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Todwick Parish Council (TPC) Newsletter
No. 96
December 2012

The Festive Season, is once again upon us and looking back, it is hard to believe that so much has happened in what seems such a short time as you can see in the various news items below. Todwick Parish Council is now as strong as it has ever been. We have Councillors taking on particular tasks, Recreation Ground, Allotments (now in much demand) The Village Plan, Village Maintenance, Public Transport, Youth Activities, to name a few. Thanks again to our exceptional Clerk Rod Walker, who keeps us on the lawful track and is a valuable source for contacts at Rotherham M.B.C. Not least, many thanks are due to Councillors’ Wives, Husbands and Family members who help and support them. The Village Hall has its own Management Team and Trustees and no praise is too high for the immense amount of work that they put in, to run, manage, and continually improve facilities to enable activities and clubs for everyone to function.

I can assure you, that we will be using our best efforts to continually improve Todwick for the benefit of all. So on behalf of Todwick Parish Council I have much pleasure wishing everyone.

A very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year. Stephen Hill, Chairman, Todwick P.C.

Parish Council Matters Briefly

Councillor John R Palmer

Todwick people were very sad to learn that Todwick Parish Councillor John Palmer died on Friday, 12 October 2012. John became a Todwick Parish Councillor on 30 June 2004 and had given notice that he was to retire from Todwick Parish Council on 27 November 2012. John was an enthusiastic, willing and hard-working Councillor on behalf Todwick village with special interests in local transport and Todwick Village Hall matters. Brenda Palmer and Family wish to thank everyone for their wonderful support and kind donations amounting to £1020.00 in loving memory of John. This donation has been sent to Diabetes UK who is incredibly grateful and say that it will help in the key aspects of their work in making a huge difference to people living with diabetes. A full appreciation of John and his work can be found on this website.


Todwick Parish Council has considered available funding, existing and future commitments and priority allocation of monies for the remainder of 2012/13 and 2013/14. At a meeting on 21 November 2012 it resolved to complete the following works in 2012/13:

  • Install a grill at the Goosecarr Lane culvert – Estimated cost £1500
  • Lay the boundary hedge at the recreation ground – Estimated cost £1500
  • Automate the Recreation Ground access gates – Estimated cost £3000
  • Install external signing at the village hall – Estimated cost £300
  • Install a management system for utilities at village hall – Estimated cost £2000
  • Replace a window at the east elevation of the village hall – Estimated cost £1500

A57 Project

After years of negotiation the A57 upgrade work has started. Despite the best efforts of the A57 Committee and the Todwick Parish Council, we have not got the layout we would have preferred – a right turn into Goosecarr Lane would have saved time and fuel costs for a lot of residents and reduced congestion on Kiveton Lane and The Pastures. Initial contacts with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) and the Contractors since the start have produced prompt response and the TPC will meet regularly with the relevant Officers. If you have any problems contact any member of TPC.

Kiveton Lane Traffic

Meetings and discussions are ongoing with RMBC, the latest will take place very early in December, and will include the school’s representatives. It must be stressed that changes in such matters take a long time to be implemented. As yet no decisions have been made, simply ideas proposed. When these ideas take on a more formal footing the Parish Council will advise accordingly.

Recreation Grounds Maintenance

As we go to print we are analysing the revised charges for the work carried out by RMBC, last year, after we had planned to give RMBC notice a subsidy was delivered. This enabled us to have the work done for the year at almost half of their quoted price. This easily beat other quotations that had been collected. Said subsidy is not available for the next year. This impact upon the Parish Council’s expenditure could result in an increase in the precept. The Council will endeavour to get the best quality at the best price.

Recreation Ground

A planning application has now been submitted to RMBC for a new building on the site of the current football/cricket pavilion. It is an essential element in seeking grants that any intentions have already been approved by the local authority and planning has been approved. The actual work of applying for grants has begun, and it is intended to apply very early next year.

Litter Pick

There will be a village wide litter pick on Saturday, 8 December 2012, from 10 am to 11 am. We will meet outside the newsagent’s shop, when bags, pickers and safety clothing will be available. Please donate an hour of your time to help make our village look tidier for all those visiting over the festive period. As a Council we would also like to express our thanks to those who have been picking up litter on a regular basis. For general information the bins outside the shops and the Recreation Ground are emptied every Thursday. This information might assist in the timing of individual litter picks. It can be very frustrating, having collected litter, to then have problems disposing of it.

