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Todwick Village

Todwick Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.
on Tuesday 25th February 2003


  • Councillor Pantry - Chairman
  • Councillor Mosley - Vice Chairman
  • Councillor Gregory
  • Councillor Langford
  • Councillor Lythell
  • Councillor Marsh
  • Councillor B Waller
  • Councillor L Waller

Clerk & Financial Officer - J. R. Walker


Councillor Rusling was unable to attend.


There were no amendments.

The minutes were signed as a correct record.


  1. 02/118(2)

    Gregory had received a copy of the planning application and could see no problem with it.

  2. 02/117(13)

    Mosley the stump remained in place.

    Clerk had reported the problem to RMBC and would do so again.

  3. 02/117(14)

    Mosley had returned the completed insurance form to Zurich Municipal.

  4. 02/123(1)

    Clerk confirmed that no formal complaint had been received.

  5. 02/123(3)

    B Waller had discussed the matter with residents of Lindley's Croft non of whom had any objection to the proposed work. She was liaising with RMBC to arrange completion.

  6. 02/123(4)

    Chairman had instructed the Clerk to write authorising the £10,000 grant available to the Council to be included as part of the match funding necessary for the service to operate. Harthill Parish Council would be taking the lead of behalf of the other parish councils in the scheme and would also act as treasurer of the account.

  7. 02/123(5)

    Mosley had represented the Council at the meeting. RMBC was to erect additional signs on the A57 in advance of the construction of the new road.


  1. Rubbish Dumped at Storth Lane
  2. Freedom of Information Act
  3. Letter from Karen Fletcher



  • had fully complied with his instructions at the last meeting
  • reported on his discussions with the Clerk to Harthill Parish Council related to the joint provision of a bus service by local parish councils
  • reported on his attendance at the meeting held to reform the South Yorkshire Branch of The Society of Local Council Clerks.


Clerk reported on the completion of audit and the requirement to carry out a complete risk assessment. The Council needed to decide which risks it faced and how it was to reduce the impact of the risks on it's ability to provide services. Some risks might be covered by obtaining appropriate insurance others may be present such as:­

  • fraud and corruption
  • outsourcing of services
  • activities outside legal powers
  • electors rights not being followed
  • improper expenditure under S137

No other matters had been brought to the Council's attention.

He had posted the notice and copy of accounts as required and would make the necessary return to the Auditor when appropriate.

Resolved that the Chairman and Councillor Lythell consider the documents sent by the Auditor and subsequently contact the Clerk to arrange further discussion.



Monies received



Payments made since the last meeting



Payments to be made

1. Village Hall Committee - Hall Rents


2. J R Walker - Salary/Expenses


3. J B Mosley - Village Maintenance Works


4. M Hassall - Repairs to Football Pavilion Roof


5. Groundwork Creswell - Hedge Cutting at Allotments


6. HLB AV Audit plc - Audit Fee


Unpresented cheques



Existing bank balances

Business Premium Business Reserve Community




Bank balances after payments made

Business Premium Business Reserve Community




02/130 COUNCIL BUDGET 2003/4

Resolved that the matter be referred for consideration of the new council to be formed after the May elections.

The meeting, closed at 8.30 p.m.


  1. Karen Fletcher explained her reasons for writing to RMBC criticising the manner in which Councillor Mrs Brenda Waller had dealt with her son and other young people who congregated at the bus shelter opposite the Councillor's home. Her son and others had played football in the street in the past but lie no longer did so.

    Joyce Walker Supported Mrs Fletcher. Rumours were being spread which were untrue. The young people did not act inappropriately. Councillor Waller had over reacted.

    Councillor Mrs Waller did not agree. She asked for the opportunity to explain what had happened. Residents who supported her had attended but she had asked them to leave because the item was not to be discussed.

    Chairman thanked Ms Fletcher and Mrs Walker for expressing the sequence of events and their opinions. The Council had yet to consider whether the matters raised either in person or by letter were the business of the Council or private matters in which the Council should have no involvement. In any event the Council would be contacting them.

