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Todwick Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

June 2014

Welcome to all those villagers who have signed up to the Todwick Neighbourhood Watch since our last newsletter in March 2014. We hope that you find these newsletters informative and useful and we always value your information and feedback. We do not publish anyone’s name, address or any other private details.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, 26th June 2014 at Todwick Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm. In the last newsletter, it was mentioned that our treasurer will not be standing for re-election. We are delighted to inform you that a volunteer has come forward to fill the position.

Pedal Cycles

We have received reports from South Yorkshire Police that pedal cycles are being targeted by thieves. They are being stolen from insecure sheds, garages and gardens. They recommend that a good quality security device is fitted when the cycle is not in use. The police also advise owners to look carefully at where and how the cycle is stored.


Again we have received reports from South Yorkshire Police about the dangers of leaving house keys and car keys in your home but near doors leading to the outside of property. Thieves are stealing these keys by inserting a “fishing rod” through letter boxes, hooking the keys and pulling them back through the letter box. Ingenious? Maybe, but they can then steal your car and come back & burgle you later. Best advice is to move the keys to somewhere central in your home away from outside doors and away from open windows. Perhaps even take them to bed at night? We in turn also advise that unless there is a landline telephone near your bed, a mobile phone could be useful in case of emergency. Mobiles can be bought for as little as £10 for “pay as you go” usage. As you will see from the last 3 months figures on the back of this newsletter, there has been quite a rise in the number of burglaries both in dwellings and in other buildings.

If you haven’t got a burglar alarm, now might be a good time to consider having one installed. If you have got one, ask yourself “When was it last serviced?”

It is also worth bearing in mind that claims on your home insurance invariably lead to higher premiums.


There are a number of residents who own vans that they use for business purposes. We have been asked to remind you to remove tools and valuables at night to prevent them being stolen. Whilst not foolproof, the police also recommend that whenever possible the van should be reversed up to a wall or door to make it more difficult to force open the back doors.


There seems to be an increasing number of vehicles being driven at night where there is a fault with the lights. Please be aware if you are driving on unlit, or poorly lit roads what may appear to be a motorcycle coming towards you may turn out to be a car with the off side lights not working.

Lock Snapping

In several previous newsletters we have highlighted the problem of lock bumping and lock snapping by burglars to gain entry to your property. During this last 3 months, we have received several enquiries about having locks changed to bring them up to date. In view of the number of burglaries reported we urge all residents with plastic doors where the locks have not been changed in the last 3 years to have up to date Euro locks fitted. We have several telephone numbers of people who can undertake this work for you or if you have DIY skills, then we have details of some suppliers.

Child Safety

Whilst this warning appeared in our last newsletter, I fear it cannot be repeated too often. South Yorkshire Police have asked that we circulate the following warning. In November 2013, at approximately 5 pm to 5.30pm a young girl was approached by a lone white man in a car. The man invited the girl to get in the car. Thankfully she declined. The vehicle is a dark (possibly black) VW Golf. The man of medium build is said to be in his 30’s. Please make sure that your children or children in your care are safe.

Contact Information

S. Y. Police non-emergency calls to report crime or give information dial 101

Crimestoppers to give information about crime (you do not have to give your name) dial 0800 555 111 open Mon – Fri 8 am to 10 pm & Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Action Fraud this is the government run reporting centre for fraud. Calls can be made on 0300 123 2040 anonymously or text on 0300 123 2050

Streetpride part of Rotherham Borough Council. For most general problems with bin emptying, damaged bins, street lighting, potholes & other problems associated with roads & pavements 01709 336003

Crime Statistics

The reported crime statistics for Todwick for March, April & May 2014 inclusive, kindly provided by South Yorkshire Police are as follows:

Theft from a motor vehicle


Other miscellaneous thefts


Burglary in a dwelling


Burglary in a building (not dwelling)


Assault occasioning actual bodily harm


Anti social behaviour


Thanks to all the villagers who have provided details of incidents and issues.

Thanks also to Sheila Pantry for ensuring that our village website shows our newsletters.

Norman Anderson (chair)