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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Church Hall at 7.00 p.m.
on Tuesday 30th October 2007


  • Councillor Langford - Chairman
  • Councillor Palmer - Vice Chairman
  • Councillor Kettell
  • Councillor Hill
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Mathieson
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker - Clerk


There were no apologies.

Councillor Wolf did not attend.

07/76 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 25th September 2007

There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 07/62

    Pantry had become aware that a revised planning application had now been submitted seeking approval for the canopy and retrospective change of land use from agricultural to equestrian. He had sent an e-mail to the Clerk enclosing a letter of objection from Naomi Nathan-Thomas of 32 Kiveton Lane.

    Clerk would object to the latest application for the same reasons as previously.

  2. 07/57(1)

    Palmer reported on the site meeting between Mr. J Tompkin and Mr. I Kennedy from RMBC.

    Hill gave details of his discussions with Mr. Hague the owner of the wood who had agreed in principle to the possibility of the parish council managing the site.

  3. 07/57(5)

    White had been advised that the new fencing at the Kiveton Lane sub-station would be erected shortly and this would complete all the works requested. He had provided contact details to the Clerk who had written to request similar works to the other sites in the village. There had been no response to date.

  4. 07/63

    Mathieson reported that the certificates and cheques had been presented to the award winners.


  1. Abandoned car.
  2. "The Informer Newsletter".
  3. Land at the Manor House.
  4. Standing Orders.


Clerk had

  • undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting.
  • sent a further letter to the owner of the "Cyprus Gardens" at The Pastures concerning the stability of a tree leaning badly, disturbing a telegraph pole and associated wires and damaging the surrounding surfacings.
  • given various information to Councillor Mathieson concerning the recreation ground including previous year's receipts and payments and copies of the formal agreements with the user clubs.
  • noted the extremely high water bill received for the recreation ground, passed on the relevant information to Councillor Mathieson and pursued the issues of possible leakage and faulty meter with Yorkshire Water.
  • contacted RMBC over a number of matters including overgrown hedges on Goosecarr Lane, issues related to activities at the Manor House including encroachment onto the public right of way and possible breach of planning rules.
  • prepared an assessment of financial risks and included these with the papers for the meeting together with a copy of Standing Orders and insurance cover details.




Monies Received

1. RMBC - Half Year Precept


2. Todwick Villa FC - Recreation Ground Rent


Payments Since Last Meeting

1. John Box & Associates - Architects Fees


2. npower - Electricity Bill


3. Yorkshire Water - Water Bills


4. Mr. K Mathieson - Best Kept Allotment Prize Winner


5. Mr. D Beeden - Best Kept Allotment Prize Runner Up


6. Mr. J Tompkin - Best Kept Allotment Prize Third Prize


7. Tom Smith - Young Sportsperson of the Year Award Winner


Payments To Be Made

1. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses (September)


2. J Marples - Village Maintenance Works


3. Todwick Village Hall Committee - Hall Rents


4. Yorkshire Water - Recreation Ground Bill


5. RMBC - Election Charges


6. H M Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


7. Todwick Toddlers - Donation to Funds


Signed Cheques Not Appearing On Bank Statements

1. npower


2. Yorkshire Water


3. Mr. K Mathieson


4. Mr. D Beeden


5. Mr. J Tompkin


6. Tom Smith


7. Todwick Village Hall Cttee


8. Todwick Village Hall Cttee


9. Yorkshire Water


10. RMBC


11. J Marples


12. J R Walker


13. H M Revenue & Customs


14. Todwick Toddlers


Bank Statement Balances incl bank interest

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community





Balances after all Payments Completed

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community






Copies of all correspondence received had been delivered to members in advance of the meeting together with the Agenda and Minutes of the September 2007 Meeting.

  1. RMBC - Planning Alerts System

    Resolved that the Clerk request that RMBC continue to send paper copies of the Weekly Planning Lists.

  2. RMBC - RB2007/1618

  3. Todwick Over 60s Club - Thank You for Donation

  4. Defra - Ways to Tackle Climate Change

  5. RMBC - Parish Review

    Resolved that the Clerk report boundary anomalies such as at Hardwick Lane.

  6. RMBC - Completed Developments Tour

  7. RMBC - Parish Council Emergency Response Plan

    Pantry would study his copy of the plan and bring any relevant matters to members' attention.

  8. Todwick Ramblers Club - Thank You for Donation

  9. RMBC - Borough Council's Standards Committee

  10. M Grayson - Shop Forecourts at The Pastures.

    Clerk had copied the letter to the owners of the private forecourts and RMBC who are responsible for maintaining the public footway.

  11. RMBC - Planning Board Training Sessions

  12. RMBC - RB2007/1405

    Clerk the original application had been withdrawn.

