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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th June 2011


  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Hill - Chairman
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Palmer
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker - Clerk & Financial Officer
  • Helen Johnston - Worksop & Dinnington Guardian
  • Residents of The Pastures


Apologies for non-attendance had been received from Councillors Ferris and Leah.

11/21 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 24 May 2011

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 11/03

    Despite advertising and an article in The Informer newsletter no one had yet offered themselves for co-option onto the Council.

  2. 11/07(1)

    White reported that only two of the five raffle prizes had been claimed and since so much time had elapsed he suggested the cheques be cancelled.

    Resolved that cheque numbers 100404, 100405 and 100406 be cancelled.

  3. 10/07(3)

    Clerk had thanked CE Electric UK for their works at the sub station.


  1. Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  2. Overgrown Footways
  3. Diligence Awards
  4. Hedge at Lindley's Croft
  5. School Crossing Patrol
  6. State of the play area at the recreation ground


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting


Clerk had written to the External Auditor answering questions following his submission of the requisite documentation on the 7th June.



Monies received

S Hill - Scrap Value of Container


Juntos Youthie - Return of Donations


Allotment Holder - Rent


Collection for The Royal British Legion


Bank Interest


Monies received not shown on bank statement balances

Collection for The Royal British Legion


Un-presented cheques

Parish Plan Prizes


Todwick Church


Harry Stebbing Workshop


Payments made since last meeting

Hi-Tec Print - Informer Printing


Rural Action Yorkshire - Subscription


Todwick Cricket Club - Donation


Hillside Masonry - Demolition of Youth Shelter


The Royal British Legion - Collection Received


Payments to be made

HMR&C - Tax/NI


Mr. J Marples - Village Maintenance


J R Walker - Salary/Expenses


Todwick J & I School - Diligence Awards


Todwick Village Hall - Rents


Bank statement balances

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community





Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community






Copies of all correspondence received had been included with member's papers for the meeting.

  1. RMBC - Parish Network Meeting

  2. Viridor - Landfill Communities Fund

  3. RMBC - Members Interest Forms

  4. RMBC - Standards Committee

    Pantry reported that the national system would cease at the end of the year but this was to be replaced by a local one.

  5. Zurich Municipal - 28.4.10 Claim at Football Pavilion

  6. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue - Service Plan Consultation

  7. Rural Action Yorkshire - Subscription

  8. RMBC - Joint Working Seminar

  9. RMBC - Graffiti Wipes

    Palmer had now received the wipes.

  10. BDO LLB - Outstanding Audit Points

  11. RMBC - Maintenance of land owned by Todwick Parish Council

    Gregory had contacted Richard Jackson at RMBC to obtain a complete list of the works carried out. He would present this to members to allow them to decide the way forward for maintenance from 1 April 2012.

  12. Rural Action Yorkshire - Participatory Budgeting and Subscription Renewal

    Resolved to renew the subscription for the year ahead.

  13. RMBC - Receipt of Additional Information re Application RB2011/0628 - A57 Improvement Scheme

  14. Todwick Parish Bowling Club - Broken Window

    Gregory was arranging the repair in liaison with the Club.


  1. RB2011/0757

    Erection of front porch at 81 The Meadows for Mr G Greer-Waring.

    Resolved to offer no objection to the application

  2. RB2011/0786

    Installation of photovoltaic panels to south elevation at Todwick Village Hall, Kiveton Lane for Todwick Parish Council

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  3. RB2011/0861

    First floor side & single storey side extension at Lead Hill Lodge Dinnington Road, Todwick for Mr T Hinchliffe

    Resolved to offer no objection.

The meeting was suspended at 8.00 p.m.


  1. Residents of The Pastures complained of habitual unruly behaviour by a number of young people on The Pastures and at the entrance to the recreation ground. Concern as to the conduct of the local community officer and police was also expressed.

  2. Mr. Bell who was also a resident of The Pastures asked what action was being taken in respect of the timber bollards fronting his property.

    Chairman reported that the Borough Council had taken some out but those not yet removed would remain in place.

  3. Mr. Smith complained that the "No Dogs" marking painted on the surface of the roadway at the entrance to the recreation ground was totally unacceptable and a new sign would be much more appropriate. Alternatively dogs should be allowed to be taken onto the ground subject to reasonable behaviour and the collection of any faeces by the owners. The unsatisfactory condition of the empty shop at The Pastures was a further example that the village was not being maintained satisfactorily.

Open Session closed and the meeting was reconvened at 8.30 p.m.



Gregory reported that the Harthill Third Cricket Team had been disbanded and since the club was to play no more matches the Recreation Charity was to reimburse 50% of the fee paid in advance.


