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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall
at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 24th February 2009.


  • Councillor Hill - Chairman
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Kettell
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Mathieson
  • Councillor Northall
  • Councillor Palmer
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • Clerk - J R Walker


There were no apologies.


There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 08/124

    Mathieson explained that repairs had been completed except for the signs which were to be provided at no cost to the Council.


  1. "The Informer"
  2. Straw in the Village
  3. Hedges on Goosecarr Lane
  4. Insurance for 2009/10


Clerk had:

  • carried out all the instructions given to him at the last meeting.
  • signed and posted the further grant aid application to the Lottery Fund.
  • submitted the necessary insurance claim documentation.


Monies received

1. Barclays Bank - Interest


Un-presented cheques



Payments made since last meeting



Payments to be made

1. Todwick Village Hall - Rents


2. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses


3. H M Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


4. Mr. Julian Marples - Village Maintenance


5. Briddon - Temporary Fencing


6. Todwick Parish Bowling Club - Materials


7. Hillside Masonry - Repairs to Football Pavilion


Bank statement balances including bank interest

Business Premium Business Premium Community




Balances after all payments completed

Business Premium Business Premium Community





  1. Rotherham Community Transport - Rother Ride

    Palmer/Pantry were pleased to report that the service was to continue for the time being at least.

  2. RMBC - Planning Application RB2008/1653

    Clerk the request to speak at the Planning Regulatory Board had been approved.


    • Would attend to represent the Parish Council's position.
    • Gave further information on the guidance notes provided by RMBC for speaking at the meeting.
    • Asked members to provide written suggestions to enable him to prepare concise notes and thereby ensure all relevant comments were put by him to the Regulatory Board.
  3. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority - Member Briefing Note

  4. RMBC - Borough Standards Committee

    Pantry had read the documentation and referred to Aston-cum-Aughton's request that a dispensation be given to those of its members who were also members of the Village Hall Committee. Not giving this would prevent sufficient of its members being able to vote on matters pertaining to the Hall after declarations of interest had been given.

  5. Parish Councillor K Mathieson - Temporary Fencing

    Clerk had thanked Councillor Mathieson for his diligence in reducing the cost to be charged to the Council.

  6. BDO Stoy Hayward LLP - Local Council Briefing

  7. Chesterfield Canal Partnership - Campaign Festival

    Resolved that Councillors Pantry and White represent the Council at the event.

  8. South Yorkshire Police Authority - Citizen's Award Grants

  9. RMBC - Additional Information re RB2008/1653

  10. RMBC - Definitive Map Modification Order

  11. New Laughton Common Tenants & Residents Association - Support for Parish Council Status.

    Clerk informed that Laughton Common was presently within the boundary of Thurcroft Parish.

    Members considered that they had insufficient information to either support or object to the Association's proposal to form a new parish council separate from Thurcroft Parish Council.

    Resolved that the Clerk inform the Resident's Association.

  12. RMBC - Parish Network Meeting.

  13. RMBC - Credit Crunch Action Plan


  1. RB2009/0091

    Single storey side and rear extensions at 7 Rayls Road for Mr. S Chandler

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2009/0102

    Application to fell a silver birch tree protected by KPRDC TPO No. 3 1971 at 134A, Kiveton Lane for Mr. E Snape.

    Resolved to offer no objection.


Mathieson reported on the considerations of the sub-committee formed to review the maintenance of the village.

The sub committee had looked at the analysis of the handyman activities over a 56 week period. This found that 54% of time was devoted to litter picking and 37% to maintenance of beds and borders.

RMBC had been contacted and officers confirmed that no additional help would be given with litter picking.

Seven contractors had been asked to quote for the supply and maintenance of hanging baskets and the maintenance of borders and planters. Only three quotations had been received.

The sub committee recommended:

  1. The Council continue with a "Handyman" and enter into a contract with Mr. Julian Marples for a three year period commencing 1 April 2009. A review date should be incorporated after 18 months. The handyman contract should exclude beds, borders and planters with payment at a rate of £9 per hour for the duration of the contract. Control of hours would continue to be by approval of timesheets on a month by month basis.
  2. A contract be placed with Greenscene for supply of all plants and maintenance of beds and borders and hanging baskets at an annual cost of £2,328 + VAT. The bed at the corner of the Meadows and Kiveton Lane would be discontinued. The unsuccessful bidders were Hobson Nurseries and Julian Marples.
  3. Contacting local businesses. The initial approach being via a personal letter from the Chairman followed up with a face to face approach from a councillor.

Resolved to approve the recommendations of the sub committee.

Clerk was instructed to prepare the necessary documentation.


  1. White informed members that the builder was currently on holiday but he would be meeting with him on his return to discuss the installation of the second downstairs toilet at the village hall. He would also acting as the project manager.
  2. White was due to meet Andy Roddis from RMBC to walk the village to indicate various jobs requiring attention. These included where moss was causing a problem, the sign requiring attention at the top of Goosecarr Lane, and the earlier complaint received from Mrs. Marples requesting the lowering of kerbs on Sandwith Road.
  3. White had been unable to ensure further progress with the development of a logo for the village. He was still pursuing this but had rejected the drafts presented so far since they did not meet the requirements. He was hopeful that he would be able to present the final version at the next meeting

Chairman asked that he also mention a depression in the carriageway on Kiveton Lane near one of the speed bumps.


Palmer reported on the Contractor's work during the last month including removal of rubbish/litter picking, making a new wayside bench, opening and closing of the recreation ground gate and reading the water meter.


Kettell/Palmer had obtained quotations for the construction of the metal frame to display the rights of way information.

Resolved to accept the quotation by DP Engineering in the sum of £250.

Kettell noted that there would be no charge for VAT as the company was not registered.


Chairman had contacted the Big Lottery Fund to explain the situation concerning the delay in implementing the previously approved works. He had made contact with the Hague family again and stressed the need for urgency in preparing the documentation to allow the works to go ahead. He remained hopeful that that progress could be made.

Palmer had completed the application form for a second grant. This had been submitted by the Clerk and the Council would be advised whether it had been successful or not by the 24th April.


Clerk reported on the information he provided to the Internal Auditor.

Members considered the existing internal audit procedures to be sufficiently robust and working well.

Resolved to continue with the existing internal audit arrangements.


White reported that he and Councillor Gregory would be undertaking a review of all risk assessments in March.


  1. To continue with the existing risk assessment processes and procedures.
  2. To thank Councillor White for his work for the Council.


  1. "The Informer"

    Kettell was preparing the next edition to be published in early March. Items to be included so far included those on the late Les Waller, the planning application at Kiveton Park Quarry and the gardening contract for the village. He would be asking for local sponsorship of the beds.

  2. Straw in the village

    Palmer had received a complaint from the owner of 137 Kiveton Lane concerning straw being deposited on the local roads by passing vehicles.

    Members regretted this. Previous reports had been referred to RMBC but unfortunately this was impossible to police and a natural consequence of living in a rural community.

  3. Hedges on Goosecarr Lane

    Mathieson had received a report by Mr. and Mrs. Spacey of 1 Lindley's Croft concerning overgrown hedging on the right hand side of Goosecarr Lane when travelling from The Pastures.

    Clerk suggested this be referred to Andy Roddis during Councillor White's coming meeting in the village.

  4. Insurance for 2009/10

    Mathieson sought guidance as to whether the buildings insurance for the Recreation Ground which was up for renewal in April 2009 should be renewed or whether the value of the properties should be revised.

    Chairman gave advice on the insurance valuation appropriate to the sports pavilions.

    Clerk gave details of the sequence of events surrounding the change from Cornhill to Zurich Municipal who had always paid all claims in full and without question.

    Resolved that consideration be given to seeking advice on the level of cover and quotations from companies other than Zurich Municipal.

    Kettell would contact Direct Line Insurance.

The Meeting Closed at 10.05 p.m.

The next monthly council meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 31 March 2009.