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Todwick Village

Todwick Ramblers Club

Todwick Ramblers Club Walks: 2020

22nd February 2020

Harthill – Norwood – Wales – Todwick

This winter has seen the worse walking conditions underfoot in the 14 years since the Todwick Walkers became the formal Todwick Ramblers Club. With many footpaths underwater and very muddy, a number of walks have been changed or cancelled.

Given the further heavy rain during Friday night, it was therefore a surprise to find 8 members at the bus stop ready for the short journey to Harthill. The intended path to Woodall being underwater, the bridle path north of Harthill was taken. This at first gave easy walking, but soon turned into a very muddy field which got the heart and lungs working.

Easier walking then followed as we entered Norwood and continued to a circular stone seating area where we took our coffee break. A number of good field paths (for February) were then walked to access Church Lane, Wales.

The intended route from Wales being again underwater, Storth Lane was used to return us to Todwick.

A walk of just under 5 miles was thankfully completed in the dry with only the wind to contend with.

Helena & Terry
Walk Leaders

11th January 2020

Idle Valley Nature Reserve near Retford – Belmoor Lake – River Idle – Tiln Wood – Idle Valley Nature Reserve

It was a rather windy but pleasant and dry winter’s day when 18 members set off from the car park at the Reserve. We started by walking around Belmoor Lake on good dry paths, seeing various birds on the lake and learning about eels, which are apparently in the lake. We then walked alongside the River Idle, sarcastically named as it is in fact fast flowing, so much so that it had recently damaged the banks and eaten into the path in a couple of places.

After stopping for a coffee break, we continued around Tiln Wood and then back to the centre. Most of the paths were sufficiently wide to allow several people to walk abreast, which meant they could chat easily. Some paths were muddy, but we were able to avoid a flooded area by taking another route. As the reserve is flat it was an easy walk of just over 5 miles.

Back at the car park most people went into the café to enjoy refreshments.

Neil Hawksworth