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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 28th September 2010


  • Councillor Bennett
  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Palmer - In the Chair
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • Clerk - J R Walker
  • Mrs. Singleton - 7 Mortains
  • Helen Johnston - Worksop Guardian Newspaper

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman were not in attendance. Members unanimously elected Councillor Palmer as Chairman for the meeting.


An apology had been received from Councillors Hill and Gregory.

10/54 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 27th July 2010

There were no amendments and the minutes were signed as a true record.


  1. 10/40

    Bennett had made several unsuccessful attempts to obtain further contact details for the owner of the empty hairdressers shop at The Pastures.

  2. 10/40(1)

    White informed that all remedial works had been undertaken with the exception of the removal of the graffiti. Although unsightly this did not include bad language.

  3. 10/40(3)

    White would be speaking with YEDL regarding the unsightly electricity sub-station on The Meadows, following an outline of the proposals given to the Clerk.

  4. 10/47(1)

    White had undertaken further discussions with the Clerk to Wickersley Parish Council who, based on the experience of that parish, had strongly recommended not pursuing the twinning in any formal way; principally because of financial reasons. He was now of the same opinion and recommended Council not continue with the twinning initiative. He had also spoken to the Head Teacher at Wales High School and satisfied himself that a better means of encouraging the young people of the village would be to offer some sort of bursary or sponsorship to a deserving pupil of the school living in Todwick.

    Members agreed in principle to making an annual financial award and that Councillor White continue his enquiries with a view to recommending the most appropriate means of doing so.

  5. 10/47(2)

    White had contacted Mr. Lister at RMBC to ascertain whether any of the promised works had been undertaken. He had been informed that the works were programmed to be completed but no firm commencement date was yet known. He would continue his dialogue with Mr. Lister and meanwhile had held an informal meeting with those affected by the Goosecarr Lane flooding and given details of the meeting held with the Streetpride Director at RMBC and informed them of the present situation.

  6. 10/47(5)

    Bennett had been invited to a meeting of the school governors on the 10 October when she hoped to be elected as a member.

  7. 10/48(1)

    Bennett reported that there were now new owners of the pizza shop. She would visit them to confirm that it was remained acceptable for Hobson's to plant the area as part of the October works.

  8. 10/52(1)

    Leah had submitted the application in respect of the community achievement award but had not yet received a response. She believed that all shortlisted candidates would be invited to the award ceremony when winners would be announced.


  1. Action Record
  2. Key Achievements
  3. Notice Board
  4. Web Site
  5. Pot Hole at Barber Close
  6. Empty Shop at The Pastures
  7. Dog Nuisance
  8. Closure of Post Office
  9. Table Top Sales
  10. A57 Street Lights


Clerk had undertaken his routine duties and all the instructions given to him at the last meeting and written to enquire as to the reasons for the closure of the post office apparently without prior notice.

Bennett had spoken with Julie Calmins of Barclays Bank. She and the Clerk would meet with her at 6.30 p.m. on 26 October to discuss past problems and the way forward.

Members thanked the Clerk for his work in connection with the audit.




Monies received

1. Barclays Bank - Interest


2. RMBC - Half-year Precept


Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall - Rents


2. BDO - Audit Fee


3. Hi-Tec Print - "Informer" Printing


Previously Signed Cheques Not Appearing On Bank Statements



Payments to be made

1. J R Walker - Sept. Salary + August/Sept. Expenses


2. HMR&C - Sept. Tax/NI


3. Mr. J Marples - Village Maintenance


4. Todwick Newsagency - Notice Board


Bank statement balances

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community




£ 1.00

Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community






Clerk had copied the Annual Return for Year Ended 31 March 2010 to members including the External Auditor's Certificate and Opinion and reported on the completion of the Audit. Although accepted for several years under powers granted by S137 of the Local Government Act 1972 the Auditor had now instructed that the donation to the Todwick Fun Day could more appropriately have been authorised under S145 of the Local Government Act 1972, provision of entertainment and support of the arts. Also, the payment to Todwick Trojans Football Club could more appropriately have been authorised under S19 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, power to provide recreational facilities within and outside of the area.


  1. To accept and approve the Annual Return for Year Ended 31 March 2010 including the External Auditor's Certificate and Opinion.
  2. That the Council considers the list of statutory powers available to establish if a power exists before relying on S137 to authorise payment. The statutory power being recorded alongside the item to demonstrate the Council has properly met its standing order and financial regulations.

