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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

December 2019

Welcome to all those villagers who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last newsletter in September 2019. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback and questions. We never publish anyone’s name or address.


We are delighted to inform you that we have received a grant of £250 from the Co-operative store on Chapel Way, Kiveton towards enhancing and maintaining our newsletters to you. A special thanks to the manager, for his personal help in this matter.

Please read the following report about scams

In our last newsletter we highlighted that anyone could be a victim of fraud. On Thursday 21st November Channel 5 showed a programme about avoiding scams and showed how easy it was to be scammed. Unfortunately, a Todwick resident was the victim of a telephone scam, but felt he wanted to warn other people of the circumstances in which he was caught. Since our last newsletter, I have received many calls from residents who have received, particularly unsolicited telephone calls designed to catch out the unwary. Several have supposedly come from Amazon, the online retailer about suspension of their accounts with the firm.

There is also an advice from South Yorkshire Police about people receiving telephone calls purporting to come from the Police or other organisation, often a bank or a fraud squad. This is a nationwide issue. Victims have been told that there are suspicious transactions on their accounts and the bank are investigating. Also be aware that the caller may even ask the victim to call 999 or their bank immediately to check the information. Because the caller has not disconnected the line, when the victim telephones out, they are connected to the scammer. NOT the bank or 999. This is a nasty type of scam and can cost you a lot of money.

If it is someone claiming to be a police officer, ask for their collar number which can then be checked by ringing 101 – non-emergency calls. EITHER use another telephone, mobile or wait to allow the line to be disconnected from the scammer. If you get one of these calls and are frightened or unsure what to do, have a word with a trusted neighbour or friend for advice. Also be aware that even if you have a caller display facility on your phone, current technology can highjack the legitimate telephone number of say your bank help desk and trick you into thinking it is the bank who rang. Always check the legitimate telephone number from an independent source e.g. your bank statement or the back of your plastic card. Don’t forget, if you are suspicious, you have the legal right to put the phone down and curtail the call. But at all costs if you are worried – Keep Calm and seek advice.


From the Police disclosed statistics, in October, there were no reported burglaries in Todwick. However, the police did advise that in Anston, Dinnington and mainly South Anston, they were getting an increased level of burglary reports – sufficient to put out an alert to the whole area. Since then I have had one report of a burglary in the village, so it may be we are next in line? As we are coming towards Christmas time, it is vital that we are all aware of what is happening around us. Police advice is to take extra security measures to protect yourself. If you haven’t got CCTV, it is a worthwhile investment. Burglar alarms these days need not be expensive and if you have got one, has it been serviced? The police advise people to close and lock all doors and windows even if you are in the property. If you have lights on timer switches, or leaving an inside light switched on can make your home look as if someone is at home. Make sure your door locks are up to standard especially locks on uPVC external doors. Christmas presents on display in houses are a tempting haul for an opportunist burglar. After Christmas make sure the cardboard boxes for expensive goods are not left by the side of your bin as a burglar knows what you got for Christmas. Whilst on the subject of theft, the police are also advising motorists using their car engines to defrost the vehicle not to leave their vehicles unattended with the engine running, even if they are on your driveway. On the street doing this practice also it is illegal. If your car is stolen because of this practice, the insurance company may not pay out if you cannot provide 2 sets of keys.

Antisocial Behaviour

Unfortunately, Antisocial Behaviour in Todwick has the highest number of reports to the Police. There are 3 sorts of Antisocial Behaviour. Personal, where a person targets a specific individual or group. Nuisance, where a person causes trouble, annoyance or suffering to a community. Environmental, where a person’s actions affect the wider environment, such as public spaces or buildings. There are 13 different types of antisocial behaviour – Abandoned vehicles. Inappropriate or nuisance use of a vehicle. Rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour. Rowdy or nuisance neighbours. Littering or drugs paraphernalia {including fly posting}. Animal problems. Trespassing. Nuisance calls. Street drinking. Prostitution related activity. Nuisance noise. Begging. Misuse of fireworks. Please let me know if you require further details on any of these subjects.

Bags of things to do

The Todwick Tote bags are currently on sale for £3.50 from Sheila Pantry, the village newsagents and the village tea shop. All proceeds are to be donated to Todwick Neighbourhood Watch to enable us to continue to provide the service to you free of charge. Many thanks to Sheila for her initiative in this issue. Please buy some.

Please remember Todwick Neighbourhood Watch is provided free of charge to all those who wish to be members. We appreciate all support given to us to continue this service to you.

Reported issues for August to October 2019 inclusive



Vehicle crime


Public Order


Violence and sex


Other crime




Antisocial behaviour


Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the NHW team.

Contact Information

S. Y. Police non-emergency phone calls to report crime or give information dial 101.

S. Y. Police / Ambulance / Fire & Rescue EMERGENCY ONLY dial 999

Crimestoppers to give information about crime (you do not have to give your name) dial 0800 555 111 freephone

Action Fraud this is the government run reporting centre for fraud. Calls can be made on 0300 123 2040 anonymously or text on 0300 123 2050

Streetpride part of Rotherham Borough Council. For most general problems with bin emptying, damaged bins, street lighting, potholes & other problems associated with roads & pavements telephone 01709 336003

Electricity emergency 0800 375 675

Gas emergency 0800 111 999

Victim Support 0300 303 1976

Thanks to all the villagers who have provided details of incidents and issues.

Thanks also to Sheila Pantry for ensuring that our village website shows our newsletters as well as details of upcoming village events and for supporting our village Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Thanks also to Cream Creative for their professional services in printing your newsletter.

Norman Anderson – chairman.