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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Church Hall at 7.00 p.m.
on Tuesday 6th March 2007

The meeting on 27th February had not been quorate.
Councillors Cloke and Palmer were the only members in attendance


  • Councillor Pantry - Chairman
  • Councillor Langford - Vice Chairman
  • Councillor Cloke
  • Councillor Palmer

J R Walker - Clerk


Apologies were received from Councillors Gregory and Kettell.

Councillors B Waller and L Waller were not prepared to attend any meetings held in the Church Hall.

06/136 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - 7th February 2007

There were no amendments

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


There were no matters arising but the Clerk referred to the attendance of the local community police officers on the 27th February. PCs Jones and Saul had reported six cases of burglary, six of theft from vehicles, and one each of harassment, public nuisance and graffiti over the previous month.


  1. Sign at Mill Close
  2. Handybus
  3. Skip at Mill Hills
  4. The Informer Newsletter
  5. Rural Target Fund Grant
  6. Dog Walkers
  7. Tree at Todwick School
  8. RMBC Devolved Budget Applications


Clerk had undertaken all the duties placed on him at the last meeting and had attended further meetings of the Village Hall Building Liaison Group.




Monies Received


Payments since Last Meeting

1. J R Walker - Salary & Expenses


2. J Marples - Village Maintenance


3. HM Revenue & Customs - Tax/NI


Payments to Be Made



Un-presented Cheques



Existing Bank Balances

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community





Balances after Payments Made

Business Premium Business Reserve Business Tracker Community






Copies of all correspondence received had been included with member's papers for the meeting.

  1. RMBC - Working with Parish Councils

    Clerk would invite the Director of Planning and Transportation Services to a future council meeting.

  2. NALC - Review of Quality Town and Parish Council Scheme

    Chairman was to speak with those at the Kiveton Doctors Surgery to ask whether medical services might be provided in Todwick when the village hall works were complete.

    Clerk had recently written to the Rotherham Primary Care Trust.

  3. Local Works - Sustainable Communities Bill

    Palmer would speak with the editor to ask for the inclusion of an article in the next edition of "Todwick News".

  4. get sorted academy of music - Music Therapy

    Palmer would speak with the editor to ask for the inclusion of an article in the next edition of "Todwick News".

  5. Audit Commission - Appointment of External Auditor

  6. RMBC - Information from 27th January Parish Network Day

  7. Communities and Local Government - Revised Model Code of Conduct.

  8. SYPTE - Whiston Crossroads

  9. Sheila Pantry - Fun Day/Music by Moonlight Evening 15 July 2007

  10. RMBC - Parish Liaison Meeting

  11. Groundwork Dearne Valley - Rotherham Environment Forum

  12. RMBC - Parish Council Events

  13. Rother Valley South Area Assembly - Rotherham's Development Plan

    Palmer reported on the very informative meeting he had attended at Dinnington. Discussions had included local heritage, waste management, housing, sustainable communities, core strategy for future development and consultation processes.

    Council thanked Councillor Palmer for attending.

  14. Rother Valley South Area Assembly - Support for Local Parish/Town Councils

    Clerk would invite the Community Planning Officer to a future council meeting.

  15. RMBC - Highway Matters

    Langford would contact Mr. Powell at RMBC to further urge the re-painting of the hazard markings on the village speed humps and to advise on the precise location details for the Mortains street nameplate.

  16. Zurich Municipal - LCAS Bulletin

    Clerk had given the information requested.

  17. Woodsetts Parish Council - Meeting of Eleven parishes.

    Palmer had attended the meeting that was the replacement for the seven parishes meeting. None of the additional four parishes forming the area covered by the Rother Valley South Area Assembly had been present. In future the meeting was to be known as the Rother Valley South Parish Meeting. Individual parishes would bring matters to the meeting as they wished. The two authorised representatives would then refer any resolutions passed by the meeting to the Area Assembly from the group. The next meeting would be at Anston in two months time. In the past the Clerk to the host parish council had provided the secretarial support. In future the Dinnington Resource Centre would provide this.

