • The intrusive weed “Ragwort” was present at the entrance to the site.

    Ferris, Gregory and the Chairman would pull these out and deliver to Carter for incineration.

  • The RMBC Pest Control Officer had destroyed a wasp’s nest free of charge and reported there was little evidence of rodent activity.


Gregory reported:

  • A set of football nets had been lost from the storage container.

  • He would be painting the parking bays and “No Dogs” sign during the next week.

    Chairman was arranging for the sign to be welded to the entrance gate post.

Village Hall

White reported:

  • The next income from the solar panels was anticipated to be approximately £650 following the recent spell of sunny weather.

  • The installation of the village hall energy management system and software was almost complete. Some plumbing was still needed to separate the upper floor from the ground floor and the system could then be commissioned.


There was nothing to report.


  1. White had delivered a cheque to the Bluebell Wood Charity. This had been that given to Mr. Sliwinski who had received it as the prize for best kept allotment but had chosen to donate it to the Charity.

    Resolved that Councillor Ferris discuss the possibility of increasing the amount given as prizes with plot holders.

  2. White had greatly enjoyed presenting the diligence awards at the school


Pantry was concerned about the lack of seats around the village.

White would undertake a survey, plot the location of existing seats on a drawing and suggest possible locations including at the children’s play area on the recreation ground.


Greer-Waring suggested that the parking/waiting restrictions were likely to be in force around the end of October.


Northall reported that:

  • The play camp was underway and proving to be well attended. Some 33 children had participated on Monday and 40 on the day of the meeting.

  • Railings had been removed/damaged at the basketball court at the recreation ground.

    Chairman would arrange to have these repaired/replaced as necessary.


  1. Web Site

    Pantry reported that Sheila Pantry had continually updated the web site as the A57 Improvement Scheme progressed and he asked that any information on village related matters be passed at the earliest opportunity so these too could quickly be entered.

  2. Village Improvements

    Pantry outlined concerns about several issues related to the condition of the village.

    Members shared these concerns.

    Resolved that the issues be discussed in detail at the September meeting.

  3. Local Free Newspaper

    Pantry reported that the local newspaper was no longer printed. Some local news did appear in the Worksop Guardian but this publication was not free. Todwick and Dinnington news is now included in the Worksop Guardian which is sold at the Todwick News Agency. The publishers were posting Todwick and Dinnington news up on the website

  4. Highway Weeds

    Gregory evidenced the unsatisfactory condition of road gutters and footways due to the high incidence of weeds.

  5. Hanging Baskets

    Members discussed details about future provision of hanging baskets including additional numbers, increased capacity and sponsorship by individuals.

    Chairman would discuss these issues with the present supplier who had kept his prices at the 2012 rate and not charged for other additional services.

  6. Fencing at Children’s Playground

    Chairman had inspected the fencing following the report from Mr. Rusling. A significant number of new rails were required and he would seek estimates for the necessary works.

Meeting Closed at 9.45 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 24th September 2013.