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Todwick Village

The Informer


Todwick Parish Council
No. 54
July 2000

YOUR PARISH COUNCIL - At the May meeting the Chairman and Vice-Chairman were both re-elected for another year, so the Council remains: Councillor Mr C. Pantry, (85 The Meadows, tel: 01909 771024) Chairman; Councillor J. B. Mosley (95 The Meadows, tel: 01909 771384) Vice-Chairman; and Councillors Miss M. G. G. Gregory (tel: 01909 770703), Mr P. Langford (01909 772345), Mr B. Marsh, (01909 773235) Mr W. A. Rusling, Mr W. G. Senior, Mrs B. Waller, Mr L. Waller (For contact details apply to the Clerk of the Council).

The Clerk to the Council is Mr J. R. Walker,10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield S25 5AY to whom all correspondence should be addressed. Tel: 566639.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS - These are held on the last Tuesday of each month except August in the Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm. There is an Open Session at 8.30 during which members of the public may ask questions or comment on any matter of concern. Forthcoming meetings will be on 25 July, 26 September, and 24 October.

ROTHER VALLEY SOUTH AREA ASSEMBLY -Your Parish Council and those of Harthill, Thorpe Salvin & Wales have worked together in opposition to the Borough Council's original decision that only 2 Parish Councillors from Ward 13 should be appointed to this Assembly. It was felt strongly that they could not represent adequately the interests of the Parishes in which they did not reside. In April however the Borough Council presumably became convinced of the error of their ways and issued a formal invitation to each Parish Council to nominate a representative. Councillor Pantry has been nominated to represent Todwick.

STREET LIGHTING - Concern has recently been felt about the condition of street lighting columns in the vicinity of Staniforth Crescent where lumps of concrete have fallen putting passers-by at risk. Rotherham's Engineering Service has arranged for a full survey of the area after which necessary repair/renewal work will be carried out.

Complaints have also been received about lights in some areas being on during daylight. This has been caused by a cable fault as a result of which lights must be either on or off all the time and it was felt better to keep them on until the repair could be carried out.

There will be no charge to council-tax payers as the responsibility is that of Yorkshire Electricity! If you have any complaints about street lighting the number to ring is 01709-822960.

If you are unhappy about overhanging vegetation ring 01709-822938.

FOOTPATH WALKS - Don't forget these take place on the second Sunday of each month leaving the Village Hall at 10 am, led by Mr Pat Wilson, from whom further information can be obtained on 771319. If you walk the footpaths independently and you encounter any problems, i.e. of obstruction, failure to restore after ploughing, or of becoming overgrown, please inform either Mr Wilson or Councillor Gregory on 770703.

Horse-riders please note - it is against the law to ride on footpaths so please stick to the bridleways!

THE MILLENNIUM FUN DAY - This was originally planned as a Sports & Fun Day, but lack of support from the various sports and other organisations in the village (with the exception of the Brownies, the Youth Service and some members of the Village Hall Committee) meant that instead of the Day being organised by a Committee set up for the purpose the organisation of the day fell upon members of the Parish Council led by Councillor John Mosley, so out went Sports and the emphasis was on Fun. At least the day was dry, and although the attendance was not as high as was hoped, all who came seemed to have had a thoroughly enjoyable time - both young and old. The fairground organ (dating from 1897) fascinated most people, while Ricardo's Punch & Judy & Magical Show and the display of birds of prey were other highlights. The Bucking Bronco, the Bouncy Castle and the Coconut Shy were great attractions - 50 coconuts were knocked off!

The Day was opened by the Mayor (Councillor Ian St. John) and he and the Mayoress visited all the attractions - and were shown the inner workings of the Fairground Organ which were a good example of 19th Century craftsmanship!

Some people have asked if this can be an annual event - the likely answer is yes, provided that a Committee can be set up for the purpose, so it's up to you, the residents of Todwick. The Parish Council would like to hear from you!

THE SECRET GARDENS OF TODWICK MILLENNIUM TRAIL - This was cancelled - in fact it never got off the ground due to lack of support. The Environmental Action Group hope to try again next year. In the meanwhile you might like to support Thorpe Salvin in Bloom on 29 & 30 July from 10 am to 4 pm.

THE INTER-PARISH MILLENNIUM ANGLING COMPETITION - This is planned for October. Contact in Todwick is Councillor Senior (tel: 770125) so get in touch with him if you would like to represent the village.

THE INTER-PARISH QUIZ - This is being organised by Harthill and will be held on Friday 29 September at Harthill Village Hall. Please contact Councillor Gregory (tel: 770703) if you would like to take part - size of team not yet known.

THE MILLENNIUM PILGRIMAGE - also known as the Inter-Parish Walk on May Day was successful although inadequate publicity had probably resulted in fewer people participating than might have. The weather was good, the footpaths were found to be in good condition and the walk was enjoyed by all who went. It has been suggested that it should become an annual event.

CHILDREN'S PLAY AREAS - The Parish Council has considered the report resulting from the safety inspection of the Children's Playground and the Play Area on the Recreation Ground and is now studying presentations from 3 firms with a view to proceeding with an application for a substantial grant for their improvement which it is hoped will be successful. It is not strictly speaking a Millennium Project but if all goes well it could result in a great start to the 21st Century.

CARER'S FORUM - Are you a carer for an elderly relative at home or worried about a relative or relatives living alone? Carer's Forum meetings are being held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at Parkstone House, Crowgate, South Anston where Social Services staff are available to offer free advice and may be able to put you in touch with the services you require. For further details contact the Duty Officer on 01909 566580.

The Informer is published three times a year by Todwick Parish Council from 10 High Street, South Anston, Sheffield The next issue will appear in November 2000.