Environment Group

The inaugural meeting took place on Thursday, 22 November 2012. A small but enthusiastic group laid the foundations for what were seen as the main concerns and future objectives of the group. A detailed minute will be posted on the village website shortly.

A further meeting has been arranged for 6.30 pm Thursday, 10 January 2013 at the Village Hall.

Summer Camps 2013

Following the success of the Play Camp during the summer break this year, it has been decided to organise two camps during 2013; one at the May half term and the other at the beginning of the summer holidays. Whilst the camps are sport based, the activities are not competitive and their main purpose is that children should come along and have fun. The camps are a part of RMBC’s PlaySafe scheme, are run by fully qualified staff and aimed at children from 5 to 11. Full details of how to book, dates, times and costs will be posted on Todwick Website, village notice boards and through school nearer the time.

Youth Bus

Youth Bus will continue to visit Todwick at about 6 pm every other Thursday throughout the winter, and will park just inside the Recreation Ground.

War Memorial

There was a very good response to the Questionnaire sent out on this subject, and TPC thank all those people who took the trouble to let us have their views. The overwhelming majority would like to see a secular War Memorial erected in the village and TPC are now looking at various local memorials, styles, costs and a possible venue. More on this subject in 2013.

Dogs in Todwick

We have received some reports about dogs not on leads being walked on the roads through the village. This is very worrying as even the most well trained dog, if distracted or frightened can be unpredictable, and might well run into the path of a car or into a cyclist. This could seriously injure your dog and also a motorist, cyclist or completely innocent passer-by, so please think carefully and ensure that your dog is on a lead whilst walking through the village. Reports have been received of an increase in dog fouling on the streets of Todwick. Not picking up after your dog is an offence which carries a £100 fine, so if you see any one offending do report it to RMBC on 01709 336003. Please keep Todwick streets clean.

Phone Box Book Exchange

Thank you to all those people who continue to donate books. Stock is being changed regularly so there should always be something in there to please everyone. Contact: Eileen Northall, Tel: 770050, Email:

2012–2013 Todwick Parish Councillors

Bryan Ferris, Stephen Hill (Chairman), Helen Greer-Waring, David Gregory (Vice Chairman, Jean Leah, Eileen Northall, Clive Pantry and Brian White. Contact details.

Clerk to the Council is Rod Walker, 10 High Street, South Anston, Tel. 01909 566 639 Email:

TPC Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall commencing at 7 pm. The open session, where Todwick residents can attend and raise local issues or ask questions, commences at 8 pm. Minutes of meetings appear a few days after the meetings on Todwick website.

Todwick Village Hall (TVH)

The very sad loss of John Palmer has left a huge hole in relation to Village Hall affairs. We will miss him so much but his contribution to the Village Hall over many years leaves a lasting memory and we are indebted to him for all that he was and did. We give a warm welcome in December to the new TPC representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Helen Greer-Waring. As usual, full details of all activities running in the TVH can be found on village notice boards and in website The winter months can be quite a drag so why not take a look at the activities that are available to you and come and join in. The Management Committee are currently drawing up events for 2013 – the next “Informer” will give details, as will the village notice boards and websites so keep a look out for further details in the New Year. The Trustees and Management Committee particularly wish to express sincere thanks to those who volunteer and freely give their time to raise and contribute funds to the upkeep of the Hall. Similarly our appreciation is extended to all of you who use and support events throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2013! Season’s Greetings to one and all!

Todwick Neighbourhood Watch

As Christmas approaches just a few timely reminders to help keep you and your property safe.

Don’t leave anything on display in your car that could attract the attention of a thief – bags, envelopes, parcels, clothes – it takes seconds to put them in the boot of your car – out of sight.

Keep your bag or wallet secure at all times – pickpockets and thieves are around looking for easy pickings. They will blend in with the background and you may not even know you have been robbed until you want to pay. So be especially aware in busy areas with people brushing past you. Also be aware if you put your bag on the ground to handle a prospective purchase in a shop. Your mind is now on the goods that you want to buy. Please do not get caught out. Wassail and have a safe and enjoyable Christmas from Norman Anderson.