  18. RMBC - Outdoor Sports Facilities

    Clerk had returned the information requested


  1. RB2007/0419

    Two storey side extension at 1 Grange Gardens for Mr. M Bleasdale

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2007/0266

    Outline application for the erection of two dwelling houses at land adjacent 51 Kiveton Lane for Mr. & Mrs. Parker.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  3. RB2007/0276

    Notice of intention to erect a grain store at Todwick Common Farm for Mr. A Tweed.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  4. RB2007/0281

    Demolition of existing building and erection of three storey building to form 23 apartments with associated parking and landscaping and amended access at 160 Kiveton Lane for Mr. F Marshall.

    Resolved to consider further once copies of the application had been received.



Clerk arrangements had been made for allotment rents to be collected at the home of Councillors B and L Waller on 25th March. Notices had been erected.


Council had previously resolved to make awards in 2007 but had not yet decided the details.

Resolved to consider further at the March meeting.


Clerk Councillors B Waller and L Waller had not attended a parish council or any other council meetings since July 2006. This had been without any agreement with the council. Both members had objected to council meetings being held in the church hall, whilst the village hall was being extended/re-furbished.

He had consulted with the Monitoring Officer at RMBC and read out the email subsequently received. Although the two members had continued to undertake some duties in their capacity as members of council, they had not represented council at any formally constituted meetings. He explained the criteria related to disqualification. There was nothing to prevent the two seeking election to council at the forthcoming May elections but since the first three meetings of the new council would almost certainly be in the church hall, this may pose further difficulties.

Members reluctantly agreed that they had no alternative but to disqualify the two members from the present council.

Resolved that Councillors Brenda and Lesley Waller be informed that they were no longer members of the parish council by reason of their non attendance at council meetings.

Members agreed that allotment rents could still be collected at the home of the councillors if it was still their wish. If not, the Clerk must prepare new notices informing that rents be sent to his home address.


There were no further reports to make.


Palmer gave a précis of the duties carried out by the contractor since the last council meeting. It was likely that Mr. Marples would be attending the March meeting.


There was nothing further to report.


  1. Sign at Mill Close

    Langford would speak with RMBC to ascertain when the revised signing would be in place.

  2. Handybus

    Cloke explained that the Dial-a Ride Scheme provided for local residents to be taken to and from the Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre for only £1.50.

  3. Skip at Mill Hills

    Cloke reported that a waste skip had been placed on the carriageway fronting 11 Millhills for the last fifteen months or so. It was unlit at night and was an obstruction in the highway.

    Clerk would report to RMBC. The skip had to be licensed.

  4. The Informer Newsletter

    Cloke expressed his interest in assisting Councillor Gregory to prepare the next edition of the newsletter. He would consider editing future editions if there came a time when Councillor Gregory preferred not to do so.

  5. Rural Target Fund Grant

    Pantry was delighted to report that the bid for monies from the Rural Target Fund had been successful. £4171.62 had been awarded for the provision of new boundary fencing at the children's play area. The successful tenderer was Avanti Steel who had now been sent an order to undertake the provision of the fencing. Removal of the old fencing had yet to be arranged.

  6. Dog Walkers

    Palmer had observed a number of dogs being exercised by means of the owners holding the dogs lead whilst riding a cycle on the public footway. The police had confirmed that riding a cycle on the public footway was against the law but this was difficult to enforce.

  7. Tree at Todwick School

    Palmer had received a complaint related to a tree within the curtilage of the Junior and Infant School. The complainant considered that the tree might be a danger during periods of strong winds.

    Clerk was instructed to express concern to the headteacher at the school.

  8. RMBC Devolved Budget Applications

    Palmer had drafted out an application for assistance in providing a lengthman to combat the increasing amount of litter deposited on the highway and other public areas.

    Clerk would ascertain whether the provision of a large litterbin was still required at The Pastures. If so he would complete the necessary paperwork and forward to RMBC.

The Meeting Closed at 9.12 p.m.

The next Council Meeting will be in Todwick Church Hall at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 26th March 2007