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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Church Hall at 7.00 p.m.
on Tuesday 25th September 2007


  • Councillor Langford - Chairman
  • Councillor Palmer - Vice Chairman
  • Councillor Kettell
  • Councillor Leah
  • Councillor Mathieson
  • Councillor Pantry
  • Councillor White
  • J R Walker - Clerk


Councillor Hill had given an apology.

Councillor Wolf did not attend.


Chairman/Pantry had interviewed the candidates and recommended that Mrs. Jean Leah be co-opted.

Resolved that Mrs. Jean Leah be co-opted onto Council.

Leah signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took her seat.

07/56 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 31st July 2007

There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 07/53(2)

    Palmer/Pantry Believed the area was more correctly known as The Plantation

  2. 07/40(2)

    Pantry Confirmed that the fencing and pedestrian gate had now been installed. Minor repair works to the fencing at the recreation ground had not yet been completed.

  3. 07/52

    Pantry Had attended the Rother Valley South Area Parishes meeting.

  4. 07/53)

    Clerk would write to confirm RMBC's street lighting policy

  5. 07/53(4)

    White had been successful in his request for maintenance and repair work at the sub station and site works had already begun.

    Council thanked Councillor White for arranging the improvement.

    Pantry noted that the sub-station site at The Meadows also required tidying.

    White would undertake an inspection.

  6. 07/53(2)

    Palmer had spoken with the RMBC Woodlands Officer who would shortly be visiting all the wooded areas in the village and report on his findings. Unfortunately he would not be able to accompany the Officer but Jim Tompkin the leader of the Todwick Ramblers Group had kindly agreed to do so.


  1. Condition of village flower beds.
  2. Condition of shop forecourts.
  3. Litter receptacles at recreation ground.
  4. 40mph speed limit on Kiveton Lane


Clerk had

  • undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting.
  • attended a meeting of the Rother Valley South Parishes Group
  • objected to planning applications on Kiveton Lane, one for the erection of a canopy to assist in horse training and the second to demolish the care home and build 21 apartments.


Clerk had given members a breakdown of the financial situation in advance of the meeting including present and projected balances.

The final payment to the architect for the village hall improvement amounting to £5,331.60 inc. VAT would be paid once all necessary receipts had been received



Monies Received

1. Barclays Bank - Business Reserve a/c


2. Barclays Bank - Business Tracker a/c


3. Barclays Bank - Business Premium a/c


Payments Since Last Meeting

1. Bentley Fencing - Fencing at Bowling Green


2. GFP Construction - Village Hall Works


3. Avanti Steel Fabrications - Fencing to Children's Playground


4. P Langford - Roadway repairs at Recreation Ground


5. H M Revenue & Customs


6. Mr. B White - Travelling Expenses


7. BDO Stoy Hayward - Audit Fee


8. Paper Island Ltd. - "Informer" Printing


9. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses (August)


10. Todwick Village Hall Committee - Hall Rents


11. Avanti Steel Fabrications - Gate at Children's Playground


12. Mr. K Mathieson - Marker Posts at Allotments


13. H M Revenue and Customs - Tax/NI


14. GFP Construction - Village Hall Works


15. Lemark Office Furniture - Furniture at Village Hall


Payments To Be Made

1. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses (September)


2. J Marples - Village Maintenance Works


3. Todwick Over 60's Club - Donation


4. Todwick Rambler's Group - Donation


Signed Cheques Not Appearing On Bank Statements

1. Mr. B White


2. Bentley Fencing


3. Avanti Steel Fabrications


4. H M Revenue & Customs


5. GFP Construction


6. Lemark Office Furniture


7. J R Walker


8. Mr. K Mathieson


9. J Marples


10. Todwick Over 60's Club


11. Todwick Rambler's Group




Bank Statement Balances incl bank interest

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community





Balances after all Payments Completed

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community






Copies of all correspondence received had been included with member's papers for the meeting.