  1. Clerk reported that £45.20 had been collected at the Fun Day for the Royal British Legion 90th Anniversary. It was likely that more would have been collected if the weather had been more favourable.

    Resolved to express the Council's thanks to Mrs. Sheila Pantry for her considerable efforts in organising the Fun Day.

  2. Ferris/Leah/White had met with Amanda Kent from Rural Action Yorkshire and analysed the returned questionnaires. The action plan would now be agreed with the SMART principles in advance of writing the Plan. Leah was to check the terms of the grant from RAY.

  3. Palmer was to attend the Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 30 June. The police would be present to discuss the recent problems in the village including those associated with young people.

  4. Palmer/Northall had attended the Rother Valley South Area Assembly meeting at Harthill on 6 June when various matters were discussed including environmental health and anti social behaviour.

    • Some 18471 complaints had been made last year of which 15605 were actioned. 1553 involved stray dogs, 348 ASB, 4240 noise and rubbish, 1837 Environmental Crime and 3949 Pest Control.
    • Treatment for Rats is free of charge but all other treatments are £61 with a free second visit.
    • Quality air service testing could lead to an Environmental Agency issue if declared serious.
    • Often traffic fumes etc. can mask other odours that aren't necessarily a health risk.

    Assembly updates were given including JADE, an organization that tries to engage young people in purposeful activities. A fire fighting experience over 3 days took place in April that culminated in a presentation to parents about their progress and experience.

    Two Transport issues were raised regarding bus services 251 and 261 which are to be raised at the Transport Meeting at Harthill on Monday 4th July.

    Action regarding Todwick recreation ground and village vandalism/nuisance problems would be raised at the neighbourhood watch meeting on 30th June in Aston.

    They were advised of a new community officer post set up by RMBC and the occupant a Michelle Hill gave an appreciation of her role in the community. As part of her remit she would be available to come to parish council meetings to discuss Community issues.

    A grass cutting issue is to appear on the next Assembly Meeting Agenda on 3rd October.

  5. White had visited public footpath 22 and reported that, although the bunds had been much reduced as promised, and the path now re-laid in a proper manner, nevertheless the area at the lowest point of the path was covered in sludge. This had occurred even though there had been little rainfall recently and would undoubtedly get significantly worse when average rainfall returned.

    Clerk would report yet again to RMBC.


Palmer gave a resume of the contractor's activities over the previous month including assistance with the Fun Day and music evening.

Gregory asked if the bricks could be re-mortared at the planter fronting the carpet shop at The Pastures.

Palmer asked that the Clerk thank Mr. Norman Anderson and Mr. Kenneth Hill for their assistance in opening and closing the entrance gate at the recreation ground whilst he and the Contractor were unavailable.

Pantry asked that further planting be carried out in the area to the left of the entrance gate at the recreation ground.


Chairman had delivered the new door closer to Councillor Northall.

White/Northall would inspect the box on the 1st July, ascertain how the door closer could be fitted and review its future use.


Leah had amended the Plan and the Clerk had submitted to RMBC.


Gregory would undertake these now he had returned from holiday.


  1. Queen's Diamond Jubilee

    Northall suggested that plans be made to celebrate the Jubilee to be held between 2-5 June 2012.

    Resolved that Mrs. Sheila Pantry be consulted to see whether the celebration might form part of the events on the 2012 Fun Day and to include an appropriate article in The Informer newsletter.

  2. Overgrown Footpaths

    White/Chairman reported hedging overgrowing the public footway on Goosecarr Lane just north of the allotments and also hedging overhanging/obstructing the public footpath of Kiveton Lane in the vicinity of number 41.

    Clerk would report these to RMBC

  3. Diligence Awards

    Resolved to make the awards as in 2010.

  4. Hedge at Lindley's Croft

    The condition of this had been reported previously and was being dealt with by the Village Maintenance Contractor.

  5. School Crossing Patrol

    White reported that the present post holder was to retire. The School had advertised the vacancy but no applications had been received.

  6. State of the play area at the recreation ground

    White reported that the children's play area was in the worst condition that he had ever seen it with cans and plastic bottles all over the place. Much of the willow walk had been vandalised and fencing had been ripped up.

    Palmer tabled a number of photos to illustrate the damage.

    Following other comments of an increase generally in anti social behaviour, some discussion took place on what actions might be taken. It was noted that one of the actions arising from the Parish Plan Questionnaire was that a meeting should be sought with a senior representative of the police to discuss the matter.

    Resolved to determine whether a CCTV camera linked to village hall system could be mounted to oversee the play area.

The Meeting Closed at 10.04 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 26th July 2011.