Todwick website

Todwick website has been in existence over 12 years bringing information, news, events, activities from Todwick Parish Council, Todwick Village Hall and Todwick Church since 2000! Also contains historical details about Todwick. You can keep up to date with the organisations offering a range of activities – you name it Todwick probably has it! There is something for everyone, from small children through the various ages. Todwick website is constantly updated – book mark it and keep up-to-date on all aspects of Todwick life!

Todwick Tea Towels

Delightful special 2012 Christmas stocking fillers! Todwick Tea Towels, Aprons and Cushion Covers

Anyone who is on turkey carving duty this Christmas will need show off wearing the special Todwick apron! Helping with the clearing up after Christmas dinner? You will certainly need the special edition Todwick tea towel! Or perhaps a snooze after all the Christmas food? Then rest your head on a special Todwick Cushion cover!

All available at a cost of £4.00 for any item from Todwick Newsagency.

Profits after expenses will go towards supporting Todwick Village Hall and Todwick Church.

Todwick School Parents In Action (PIA)

Todwick School Parents In Action (PIA) aim to organise fund-raising events for the benefit of Todwick Primary School to improve the overall school experience for pupils. All parents are invited to and welcomed at PIA meetings. The involvement and participation of parents is essential to the continued success of the PIA. The latest Minutes of the PIA and other information can be found on this website.

Around the village – What is going on? Forthcoming events in Todwick

Todwick Church

  • 10.00 am – Saturday, 8 December 2012 Carol Singing – Greenscene
  • 6.00 pm – Sunday, 16 December 2012 Carol Service
  • 10.00 pm – Monday, 24 December 2012 Christmas Eve – First Mass of Christmas
  • 10.15 am – Tuesday, 25 December 2012 Family Communion

Full list of forthcoming Church events.

Todwick Jazz Supper Club Dates to be held in Todwick Village Hall

Forthcoming Autumn Programme 2012/2013, Starts at 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm.

New dates and traditional jazz bands to entertain us... Wonder if these are of interest? Think of the music of Louis Armstrong, Acker Bilk, Chris Barber, etc.

  • Saturday, 15 December 2012 John Pashley and the La Harpe Jazz Band – Christmas Party
  • Saturday, 12 January 2013 Wil Robinson and Southside Jazz Band – New Year Party night
  • Saturday, 23 February 2013 Barry Binch and The Swing Beans
  • Saturday, 16 March 2013 Frank Brooker and the Happy Chappies

Bring your own supper and drinks. Make up a party table. Easy parking. Entry £9.00 – all profits after expenses to the Todwick Village Hall Maintenance.

Contact Sheila Pantry for tickets/booking a table, Tel: 01909 771024, Email:

Vintage Parlour Reading Group

Eileen Northall is hoping to set up a Reading Group in the New Year.

If you like reading, are interested in discussing books in an informal and friendly way and you may even want to make your own recommendations, then please meet Eileen at 11.00 am on Tuesday, 5 February 2013 in the Vintage Tea Room Parlour – look forward to lots of good reading/chat in 2013.

Contact: Eileen Northall, Tel: 770050, Email:

What does Christmas mean to you?

What makes Christmas special to you? Forget what other people or the media say is important about Christmas, and concentrate on why it matters to you. If going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve is important to you, then go (we look forward to welcoming you at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, or at any of our other Christmas services and events which you may have seen in our Christmas card). If staying at home in the bosom of your family is what you love best, then do that. If you are just going through the motions and realise you’d rather be doing something else, consider that. Of course many people need to work at Christmas and may have to delay their celebrations, but I am grateful for all those who do – prison staff, police, doctors, nurses, paramedics, broadcasters, hotel and restaurant staff, etc.

A happy and peaceful Christmas to all of you, from everyone at St Peter & St Paul, Todwick.

Revd Vicky Camber.

The Informer is funded and published four times a year by Todwick Parish Council (TPC) which does not use sponsors or offer advertising space. TPC policy is to inform people about news and events that are of local interest. Editor is Sheila Pantry OBE. Tel: 01909 771024, Email: