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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.
on Tuesday 26th February 2008.


  • Councillor Langford - Chairman
  • Councillor Palmer - Vice Chairman
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Hill - 7.15 p.m.
  • Councillor Kettell
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Mathieson
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker - Clerk

Councillor David Gregory had been co-opted, signed his Declaration of Office and was welcomed onto Council.


An apology was received from Councillor Pantry.


29th January 2008

There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 07/122

    Leah had received input from the Rev Bliss related to the Church and Church Hall. She was to meet with the Headteacher at the School on the 29th February and would also be visiting the owners of the Post Office, Todwick Hotel and the Cyprus Gardens take-away.

  2. 07/151

    Leah understood the response to date to be some 10%.

  3. 07/155

    Leah would be discussing the possibility of a competition amongst the school children when she met with the Headteacher.

  4. 07/141(1)

    White circulated photographs showing the recent improvements. He would send a thank you letter to Mr. Petty.

    Council thanked Councillor White for arranging the improvements to the environs of the sub station.

  5. 07/154

    Palmer reported that the Christmas lights had now been taken down and stored.

  6. 07/157(4)

    Palmer had now confirmed that there would be no funding available through Rotherham and he would now direct his attention to Yorkshire Screen. A demonstration had been arranged in the village hall on 29th February to determine whether blackout curtains would be required if films were shown.


  1. The Informer
  2. Todwick WI
  3. Diligence Awards
  4. Declaration of Interest
  5. Village Hall Maintenance
  6. Straw Through the Village


Clerk in addition to his routine duties and undertaking all the instructions given to him at the last meeting had:

  • Liaised with RMBC concerning an infestation of rats at the allotments
  • Continued to receive wholly irrelevant mail from RMBC and had formally complained to the Chief Executive about the inadequate waste control procedures and the incurring of unnecessary postage and other costs


Clerk had:

  • continued to express his concern to Barclay's Bank about the manner in which his critical letters and reports had been managed

Resolved to place an item on the March Agenda.



Monies Received



Payments Since Last Meeting

1. Parkgate Mobility - Stairlift at Village Hall


Payments To Be Made

1. Todwick Village Hall - Rents


2. Todwick Funday - Donation


4. HM Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


5. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses


6. J Marples - Village Maintenance


7. Mr. K Mathieson - Keys


Signed Cheques Not Appearing On Bank Statements



Bank Statement Balances incl. bank interest

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community





Balances after all Payments Completed

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community






Copies of all correspondence received had been delivered to members in advance of the meeting together with the Agenda and Minutes of the January 2008 Meeting.

  1. RMBC - All Parish Liaison Meeting

  2. Audit Commission - Appointment of External Auditor

    Clerk the existing Auditor BDO Stoy Hayward had been re-appointed for the next five years

  3. Charity Commission - Newsletter

  4. RMBC - Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham Joint Strategic Waste Development Plan

  5. RMBC - Construction of Dwelling at 11 Millfields, Todwick

    Clerk had contacted Mr. Shirt who had been given the incorrect address by his colleagues.

  6. RMBC - National Planning Application Forms and Validation Policy

  7. RMBC - Enforcement Complaint at 4 Millfields, Todwick

    Clerk had contacted Mr. Shirt who had been given the incorrect address by his colleagues.

  8. BDO Stoy Hayward - Recreation Ground Charity

  9. RMBC - The Borough Council's Standards Committee

  10. SYPTE - Yorcard Pilot Scheme Briefing Pack

  11. YLCA - RMBC Standards Sub Committee

  12. YRCC - Parish Government Conference

  13. RMBC - All Parish Liaison Meeting - 26.2.08

  14. RMBC - Draft Playing Pitch Strategy


  1. RB2008/0151

    Erection of a two storey dwellinghouse at land adjacent 51 Kiveton Lane for Mr. & Mrs. J Barnes.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2007/2253

    Demolition of existing building and erection of a two and three storey building comprising 20 no. apartments at 160 Kiveton Lane for Mr. F Marshall.

    Clerk the application had been refused.




  • reported on events surrounding the Borough Council charging for setting bait for rats.
  • had purchased a further nine gate keys necessary now all the allotments were let
  • now had a waiting list of those who requested allotments

Leah was aware that the recent household survey was revealing an interest in establishing a Garden and Allotments Club.

Council thanked Councillor Mathieson for his considerable efforts in attracting the new holders.


White/Leah had attended an YRCC seminar "Connecting the Rural & Voluntary Sector Across South Yorkshire". They had obtained some very useful information on different sources of external funding which they would now pursue. This could potentially benefit both the Village Hall and Parish Council Village Plan. They were also looking at the possibility of working on a pioneering project with YRCC whereby Village Halls were promoted via one website. A similar scheme was now operating in North Yorkshire which had proved very successful and which YRCC were looking to develop in South Yorkshire. Any involvement in this project would be additional to and not instead of the already established Todwick website. They would keep Council informed of developments.

Palmer/Hill had been in discussion with Mr. Hague the owner of The Plantation and Rosemary Downs of Keeble Hawson Solicitors. A Draft Agreement was being prepared and would be available shortly. They had met with Debbie Lockett and an article had appeared in the Worksop Guardian explaining the link between the Trysting Tree and the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest.
Palmer had become aware of the interest shown in the wood by John Wells a resident of Kiveton Park. He had undertaken some maintenance himself in the past and was presently arranging the erection of some fencing. He had such a keen interest in the Trysting Tree that he had written a book on the subject which was about to be published.
Palmer/Hill had been interviewed by Radio Rother FM and explained the Trysting Tree link.
Palmer would forward a copy of the newspaper article and photograph together with information on the forthcoming book as supplementary support of the grant application.


Mathieson reported that balances presently stood at £793.22.

White was concerned about the number of dogs being taken onto and fouling the ground.
Resolved that the Clerk research the possibility of introducing a suitable by-law.

Clerk had prepared a document showing the possible relationship between the Parish Council and the Recreation Ground Charity and subsequently corresponded with the External Auditor and the Charity Commission.
Members considered the responses to have been unhelpful.
Hill suggested the basis of a new arrangement of duties and responsibilities. If adopted and because of the £1,000 income stipulation it may not then be necessary for separate accounts to be sent to the Commission.
Resolved that the Clerk prepare a further draft document of responsibilities and circulate to members in advance of the March Council Meeting.


White/Leah through the village hall committee had or were in the process of responding to requests for provision of computer studies, digital photography, table tennis, historical society, keep fit, painting and drawing.


Clerk reported that Councillor Pantry had continued his study of the Council's existing Orders and a document on Standing Orders and Chairmanship produced by the National Association of Local Councils. Recommendations would be made in due course.


Chairman reported that following a recent incident Mr. Anderson had asked whether the Parish Council was informed in advance of public utility employees entering the village to read meters.

Clerk advised that no such notice was received.

Council did not consider advance warning to be necessary or practicable to manage.


Palmer gave a précis of the duties carried out by the contractor since the last council meeting. Most time had been spent in clearing rubbish. The graffiti wipes had been trialled at the corner of Kiveton Lane and The Meadows and found to be satisfactory. A true test would come when a more stubborn daub had to be removed. In the coming month attention would be given to the removal of rubbish from hedge bottoms on Kiveton lane.


Chairman would collect the displays from RMBC and obtain quotations for the provision of a vandal proof display board and posts.


White would let the Clerk have a copy of the assessments made in October 2007 for him to copy for the Internal Auditor. He would be reviewing the assessments in April. Individual sports clubs using the recreation ground had been charged with preparing assessments covering their activities.


  1. The Informer

    Kettell would be publishing a further edition next month. It would contain articles on the Village Survey, Fun Day, Historical Society, Allotments, Neighbourhood Watch, The Plantation and Councillor David Gregory.

    Leah/White considered more than four editions per year were required in order to adequately publicise village hall matters. They would look into other options including providing leaflets in the post office.

  2. Todwick WI

    Leah had become aware that with only some 10 members, difficulty was being experienced in paying the rent for meetings in additions to various other subscriptions. Members were celebrating their 50th Anniversary and it would be regrettable for its members and the village generally if the WI was unable to continue.

    Resolved to pay hall rents for meetings covering the next three months.

  3. Diligence Awards

    White had much enjoyed presenting the awards at the School the previous year. He asked whether these were to be repeated.

    Resolved to make the awards as in 2007.

    Leah would inform the Headteacher when she met with him on 29th February.

  4. Declaration of Interest

    White was aware that he had taken on additional responsibilities since becoming a member of other groups in the village since he originally completed his Register of Member's Personal Interests Form.

    Mathieson was in the same position.

    Clerk agreed that it was appropriate for them to complete new Register of Member's Personal Interests Forms and would arrange a further supply from the Borough Council.

  5. Village Hall Maintenance

    White was obtaining a minimum of three quotations for the pointing and cleaning of brickwork at the village hall.

  6. Straw Through the Village

    Mathieson had received a complaint concerning the depositing of straw on the highway and consequent blocking of road gullies.

    Clerk would report the blocked gullies to the Borough Council.

The Meeting Closed at 9.30 p.m.

The next monthly Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 25th March 2008.