    Pantry had been made aware of a revised application and received a copy of a letter of objection to that application from Naomi Nathan-Thomas at 32 Kiveton Lane.

    Resolved that the Clerk object to the new application for the same reasons as previously.

  13. Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice - Appeal for Donation

    Pantry reminded members of the substantial donation made by the Village Hall Committee following the opening ceremony of the re-opened village hall. The Council does not have a remit to collect monies via the precept for donation to charities. Residents will make personal donations if this is their wish.

    Resolved not to make a donation.

  14. RMBC - Parish Council Election Charges 3 May 2007

    Clerk had requested further information since no election took place for Todwick Parish Council

    Resolved to pay the charges levied by the Borough Council.

  15. YLCA - Rotherham MBC Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel

  16. RMBC - Graffiti "Wipe Out"

  17. Rev Canon David Bliss - Invitation to Remembrance Sunday Service

    Leah would represent the Council at the service.

  18. rotherham partnership - Community Strategy Refresh Consultation Event

  19. RMBC - Development Framework Core Strategy Feedback on Consultation

  20. Todwick Toddlers Christmas Party

    Resolved to donate £50 to the group.

  21. Definitive Business Directory - Advertisement Leaflet

  22. RMBC - Environment Forum Meeting

  23. Todwick Cricket Club - Works Required to Pavilion/Funding Issues

    White had undertaken a survey of the pavilion and environs and prepared risk assessments.

    A significant amount of work was required to bring everything to an acceptable standard but the building was now closed for the winter and there was no immediate requirement to complete the works.

    Chairman realised that the Recreation Ground Charity would be reviewing the condition of all the facilities on the recreation ground. High maintenance costs on a pavilion which served only some twelve club members might not be sustainable. It may be necessary for the pavilion to be demolished. The Cricket Club Members would have to get changed in the football pavilion as was the case in the past. His preferred option was to see one large building serving the needs of all recreation ground users.

    Mathieson there were many complex issues yet to resolve since the responsibility for managing the recreation ground was now to be separately managed by the Charity Trustees. Principle amongst these was securing the necessary funding. He was liaising with the Charity Commission and would report progress to members.


  1. RB2007/1749

    Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two detached houses and detached double garage at 20 Kiveton Lane for R W Simpson Transport Ltd.

    Resolved to offer no objection

  2. RB2007/1888

    Demolition of existing barn and erection of detached two storey dwelling house with rooms in roof space, conversion of outbuildings to dwelling and garage and alterations to access at 51 Kiveton Lane for Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

    Clerk had obtained details of the application

    Resolved to offer no objection



Mathieson reported that the certificates and prizes had been presented to the Best Kept Allotment Winners.


Palmer was to meet with Margaret Clarke the Internal Auditor to discuss the possibility of introducing additional checks.


White was aware that it would be possible for the Village Hall Committee to resolve some of the outstanding issues and it intended to do so.

Pantry suggested that any concerns of the community which could be addressed by the Parish Council might be considered when determining the budget and precept requirements for 2008/9.


Palmer reported on the South Rotherham Rural transport Forum visit to Robin Hood Airport on 15th October.

Pantry reported on his attendance at the Parish Council Network Meeting. The Borough Councillor leading this initiative was Councillor Mahroof who had offered to speak with council members.

Resolved that the Clerk invite Councillor Mahroof to a future meeting of the Council.


Pantry drew member's attention to the latest newsletter and to the men committing crimes when purporting to be re-newing electric meters.


Palmer gave a précis of the duties carried out by the contractor since the last council meeting. Mr. Marples was spending most of his time collecting and disposing of rubbish. Quotations had now been received for the supply of plants.

Resolved that plants be obtained from Hobson's Nursery


Chairman informed that two new notice boards would be delivered shortly at a cost of £160.00+VAT.


White had prepared risk assessments for the Children's playground, the Recreation Ground and the Allotments. Mechanisms needed putting in place to address the safety issues identified.

Resolved to thank Councillor White for his excellent work.


  1. Abandoned car

    White had reported an abandoned car to the police but had received no response.

    Leah would pursue this further with the police if Councillor White let her have the details.

    Clerk would report the matter to RMBC who had an officer who dealt with such matters.

  2. "The Informer" Newsletter

    Kettell was preparing the next edition for distribution in December. He asked members to let him have any suggestions for suitable articles.

  3. Land at the Manor House

    Hill had contacted Rotherham Borough Council Planning Department concerning works in the ground of the Manor House. Nothing being done contravened planning legislation. Permission was not required to erect walls unless over 2.0m high.

    Clerk had reported the works and encroachment on to the public right of way to the Borough Council.

  4. Standing Orders

    Clerk pointed out some anomalies in the existing Orders.

    Resolved to revise the Orders where necessary at the November meeting.

The Meeting Closed at 9.15 p.m.

The next monthly Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 27th November 2007.