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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday 27th October 2009


  • Councillor Hill - Chairman
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Mathieson
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Palmer
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • Clerk - J R Walker

The meeting had been held at 6.30 p.m. in order to allow discussion on alternative uses of the Goosecarr Lane Recreation Ground.

Mathieson gave an extensive explanation of the opportunities for development provided by the demolition of the cricket pavilion and the present and future requirements of the user groups.


An apology had been received from Councillor Ferris.

09/67 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 29th September 2009

There were no amendments.

The minutes signed as a correct record.


  1. 09/63

    Gregory reported that commitments had prevented him from undertaking the risk assessments but intended carrying them out in the near future.

  2. 09/58

    White reported that quotations received for providing the surveillance equipment for the Village Hall were £2,200, £3,210 and £3,280. He had undertaken some investigation as to the suitability of the lowest tenderer and was happy to proceed with that quotation.

  3. 09/58

    White reported on the theft of further lead from the Village Hall roof. This had been replaced with a product having no resale value.

    Chairman suggested that cameras could be safely sited inside window recesses and thereby reduce the risk of their theft/damage.

    White gave details of the proposed sitings.

  4. 09/51(8)

    Pantry reported that the Area Assembly had met in the village hall as planned on 22 October.

  5. 09/48(5)

    Palmer had visited the Greenscene office and explained the Council's concerns. A Christmas tree for the Christmas Fayre and vouchers for future purchases had been promised but were not related to do the concerns regarding the hanging Baskets. Greenscene had added that their generosity in other directions should be borne in mind when adopting an overall attitude to the isolated, but nevertheless significant problem. He would confirm the company's correct E-mail address to ensure future E-mails were received.

  6. 09/65(1)

    Palmer further explained the condition of the gate and the repairs necessary. Kiveton Motor Services and other possible local repairers would be consulted.

  7. Open Session

    Leah had noted the possible retirement of PC Tina Jones and would ascertain whether this was correct and if so any relevant details.


  1. Bus Services
  2. Storth Lane
  3. Football Pavilion Roof
  4. Roadway between Bowling and Football Pavilions
  5. Youth Club/Activities

The meeting was suspended at 8.00 p.m.


  1. A number of young people were in attendance and explained their request for the provision of a skate boarding facility at the Goosecarr Lane Recreation Ground. A supporting letter and other information from Mr. Lee Massa, 5 Todwick Villas was handed to the Clerk.

    White/Gregory/Northall referred to the separate meeting recently held with the young people and explained the requirement for significant funding. The Council would be looking for a commitment from those making the request and at the way in which they conducted themselves generally in the village.

    Clerk would thank Mr. Massa for the information he had provided.

  2. The young people also expressed a wish to see other facilities provided such as a youth club and coffee shop. Computer facilities had previously been requested but Councillor White had given details of those already available within the village hall.

Open Session was closed and the meeting re convened at 8.20 p.m.


Clerk had:

  • Undertaken his routine duties and all the instructions given to him at the last meeting.
  • Liaised with new Councillor Bryan Ferris who had signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Councillor Ferris had been provided with copies of the Council's Standing Orders and a Briefing Note for New Councillors. RMBC's Notification of Member's Interest Form had been completed and copied to the Monitoring Officer.
  • Written to Mr. Birtles as the owner of the shop forecourts at The Pastures requesting either reinstatement of a missing bollard or removal of the concrete base adjacent to the Post Office.
  • Reported overgrown hedging at Goosecarr Lane to RMBC.


Clerk reported:

  • The cheque for the October tax/NI had been reduced by the £75.00 to which the Council was entitled because he had filed the 2008/9 accounts on line.
  • Barclays Bank was changing the names of some accounts but the interest rates would be unchanged.


Monies received

1. Barclays Bank - Interest


2. RMBC - Second Half Year Precept


Payments made since last meeting

1. Todwick Village Hall - Rents


Payments to be made

1. H M Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


2. J R Walker - October Salary & Expenses


3. Mr. Julian Marples - Village Maintenance


Previously signed cheques not appearing on bank statements

1. Hi-Tec


2. J R Walker


3. Todwick Toddlers


4. Todwick Village Hall


Bank statement balances including bank interest

Business Premium Business Premium Instant Access Saver Community





Bank balances after all payments completed

Business Premium Business Premium Instant Access Saver Community





09/72 BUDGET 2009/10

Clerk had handed out copies showing the details of expenditure to date when compared to the agreed budget for the year.

Members considered the expenditure to date and the projected out-turn.


  1. To accept the quotation for provision of surveillance equipment at the village hall received from Stapletons Lock and Safe in the sum of £2.200.

  2. To authorise refurbishment of the stone wall at the eastern boundary of the village hall car park, to the value of approximately £2.000.

    White was to obtain the requisite number of quotations for consideration at the next meeting.

  3. To purchase a storage container as an addendum to the football pavilion at an approximate cost of £1,000 and subject to the Cricket Club's agreement to offset against this the scrap value of the existing container deteriorated beyond economical repair.