Clerk would display The Notice of Conclusion of Audit for the requisite 14 days and make available Section 1 of the Annual Return together with the issue arising from the audit.


  1. RMBC - Revised Joint Working Charter

  2. NHS - NHS Regulations 2005 Determination of Rural Areas

  3. RMBC - E-mail/Newsletters

    Clerk had provided the information requested.

  4. DOT - A57 Improvement - Postponement of Public Inquiry

  5. Mr. D Towers - Problems with Tree at Property Boundary

    Clerk had replied to Mr. Towers and given him the contact details for the adjacent land owner.

  6. NHS - Consultation on Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

  7. Zurich - Policy Amendments

  8. RMBC - Parish Council Emergency Response Plan

    Leah would liaise with the Clerk to ensure the Plan was amended to reflect the change in ownership of the pizza take-away.

  9. RMBC - Standards Committee

  10. M & J Shimwell - Harthill Fruit & Flower Show

  11. RMBC - Proposed 2011/12 Highway Schemes Programme

  12. RMBC - Parish Network Meeting

  13. NHS Rotherham - Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

    Bennett would consider further and liaise with NHS Rotherham.

The meeting was suspended at 8.05 p.m.


  1. Palmer gave details of the 24th September meeting that he, Councillors Leah, Northall and White had attended together with the residents of 3, 5 and 7 Mortains in connection with the planning application to the rear of 44 Kiveton Lane. Reference was made to a letter of objection written to RMBC by the owner of 46 Kiveton Lane.

    Mrs. Singleton outlined the objections of her and her husband and informed that the period for the receipt of objections had been extended beyond the 28th September.

    White was aware of a report concerning a smell in the area which appeared to be associated with problems in the foul drainage system. This had been reported to Yorkshire Water whose response should be awaited before any need for the parish council to become further involved.

The Open Session closed at 8.40 p.m. and the meeting reconvened.


  1. RB2010/1165

    Outline application for the erection of 4 No. dormer bungalows with details of landscaping at 44 Kiveton Lane Todwick for Mr M Bucknill, 5 Blenheim Road, London

    Resolved to raise the following issues with the Planning Service at RMBC:

    1. It appears that the application may encroach at least in part into designated green belt and the council objects to any intrusion into this or any other agricultural land.
    2. The scale, location and present design of new properties are such as to have an adverse impact on surrounding properties. It may be that improvement could be made by reducing the footprint and height of any new property, particularly as there will be an unobstructed view from the proposed new properties to existing.
    3. The parish council understands that any new property must be sited a minimum of 6 m from the grade 2 listed properties i.e. 44/46 Kiveton Lane.
    4. The proposed access roadway is not of sufficient width to allow satisfactory access onto Kiveton Lane and the roadway at its junction with Kiveton Lane does not provide adequate sight lines onto this increasingly busy road.
    5. The parish council has several times in the past registered its concern about vehicular parking on Kiveton Lane, particularly at times when parents take their children to or collect them from school. Access from the proposed roadway onto Kiveton Lane at these times will exacerbate the situation and be wholly unacceptable from a road safety point of view.



Northall reported on the recent successful Recreation Ground Charity Meeting. The sports clubs were participating in a much more active way. She gave details of recent vandalism to the football pavilion, circulated copies of a list of works suggested as necessary by the Bowling Club to the bowling clubhouse. Councillor Gregory as Chairman of the Charity was to mark out parking bays on the 11th October and assistance was sought from any other councillor having the time available.


  1. Elected to hold a special meeting at 6.00 p.m. on 19th October to discuss financial budgets for 2010/11 and 2011/12.
  2. Were concerned to learn of potential problems with the electrical system at the bowling clubhouse and instructed the obtaining of competitive quotations for consideration at the 19th October meeting.
  3. Elected to discuss applying for grant aid towards the cost of providing a new and vandal proof sports pavilion to replace that presently used by the football and cricket clubs.


Ferris reported that the RMBC was continuing to visit the site and the rodent problem appeared to be now under control. The word Todwick remained to be etched onto the Les Waller Trophy and he asked members for suggestions as to where this might be undertaken.

Members gave suggestions which Councillor Ferris undertook to pursue.