Open Session Closed at 9.10 p.m.


  1. Karen Fletcher - Mrs Brenda Waller

  2. RMBC - Ward Visit

  3. RMBC - Proposals to Modernise Adult Services

  4. RMBC - Borough Council's Standards Committee

  5. RMBC - Code of Conduct Training

  6. Yorkshire & The Humber County Training Partnership - Training

    Clerk would complete the questionnaire and return as requested.

  7. RMBC - Local Transport Day

  8. defra - Licensing Bill

  9. RMBC - Future Electoral Arrangements for Rotherham

    Chairman the changes would not affect Todwick Parish.


  1. RB2003/0107

    Details of the method of demolition of a semi detached dwelling at 12 The Pastures for Habbin Builders Ltd.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  2. RB2003/0216

    Erection of garage and covered area at 1 Poplar Cottages, Sheffield Road, for Mr L White.

    Resolved to offer no objection.

  3. Gregory reported on her attendance at the site meeting attended by the Planning Inspector considering the appeal made by Mr Wright concerning the refused application at 86 Kiveton Lane. On past experience it was likely to be several weeks before the Inspector gave his ruling.


7 Parishes

Gregory reminded members of the meeting to be held in the village hall at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday.


Mosley reported on the repairs carried out to the football pavilion roof following the storm damage on 30 January. The work had been satisfactorily completed by the lowest tenderer Mr M Hassall.

Clerk would now submit the formal insurance claim.


L Waller detailed works necessary to maintain a reasonable condition. It seemed likely that it would be necessary to hire a mechanical digger, apply weed killer and plant hawthorn whips to the boundary hedge as required. He estimated this may cost some £800 in total.

Resolved that Councillors Mosley and Waller assess the work, obtain best prices and arrange the work in the next few weeks.

L Waller/Clerk would collect allotment rents on Sunday 23 March at 11.00 a.m. in the Village Hall.


Mosley as the Village Maintenance Contractor reported on his activities during the month.

Lythell supported Councillor Mosley's concerns as to the increased amount of litter to be found in the village and asked whether it would be appropriate to have signs erected at trouble spots.

Gregory suggested she include an article in the next edition of "The Informer".

Chairman thought it appropriate to monitor the outcome of that before deciding on further action.


Chairman had supplied a copy of the Group's Annual, Report to Councillor Gregory who would include an item in "The Informer".


Chairman had no further progress to report.


  1. Rubbish Dumped at Storth Lane

    Mosley following a complaint had inspected the condition of the area of Storth Lane in the area of land believed to be owned by Yorkshire Water. A significant quantity of rubbish had been dumped including asbestos and car tyres.

    Clerk would report and request early action.

  2. Freedom of Information Act

    Gregory asked the Clerk to enquire from RMBC what the present situation was.

  3. Letter from Karen Fletcher

    B Waller explained her conduct and the issues raised by the letter.

Councillors B Waller and L Waller left the meeting at 10.00 p.m.

Discussion then took place on all the issues raised. There was agreement that Councillor B Waller had not abused her position as a Councillor or gone beyond what might be appropriate behaviour for someone holding that position. Playing football in the street was an offence. The Councillor had quite rightly reported her concerns to the police. Councillor Waller had been the prime mover in obtaining for the young people the youth shelter now erected at the recreation ground. The noise caused by the constant kicking of a football against walls could be unacceptable. Some matters raised were of no concern except to the individuals involved. The Council did not wish to intervene in matters which essentially constituted a dispute between neighbours.


  1. That the Clerk write to the Chief Executive at RMBC explaining the discussions that had taken place at the meeting and how the Council proposed to deal with the matter.
  2. That the Chairman and Councillor Gregory meet with Karen Fletcher and explain the Council's Decision.

The meeting closed at 10.18 p.m.

The next meeting will be held in Todwick Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 25th March 2003.