  1. RMBC - Rother Valley Area Assembly

    Pantry had not attended

  2. RMBC - Statement of Licensing Policy Consultation

    Leah would read the document and report back on any relevant aspects.

  3. Yorkshire Forward - EU Leader Funding Events

    Palmer/Pantry had both attended

  4. YRCC - Nominations to Trustee Board

  5. RMBC - Planning Application RB2007/1405

    Clerk had been instructed to object to the proposal and had done so on 21 August 2007.

  6. RMBC - Grounds Maintenance Service 2007/8

  7. SYPTE - National Concessionary Travel Passes

    Pantry asked for an item to be included in The Informer newsletter informing that the concessionary travel no longer applied to only local public transport.

  8. Todwick Over 60's Club - Toilet Provision at Village Hall

    Clerk had referred the matter to the Village Hall Committee

  9. Charity Commission - Annual Return 2007

  10. RMBC - Minutes of All Parish Liaison Meeting

    Pantry had attended with the Clerk

  11. RMBC - Non Traditional Properties

  12. RMBC - Planning Application RB2004/2206 - Invitation to Attend Planning Board Meeting

  13. YRCC- Membership Certificate.

  14. SYPTE - Bus Shelter Request at Kiveton Lane

    Mathieson would pass the letter onto Mrs. Brenda Waller who had made the initial request and although no longer a member of the Council would be interested why this could not now be provided and may have valuable comments to make.

  15. BDO Stoy Hayward - Audit for the Year Ended 31 March 2007

    Clerk had

    • on 25 August provided members with copies of all the papers received from the External Auditor including the Issues Arising Report
    • completed the Local Council Summary for 2006/7 and amended the Parish Councils Contact Details and returned with the payment to the External Auditor.
    • Arranged to display the requisite notice and audit information
  16. SYPTE - Rotherham Rural Transport Forum

    Pantry had attended the previous meeting and intended doing so again.

  17. RMBC - Revised Code of Conduct Workshops

    Clerk would request copies of any papers distributed at the workshops.

  18. RMBC - Various Matters

  19. RMBC - Tourist Forum

  20. SYPTE - European Mobility Week

  21. YLCA - Assembly Digest

  22. RMBC - Rotherham Tourism Forum

  23. Todwick Over 60's Club - Request for Financial Assistance

    Resolved to donate £100

  24. RMBC - Objection to Planning Application RB2007/1618

  25. RMBC - Planning Board Training Sessions

  26. Todwick Ramblers Club - Request for Financial Assistance

    Resolved to donate £50


  1. RB2007/1405

    Erection of canopy to horse training area at 42 Kiveton Lane for Mrs. P Esberger

    Clerk had objected to the application as instructed.

  2. RB2007/1443

    Conversion of existing garage to accommodation for dependent relative at Greendale, Dinnington Road for Mrs. K B Sheldon

    Resolved to offer no objection

  3. RB2007/1463

    Two storey side & single storey front extension at 20 Tortmayns for Mr. & Mrs. Thorneycroft

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  4. RB2007/1618

    Demolition of existing building and erection of a three storey apartment building (21 no. in total) at 160 Kiveton Lane for Mr. F Marshall

    Clerk on instruction had objected to the application:

    1. The change of use will have detrimental effects on the amenities of nearby properties:
      1. There will be a higher number of residents who will be more active and noisier.
      2. There will be more vehicles permanently on site (previously very few) which will arrive and depart during most the day and evening.
      3. There will be three storeys in place of two.
    2. The existing North facing gable has no windows but the proposal shows 6 flats on 3 storeys facing North at a distance of only 20 metres from No. 158 Kiveton Lane and which will have views of 154, 156 and 158 Kiveton Lane causing loss of amenity. There will also be partial views from West facing windows and balconies.
    3. The potential for noise nuisance from over 20 parking spaces and bin storage on or near the boundary with 158 Kiveton Lane is very high and will be the source of a serious loss of amenity.
    4. 28 parking spaces will not accommodate all the cars owned by the occupants of 21 number flats. Parking on nearby roads will be both obstructive and dangerous.
    5. Access to and exit from the site will be difficult. From the south the entrance is only a few yards from a 30 mph sign which is not always obeyed. Kiveton Lane is sufficiently busy to justify speed humps and two zebra crossings.
    6. The existing building is two storeys high, with a light grey exterior finish and as such is not too obtrusive. The proposal is for a 3 storey building, with brick finish and white surroundings and doors, windows etc. This is not in keeping the setting as the nearby properties are sedate in appearance. A building of similar appearance elsewhere in the village is regarded as an eyesore.
    7. The recent (Jan 2007) proposals in the Rotherham Development Framework relating to Todwick show only "Minor Change" and the potential for up to 48 new dwellings in the next 10 years. The proposed development does not fit in with these criteria.
  5. RB2007/1629

    Two storey rear extension at 7 Mill Hills for Mr. & Mrs. Millard

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  6. 20 Kiveton Lane

    Palmer had been made aware of a proposal to demolish 20 Kiveton Lane and erect 2 new dwellings.

    Clerk had received no notification of a formal planning application but would check with RMBC and report to members.



Mathieson reported:

  • there were now only seven vacant plots
  • unfortunately one person had not been cultivating his half plot and would have to be evicted

Resolved that the Best Kept Allotment winner and runners up be presented with their certificates and prizes before the October Council Meeting.

White suggested he could prepare these on his home computer which could then also be used for the award winners in other categories.

Mathieson was aware that the printing company who had prepared them the previous year still had the templates.

Resolved that Councillor Mathieson arrange the printing of certificates with Tanimara Press.


Following the ruling by the External Auditor, the Recreation Committee had been disbanded. The recreation ground was now to be managed by charity trustees.


The Annual Return following the External Auditor's opinion and the Issues Arising Report had been copied to members in advance of the meeting.

Members confirmed having responded positively to each of the following statements and agreeing to its meaning as it affected council.


Agreed - Yes or No

'Yes' means that the council:

1. we have approved the statement of accounts which has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations and proper practices


Prepared its statement of accounts in the way prescribed by law

2. We have maintained an adequate system of internal control, including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness.


Made proper arrangements and accepted responsibility for safeguarding the public money and resources in its charge

3. We have taken all reasonable steps to assure ourselves that there are no matters of actual or potential non-compliance with laws, regulations and codes of practice which could have a significant financial effect on the ability of the council to conduct its business or on it finances.


Has only done things that it has the legal power to do and has conformed to codes of practice and standards in the way it has done so.

4. We have provided proper opportunity for the exercise of electors' rights in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations.


Have given all persons interested the opportunity to inspect and ask questions about the council's accounts.

5. We have carried out an assessment of the risks facing the council and taken appropriate steps to manage those risks, including the introduction of internal controls and/or external insurance cover where required.


Considered the financial and other risks it faces in the operation of the council and has dealt with them properly.

6. We have maintained an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the council's accounting records and control systems and carried out a review of its effectiveness


Arranged for a competent person, independent of the financial controls and procedures, to give an objective view on whether these meet the needs of the council and reviewed the impact of this work

7. We have taken what we consider to be appropriate actions on all matters raised in reports from internal and external audit.


Has taken appropriate action in response to matters brought to its attention by internal and external audit.

8. We have considered whether any litigation, liabilities or commitments, events or transactions, occurring either during or after the year end, have a financial impact on the council and, where appropriate has included them in the statement of accounts.


Disclosed everything it should have about its business during the year including events taking place after the year end if relevant.

Trust Funds - in our capacity as the sole managing trustee we have discharged our responsibility in relation to the accountability for the fund(s)/assets, including financial reporting and, if required, independent examination or audit.


Has met all of its responsibilities where it is a sole managing trustee of a local trust or trusts.