  4. To expend up to £2,000 on internal improvements to the football pavilion.

  5. To later in the year review the possibility of contributing additional monies to the £5,000 already allocated for contributing towards the cost of providing a new sports pavilion.


A copy of each item of correspondence had been circulated with the papers in advance of the meeting.

  1. RMBC - Borough Standards Committee

  2. SYPTE - Industrial Action on South Yorkshire Buses

  3. Todwick Ramblers Club - Thank You for Donation

  4. RMBC - Goosecarr Lane Play Area

  5. RMBC - Parish Review/Community Governance Review

    Chairman would write to suggest a minor boundary change between Wales and Todwick Parishes in the vicinity of the old Kiveton Hall.

  6. RMBC - A57 Improvement Compulsory Purchase Orders 2009

    Chairman would consult with Geoffrey Downs and Jack Cloke and subsequently provide the Clerk with sufficient detail to enable him to write to the Secretary of State formally objecting to the RMBC proposals.

  7. Recreation Ground Charity - Potential Developments at the Goosecarr Lane Recreation Ground

  8. DT & JA Hobson - Planting Contract 2009/10 - Request for Information

    Resolved that the Clerk reply to Mr. Hobson having further clarified the legal position with Richard Waller at RMBC.

  9. RMBC - Provision of Concrete Bollards at The Pastures

    Clerk - The Parish Council's request had been approved.

  10. RMBC - Provision of Wooden Posts at Goosecarr Lane

    Clerk - The Parish Council's request had been refused.


  1. RB2009/1133

    Outline application for the erection of a dwelling at land within the curtilage of 4 Mill Close Todwick, for Mr. & Mrs. S Hill.

    The application referred to land owned by the Council Chairman and was made on his behalf. The Chairman declared his interest, did not participate in any discussion and did not vote.

    Resolved to offer no objection


Recreation Charity

Mathieson reported that the Charity held a balance of £2,387.16 inclusive of refundable bonds subject to user clubs leaving the football pavilion in a satisfactory condition.


  1. White referred to a report concerning a car driven by Barbara Coe-Colley being driven over a concrete stump at the side of the Post Office. The stump was the remnants of a bollard. He had asked the Clerk to write to Mr. Birtles the owner of the shop forecourts and the Clerk had done so.

  2. White had received a report from Norman Crossland concerning an overgrown hedge obstructing the footpath at Goosecarr Lane. The Clerk had reported this to the Borough Council and officers were checking ownership before taking any action.

  3. White had spoken with the Clerk to Harthill Parish Council and obtained details of the manufacturer of their village sign. He would be obtaining quotations for producing three number signs for the Todwick logo from this individual and others.

    Chairman circulated photographs of his own business sign mounted on a substantial steel post and which had proved extremely resilient being galvanized with a poly carbonate finish.

    White/Leah wondered whether this style might be a bit too modern for a medieval country village and favoured displaying the sign in a similar way to Harthill namely as part of a natural stone feature at each entrance to the village.

    It was agreed that this could be debated later.

    White/Leah favoured displaying the sign in a similar way to Harthill namely as part of a natural stone feature at each entrance to the village.


Palmer reported on the work undertaken by the contractor, including some 10½ hours on litter removal and the purchase of bedding plants at a cost of £9.50. The purchase of bedding plants was in order to maintain the tubs at the Village Hall which the contractor had been asked to maintain as a matter of routine.


Chairman confirmed that it would not be possible for the work to be undertaken within the time constraints and would inform the Clerk of the appropriate contact details to enable him to return the grant monies.


There were no further comments.


Leah would make the amendments to enable the Clerk to forward to RMBC.


  1. Bus Services

    Palmer referred to problems being experienced as a consequence of the latest changes which had not been notified satisfactorily. He had spoken to Pam Horner at SYPTE who had been very helpful.

    Clerk would pursue the lack of notification with the SYPTE. There had been problems recently with the postal service.

  2. Storth Lane

    Palmer had received a report that only one of the three potholes on the public right of way between Storth Lane and Wales had been repaired.

    Clerk would report the defects to RMBC.

  3. Football Pavilion Roof

    Mathieson reported that there were leaks in the football pavilion roof.

    Resolved to seek competitive quotations for undertaking the repair.

  4. Roadway between Bowling and Football Pavilions

    Mathieson had received a complaint of potholes in the unbound roadway between the bowling green and the football pavilion. He had inspected the area and found the defects not to be of immediate concern. In his opinion the problems had been experienced more by inadequate lighting than condition of the roadway.

  5. Youth Club/Activities

    Leah, as part of her work, had recently been in the company of the Partnerships Based Young Persons Police Officer working from Dinnington Safer Neighbourhood Team. She had taken the opportunity to discuss with him whether there may be any opportunities to offer support in bringing some youth activities into the village. As a result a meeting is to be arranged with a senior youth worker to discuss the matter further and she will report back.

The Meeting Closed at 10.00 p.m.

The next monthly council meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 24th November 2009.