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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

September 2016

Welcome to all those villagers who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last newsletter in June 2016. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback. We never publish anyone’s name, address or any other private details.

Our Annual General Meeting

Our 10th Annual General Meeting was on 7th July at 7.30 pm in the Todwick Village Hall. The committee was re-elected.

New Chief Constable for South Yorkshire Police

Our interim new Chief Constable is Stephen Watson who replaces David Crompton. Stephen has admitted that he will be challenged in his new role in light of the child sexual exploitation and Hillsborough issues. The possible addition of the Orgreave disturbances will add to his workload. He is however optimistic that with his leadership the force will rise to the challenges ahead.

Nuisance Phone Calls

We continue to receive reports of nuisance phone calls, often when the company concerned has not checked with the Telephone Preference Service before ringing. A home improvements company in Bradford is now using a Worksop telephone number (01909 266188) to make cold calls. A very recent call from a Gainsborough (01427 612877) number was about the Community Care Act but the caller refused to disclose the name of the organisation for whom she worked and abruptly curtailed the call. Be aware of the number 00795 85388244 from Donna who will immediately curtail the call if you ask any questions. Each major telephone service provider has details on the internet on behavioural techniques in dealing with harassing, nuisance, curtailed or abusive calls. If you are the victim of this type of behaviour, please contact your service provider who should let you have details of what next to do.

Fly Tipping

Reports continue to come in about fly tipping especially at the old waterworks area off Storth Lane. If you see – anywhere – any examples of fly tipping, please report them with details of the location as soon as possible to RMBC Environmental Health on 01709 823118 or email to They will arrange for the mess to be cleared away.

Distraction Burglaries

Please remember to lock your doors every time you leave the house. It may be to call on a neighbour or do some gardening, have a chat with someone passing by or answer someone who is asking for directions. All of these innocent things you do are an opportunity for a thief to get into your home and steal whatever is lying around. Also be aware of people driving up and down the same roads. Why are they doing it? Maybe they are lost or trying to find someone? Maybe not! Sneak thieves look for easy targets. Open doors, unlocked doors, open windows... & then they are into your home. Lock it or lose it?

30 miles per hour

South Yorkshire Police recently conducted a traffic speed survey in Todwick. On the morning of the one hour survey it was raining and 16 motorists were caught on camera well exceeding the prescribed 30 mph restriction in the village. On this occasion we understand that those who were involved should have received a letter requesting them to moderate their speed. We also understand that further surveys will be carried out in Todwick and the surrounding areas and financial penalties (and points on driving licenses) could be involved. The speed limit is there for a reason. Please ensure that you check your speed and moderated it if necessary before you pass the ‘30’ signs.

Crime Statistics for Todwick

The system for reporting up to date crime stats is still not resolved. But for the 2 month period May and June 2016 inclusive we had the following issues:

Criminal damage / Arson


Vehicle crime


Public Order


Violence & sexual offence


Antisocial behaviour


Contact Information

S. Y. Police non-emergency calls to report crime or give information dial 101.

S. Y. Police / Ambulance / Fire & Rescue emergency dial 999

Crimestoppers to give information about crime (you do not have to give your name) dial 0800 555 111 freephone open Mon-Fri 8 am to 10 pm & Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Action Fraud this is the government run reporting centre for fraud. Calls can be made on 0300 123 2040 anonymously or text on 0300 123 2050

Streetpride part of Rotherham Borough Council. For most general problems with bin emptying, damaged bins, street lighting, potholes & other problems associated with roads & pavements telephone 01709 336003

Electricity emergency 0800 375 675

Thanks to all the villagers who have provided details of incidents and issues.

Thanks also to Sheila Pantry for ensuring that our village website shows our newsletters.

Norman Anderson (chair)