Resolved to

  1. Accept and approve the amended Annual Return for Financial Year 2006/7
  2. Accept the Issues Arising Report presented by the External Auditor
  3. Approve the Statement of Accounts.
  4. Display the Notice on Conclusion of Audit on the village notice board for the requisite 14 days and make available Sections 1 to 3 of the Annual Return together with the Issues Arising Report
  5. Make available copies of the Statement of Accounts/Annual Return at a cost of £0.10/sheet


Clerk reported that the External Auditor had identified weaknesses that he as the Clerk and Financial Officer had previously indicated to members:

  • The Council did not have a separate bank account for the income and expenditure made by the charity of which it was the sole trustee.
  • The Council had failed to maintain separate books of account for the Charity which was a breach of its fiduciary duty as trustee.
  • The Council must ensure that as the Charity was a legal entity from the Council, its business must be conducted separately from that of the Council. The Charity should also operate a separate bank account and maintain its own book of account. The trustees of the Charity must hold separate meetings; have separate agendas and minutes for those meetings.
  • It was recommended that all Charity business was conducted at the meeting of the Charity's trustees and that Charity business was not discussed during council meetings.

Resolved that the recreation ground would now be managed by the Charity Trustees entirely separate from the Parish Council.

Mathieson and White were to consult with The Charity Commission on detailed arrangements including the ownership and maintenance responsibilities of the pavilions.


Resolved that Councillor Palmer speak with Margaret Clark the existing Internal Auditor before Council considered any amendments to existing arrangements.


White read out a summary of the findings of the Plan. Some objectives had been met but others remained outstanding. He considered implementation of parishioners' requests to be of paramount importance.

Resolved to further consider how best to implement the proposals detailed in the Village Plan.


There were no further reports to make.


Clerk had circulated with the papers for the meeting revised Conditions of Contract and Job Description prepared following discussions between the Chairman, Councillor Pantry and himself and having regard to documents agreed between the Society of Local Clerks and the National Association of Local Councils.


  1. To approve the Clerk's Conditions of Employment and Job Description as circulated with the papers for the meeting.

    Chairman and Clerk signed the documents in the presence of members.

  2. To deposit the sum of £4,071.60 in a separate bank account as a ring-fenced amount to cover the gratuity payment to the Clerk until such time as he left office.

  3. To deposit sufficient annual increments to the ring-fenced gratuity monies such as to ensure their adequacy when the Clerk left office.


There were no matters to discuss.


Palmer gave a précis of the duties carried out by the contractor since the last council meeting. Most time had been spent in removing and disposing of litter.


Clerk was aware that RMBC was now finalising the design for the public rights of way poster to be displayed

Chairman/Kettell would have regard to this when considering the design and size of the most appropriate board.


White had reviewed the risk assessments presently in place and given regard to how these might be made more comprehensive. He would prepare further assessments which could be presented to members and which Councillor Pantry could submit to the South Rotherham Parishes Group.


  1. Condition of village flower beds.

    Mathieson had noted that several of the formal beds were becoming neglected and one required some repair.

    Palmer would ask the Village Maintenance Contractor to quote for the work.

  2. Condition of shop forecourts.

    Mathieson was concerned about the unsatisfactory condition of the shop forecourts at The Pastures.

    Clerk would write to the owners asking for remedial works to be carried out.

  3. Litter receptacles at recreation ground.

    White had become aware of the lack of purpose-made litter receptacles at the recreation ground.

    Resolved to utilize the existing pre-cast concrete rings on site and ask the Village Maintenance Contractor to empty one for use as a litter bin and fill the other with soil for use as a planter.

  4. 40mph speed limit on Kiveton Lane

    Palmer would speak with the Community Police Officers with a view to arranging a publicity photograph to include a number of councillors and residents. If this was possible he would then try to arrange for an article in the local press.

    Kettell would include an item in the next edition of "The Informer".

The Meeting Closed at 9.27p.m.

The next monthly Council Meeting will be in Todwick Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 30th October 2007.

Stephen Finley from the Borough Council will be in attendance from 6.30 p.m. to explain the Highway Maintenance Function.