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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 27th April 2010


  • Councillor Ferris
  • Councillor Gregory - Chairman for the Meeting
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • Clerk - J R Walker
  • Mr. Gillot

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman not being in attendance, members elected Councillor Gregory to chair the meeting.


Councillors Bennett, Hill and Palmer had sent an apology.

Councillor Hill the Chairman was about to enter hospital for an operation and was wished well.


There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 09/153(3)

    White had received a report that all gully grates and frames had been replaced with the exception of that fronting 7 Guildway.

    Clerk would report this to RMBC.

  2. 09/153(4)

    White and Leah had sent off the grant application and White had placed an order for the signs. He did not anticipate their receipt until the end of July.

  3. 09/157(2)

    Leah had received the information from Rev. Bliss but no contact would be made with the insurance company until the documents had been assessed and if possible Councillor Hill had undertaken his expert inspection.


  1. Litter Bins
  2. Recycling Bins
  3. No Ball Games Signs
  4. Problems with Dogs


Clerk had:

  • Carried out all the instructions given to him at the last meeting.
  • Prepared all the requisite financial documentation for the year ending 31 March 2010.
  • Submitted the application for refund of VAT paid in 2009/10.


Clerk reported that the end of year accounts and all other relevant documents had been checked and approved by the Internal Auditor.

Resolved to present a bouquet of flowers to Margaret Clark in grateful thanks for her continued helpful and unpaid work as the Internal Auditor.



Monies received

1. Allotment Holders - Rents 2009/10


Un-presented cheques

1. Information Commissioner


2. Yorkshire Containers Ltd


3. Todwick Parish Bowling Club


4. RPD Landscapes


5. Todwick Village Hall


6. Hague Farming Ltd


Payments made since last meeting

1. Hillside Masonry - Refurbishment of Village Hall Boundary Wall


2. RPD Landscapes - Hedge Cutting at Bowling Green


5. Todwick Village Hall - Rents


6. Hague Farming Ltd - Stone for Boundary Wall


Payments to be made

1. HM Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


2. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses


3. J Marples - Village Maintenance


4. Mr. D Gregory - Painting etc at Football Pavilion


5. Maden Construction - Repairs at Football Pavilion


6. Yorkshire Local Councils Associations - Training Fees


Payment would not be made to Maden Construction until the first half year precept monies had been received from RMBC.

Bank statement balances

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community





Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Saver Business Saver Business Saver Community


£2,316.65 (£17,416.65)




  1. RMBC - Consent License to Erect Village Signs

    Clerk had signed and returned as required and provided Councillor Leah with two copies for inclusion in a grant application.

  2. RMBC - Borough Council's Standards Committee

  3. RMBC - Planning Board Training

  4. Barclays - Complaint

  5. RMBC - RB2010/0091 - Withdrawal of Application

  6. CE Electric UK - Website associated with Equipment

  7. ICO - Confirmation of Entry into Register

  8. RMBC - "Bin it to Win it" Campaign

  9. RMBC - Co-opted Members of Scrutiny Panels

  10. Todwick WI - Thank You for Article in "The Informer" increasing attendance at Meeting


  1. RB2010/0474

    Single storey rear extension & porch to front at 13 Manor Way, for Mr. Stones.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

The meeting was suspended at 7.30 p.m. to allow the Annual Assembly to be held and re-convened at 8.00 p.m.


Village Hall

White had contacted the Charity Commission concerning proposed amendments and up-dating of the Village Hall Constitution. Changes to the Trust Deed and Conveyance document itself were not permissible and the Commission had advised that amendments should be in the form of a set of Resolutions.

White had accordingly drawn up a set of Resolutions which were to be submitted to the Village Hall Committee for approval before then presenting to the TPC for ratification.


Gregory reported on the recent improvements to the football pavilion and to the internal redecoration and other work by him and his wife. He also gave details of the external damage to this pavilion by vandals in connection with he was obtaining quotations for necessary repairs.

Resolved to present a bouquet of flowers to Councillor Gregory and his wife Etta as means of expressing thanks for the extremely hard work undertaken on behalf of the Council.