Village Hall

  1. White referred to the condition of the boundary wall between the village hall access way and the Junior & Infant School. Council had previously allocated monies to repair and clean this within the agreed budget for 2010/11. Competitive quotations had been obtained and he sought approval for the works to go ahead.

    Resolved that the wall be repaired and re-pointed at a cost of £1,545, together with shot blasting at a cost of £600 + VAT.

  2. White referred to recent problems at the village hall car park which had highlighted a blind spot with the existing CCTV system. He recommended the erection of an additional camera at a cost of some £200.

    Resolved to consider the recommendation at the 19th October meeting.

  3. White referred to a system of Government initiated feed-in tariffs for the micro generation of electricity. This would require the installation of roof panels on the hall with a total cost of some £16000. If grant aid could be obtained in addition to partial funding by the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council pay back might be achieved in some 3 years after which at current prices guaranteed payments for the electricity generated would be some £1200/annum. This would reduce the maintenance liability for many years to come since the payback scheme was guaranteed by the government for 25 years. He had arranged a detailed inspection and estimate from a specialist approved installer. He had confirmed that planning approval would not be required neither would there be any increase in insurance costs. He strongly recommended that the Council consider such a system and would report back when more detailed figures were available.


Bennett reported that 18 young people had participated in the street dancing and the sports coaching had also been well supported. The only negative aspect had been the rowdy behaviour of some young people not participating and not residents in the village.


Palmer reported on the duties carried out by the Contractor during the last month.


White referred his discussions with the Charity Commission. The amendments presented were not in an acceptable format. The requisite changes were being made and would be re-submitted to the Commission.


Bennett was concerned that the Junior & Infant School did not presently participate in any meaningful recycling scheme. If elected to the School Governing Body she hoped it would be possible for her to help introduce a meaningful system.


Ferris reported that the telephone had not yet been removed from the box.

Northall was aware that the box required painting and generally tidying up before it could be put to any new use. She would liaise with Mr. Baum-Dixon and report back to members.


Leah had received some replies from those local businesses and groups to whom the Clerk had written. She hoped to receive more shortly and in any event had the notes resulting from the consultations during the Fun Day and Historical Trail. The meeting with Amanda Kent was to be held the following day as planned and it was hoped to circulate the special edition of "The Informer" before December.


Resolved that the Clerk request provision in Todwick at a cost of £150.


  1. Action Record

    Bennett circulated a draft Action Sheet which she asked members consider introducing as a means to reducing discussion under the Matters Arising agenda item.

  2. Key Achievements

    Bennett suggested the Council do more to promote its achievements including specific articles in "The Informer" newsletter.

  3. Notice Board

    Bennett recommended the purchase on a new and bigger notice board within the post office on which displays of parish council activities might be more favourably displayed.

  4. Web Site

    Bennett had discussed privacy and security issues of members with the YLCA and an experienced legal adviser who had recommended references to home addresses be removed from the web site whilst still including in locally circulated newsletter "The Informer".

  5. Pot Hole at Barber Close

    Ferris reported a very deep pot hole in the carriageway on Barber Close fronting the garage to 37 The Pastures.

    Clerk would report the defect to RMBC.

  6. Empty Shop at The Pastures

    Members instructed the Clerk to request boarding up by the police.

  7. Dog Nuisance

    Members had received complaints concerning dogs habitually barking and causing a nuisance at 2 The Pastures.

    Clerk would report the problem to RMBC.

  8. Closure of Post Office

    White reported that the post office had been closed following the resignation of the Post Mistress. He understood that changes imposed by the Post Office were considered to be unacceptable.

  9. Table Top Sales

    Leah raised the potential of holding this type of sale on no more than a monthly basis within the Village Hall. Information received indicated that because three markets/car boot sales were held on a weekly basis in a neighbouring village, less than six and two-thirds miles distance from Todwick the Village Hall Committee could only have a licence to hold three such events in any one year. The Clerk was instructed to seek clarity from an equitable and legal stance.

  10. A57 Street Lights

    Pantry requested that the Clerk ask RMBC to reinstate the defective lighting on the A57 between the M1 and Goosecarr Lane particularly having regard to the fact that the improvement scheme had been delayed for the foreseeable future.

The Meeting Closed at 10.55 p.m.

The next monthly council meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 26th October 2010.

A special meeting to consider the budget for financial years 2010/11 and 2011/12 will be held at 6.00 p.m. on Tuesday 19th October 2010.