Clerk would inform Zurich Insurance of a pending claim and await receipt of estimates for the necessary repairs. He would also research possible deterrent products for applying/attaching to the roof of the pavilion.

Gregory also reported on damage to and theft from the bowling club property.

Leah drew members' attention to the Chairman's report concerning the condition of the windows in particular and general external condition of the bowling pavilion.

The meeting was suspended at 8.30 p.m. to allow the Open session to be held.


Mr. Roy Gillot, 9 Tortmayns, was in attendance and referred to instances where raw eggs and other items had been thrown at his and his neighbour's property. His 91 year old mother who lived at 6 Manor Close had also been subjected to acts of vandalism. He was also concerned at the number of young people congregating near the post office and who caused a disturbance at times. He had contacted the police but had received no response.

Leah explained the lack of police resources and emphasized the need to continue to make reports because this would trigger police intervention.

White also outlined to Mr. Gillot a scheme that was being pursued by the Parish Council to liaise with the Rotherham Council's Sports Development Team to engage with the youths roaming Todwick at night time. The intention would be to try and engage them in more positive activities such as 5-a-side football or street dancing etc, which might, if successful, lead to less anti-social behaviour in the village.

Mr. Gillot was also concerned about dogs fouling the pavements in the village and in particular on The Meadows and Tortmayns.

Clerk was instructed to liaise with the dog warden service at RMBC.

Mr. Gillot reported the poor condition of Goosecarr Lane and other local roads. Some minor repairs had been carried out but these were inadequate and lasted little time.

Clerk was instructed to report to RMBC.

Open Session closed at 8.50 p.m.


  1. White/Palmer had received an estimate for removal of the bollard stump on the private shop forecourt at The Pastures for the Clerk to pass onto the estate mangers of the property.

    Resolved that the Clerk write to the Birtles Estate giving Hillside Masonry and Mr. Julian Marples as two local contractors interested in carrying out such works but at the same time requesting that the bollard be replaced rather than merely removing the stump of the previous one.

  2. White was liaising with RMBC regarding a list of outstanding works required to be completed before the re-modelling of the recreation ground children's play area could be considered to be finished. Once these were completed RMBC would formally hand over the play area to the Parish Council. The holes in the hedging fronting Goosecarr Lane had been partially blocked but more planting or fencing was required at the one remaining gap. The Village Maintenance Contractor had been instructed to carry out necessary works.

  3. White/Leah/Bennett had met with Owen Swift the Active Always Manager of the Rotherham Council's Sports Development Team.

    Leah had now applied for a grant which would cover the cost of sports coaches etc. It was hoped that this might hopefully gain the confidence of the village young people and engage them in sports activities and perhaps street dancing sessions in the village hall.

    Leah said that assuming the grant application applied for from South Yorkshire Police Authority ABC Fund was successful further research would be undertaken to source and apply for further grant opportunities to enable similar youth schemes to continue.

  4. White referred to earlier e-mails from RMBC stating that an investigation into deficiencies in the road drainage system at Goosecarr Lane/The Pastures would be completed before the 31st March. He was not aware this had been done because RMBC had not informed as to progress as promised.

    Clerk would seek clarification from RMBC.

  5. Leah had been in discussions with Rural Action Yorkshire concerning the possibility of obtaining a grant to undertake the preparation of a new parish plan. It seemed likely that an application would be supported and asked for Council to offer the necessary match funding. Grant aiders often required assurance that a relevant parish plan was in place before considering any application and it was therefore in the long term interest of the Council.

    Resolved to offer match funding of up to £3,000 to towards the preparation of a new village plan.


Clerk had received a complaint from Mrs. Anne Rusling concerning the poor condition of the public flowers beds in the village.

Pantry had received a report that the millennium garden at the recreation ground also required some considerable maintenance work.

Gregory would see staff at Greenscene and ascertain the situation.


  1. Litter Bins

    Resolved to acquire a further litter bin at the recreation ground.

  2. Recycling Bins

    Resolved to take no further action

  3. No Ball Games Sign

    Resolved to defer consideration to the May meeting

  4. Problems with Dogs

    Resolved to await the response of the RMBC Dog Warden Service before considering further.

The Meeting Closed at 9.55 p.m.

The next monthly council meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 25th May 2010.